Richard B. Russell, Jr, Senator from Georgia

Richard B. Russell, Jr, Senator from Georgia Richard B Russell, Jr Represented Georgia In The United States Senate From To , A Period Of Sweeping Social Change Russell Was Regarded By His Fellow Senators As The Quintessential Member Of The Senate S Establishment, And They Dubbed Him A Senator S Senator And The Georgia Giant So Great Was His Popularity In Congress That Lyndon B Johnson Once Said, If The Membership Of The Senate Were To Cast A Secret Vote On The Man They Believed Best Qualifies To Be President Of The United States, They Would Choose Richard Russell Gilbert Fite S Masterful Biography Begins With Russell S Upbringing In An Elite Georgia Family The Highly Stratified And Class Conscious Society Of His Early Years Would Later Influence Russell S Legislative Agenda In , Russell Was Elected To The Georgia General Assembly, And In He Became Governor Of Georgia He Held That Office Until , When He Began His Thirty Eight Years Of Service In The US SenateDuring Russell S Long Senatorial Career, He Was Deeply Involved In Many Of The Most Important Episodes Of Our National Life The New Deal, World War II, The MacArthur Investigation, The Foreign Aid Debate, And The Warren Commission Inquiry His Greatest Contribution, According To Fite, Was His Fierce Determination To Maintain A Strong National Defense During The Cold War In His Sixteen Years As Chairman Of The Armed Services Committee, He Emerged As The Acknowledged Leader In Congress On Defense Matters A Career Long Member Of The Senate Appropriations Committee, Russell Also Became One Of The Nation S Strongest Advocates Of Farm Price Supports Under His Sponsorship, The Senate Enacted Legislation Establishing The School Lunch Program And Distribution Of Food To The NeedyBut Russell Never Abandoned His Dedication To The South S Traditional Values, And He Became The Leader Of The Southern Bloc That Staunchly Fought To Defeat Civil Rights Legislation And Maintain The Structures Of Segregation Russell S Unwillingness To Compromise On Civil Rights, Says Fite, Meant That His Career Was Ultimately One Of Regional Rather Than National Leadership

The son of educators and farmers, Gilbert Courtland Fite grew up in rural South Dakota He earned his bachelor s and master s degrees at the University of South Dakota, and completed his doctorate in history at the University of Missouri in 1945 From 1945 until 1971, Fite taught at the University of Oklahoma, where he established his reputation as an agricultural historian After serving as presi

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    It was said by many of his colleagues that if Richard B Russell, Jr had not come from a Dixie stateand was not leader of the southern bloc opposed to integration he might very well have been President of the United States As it was he received a lot of votes for the job at the Democratic conventions of1948 and 1952.Russell was the heir to a fine southern family, the leading one from Winder, Georgia He had a quick rise from the State Legislature to the Governorship of Georgia in 1930 where as a fellow governor he made the acquaintance of Franklin D Roosevelt who was Governor of New York As weknow Roosevelt patronized the resort at Warm Springs, Georgia for his health and recovery from hisinfantile paralysis Through the death of the incumbent Senator William Harris in 1932, Russell while still Governor wona special election for the job and was there to greet FDR when he became president He supportedthe New Deal generally until the Supreme Court packing plan.A rising tide for civil rights and the threat of a march on Washington led FDR to appoint a FairEmployment Practices Commission which led to Russell s break with the administration Afterthat his mission in the Senate as he saw it was to shovel against the tide for civil rights.Russell was the image they wanted to convey for sure A plantation owner with sharecroppers like Jim Eastland wouldn t do and his rabble rousing colleague from Mississippi Theodore G Bilbowouldn t do Russell s courtly demeanor as the defender of the southern way of life was the imagethey wanted But it got rougher and rougher every year.Russell s other issues besides civil rights were his advocacy for the farmers and price supports forsame and his championing of the Armed Services These two things enabled him to make friendsinto Yankee country Russell was a long time chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee andwith Representative Carl Vinson from Georgia running the same in the House of RepresentativesGeorgia became a most hospitable place for the military.Russell knew civil rights was coming But having it come from Lyndon Johnson whom he pushedto be Democratic leader in the Senate was a bitter pill for him In the 60s he was a man out of histime and element.When he died in 1971 Russell was President Pro Tempore of the Senate and longest in seniority inthe body at that time Still respected by his colleagues for his legislative skill and knowledge ofthe highways and byways of the Senate Sad that in history he goes down as a valiant defenderof racism.

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    Great read.A big fan of books on mid century Southern political leaders and this is a much needed book on a key person of the century.

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