La casa sull'albero

La casa sull'albero Tutti I Bambini Sognano, Prima O Poi, Di Avere Una Casa Segreta, Diversa Da Tutte Le Altre, Dove Andare A Vivere Per Conto Proprio, Lontani Da Regole E Doveri Non Tutti, Per , Sono Fortunati Come Aglaia, Che Va Ad Abitare In Cima Ad Un Fantastico Albero Insieme A Bianca, Un Amica Grande Capace Di Incredibili Prodezze E Non Tutti Non Riescono A Mettere Insieme, Come Le Nostre Due Eroine, Una Famiglia Stravagante Composta Da Cani Volanti, Gatti Che Parlano, Neonati Che Miagolano E Piante CarnivoreUn Autentico Fuoco D Artificio Di Invenzioni, Una Storia Paradossale E Piena Di Humour, Con Le Straordinarie Illustrazioni Del Grande Quentin Blake

Born in 1942, she s an Italian writer and screenwriter specialized in children literature.She graduated in Classic Literature, with a thesis on Prehistoric Archeology For seven years she worked as a responsible for cultural children s television programmes for the Italian public television RAI She also worked as an archeologist, theatre writer, screenwriter, lyricist and teacher.From 1970 to 2

[PDF] ✪ La casa sull'albero By Bianca Pitzorno –
  • Paperback
  • 101 pages
  • La casa sull'albero
  • Bianca Pitzorno
  • Italian
  • 03 August 2019
  • 9788804334804

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    Apparently this is Pitzorno s favorite book of everything she wrote but I hope it s not the case This is very, very lovely, of course, and I laughed a bit, but I was very surprised with the general coldness around Bianca yep, the author and Aglaia her friend in real life, a little girl Neither of them are very endearing, they re simply too tough, no self doubts ever creep in, they can deal with everything And while I love to be surprised by the agency and courage of characters they re just too meh Maybe the author didn t think it was necessary to make them interesting And I guess I found the reason in the afterword Bianca says she wrote this book for a dear friend of hers, Aglaia They loved the idea of living in a tree and one day she received a letter from the little girl despite the fact that they saw each other every day saying there wasn t a night she didn t dream with living on a tree with Bianca I swear I cried when I read this, but the story didn t honor that emotion Maybe since they exist in real life, Bianca didn t spend a minute building their characters with patience, conviction and detail Big mistake The cast of supporting characters is marvellous children talking in verse, a talking cat with conscience, a flying dog and very Dahl esque, but the whole thing simply doesn t appeal to the heart at all Does it need to No Things can be peppy and burlesque and carnival like and full of mayhem, but this didn t give me the amount of joy I expect from terrific books that are peppy and burlesque and carnival like and full of mayhem And it s very episodic not a fan of that And it just simply stops instead of, well, ending not a fan of that either But, sure, go ahead and read this.

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    o sa stane, ke sa dve priate ky, diev atko Aglaja a star ia Bianca, rozhodn i na strome Stretn ich sam podivn dobrodru stv Napriek mno stvu vtipn ch situ ci novorodenci, ktor ch priniesli bociany, deti hovoriace len vo ver och, v etky druhy ovocia pestovan na jednom strome, rozpr vaj ca ma ka sa mi pr beh nep il Okrem p r vec , nak ktor mi som dv hala obo ie pes zn aj ci vajcia, elektrick raja vo vani , ma vyt alo spr vanie post v Hlavn hrdinky boli asto bezd vodne bezo iv , necitliv ba dokonca surov Spory a konflikty sa rie ili klamstvom alebo astej ie fyzick m tokom.M ete to ospravedlni detskou fant ziou, ktor ob as b va drsn autorka sa in pirovala pr behmi, ktor si so skuto nou Aglajou vym ali Ale mne sa to jednoducho nep ilo.Hrdinky v inou jednaj bez akejko vek motiv cie Dobrodru stv , ktor pre vaj s plne n hodn , bez zmyslu Okrem toho pr beh nem iadne rozuzlenie Skon il v podstate ne akane, takmer v strede vety.

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    Questo sar pi un pensiero che una recensione, perch il libro davvero corto La casa sull albero fa parte della collana Junior 10, che appunto la collana dedicata ai piccoli lettori che non hanno ancora superato la soglia dei 10 anni, per ebbene s , per.Ho sempre amato Bianca Pitzorno, fin da bambina, ma questo non mi mai particolarmente piaciuto Ho voluto rileggerlo proprio perch non ricordavo cos che non mi avesse convinto, e ora lo so la storia racconta appunto di Aglaia e Bianca, due amiche che un giorno, stufe dei loro appartamenti di citt , decidono di trasferirsi su un quercia Il grande albero, in un certo senso magico, diventa la loro nuova casa, e la storia si snoda tra avventure, coinquilini dispettosi, gatti parlanti e cani con le piume Un avventura simpatica, ma non ha n un inizio n una fine, e questo gi da piccola mi aveva lasciata perplessa.Quando il libro inizia Aglaia e Bianca vivono gi sull albero, non si sa n come n perch , c qualche avventura nel mezzo e poi di punto in bianco finisce, come se avessero semplicemente stroncato la storia Non c un inizio, uno sviluppo e una conclusione, insomma, e gi da bambina ne ero rimasta irritata Naturalmente il libro simpatico e si legge volentieri, fa ridere ed illustrato come sempre Quentin Blake Diciamo che lo consiglio dai 6 agli 8 anni al massimo.

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    Aglaia and her friend Bianca have made themselves a home amidst the branches of a great old tree A home is always much than it seems though A home may start with shelter, and food, and a place to lay your head, but soon there are all sorts of other considerations How to live harmoniously with a cantankerous neighbour, for example, or how best to raise the misdelivered stork couriered babies without accidentally teaching the cat to talk like it s swallowed a thesaurus Simple things are often much complex than they first appear, aren t they Quentin Blake s illustrations are a perfect accompaniment, as this story has all the anarchic, delightful imagination that any good Roald Dahl title has to offer I loved it so much that I m buying a replacement for my niece, just so that I can keep this copy for myself.I think that what really won me over was Bianca Pitzorno s ability to take a little acorn of a childhood fantasy to live self sufficiently in a secret treehouse and make it all possible in the most ridiculously imaginative way Her Italian voice seeps through the pages, and every chapter is filled with warmth, fun, compromise and gentle exasperation Not unlike the best homes are, come to think of it.

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    Great imagination and wonderful illustrationsAll children love the idea of a tree house so will be attracted to the idea of a magical one Aglaia and Bianca live there along with a host of interesting other parties This is a heart warming book which children and adults of all ages will enjoy.Bianca Pitzorno is a well known author in Italy where, I believe, this story was first published some time ago My only reservation is that the whole style is rather old fashioned so it loses a star for that but if anyone doesn t like the story they cannot fail to love Quentin Blake s zorgBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review.

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    La casa sull albero un libro per bambini illustrato da Quentin Blake , illustratore delle opere di Roald Dahl La storia molto carina e divertente , fatta di vicende bizzarre e assurde come bambini che miagolano o cani che diventano uccelli Il libro molto corto e scorrevole un paio d ore sono sufficienti per gustarselo.Lettura piacevole che riesce a strappare sempre un sorriso al lettore sia bambino che adulto.

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    Bir a a kovu unda ya ad n hayal eden 36 l k bir ocu un ben , Aglaia ve Bianca n n kocaman bir me enin dallar nda kendilerine kurduklar d nyay ve maceralar n okumas ok g zeldi Bianca n n t m dallar farkl a a lardan a lamas , Aglaia n n haylaz sevimlili i Hele bir al ene Bo bo az Bey var ki G n Kitapl n n ocuk kitab serilerine bak n l tfen ok g zel kitaplar eviriyor, resmediyorlar Takip edilmesi gereken bir yay nevi.

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    3 words review adventurous, happy, naturefeeling this may be the reason why birds sing word to the author 95 italian pages and 8 vocabulary pages later I can say I loved it I always thought there was something in the trees Thanks for this funny journey Quote

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    This story gave me major Faraway tree by Enid Blyton vibes and I just loved the Quentin Blake illustrations that accompanied this story Full review can be found on my blog

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    Originally published in Italian in the late nineties, unlike some books that have been translated I found this one to be well done but then I wouldn t expect less from Alma Books.Quirky enough and yet somewhat archaic I was instantly put in mind of Enid Blyton s Faraway Tree books so, whilst I did enjoy the book on one level, it did seem rather familiar and, when compared to the Faraway series, a bit, well, lacking.That said Doubtlessly a fantastical enough read for those who aren t perhaps as familiar with Enid Blyton s Silky and Moonface And then of course there s always Quentin Blake s illustrations.Copyright Tracy Terry Pen and PaperDisclaimer Read and reviewed on behalf of the publisher, Alma Books No financial compensation was asked for nor given.

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