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Bird Face8 NOTES TO A NOBODY is a compelling page turner with heart I finished it within a few days because of the way the writing and characters drew me into the story Wendy is a likable protagonist and becomes very real to readers through her individual quirks and strong narrative voice I loved spending time with her and could relate to her lack of interest in following the cool crowd Her friendship with a long time friend brought with it a certain nostalgia, but also the bittersweet feeling that all of us feel with the passage of time Toney s writing style is a wonderful combination of clever turn of phrase and unique imagery Her metaphors truly painted a picture in my mind and often were humorous, as well It suited the story, as the writing style paralleled the personality of the main character.While 8 NOTES is a work of contemporary realistic YA, I enjoyed the elements of mystery within, which added a sense of intrigue to the storyline I could not wait to find out who was giving Wendy the notes, and found myself engaging in speculation as to his her identity While I will avoid spoiling the ending, I thought that it was a fitting resolution I also enjoyed the sprinkling of romance and look forward to the inevitable development of a certain relationship in the next book.However, than anything else, what I found to be especially important about the novel was its theme of self image So many teenage girls and young adults are insecure about their appearance They need to know that they are beautiful in their own way and that the popular, cool image of how you should look should not be used as a measure for their own appearance This is the book for any girl who has ever felt insecure about her looks, whether to a mild degree or taken to a extreme level When reading, I also found myself reflecting on the idea that a cool girl with the perfect image according to society may, deep down, be very insecure She reaches for what society wishes her to be, yet loses herself in the process As a result of that insecurity, she may react in a negative way to those who reject society s norms I don t think I have ever seen that concept played out to this extent in a novel before, and believe that Toney has hit on a truth that many teens and even adults need to remember I look forward to the next volume in this series Do you remember junior high That awkward time where your elementary BFF s start to drift away because you re in a new school with new people and all of a sudden you have options Do you want to be in band, track, orchestra, choir What electives are you going to take Are you going to be in honors classes or regular And the most important question are you going to hang out in the popular crowd, or some other group That is, if you have the choice.Bird Face is an authentic look at the important transitional years of junior high Wendy, the main character, figures out who she is going to be over the course of the book Will she be defined by her friends, parents, or a name calling boy She struggles with divorced parents, anonymous notes of encouragement, a misunderstood bully, and girls with eating disorders Not only is this book incredibly well written, the message is strong and from a non preachy Christian worldview As a parent, it reminds me of what it was like to be in junior high which will help me empathize with my girls as they get to that age And I want to read it and discuss it with both my daughters as well It s a must read for tween girls and their parents.I received a copy of the book from the author for the purposes of providing an honest review. This Edition Is Out Of PrintAnonymous Sticky Notes, A Scheming Bully, And A Ruined Summer Send Fourteen Year Old Wendy Down A Trail Of Secrets And Self Discovery Wendy Robichaud Doesn T Care One Bit About Being Popular Like Her Good Looking Classmates Tookie And The Sticks Until Brainiac Bully John Monster Schemes Against Her, And Someone Leaves Anonymous Sticky Note Messages All Over School Even The Best Friend She Always Counted On, Jennifer, Is Hiding Something And Pulling Away But The Spring Program, Abandoned Puppies, And High School Track Team Tryouts Don T Leave Much Time To Play Detective When Secrets And Failed Dreams Kick Off The Summer After Eighth Grade, Will Jennifer Still Be Around To Support Her As High School Starts In The Fall Using Humor And Offering Hope, This Story For Tweens And Young Teens Delicately Addresses Issues Of Bullying, Eating Disorders, Imperfect Families, And Teen Suicide I just finished reading this book I started it yesterday I only meant to read the first chapter because I had things to do, but the story captivated me and before I knew it I d finished the book This is a well written story with realistic characters and situations The subject matter is relevant to the struggles teens face today I was drawn in by the voice of the main character and the humor I even laughed out loud But the story also pulled at my heartstrings, and many moments rang so true they brought me back to my teenage years.The main character, almost fourteen year old Wendy Robichaud, has so much to offer but she just can t see it She sees others as having what she lacks and has to remind herself, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor s life As the story unfolds, with the help of notes from an anonymous friend, she begins to realize the truth And the truth can be hard at times She hadn t known the struggles other kids in school faced I wish I d read this book as a teen or pre teen If offers perspective and solutions for the struggles teens face It s natural to be introspective in the pre teen and teenage years, but the we can look outside and really see others, the we can realize we re all in this world together And everyone is carrying their own cross Perhaps with that frame of mind, young people can see themselves and others in a new a light.I am happy to have received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Bird Face is a remarkable book that touches on a very common issue that dwells in the hearts of most teens feeling that you are alone and the odd one out Each of the characters struggles to find themselves in the harsh realites of junior high Toney does a remarkable job of writing a seamless narrative that captures the angst of these years Her characters, and their trials, are real and relatable.It struck a chord with me as my teenage years were troubled at best Her words carried me back to a time where I was alone I was a mess And no one cared.That is why this book is so important There are so many teens out there hurting,and no one takes the time to notice them.They feel like they are alone and no one else would understand.This book exposes these negative thoughts as what they truly are lies I would recommend this book for both teens and parents of teens It would be an excellent starting point for discussion. 8 Notes to a Nobody manages to tackle the tough issues facing young teens without veering into melodrama or maudlin sentimentality Instead, Cynthia Toney delivers a well written, affirming story of self discovery and maturation.Both baffled and encouraged by a series of anonymous sticky notes, fourteen year old Wendy Robichaud navigates changing friendships, social cliques, her broken family, and bullies Add in a budding romance, a surrogate grandmother, and some cuddly puppies, and you ve got a novel that not only entertains but includes a roadmap for girls and boys struggling with challenges similar to Wendy s.There s plenty of wisdom and practical advice deftly woven into the narrative, all of which reinforce the message that on the inside, we re all remarkably similar seeking acceptance and love.I ll be happy to share this with my daughters when they reach the middle school years It s also worth noting that the text is impeccable, free of typos and grammatical errors. From the first page, Bird Face pulled me in and brought me back to my school years in every well written detail Cynthia T Toney did not pull any punches when dealing with issues like eating disorders, bullies, agonizing relationships, females snobs, and teen suicide, but at no time did I ever feel the story was heavy and depressing I sympathized with the MC when tragic things occurred, but the main character s personality was refreshing and sensitively portrayed Also, all too often characters can be presented as black and white stereotypes, two dimensional and blah But the bullies and snobs had depth of character, and I could see why they were the way they were I give Bird Face an enthusiastic two thumbs up Well done Cynthia Toney Loraine Kemp Looking for a meaningful middle school series I think we ve found it My 6th Grader and I love this book and are looking forward to purchasing by this author Great writing, characters we can all painfully at times relate to, and REAL LIFE a little raw edged without being trashy conflicts make 8 Notes a page turner. 8 Notes was a quick, engaging read that dealt with a number of heavy issues in a compact story And isn t adolescence like that, really It s such a short time when so much happens to the heart, mind and soul 8 Notes tackles all those issues with courage and truth and not too heavy a hand Wendy s characterization was honest, as was the depiction of life in late middle school and the landscape of all the changing relationships therein The pacing felt right, and the development between and within the characters was engaging After this first book I have the rest of the books in the Birdface series now on my TBR list I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. This book covered a lot of tough subjects for a tween book Bullying, eating disorders, suicide, alcoholism, divorce, envy I generally prefer to read books with an older target audience, but I still enjoyed the story.Wendy s friend Jennifer seems to have the perfect life Jennifer s parents are still together, they have a lot of money, and Jennifer is both beautiful and confident There was a moment where it is hinted that Jennifer might have an eating disorder, and I felt that that could have been expounded upon, to show that, no matter how perfect we might think someone s life is, we might not know what kind of cross they are bearing at any given moment Wendy is fairly unremarkable, but one of the things I liked about her is that she is a quiet, shy person who doesn t like speaking up While in some ways what Jennifer said when she told Wendy she had to speak up for herself is true, but at the same timeI was shy still am though not as much as I used to be and it sometimes feels impossible to break out of that shell I think that it appeared to be a little too easy for Wendy She spent a day practicing talking to people in front of a mirror, and suddenly could fake confidence in front of anyone she met I don t know if I m unusual, but that does not seem normal Even being able to speak to people has it s consequences After a conversation with someone, I sometimes find myself obsessing over one little tiny thing that I said that could be taken the wrong way Sometimes it s bad enough that I wish I would go back to not talking at all I guess I would have found it believable if Wendy had had a problem like this as well, but I suppose there is the second book.I really liked the way that Wendy s friendship with Alice developed And with Wendy s mother now dating someone else, the next book might address annulment I also hope to seem of Tookie.This is a good book for younger teens Wendy is thirteen in the story, but there are a lot of deep subjects that I probably wouldn t have been comfortable reading about when I was that young. birdfacewendy, on Twitter and Instagram CynthiaTToney, and on Pinterest.

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  • Bird Face
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  • 23 March 2019
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