Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time This was an interesting book about the man wh0 redefined the definition of frozen food and started a change in the way people ate long after he passed away Clarence Birdseye had grown up at a time that the industrial revolution was just beginning and was caught up in the idea that he could make money from other ideas At a young age we what is now called an entrepreneur, and started various projects with the goal of making money As he grew up and went through school, he was very interested in science, but did not do well in the other subjects As Clarence became an adult, life brought him to Labrador It was here that he felt most at home and where he started to come up with the idea of freezing various foods quickly so that that were fresh when they thawed out He studied and tested until he gathered a lot of information and went back to the states.As he developedand better techniques for freezing food, he also realized that he had to overcome the prejudice of the public consumer Up until then, frozen food was not made from quality products and were often disgusting to eat A big backer of the revamped FDA laws of the 1920 s, he foresaw the market for this type of food before others His success and forward thinking led to General Foods to buy out Birdseye Seafoods, Inc in 1929, and within 20 years the frozen food industry was exploding across the USA Long after his death on October 9th, 1956, Birdseye frozen foods are still a staple in the US grocery store.I found it to be interesting, though I don t think it is a book to be readthan once It was written towards a 10 year old ish audience, and reads pretty quickly I would recommend it to that age group, as well as to adults who are interested in American history and the background of the US food industry. This book is a good way to learn about the creation of the most important innovation in the way we eat since the invention of agriculture This book really shows how one man can create an industry with hard work and determination Although that may sound cliche it is defiantly an interesting story The story starts in with him as a child and shows his creative drive It follows him through Colorado where he works with the CDC and to the arctic where he invents frozen food The adventures inventor may sound like a familiar plot this book shows how the way we eat is directly impacted by the people of the past This book contains great adventures in the American wilderness and arguments between Wall Street bankers It illustrates the life of a brilliant man and is definitely worth reading. This was good Clarence Bob Birdseye lead an interesting life, and though quirky, was a good person and family man He was curious and active, exploring and inventing There wasinfo on his life and less about the science than I initially expected, but it was interesting I did love the facts about refrigeration, crystallization, the economy, and brief highlights of other related inventorsthan the principal biography, but it was a 150 pg., easy read I don t know that I need to read the longer version of this the YA length was good enough for the subject There were good interesting tidbits to throw out to my wife and son as I read. Though the subject matter and the story of Birdseye s life was fascinating, the book felt so disjointed It wasn t unlike reading a term paper by a student who really didn t know how to capture concepts and pull them together in a meaningful way The story jumped back and forth, between the past and present, between one subject and another, and never really seemed to pull together into a cohesive story.I was able to get the gist, and loved reading about this fascinating man s life, but I would have preferred it if this had been written by an author who couldcoherently pull together a story. A fascinating bit of history, I d never even contemplated the origins of frozen food before I take so much for granted Thanks Mr Birdseye I found the story and information interesting but it read like a high school research paper Weird transitions, explanations, and information that didn t seem to be relevant to anything I only finished it because I was interested in the historical info and I was already part way through lol I didnt end up finishing this book It kept going off on tangents about other topics and I lost interest. Perfect For Middle Grade Readers, This Biography Tells The Life Story Of Clarence Birdseye, The Man Who Revolutionized The Frozen Food Industry Adapted From Mark Kurlansky S Adult Work Birdseye The Adventures Of A Curious ManAdventurer And Inventor Clarence Birdseye Had A Fascination With Food Preservation That Led Him To Develop And Patent The Birdseye Freezing Process And Start The Company That Still Bears His Name Today His Limitless Curiosity Spurred His Other Inventions, Including The Electric Sunlamp, An Improved Incandescent Lightbulb, And A Harpoon Gun To Tag Finback Whales This True Story Of An Early Entrepreneur Is As Thrilling As The Story Of Steve Jobs Or Mark ZuckerbergSimultaneously Available In A Hardcover And Trade Paperback Edition Each Edition Includes AnPage Black And White Photo Insert Bob Birdseye was a curious, imaginative and inventive person who never backed down from a challenge Though I found some of his food tastes and hunting habits disconcerting, his impact on food preservation far outweighs my squeamishness.Some observation quotes from the author p 2 The key to invention is simply imagining something The essential element of Birdseye personality was his love of wondering..chokengtitiktitikchokeng 68 Birdseye asked himself many questions about food and survival in the subarctic Why, he wondered, did people in Labrador eat lean food in the summer but a tremendous amount of fat in the winter p 71 He noticed that the meat and fish were not as good when frozen in the early or late winter, and he wondered why p 74 He later said of what he had learned about freezing, I tucked this knowledge away in my subconscious mind, but its commercial possibilities did not dawn on me at that time p 77 Later in life Birdseye developed a pet theory that the subconscious resembled an electronic calculating machine If you feed the right information into it, he would say, it will quietly go to work in mysterious ways of its own and, by and by, produce the answer to your problem p 78 As with many inventors before him, Bob Birdseye made no scientific discoveries His inventions were original ideas about how to use existing knowledge creative thinking To him, fast freezing was a traditional idea that came from the Inuits, the native inhabitants of Labrador All his life he credited them p 132 Bob was fascinated with processes and how to improve them Writing about his curiosity, he explained If I see a man skinning a fish, for example, a host of questions pop into my mind Why is he skinning the fish Why is he doing it by hand Is the skin good for anything If I am in a restaurant and get biscuits, which I like, I ask the chef how he made them what did he put in the dough How did he mix it How long did the biscuits bake At what temperature When visit a strange city, I go through the local industrial plants to see how they make things I don t care what the product is I am just as much interested in the manufacture of chewing gum as of steel p 150 Perhaps theimportant thing about Clarence Birdseye was his ability to live life as an adventure Curiosity is the one essential ingredient to an adventurous life. Knowing nothing about the advent of the frozen food industry or frosted foods as Birdseye originally called it , I learned quite a lot from this biography of Clarence Birdseye, the man who created a commercially successful method to quick freeze fresh food and distribute it throughout the country He was quite a character, always looking for adventure, and so he went to Montana on a medical science expedition, trapping and studying ticks to learn the causes and prevention of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever he loved to hunt and fish so he got to do that a lot out there He also lived many years off and on in the frozen wastes of Labrador, again, hunting fishing and trapping, and these and other experiences led to his eventual fame through frozen food Fascinating stuff, this book giving very detailed histories of all sorts of related industries and inventions that led up to Birdseye s success Has bibliography and index All the photos are sandwiched into a center insert section, which I am never a fan of, but I think it makes for cheaper publication costs the writing was fine, if a tiny bit overly detailed some of the history of earlier inventions I thought was superfluous and distracting But definitely a unique book about a unique guy and today s kids will be thoroughly flabbergasted to read about a time when you couldn t just pop a dinner into the microwave whenever you want

Mark Kurlansky born 7 December 1948 in Hartford, Connecticut is a highly acclaimed American journalist and writer of general interest non fiction He is especially known for titles on eclectic topics, such as cod or salt.Kurlansky attended Butler University, where he harbored an early interest in theatre and earned a BA in 1970 However, his interest faded and he began to work as a journalist in

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