A Different World

A Different World Warsaw, Poland Pilot Jan Grabowski Receives Orders That Take Him To The Heart Of The Escalating Conflict He Leaves Behind His Wife, Rulka, Who Sees Poland Overcome By The Nazis In Constant Danger And Amid Cruel Reprisals, She Joins The Resistance Norfolk Louise Fairhurst S War Is Very Different Evacuated With Her Class Of Ten Year Olds From London She Finds Herself Acting Mother As Well As Teacher To The Children She Has Much To Do Settling City Children Down In The Countryside, And She Wonders Whether She Should Have Stayed In London Until A Chance Meeting With Jan Alters Her Path Thoroughly enjoyed this book looking forward to readingof this author s books in the not too distant future. Unexpectedly engaging As a fan of thrillers and crime novels this book was a long way from my usual choice of novels However, I was captivated from the start, the writing style is easy to read though there were a handful of sentences that needed multiple reads to make sense of their meaning and I found it most enjoyable I was particularly fascinated reading about the events in Poland during WWII, and it came as quite a surprise that life in Poland was so very different, both during and after the war I enjoyed Louise s story and certainly found it thought provoking living through the war must have been so difficult for so many A thoroughly enjoyable read. Fantastic fast paced description of the Polish view of WW2 and the despair that followed as well as a nice pinch of English countryside during the war The characters are believable and their twists of fate keep you on edge I love the non judgemental attitude of the main characters in this book. Harlequin This book had so much potential but ended up reading like a Harlequin Shallow, unbelievable and a lot too cutesy. This one has a theme very similar to A Farmer s Daughter in that it involves the love between an English girl and a foreign national, in this case, a Polish airman When Germany invades Poland at the start of WWII, pilot Jan Grabowski knows he must leave Poland or be arrested but he is reluctant to leave his wife, Rulka, behind Back in England, teacher Louise Fairhurst is evacuated to Norfolk along with her class The two meet when Louise speaks up for Jan when he is being insulted on a train journey They fall in love, despite Jan already being married and knowing that he will return to Poland one day But this is Rulka s story too and some of her experiences in war torn Warsaw are harrowing, especially as the country is fought over by both Germany and Russia I found the reunion between Jan and Rulka particularly poignant As always, Mary Nichols research is excellent and the whole makes for an intriguing read.

Born in Singapore to a Dutch South African father and an English mother, Mary Nichols came to England when she was three and considers herself totally English Her father, like many people who learn English as a second language, would have no sloppiness, either spoken or written, and Mary puts her love of the language down to him He was also a great reader and there were always books in the house

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  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • A Different World
  • Mary Nichols
  • 04 February 2019
  • 9780749015534

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