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Dale Dents Diary Relationship Hungry Year Old Dale Dent Is As Neurotic About Sex And Love As Bridget Is About Food And Alcohol He Forecasts The Possibility Of Eternal Gay Love, Or At The Very Least, Volcanic Sex, Through A Daily Success And Failure Barometer Like Bridget, Dale Fears He Ll Die Alone And Be Discovered Weeks Later Eaten By Wild Dogs On The One Hand, Dale Is A Romantic He Is Intoxicated With The Idea Of Getting A Boyfriend On The Other Hand, He Is Desperate To Get Laid Dale S Best Friend Richard The Vulgarian Because He S So Crude Thinks Dale Just Needs To Get Laid Dale Agrees, But Only With The Kind Of Guy He Wants To Marry So He Desperately Tries To Crawl Out Of Singles Hell Only To Fling Himself Back In Every Chance He Gets Can Dale Escape Singles Hell And Settle Down Into The Loving Relationship He Dreams About Find Out In The Hilarious New Entry In Gay Fiction Contemporary Romance It S Packed With Graphic Bedroom Antics, High Comedy And Thoughtful Insights Into Gay Men S Psyche

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dale Dents Diary book, this is one of the most wanted Woody Miller author readers around the world.

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  • 01 October 2018

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    This story was great, light amusement with enough irony to give it substance While shallow on the surface, this fictional diary had enough internal depth to anchor it This mix not only made it a fast fun read, but left behind some common truths to ponder long after the book has been read.

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    Summary Dale Dent s Diary by Woody Miller is described as a gay Bridget Jones Diary and that s a fair description It s also a sibling of Sex in the City Dale Dent s Diary is a quick, fun read which follows the dating adventures of Dale He s shallow about physical beauty, and has a problem liking anyone who finds him attractive Dale s best friend, Richard, is the voice of reason and a repository of hilarious advice Dale Dent s Diary is great for fans of chick lit or, in this case, dick lit Prime members can borrow it for free, and occasional discounts are available The 2.99 list price is a little steep for such a bon bon, but not terribly outlandish.Fantasy WorldThe clubs, bars, and coffee shops are all too real as are the dating issues Anyone who has been in the dating trenches will be able to commiserate.Tingle FactorThe sex is funny than hot Enjoy the laughs and get your kicks elsewhere.RomanceDale finds someone attractive at least twice a day He also goes from attraction to wedding planning inside of 30 seconds However, the moment the other man likes him back, Dale is thinking of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover Beware of romantic whiplash DramaFor all the emotional issues, there really isn t too much angst Dale has plenty of baggage, but readers are kept skimming along the top.HeroDale is a modern, metropolitan gay man in search of his Prince Charming Even with ALL of his issues, he s very likeable You will want him to find true love even as he gets in his own way over and over again I did have a few Olympia Dukakis moments where I wanted to yell Snap out of it

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    Happy to be WrongI don t like romances written as diary entries I see a date heading a chapter and I m done, over, scrolling on by So why did my hand hesitate over the mouse, hover and then hit send sample of Dale Dent s Diary Was it the cute cartoon cover or the clever alliteration of the title Who knows I can tell you why this book went from sample to saleit made me laugh From Dale s friend coming at him with tweezers to the weather forecast style predictions of his sex life, this book is pure pleasure I don t like romances written as diary entries unless Woody Miller writes them

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    Such a hard book to review It starts out like a true diary, but over time Dale becomes analytical about his relationship wants and needs, and why he has consistently sabotaged them over the years, and then I lost the feeling of diary Past the first few months, the dates became irrelevant, other than I noticed that the book chronicled about 2 years why this time frame The writing is witty, entertaining, and at times laugh out loud funny, alternating with scenes where you just nod you head and think So true, and so sad Throughout the first 80% of the book it was a solid 4 stars for me, but then the end wrapped up so abruptly it didn t make any sense Dale is aware of the fact that he has consistently undermined his previous 3 relationships at the same point and in the same way, but there is no sense that he knows why he does it, or that he is doing anything to try to find out and change the pattern And then, he finds his reasons through a search that supposedly took place over a 2 year period, though there is no mention of it elsewhere in the diary , has a light bulb aha moment, and view spoiler says he will commit to his boyfriend And that is the last sentence of the book hide spoiler

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    Hilarious, but also heartwarming in places, this book isn t a typical meet some one and fall in love romance The book is about one man s journey through a plethora of relationships, laughs, love, heartache and mistakes as he tries to figure out why he can t seem to find the right guy Dale s character does start off as a bit whiny and superficial, but these are his diary entries If you stick with it, you begin to glean little hidden bits about who Dale really is.The sucker punch comes at about 50% in, where a very short but insightful diary entry beautifully describes the heartache Dale is really feeling below the surface character often presented in the other diary entries Coupled with the character Richard, this book offered a wonderfully funny yet emotional glimpse into Dale s life While it does end a bit abruptly, that ending emphasizes that this book wasn t about the romance it was about the journey, and it was a journey I had a wonderful time reading.

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    Dale Dents Diary is a book about just that It is written in a diary format and it s all about Dale And surprisingly it works The story was so funny that I laughed out loud on almost every page And I loved the character growth in Dale Now I m looking into the future and I see a Sequel about Richard his best friend and need to see how Dale is doing It ended rather eruptly if I say so myself The only thing that slightly irritated me was that there were so many names mentioned, And that one entry Dale is doing something and the very next entry he is doing something different it only happened maybe twice But It was at times hard to keep up But it was so small it doesn t take away from the story I highly recommend this It s a very funny light read

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    My rating has to do with my personal taste, not the quality of the book It s well written and funny It s also kind of humor I find painful, and maybe a little too close to home A lot of us have lived through this sort of shooting ourselves in the foot, being well aware of our modus operandi, but repeating ourselves regardless A dear friend in my long ago past pretty much lived this I smile, grimace, and sigh It s also a record of self examination, but one that s difficult to listen to after awhile You know what I mean if you ve ever been the sounding board for a friend who s paying very close attention to his her personal journey I love the way the ending is written.

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    4 4.5 starsI think what I most enjoyed about this is that I got to see a different side of Dale Dent in the last half All that self depracation used for humour sort of ended up being a cover he uses to hide his vulnerability and pain from past experiences I find myself highlighting quite a lot because the emotions and fears conveyed were genuine and perhaps a little heartbreaking.There s a lot of laughs in this too so don t be misled or put off by what I ve mentioned so far.All in all a very nice although somewhat quick read

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    FUN AND SWEETDale Dent is a bit of a basket case Doesn t have a steady boyfriend He clearly has commitment issues But, the fun of it is how cool, confused and funny he is Really like the humor and the gay lifestyle that the author describes And this author is a keeper Smart AND witty Two fiction writer qualifications I admire and enjoy And this book was a bit different from the norm That s always a plus.readers like me

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    This very short gay version of Bridget Jones Diary is peculiar indeed.Writing is essentially flawless but the story has no real bite to it Dale remains a foreign, rather unlikeable character and the situations depicted, familiar though they are to me and I think to many other gay men who have been on the dating ground , fail to arouse any sympathy.I am sorry to say that, after a couple of pages, I got terminally bored.

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