Lord of the Sea (Heroes of the Sea, #4)

Lord of the Sea (Heroes of the Sea, #4) A Sea Devil Who S Reckless At HeartCaptain Connor Merrick S Thirst For Danger Has Brought Him Fame And Fortune As One Of The Most Brazenly Successful Privateers Of The War Of But Deep Beneath His Swagger, Derring Do And Charm, The Handsome American Captain Is Hiding A Devastating Secret, And He Ll Go To Any Lengths To Protect ItA Beauty Who Gets More Than She Bargained ForRhiannon Evans Has Longed For An Adventure And A Mysterious, Dangerous Man To Sweep Her Off Her Feet While En Route To The Tropical Paradise Of Barbados, She Never Dreams That Her Heart Will Be Captured By The Dashing American Privateer Who Rescues Her From Bloodthirsty Pirates Only Rhiannon Can See Beneath Connor S Reckless Fa Ade To The Man Beneath But When Tragedy Strikes, Can Rhiannon S Love Save Connor From Himself Or Will The Secret He Guards So Carefully, End Up Being The Undoing Of Them Both

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Danelle Harmon has written seventeen critically acclaimed and award winning books, with many being published all over the world A Massachusetts native, she has lived in Great Britain, though these days she and her English husband make their home in New England with their daughter Emma and numerous animals including five dogs, an Egyptian Arabian hor

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    OH MY GOSH I just finished Lord of the Sea and I am beyond drained amd moved This is a beautiful love story about Connor and Rhiannon love and love for their family I at first thought Rhiannon was kind of young at the beginning of the story and she is but her love for Connor and what happens in their lives matures her And her love for Connor is a beautiful display of a deep, abiding, committed, enduring love And he adores her Connors family grabbed my heart and boy did I ever bawl my eyes out Sobbing is probably the correct term for the crying I did A part of me was saying please no This was the most beautiful, emotional, poi dent, sweet, EMOTIONAL, love story I have ever read So moving and emotional draining

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    I m just.I m still reeling from this book What just happened I m like noooooooooooo But, yes WTF I m not ready to write a review I need to digest what just happened So, RTC.

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    Original post at Doing Some Reading All I can say is, Oh my Gosh I think this one is going to stay with me forever With the many books I ve read and encountered, never have I known a story could make me cry for pages on end as this one did I even know the page where I started tearing Page 172 And then bawling non stop after that Though I muffed it as it was night time and I shared a room, it kept on coming.I ve had very little experiences like how I had with this book and it just I can t even explain it Like there s no word I can use to tell you how much or what I m feeling right now after reading this book What I mean by right now is that, this is my second time reading it and it still gets to me every time It really touched me to the core.If you ve read Danelle s books up till now, this book will leave you..with A Lot mentally, emotionally, maybe physically something It will do things to you that you never ever thought a book or story will ever do to you.As you know, Conner Merrick is the elusive American privateer who went by the name the Black Hawk in the previous books in the series He s also the son of the legendary Captain Brandon Merrick of the fastest schooner Kestrel But also the brother of the feisty Lady Pirate Captain, Maeve Merrick of Kestrel.He s never tide down by anything and always going places and doing things never settled and always restless He is what we would call or diagnose as having ADHD But he also have a secret A major secret that may impinge on his role as Captain.There s action and tension all around in this book there s a war going on between the Americans and the British But there s also a war going on in the family because Conner s brother in law is none other than the admiral of the British army, Gray, Sir Graham, sent to protect the sea from pirates and privateers like Conner.Rhiannon Evans is Lord Morninghall s sister in law She s young and longing for an adventure and to find that one man to sweep her off her feet And she knows that man as the Black Hawk Conner Merrick When she comes under the guardianship of Sir Graham and Conner is there visiting things get out of hand and left them bound by marriage But soon the honeymoon starts to slip and tragedy strikes, now she has to prove that love can bring back someone from the depth of Hell.I really love this couple Though Conner made me really angry at times, I can t stay mad at him He has his reasons and we get to understand why he does the things he does Though he has a temper, he s restless and always on the go, needing something to do or he ll go crazy Though his bride maybe young, she s no simpleton and is always up to the challenge, even standing up and defying the Captain, her husband aboard Kestrel.Rhiannon is a strong heroine in her own right even when she may seem to be just another Lady of higher standards Yes, she s young but we get to she her grow and become the loving caring woman and wife that she is through her exposure to the war and its hardship while in the guardianship of Sir Graham and through her marriage with Connor.Ms Harmon did an amazing job at creating both these characters with flaws and depths that got me to really feel for them as real people and pain for them when things don t turn out so well And if you ve been with this series since the beginning you will understand that this is a family that you ve been apart of since forever Even after 12 years absence from the publishing word, Ms Harmon came back with a huge Bang and brought it full swing It s as though she never left but marked our hearts once again with her return.This was an amazing return for Danelle Harmon and I hope to see even from her now from what I got from this comeback I highly recommend this even if you haven t read the previous books though highly encouraged to first with Captain of My Heart and My Lady Pirate.This eARC was provided by the author for an honest review.Rate 5 5

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    For those watching me add this as want to read then change it to currently reading , then I m finished then read in the last two minutes, I apologize I m a derp and so is my phone Two derps plus a late night equals a user error and a nincompoop Oh, by the way, this reading experience was delightful, although there were a few tears Real, actual, heartfelt tears I don t normally enjoy that sort of thing but this book was charming so I m glad I didn t know about the emotional bits ahead of time My enjoyment wasn t that the story was unique or the writing particularly stylish, but the author s voice and something about her simplicity , for lack of a better word, was refreshing to me off to glom this new to me author

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    I was hesitant to read Lord Of The Sea I have never been a fan of stories that involve ships, pirates, privateers and the high seas It really has never been my kind of story, however, Danelle Harmon has proved me wrong not only did I like Lord Of The Sea, I LOVED it and look forward to going back and reading her back list.Watch out Captain Jack Sparrow via Johnny Depp, Captain Connor Merrick is one American privateer who makes sailing the high seas sexy Connor is a straight shooter who goes out there and gets the job done There is nothing that will frighten Connor when sailing his beloved ship the Kestrel, the ship his father the legendary Brendan Merrick built and sailed before him He will go out and seize every ship that the British Navy owns no matter that his brother in law is an Admiral in the Royal Navy The winds begin to change when he meets the young Welshwoman Rhiannon Evans The fear of his shortfalls that he has kept locked away may encourage this adventurous privateer to become reckless, costing him than he could ever imagine.Born and raised in Britain, Rhiannon Evans yearns for adventure and is bound to get it one way or another Luckily for her, she has a very attractive American privateer to guide her in adventures that she could have never dreamed of When the attraction grows and blooms into a romance she has always dreamed of, she will find the strength that has been buried to fight for what she truly believes When an adventure turns into a catastrophe, Rhiannon finds her voice and nothing will stop her from protecting the ones she loves.I don t even know where to start to tell you how amazing this story is Ms Harmon writes a story that leaves you on the edge of your seat not wanting to turn the page but at the same dying to turn the page, to see what happens next I have never had so many moments where I lost my breath and prayed that on the next page I would find it There is adventure, romance, humor, heartbreak and even death Yes, you read correctly there is death The cast of characters are phenomenal which enriches this adventurous romantic story What makes these characters and story remarkable is the way they are ruled by loyalty to family and loyalty to country, and doing what s best for both is not always the easiest decision.I recommend this book to anyone who loves a story full of adventure, romance and heart stopping breathless moments You won t be disappointed.Welcome back Ms Harmon I applaud you in writing a fantastic book that has made this non lover of ships, pirates and privateers want to go and read them I hope to see stories from you in the future Received an ARC by author for an honest review.

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    Here I sit, wallowing in the emotional no man s land that comes when when a book has well and truly ended I woke up this way I went to bed in a deeply somber state I d like to direct the rest of my review to the authorDamn you, Danelle Harmon You kept me in happy endings for the ENTIRE de Montforte series and all of the Heroes of the Sea series Except the last one No, you had to do something different You had to go and take away kill off is too harsh one of the best men you ve ever created, and possibly my favorite from the whole cannon I haven t shed a tear throughout any of your books, and I was a blubbering mess.Yet I wish I could give this book than 5 stars Much, much Not because it was any well written than the others, not because the featured couple was any special than the others, but because of the soul the love and fear that wound between everyone Books with heart are always my favorite, and this one has just joined their ranks Watching the different story lines from the Heroes series intertwine and wrap up was wholly satisfying with that one MAJOR exception And you left the door wide open to continue their stories Thank you How about Del, Alannah, Nathan or Toby next What about Peter and Orla s story from their point of view

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    WOW If I could write a review with just one word, WOW, would be it I can t believe how amazing this book is I always say that if a book is good then for one, I won t be able to put it down until I finish it, and two, it will make me cry Well this book checks those boxes Captain Merrick is forever trying to prove himself because of a secret about himself which makes him think he isn t worthy of anybody He s a privateer, an official pirate, and he is a very good one His love interest is a young woman who has a lust for adventure and with Captain Merrick she finds it In the first half of the book you are captivated by the will they won t they romance story, which in itself is wonderful to read But in the second half, well that s when all the emotional reading comes to the fore, especially one part, which I won t give spoilers for, but suffice to say I could hardly read for the tears streaming down my face The scene was very very bitter sweet, and it s one I don t think I will ever forget BUT don t worry, we do have a happy ending, so please don t put off reading this book just because you may shed some tears I can t praise this book enough Definitely 5 stars all the way

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    I would say 2.5 stars The writing was excellent, but I did not care for the story I suppose that is my fault and not the author s doing After such a beautiful story about Mira and Brendan, I do not think any of their children could have had such a beautiful love story I ve read other reviews and know many did not care for Mira, which I will never understand Maybe I love her so much because I can see myself in her Loud, unconventional, and completely unable to cook Connor and Rhiannon s story was just too bland for me I did not feel a connection and I found Connor too thinking of an appropriate adjective is difficult soft Pretty Whiny A little too much like Charles from The Beloved One Ugh Rhiannon was also very mousy for my tastes, but I do appreciate that she was kind in how she received Connor s disabilityFast forward Spoilers OK My heart was ripped out and anyone who has read this book should know which part I am referring I had to lay down for a moment, gather my wits, reread THAT part, lay back down, sob, reread again, and then scream Brendan you are the man every woman dreams of and you were brave to the end When I got to the part about him pretending that her body was not yet cold as he locked himself in the cabin, I cried and cried and cried They were still young, damn it My three favorite characters gone I m including Kestrel in that, because that freaking ship was HUGE in the story I wanted her in ways I cannot explain Kestrel had 1,000,000 x personality than Rhiannon and Connor Simply put, the real love story was about the ship The author could have wooed me with a story about Kestrel alone So much heartbreak I wish this book had an alternate ending where Connor was not a prick to his father and everyone survived I do not think any story has succeeded in twisting a knife into my gut so deeply As I write this, I find that I am becoming soft and whiny Such a fantastic series, but I wish I could forget this installment.

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    I just finished Lord of the Sea and I am still crying I haven t felt this much sorrow after reading a book since Adam died in the Skye O Malley series I loved Connor and Rhiannon, they were perfect together And while I agree with another reviewer that live a little and I m afraid got a little too much ink or e ink in my case it did nothing to diminish the story This was a book that has immense highs and lows It had gut wrenching sorrow, awe inspiring love and moments of sheer joy I am amazed by the writing I was held captive until the very last word I have always enjoyed Ms Harmon s books and this book was no exception She truly has a gift for storytelling I highly recommend this book while it is possible to read this book as a stand alone you are missing so much by not reading the entire series I cannot wait for the next book And thank you Ms Harmon for the epilogue with Damon sigh he is still my favorite His reaction to childbirth was the smile I needed at the end of this book.

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    Despite the excellent rating I really cannot finish this book I did not read the jacket blurb before starting which was my first mistake I suppose Why did the author introduce Alannah first I was thinking a young widow will find her true love on the high seas Then Rhiannon is introduced and she seems really young and slightly shallow I just couldn t get over how I felt the wrong heroine was chosen The main characters just didn t seem to have any connection beyond what you would expect from a high school romance I chose this book because my favorite author Julia Quinn recommended this author Maybe I will try it again in the future but for now it s a DNF for me.

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