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Make Your SHIFT Highlights Part 1 1 Identify stakeholder level of interest and level of power interfere 2 List worries, categorize what I have control, influence or no control over.3 Criteria alternatives that meet it4 Action plan when meet obstaclesTips Listen silent focusList 5 things I did well todayList 10 little things I can do to build self confidenceLearn new things that help me get betterConfidence risk takingGratitude listPositive affirmations In the zone elements Record success Behavioral style DISC Successful people self aware of own comm, adapt to other comm styles, aware of how they are perceived. Great read, it s full of examples and if you are technical person that enjoys matrices, definitely has some interesting ones where you can classify peoples It is never too late to be what you might have been George EliotAuthor Beverly Flaxington is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst CPBA and Certified Professional Values Analyst CPVA , an accomplished business consultant, corporate coach, trainer, facilitator, behavioral expert, hypnotherapist, college professor, and business development expert Beverly co founded The Collaborative, a sales and marketing consultancy, and is currently principal of the firm Beverly is the creator of The Sales Effectiveness Model used by many client firms to help diagnose areas of weakness and implement effective selling practices She trademarked the S.H.I.F.T Model for goal setting, and The Five Secrets to Successful Selling program Her expertise is lauded around the globe because she offers practical, useful and easy to understand guidance for those individuals wanting to change their circumstances.Beverly puts the YOU back into self help instruction As she states in her Introduction, Human beings are responsible for change, whether it is change in their personal or their professional life Every effort to create change, however, is susceptible to the same problem lack of commitment and motivation Change requires the motivation to keep up a sustained effort, and a commitment to getting to the desired place And it requires a level of awareness, understanding, buy in, and action This book looks at everything from the resistance to success we all experience and ways to break free of it, right down to the issues relating to what you want, your desired outcomes, and how they can sometimes be in conflict In a very straightforward, empathetic and sternly supportive manner Beverly uses the first part of the book to teach her SHIFT technique Using diagrams, worksheets and illustrations sensibly she allows us to visualize and conceptualize the S.H.I.F.T model Specify your desired outcome, Highlight your obstacles and categorize them, Identify your internal and external human factors, Find you alternatives, Take disciplined action and in doing so she moves us through motivation to commitment She emphasizes the concept of know thyself consider the YOU in you and be clear about what we actually want to change, then study the obstacles to make that change, explore identify the human element Remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results and consider those around us who will be influenced by the change, and then once the plan of action for change is accepted by the YOU then take disciplined action to achieve that shift Throughout this immensely accessible book Beverly offers golden comments such as, Why is figuring out what really matters so hard for us It is because often we are moving away from something we do not like instead of moving toward something we do want And after she spends the first section of the book teaching us the S.H.I.F.T technique she provides substantive backup with Tips and Tools for Greater Effectiveness in Life She makes it sound easy and if we erase all the barriers we have constructed to truly reach the goals we desire, this process becomes immediately available Excellent teacher and a fine coach and author Highly recommended. Make Your Shift The Five Most Powerful Moves You Can Make to Get Where You Want to Go by Beverly D Flaxington is a powerful tool that will help you set goals and reach them The author, Beverly D Flaxington is a wearer of many hats, most notably aCertified Professional Behavioral Analyst CPBA and Certified Professional Values Analyst CPVA She has developed the S.H.I.F.T model as a methodology for effective goal setting not only for businesses and organizations, but for individuals as well This book is written in a straightforward manner, and puts you in the driver s seat when it comes to managing your life and or business It all comes down to setting goals, and most importantly, writing them down while being very specific The book is broken out into two different segments, the first being very accessible in describing how to do the SHIFT program, while the second section details Tips and Tools to make sure you are on your way to success A very helpful and informational book that will motivate and inspire everyone to go after their dreams and goals. Start your shiftReally interesting and helpful It took me a while to finish it, but I m glad that I did I m ready to start my shift The concepts were decent enough I just could not get my claws into the methodology Make the Shift The Proven Five Step Plan to Success for Corporate Teams, is an amazing little book that offers step by step strategies to help businesses identify, work through and implement changes that will take the business where it wants to be S.H.I.F.T stands for Specify the desired outcome, Highlight the obstacles and categorize, Identify the human factor, Find alternatives, and Take disciplined action Part one of the book deals with the SHIFT model, while part two offers Tips and Tools for Greater Effectiveness in Business This was actually my favorite section It included developing a formal business plan, which isn t just for start ups It is useful whenever you want to make changes, as well Another chapter was on building your own brand, and making sure your internal brand matched what you are trying to convey to the outside world Chapter 8 was on Presenting with Confidence, and explained the six keys to confident presenting Finally, there is a chapter on dealing with stress Included in the tips and tools section are downloadable worksheets, one of which I am using to help prepare an upcoming presentation.This book has value to business students, as well as managers and employees. We have all set goals only to have them crash and burn Beverly Flaxington tell us why US Many times we are the problem why we cannot achieve our goals She outlines a clear path to help us get to where we want to go Of course, the first step is knowing where we want to go in the first place and a lot of that has to do with us understanding who we are But, as she points out, it isn t enough to set goals, we have to understand what is keeping us from getting there obstacles both in us and outside , as well as the human factor again, both in us and others , and finally we need to think about a variety of ways of getting there These keen insights make the book well worth the price Too often we become fixated on one way of getting to our objective without thinking of the three elements she present so clearly obstacles, human factors, and alternatives Bringing these into the mix, as we plan and implement out plan, will increase the probability of success. I won this book from the first reads giveaways and I am so excited to read it Thanks. Get Your Team To The Next Level Learn To Shift From The Gold Award Winning Author Of The Book Understanding Other People The Five Secrets To Human Behavior Comes A Groundbreaking Approach To Achieving Your Goals Based On Years Of Successful Experience Helping Individuals Change Their Circumstances And Reach Higher Levels Of Effectiveness, Beverly Flaxington Offers A Dynamic, Easy To Understand Proven Approach For Getting From Here To There Useful For Anyone Who Wants To Make A Shift To A Better Place, This Process Has Been Endorsed By Successful Self Help Individuals From All Areas Ready To Make YOUR Shift Start Today

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