City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly FireRead the full review A Perfection Called BooksWith a heavy heart, I write this review TMI is the series that rekindled my love of reading I was so invested in this series, and I m so sad that it s come to a close But darn, Cassie ended it well Warning This book will make you so emotionally unstable You ll go from angry to remorseful, happy to sad, laughing to crying, and so on This book was everything I hoped for and Me While Reading This Book The Writing Cassie Clare never ceases to amaze me with her skilled writing I had no idea how she was going to tie up her all the loose ends and create a satisfying end Somehow she did it, and better yet, she did it well I love the deep complex characters, the twisting plots, the humor, the action, the deception, the drama, the wit, and crazy parallels and connections to TID Her writing is consistent and lovely The third person POV with switches between characters works really well, and she s really descriptive I can always picture in my head what s going on in the story I had no idea what was going to happen in this book Clare kept me guessing until the end Everything was just so beautifully written and wonderfully done She s a writing god The Plot I love how this book wasted no time Cassie Clare just went right into it End of Chapter 1 BAM they re going to Idris Thank god I thought I was going to have to wait ten chapter for them to return to the homeland This book was packed full with awesome elements There was the perfect blend of action, drama, romance, humor, mystery, adventure, and betrayal.There was a great balance between grave, sad moments and light happy moments This book is a whooping 725 pages yet somehow this book doesn t seem too slow or fast paced Everything was timed out well Every scene was there for a reason, there weren t any dragging and boring moments I liked how she wrote it so that not everyone got away unscathed by the end It wasn t a total HEA but still happy The Characters I am going to miss all of these characters so so much These characters have come so far I m so proud of them and all they ve accomplished and overcome in this series I love these characters so much, and I can t let them go The Romance The romance in this book was so adorable Clace was perfect Clace They trust, they confide in, they love They ve finally worked out their relationship problems Sizzy DTRed Yay I love Sizzy but it annoyed me how they never really talked about their feelings They keep putting it off or just don t talk about it Malec was amazing I ve never been really crazy about them, but I totally shipped them in this book They saw their own flaws and fixed them They came to terms with things and decided to just be happy and be together Some Awesome Quotes Heroes aren t always the ones who win, she said They re the ones who lose, sometimes But they keep fighting, they keep coming back They don t give up That s what makes them heroes Shadow hunters are the Angel s weapons Temper us in fire, and we grow stronger When we suffer, we survive Because the world isn t divided into the special and the ordinary Everyone has the potential to be extra ordinary The Deaths The deaths aren t anywhere near as bad as people claimed them to be Don t worry you ll survive You might shed some tears as I did, but trust me, it will all be okay Karma for some of those deathsThe Humor The guard are there to protect us, not keep us in Have some perspective Alec, you ve known me for seven years, said Jace When have I ever had perspective Brother Zachariah, Isabelle said Months January through December of the Hot Silent Brothers Calendar What s he doing here There s a Hot Silent Brothers Calendar said Alec Do they sell it You re pining, said Jace.Alec shrugged Look who s talking oh I love her Oh, she s my sister Oh why, why, why The Climax The Denouement Jem and Tessa Ahh I loved reading the parts with Jem and Tessa Ugh I kept tearing up when I read so many of those TID references JESSAMINE Oh god And there were Will references all over the place I love how Cassie added Jem and Tessa to the book Tessa and Jem truly deserve each other They are such good people and gosh, after everything they ve been through they so deserve to be happy I hope we see a wedding for them sometime in the future I hope that Tessa tells Jace of their relation and Jem does likewise with Emma So then they re both not totally alone AND It s hinted that Jem and Tessa might be in TDA And they got Church back D The Blackthorns and TDA I am so happy that we got to meet the main cast of The Dark Artifices I love the Blackthorns family already In TMI there was the focus surrounding The Crew Sizzy, Clace, and Alec but that was about it It s going to be fun to read of people in the main cast all together All of the characters so far seem so realistic and relatable and adorable and sweet and complex Emma Carstairs is so awesome She s like a smaller female version of Jace XD And Julian is so adorable and fiercely protective With the glittering setting of Los Angeles and chock full of great characters, I am SO EXCITED for Lady Midnight, out Fall 2015 The Ending The ending was truly bittersweet Not everything in the Shadow World turned out perfectly There are scars and many mistakes made that might turn into problems later It was truly the saddest happy ending Not everyone came out unscathed I liked that Cassie Clare didn t make the all around perfect HEA In terms of what happened for these characters, I think besides the little hurtful prick twist they pretty much got their HEAs After Finishing The Book It s hard to say goodbye to this series I love how CoHF ends brightly and optimistically Cassie Clare lets the reader imagine what the future holds for these characters In that way, these characters will always still be with us, their story still lives on I know that I will carry this lovely story in my heart for the rest of my life and although TMI is over, we ll always remember This series has been a wonderful journey that I will never forget I find it only fitting that I end my review with a quote from Cassie We are the pieces of what we remember We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss Cassandra ClarePRE READING UPDATE 5 30 14 Finished the book Crying Literally crying Review to come Below are some gifs and pics that epitomize my feelings and emotions regarding this finale of my most beloved series.UPDATE 5 26 14IT COMES OUT IN A MERE 10.5 HOURS TWO YEARS OF WAITING IS NOW ALMOST OVER D My plan Today sleep from 4 9 PMStudy for school 9 11PMRead City of Heavenly Fire as it appears on my iPad Stand from 11PM 2AM Heck yeah UPDATE 4 22 14 only 34 days until CoHF asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjklllllllllUPDATE 4 11 14Oh my gosh, less than 50 days until CoHF comes out fangirls I ve been waiting for this for so long And now the time is almost upon us Will the shadowhunters be able to defeat Sebastian once and for all Or will they die trying UPDATE 1 1 14 CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE WILL BE 733 GLORIOUS PAGES AND COMES OUT IN LESS THAN FIVE MONTHS 0ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKLUPDATE 1 16 14THE BEAUTIFUL COVER I Want This Now My concerns My reactions To sum up my emotions City of Heavenly Fire, I Am Ready. UPDATE REVIEW TO COME SOON UPDATE OMG COVER COVER COVER COOOOOOOVER THAT COVER Clary s friggin wearing white and I CANNOT What do you guys think Personally I think it s beautiful After you get over the fact that Clary s wearing white And it s Clastian OK OK OK WRITE OBSESSIVE FANGIRLY REVIEW MODE ON 2000 FRIGGIN 14 EH MUST YOU KILL ME CASSIE MUSSSST YOUUUU WHYYYYYYY BUT WE ALL KNOWINSIDEI M JUSTTHAT DOESN T EVEN BEGIN TO COVER HOW I FEEL BUT IT SHOULD DO FOR NOW OO I was thinking up until the last 200 pages that this was definitely going to be a 3 star read, but that ending completely changed my mind It really made up for the first chunk of the book. This book was PHENOMENAL I finished it in under 24 hours because I literally COULD NOT put it down Cassandra Clare concluded such an amazing series in such a beautiful way I didn t think it was possible to cry happy tears than sad tears when finishing off your absolute favorite series, but somehow, this novel was too amazing for me to dwell in the few sad parts and forced me to embrace all it had to offer I thought I d be broken with the end of The Mortal Instruments, but I am so happy knowing the fates of the characters I ve come to love and feeling the security of knowing that one of the greatest works of YA literature ever written has ended as wonderfully as it started If you want to check out my book talk which does include spoilers here it is UPDATE 1 15 14So the cover was released Though I appreciate that the faces are a little implicit than they were in the past two, I m rather disappointed there s something a little cheesy about it, and it looks kind of like a rehash of CoFA Plus, Clary s hair I get that she s part angel, but that s such an unnatural shade of red, and I never got the vibe that she dyed it Also the city scape at the bottom was always a favorite element, and it s just not as prominent here, so I m bummed.Ah, well Maybe it ll grow on me.And just to avoid misconceptions, I want to clarify that I get it don t judge books by their covers it s merely a picture representing the existence of a book, not the content or quality the production team designed it, not Cassandra Clare some people might actually really love this cover anyway and that s all fine I just don t think it s as epic as it could have been UPDATE 1 1 14So apparently, assuming the pictures of Cassandra Clare s Twitter posts seen in other reviews are correct, the WHO WILL SURVIVE label on the placeholder cover of the book is not only for dramatic effect Allegedly, six characters we know by name will die This actually makes me want to read the book Not because I have a fervent desire to watch all the characters die at this point I m rather indifferent , but because it means that things are finally going to be taken seriously Those lovely teenage shadowhunters aren t just running around drawing runes and fighting abstract villains they re risking and potentially losing their lives And after the excessive melodrama, angst, and somberness of the past two books, which have decidedly left the light playfulness of the original trilogy behind in favor of a darker tone, I think it s time the stakes were raised My Predictions please read from an objective standpoint while keeping in mind that my guess is no valid or accurate than anyone else s 1 I m only banking on one, two at most major players dying 2 Of Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Simon, Alec, and Magnus the six I consider main characters , my money is on Magnus or Alec, Magnus than Alec One of them will die in a self sacrficing manor for the other, but not quickly enough that they don t have time for a heart breaking emotionally manipulative goodbye Yes, it would be sad, but that s the point Of the six mains, they re probably the least prominent The death of one would bring the necessary tragedy and oomph without entirely destroying the dynamic of the group And seeing as Clare has a tendency to revisit, I m guessing that she d want to preserve as much of that dynamic as she can I m thinking Magnus will be the one to go He s 800 years old He s had his time If he went out gorgeously and dramatically and in the name of true love a la Eponine in Les Miz there are worse ends a person can meet To quote The Smiths, To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die the pleasure, the privilege is mine I like to think Magnus would view it as such 3 Isabelle will die and join Simon in vampire dom, resulting in a political discussion about ending Downworlder hate and an alliance between Shadowhunters and Downworlders 4 The other five four, technically deaths will be minor characters Maia and Jordan will go out in battle and die peacefully together, akin to Tonks and Lupin in HP7 They re cute enough characters for their deaths to elicit a wince, maybe a few tears, but to minimal fierce protests or hate mail Luke and Jocelyn might also end up on the chopping block, to set Clary up as a Harry Potter esque orphan of war figure 5 This last one is the one I m really uncertain about, but also hoping for the most Sebastian must die If he doesn t, and if they don t burn or otherwise destroy his dead body, I will be unhappy, because that would meant there s a potential of his return and books, and I m sorry, but I m done I don t want to read about Clary and Jace and Company any because they ve had six looong books already this one s rud at 700 pages , and I think it would be best for everyone if Clare said goodbye gracefully That s not a statement of hate, that s a statement of sometimes you just have to let the story end Learn from the mistakes of those before you who have tried to needlessly extend franchises Spielberg, Lucas, etc , and have the wisdom to understand that it s not the way to go Anyway, those are my predictions Regardless of how it ends, I think we can assume that the MI fandom is headed for dark days and destined to replace the angsting dark humor of the post Reichenbach Sherlock fandom before it Brace yourselves for the I laughed and then cried type jokes about a character s death, and highly emotional soppy fanfiction about characters going on without the other half of their OTP There will be tears, there will be laughs, there will be crazy Embrace it Revel in it This is where it gets fun And besides, if things end awfully or you just can t cope with the fact that the series is over, I doubt you ll be in withdrawal for long Even if Clare doesn t write a book 7, you can bet the Shadowhunter crew will make cameos in her books to come Even if I m done with it all, for those willing to stick with her, I m guessing this is only the beginning UPDATE 1 10 13111 best number likes for a little complaining and speculation Aw, shucks thanks, all you likers UPDATE 7 2 122014 You kidding me I m not even super excited for City of Heavenly Fire to come out Lost Souls left me kind of burned out for the whole second trilogy deal , but Expected publication March 19, 2014 I don t like it YA series don t work that way, Clare the next installment is supposed to come out about a year after its predecessor That way anticipation is heightened and everyone has a chance to catch up with the series, without losing interest because the next book is too far away Two years I might grow out of this series by then Oh, well Hope the extra time it takes her to write it means that she s working extra hard on it, and putting a bit effort into it than it felt like she did with the last two Mortal Instruments books Hopefully it means Heavenly Fire will bring the glory and happiness that City of Glass brought, when this series ended the first time around ORIGINAL REVIEWWhat s with these long titles Fallen Angels Lost Souls Heavenly Fire Ridiculous They don t have that catchy one syllable ring that the previous books did What s next City of Eternal Tourment Grave Elements Hell and Damnation Good grief, they re starting to sound like horror movies. The fascinating world of shadowhunters and downworlders has always intrigued me with it s rich world building The characters, so true and relatable, including those few twisted ones, have all contributed to making this one of my favorite book series of all time Add in some adventure, romance, and humor, and you ve got a recipe for success.The last installment of the Mortal Instruments was nothing short of unforgettable There were so many things I loved with it, but also things I regretted Cassie didn t explore futher I guess with a book series as large as this one it would be hard, if not impossible, to address everything All in all, City of Heavenly Fire was deeply affecting, a real page turner with both heartbreaking and truly happy moments Few books have managed to touch me this way last time was Clockwork Princess, and I swear, it took me months to even consider picking up a new book to read Months That s how emotional it got me.There is a war in this book The end of the world type of war, and however clich that may sound, let me assure you, it is not Maybe, just maybe, I m too invested in this series, but I found the build up to be realistic The war will bring destruction, but it will also pave the way to a hopefully brighter future view spoiler if you consider the fey to be a smaller threat than Sebastian hide spoiler I m just praying to God that this is the last one Words cannot express how amazing this book was I will be posting a detailed review up on my youtube channel soon I used to think it made me strong to refuse to delete reviews even when the abuse in the comments endured and endured, but after three fucking years of verbal attacks due to this review I just can t be bothered with it any I honestly can t lmao I m fucking sick of this and I m fucking sick of the pig headed, entitled, immature, and arrogant stans for this series who continue to make utter fools of themselves by actively seeking people out to antagonise them for not liking a shitty goddamn book.I hated this book and I hate the culture of negativity and hostility that s grown around it I was an OG fan of this series I loved the first trilogy Not to sound like Hipster Mermaid, but I was a fan of this before most of the spoiled children who were attacking me had even heard of it I now loathe it by association, so good job guys I m fucking done Bye. Erchomai, Sebastian Had Said I Am Coming Darkness Returns To The Shadowhunter World As Their Society Falls Apart Around Them, Clary, Jace, Simon And Their Friends Must Band Together To Fight The Greatest Evil The Nephilim Have Ever Faced Clary S Own Brother Nothing In This World Can Defeat Him Must They Journey To Another World To Find The Chance

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