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Rich Habits M t cu n s ch r t tuy t v i D c, d p d ng Lovely I was very disappointed with this book It is a quick easy read, but honestly should have been shorter Out of the 80 pages in the book Only the middle 20 pages have any value The first part of the book is telling several presumable fiction stories trying to convince you why you should read the book that you are already suffering through Then finally you get to the guts of the book It was good advice but way too short I wishof the topics would have been elaborated onby the author But he skims over each of the rich habits There are 12 habits in 20 pages So less than 2 pages per habit Very disappointing Then the final 20 pages of the book tries to wrap up the stupid stories from the beginning that you didn t care about The stories are far from inspirational either I expected the secretary who got fired to go get rich and buy the company she worked for But instead she went and begged for her job back and got it and continued to work as a secretary Good for her, but not particularly inspiring The salesman who was at the bottom of the sales competitions each month moved his way to the top But he still grinded it out working for someone else the rest of his life All in all the stories should have been cut out and never published The middle 20 pages were worth reading But could easily have made a nice feature story in Forbes magazine or been a featured post on an mainstream blog It did not warrant being its own book I ve read blog posts that wereinformative than this book Im sure the reason the stupid stories were added was because the publisher knew they couldn t sell a 20 page manuscript for 18 a copy So they asked him to add some fluff to at least get it around 100 pages And that s what the author did In fact to promote this book, the author wrote a long post on Inc magazine online that you can find It was two to three times better than the actual book. If you re one of the millions of people with depression, be prepared to have your condition reduced to a pettyindulgence.NOTE TO AUTHOR Depression is NOT a pettyindulgence.It s a MEDICAL CONDITION Any use the advice in this book may be pales in comparison to the incredible insensitivity of the author.You should be ashamed of yourself, sir.I m ashamed for you. 20 view spoilerJ.C.JobsJ.C.JobsJ.C.Jobs 20 20 J.C.Jobs random good luck random bad luck 20 opportunity luck detrimental luck 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 % 10 J.C.Jobs Dee 3 1 J.C.Jobs hide spoiler This is a good book with good tools to be picked up for daily use Unfortunately, it s very short with basically none of the data the author supposedly collected The habits are somewhat common sense, but it is good as a reminder to read through I cannot recommend anyone actually purchase this book It is very brief and half of it is fictional narrative that serves no other purpose than book ending the habits That being said this is a book I willthan likely read again and again from time to time as a refresher on good habits to implement I will definitely be skipping the narrative on future readings, however. I picked up this book after reading an article about it It s a good quick read, told as a fable and role models some great habits.For the most part, the ten rich habits are accurate I ve interviewed a lot of millionaires for the investment books I ve coauthored The trick is not to quibble with the author s specific advice on how to do each habit While the goal setting and self improvement habits are well done, some of the others particularly health seem less informed My guess is he strived to give specific, actionable advice that should work for virtually any reader something few self help authors take time to do For a two hour investment of time, it s a good introduction or refresher on how a few simple habits implemented daily can create a positive halo in your life I ll shelf it with The Compound Effect and Miracle Morning that cover similar ground Finally, I think the author would have been well served to share his research The stats from the PR article were compelling and lent credibility to his arguments It also made me feel like he was holding back so readers would invest in his training program This could be my own bias since I prefer straight self help to parables and fables. It s a quick read but decent I would have preferredinformation about his actual survey and statistics instead of the fictional stories. Three pointless chapters followed by sound advice that s presented perhaps too simply. Dont Get carried away with the Synopsis , After reading the Synopsis , i thought there were would be facts and figures which show how the Rich would be different from the Average Like 76% of the wealthy engaged in 30 minutes orof aerobic activity four days a week 77% of the poor did not.70% of the wealthy ate less than 300 junk food calories a day vs 3% for poor people.Only 13% of the wealthy got drunk in the past 30 days vs 60% for poor people.89% of the wealthy slept on average 7 hours a night 53% of the poor people did not get 7 hours of sleep a night.75% of the wealthy avoided fast food restaurants while 69% of the poor ate 3 ortimes a week at fast food restaurants But this book is a very small book which just gives 10 general principles , that almost everyone knows in a very simple manner and which is intertwined in a story that goes all out to praise the book and his methods If you want a 30 min read , please go ahead and buy , else avoid at all costs The Rich Habitsare Ten Keystone Habits Created Through Years Of Researching The Daily Success Habits Of His Wealthiest Clients Adopting These Ten Habits Will Miraculously Transform Every Individual Who Comes Into Contact With Them By Applying These Habits, You Are Literally Walking In The Footsteps Of The Wealthy In Rich Habits, Tom Corley Provides A Step By Step Financial Success Program That Is Concise, Easy To Understand And Even Easier To Apply, Regardless Of Your Age, Education Or Income Level Most Individuals Are Struggling Financially And Desperately Looking For Help In Achieving Financial Success Every Person Seeks Prosperity For Themselves And Their Families, And With Rich Habits The Secret To Financial Success, Possessed By Only The Wealthiest Individuals, Will Be Revealed Join The Rich Habits Financial Success Revolution

Tom Corley understands the difference between being rich and poor at age nine, his family went from being multi millionaires to broke in just one night For five years, Tom observed and documented the daily activities of 233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty He discovered there is an immense difference between the habits of the wealthy and the poor During his research he identifie

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