Night of the White Buffalo (Wind River Reservation #18)

Night of the White Buffalo (Wind River Reservation #18) Father John, priest at a Wyoming reservation, gets a confession from an unknown that says he has killed a man He tries to reason with the stranger to go to the police, and the man runs out of the confessional Meanwhile the owners of a buffalo ranch get a surprise when a white buffalo is born into the herd This means something very significant to the Indians on this Arapaho reservation as well as many other people So people are driving by the thousands to see the white buffalo, to feel blessed by it While all this is going on too, someone is shooting at drivers on the highway, and ranch hands are disappearing from the buffalo ranch.Great writing, good characters, good story line Enjoyed this book immensely A good mystery story. I always enjoy reading Margaret Coel s Wind River series of mysteries I look forward to following Vicki Holden and Father O Malley as they solve crime while wrestling their unrequited attraction to each other I especially enjoyed Coel s handling of the white buffalo phenomenon and was inspired to write a series on the subject for Native American Antiquity With Her Gritty Mysteries Steeped In Authentic Native American Culture, New York Timesbestselling Author Margaret Coel Is Widely Considered The Most Accomplished Heir To Tony Hillerman S Legacy,Scripps Howard News Service In The Latest Wind River Novel, Arapaho Attorney Vicky Holden And Father John O Malley Confront A Ruthless Killer In The Wake Of A Miraculous EventA Mysterious Penitent Confesses To Murder, And Then Flees The Confessional Before Father John Can Identify Him Two Months Later, Vicky Discovers Rancher Dennis Carey Shot Dead In His Truck Along Blue Sky Highway With The Tragic News Comes The Exposure Of An Astonishing Secret The Most Sacred Creature In Native American Mythology, A White Buffalo Calf, Was Recently Born On Carey S Ranch Making National Headlines, The Miraculous Animal Draws A Flood Of Pilgrims To The Reservation, Frustrating An Already Difficult Investigation As Visitors Throw The Reservation Into Turmoil, Vicky And Father John Try To Unravel The Strange Events Surrounding Both Carey S Murder And The Recent Disappearances Of Three Cowboys From His Ranch It Could Be Coincidence, Given The Nomadic Life Of The Cowboy Trade, But When One Of Them Fails To Appear In Court To Testify On An Assault Charge, Vicky Wonders If Arnie Walkfast And His Arapaho Buddies Are Guilty Of Than Just Assault And At The Back Of Father John S Mind Is The Voice From The Man In The ConfessionalI Killed A Man Night of the White Buffalo is another of author s Margaret Coel s Wind River mystery series Crisply written with a great plot and wonderful descriptive writing she brings to life the story of the white buffalo, revered by Native Americans and many others I learned that a white buffalo changes color in a year or two to black then brown and then red with the possibility of turning white again but always remaining sacred The author is able to bring the joys and sorrows of the reservation Arapaho to light with a great murder story entwined A great read. WOW First time reading Ms Coelwon t be my last The white buffalo is rare and sacred to my people When one is born on the Wind River rez, all heck is broken loose Good fotune mixed with horrors of murder.Enjoyed so much I checked 4 out from the library Another good offering in the author s Wind River Mystery Series Familiar characters in a well conceived plot in a beautiful setting make for an enjoyable read in my opinion I am already looking forward to the next installment. Great series heard her speak again this year and adds meaning to the mysteries. A mysterious penitent confesses to murder, and then flees the confessional before Father John can identify him Two months later, Vicky discovers rancher Dennis Carey shot dead in his truck along Blue Sky Highway With the tragic news comes the exposure of an astonishing secret the most sacred creature in Native American mythology, a white buffalo calf, was recently born on Carey s ranch.Making national headlines, the miraculous animal draws a flood of pilgrims to the reservation, frustrating an already difficult investigation As visitors throw the reservation into turmoil, Vicky and Father John try to unravel the strange events surrounding both Carey s murder and the recent disappearances of three cowboys from his ranch.It could be coincidence, given the nomadic life of the cowboy trade, but when one of them fails to appear in court to testify on an assault charge, Vicky wonders if Arnie Walkfast and his Arapaho buddies are guilty of than just assault And at the back of Father John s mind is the voice from the man in the confessional I killed a man What does the birth of a beautiful white buffalo calf mean to the people of Windy River Reservation Another story in the Father John O Malley and Vicki Holden series What I absolutely love about this series besides the wonderful main characters is the Arapaho folklore and culture that are in every book in abundance Ms Coel always blends these traditions so well in her stories that they are like the string that ties everything together She always blends past and present into her books as well, and she does this so seamlessly that they always appear relevant for the modern setting of these books All this, and usually a pretty good mystery is in there for all of us to enjoy as well This story begin when Father John is faced with a troubled cowboy in his confessional one morning The man is clearly uneasy and upset and before he abruptly leaves he tells Father Brown in the confessional that has murdered, but only because he had to Then he disappears Father Brown does not recognize the man, but his confession haunts him A very blessed event occurs on a local buffalo ranch at the same time as all these mysterious happenings A pure white buffalo calf is born on the Broken Buffalo Ranch A white buffalo calf is a very sacred occurrence in Indian folklore Shortly after this blessed event mysterious things start happening on the Wind River Reservation White cowboys are being shot at while driving on the roads, cowboys are disappearing and a local rancher is found shot to death in his truck on the side of the road Father John and Vicki know that all of these mysterious occurrences are connected and they set out to find out what is going on before people are killed This crime fighting team Father John and Vicki Holden is one of the most unique in the mystery genre These books are wonderful mysteries and I look forward to them. If you enjoy Tony Hillermaan or William Kent Krueger, you will enjoy this book It is not the first in the series, but like Krueger, the author cleverly fills the reader in on important past details so that no understanding of events or people from earlier books is lost.The setting is mostly on or near the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming The main characters, a Jesuit Mission priest and a divorced, middle aged Arapaho female attorney become an unlikely team caught up in missing persons and murder in the aftermath of the rare birth of a white buffalo calf , sacred to all Native Americans Adding to this unusual birth is the fact that it happened on a reach owned by white people, but located on the Rez.Coel weaves the past with the present, throws in a hefty dose of Native lore, stories, customs, and history, in addition to tidbits about the mission and law that kept this reader turning page after page The book progressed much the same way a fine French pastry chef carefully adds ingredients in a particular order in precise amounts to create his final mouth watering dessert delicious, satisfying, and leading the diner to crave.I will definitely check out her other books.

Margaret Coel is the New York Times bestselling, award winning author of the acclaimed novels featuring Father John O Malley and Vicky Holden, as well as several works of nonfiction Originally a historian by trade, she is considered an expert on the Arapaho Indians.

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  • Night of the White Buffalo (Wind River Reservation #18)
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