Cinderella Screwed Me Over

Cinderella Screwed Me Over Darby Quinn Hat Ein H Hnchen Mit Cinderella Zu Rupfen, Aber Gewaltig Denn Sie Und All Die Anderen M Rchen Kumpaninnen Sind Doch Schuld An Dem Dilemma, Dass Die Suche Nach Mr Right Nichts Werden Kann Prinzen Gibt Es Im Wahren Leben Nun Mal Nicht Deshalb Hat Darby Beschlossen, Das Thema Liebe Und M Nner Ein F R Alle Mal Zu Begraben Kein Schlechter Plan W Re Da Nicht Ihr Unversch Mt Gut Aussehender Nachbar Jake, Der Ihre Fein Zurechtgelegten Dating Regeln Au Er Gefecht Setzt Sorgt Er Vielleicht F R Darbys Happy End

Cindi Madsen is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels She sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting revising, and falling in love with her characters Sometimes it makes her a crazy person Without it, she d be even crazier She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if they re sparkly, colorful,

[BOOKS] ⚣ Cinderella Screwed Me Over ⚡ Cindi Madsen –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 336 pages
  • Cinderella Screwed Me Over
  • Cindi Madsen
  • German
  • 20 August 2019

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    3 stars, fun light and romantic, it could have been a solid 4 if there wasn t so many rehashing of the stupid rules and then the detailed story behind each one The main character Darby was just so irritating to me, her stubborn opinions and judgemental attitude rubbed me wrong.

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    4 complicated starsuf what to say this was some read It s so close to the real life that I almost thought I was actually in itIt was funny, it was annoying, it was overwhelming, it was just the way it is in real life, too.I could relate to it, I was laughing out loud then I was mad, then I wanted to throw my tablet across the room, then I decided to forgive her the heroine, i mean and give her a chance cause Darby, guuurl, you are some piece of work, I ll give you thatDarby is a young woman who went through bad relationships and even worse break ups almost all her lifethen she developed a life saving theories based on famous fairy tales turning her exes into the princes roles who failed to play the partshe got into it so hard escaping the love and denying its existence as such hiding behind those theories and sarcasm just so she could save her heart from breaking, cause there just could not be another failureuntill he showed up Jake, the guy who just might be the right prince Charming who ll prove all her theories wrongI effin loved Jake so somewhere in the middle of the book I was likethen I started to breathe again and all I could do was thisthe quote that speak louder than the volume The truth is, fairy tale beginnings are easy It s what comes after that s hard well, NO SHIT, and welcome to the REAL KINGDOM LOLBUT inspite of that given enlightment, thank you very much, for giving me a HEA as well

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    4.5 starsI wanted to read this book the second I saw the cover and title It just screams fun and Madsen delivered Darby grew up dreaming of meeting her Prince Charming just like the princesses from all the fairy tales we ve been spoon fed since childhood But in a hilarious series of case studies Darby exposes the reality of love eventual heartbreak, complete with lessons learned, one fairy tale at a time.Cynical is an understatement when it comes to Darby but I loved her She has good reason to be sour on love and she doesn t believe in Happily Ever After, yet she s not a bitch Cautious x s 1000 but not mean or callous which made all the difference to me She s still supportive of her best friend who is getting married despite her personal feelings on the subject and excellent at her job She s flawed but also has a nice independent streak that I admired yeah I m pretty cynical too so I may have related to her quite a bit lol Jake sigh I love a good guy and he s the best He s strong, confident and incredibly patient with Darby, letting her go at her own pace Darby and Jake had sizzling chemistry but also a blossoming friendship Those are the kind of romances that leave me convinced of the HEA.Final thoughts Super cute, quick read I wish there were books out there like this that mixed life lessons with humor and romance Not everything has to be over the top angst and that made Cinderella Screwed Me Over a joy to read.

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    Darby Quinn has been in a lot of failed relationships and has given up on love, that is until she meets a guy that makes her break all of her rules.The plot was bearable but the language was exhausting, most of the sentences were way too long There was an impressive amount of unnecessary informations, things that plot didn t need to move forward, same with the jokes Incredible how much less funny a joke is when you follow it up with an explanation, and its not necessary to point out that a joke is a joke every single time In my humble opinion this novel could ve been a lot shorter, Darby kept going back and forth with her feelings about Jake, every single chapter she was annoyingly indecisive.It felt much like an YA book and not adult novel I still liked the story, it had potential and I will definitely read something else by this author.

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    I went into this book looking for something lighthearted and sweet, and that s exactly what I got Upon reading the first few chapters there were numerous times I actually laughed out loud, a rare occurrence This humour continued throughout the book, which I really appreciated I also loved how swoony and romantic this book was while still being clean I mean, I wouldn t have protested at make out scenes, but I really do love clean romances because you get so much of a focus on the actual romance You get to experience the characters getting to know one another and all the reasons why they belong together, beyond just the physical attraction.Our main character Darby is sweet, but she s also practical to the point of cynicism She s been burned so many times, that it s difficult for her to let herself fall in love, even when a real Prince Charming may have made his way into her life Speaking of Prince Charming, I really loved Jake He s funny and charming without coming off as sleazy, he s patient and caring, and he sees the good in Darby I appreciated how we also got to see some of Jake s faults, such as him getting too wrapped up in his work This made him seem like a whole person, not just someone placed in the role of perfect love interest.What I loved about this slow burn romance is that it didn t feel fake Darby genuinely felt like someone with control and trust issues, and we see that with all her case study examples She had real reasons to feel the way she did, and she wasn t over the top about it Darby wasn t an insane man hating stereotype like you see in some books movies, she s just someone who is hesitant and scared She tries to keep her distance to keep herself from being hurt again Speaking of Darby s case studies, I loved how she laid out her past relationships in that format, especially in comparing them to the Disney princes.The romance in this book is top notch, but so too are the friendship and family elements Stephanie, Darby s best friend, was a strong support for Darby She was busy planning her own wedding, so she wasn t always 100% focused on the friendship, but she was there for Darby when it counted most, and she wanted the best for her Their friendship felt real, and Stephanie was a great character who stood as her own woman, and not just as a caricature of female friendship that so many books present On the family front, Darby s family plays a small but important role in the book From the scenes that they are in, it s so clear that they are real, developed people with their own personalities and backgrounds To do that without info dumping takes talent, and that was definitely achieved here.Be sure to check out Cinderella Screwed Me Over if you re looking for a book that is fun and swoony, while still being practical about romance eg it fully acknowledges that relationships take work, that you need to have the same goals, that you need to support each other, etc I absolutely enjoyed this book it was one that I didn t want to set down because I felt like I was a part of Darby s world when I was reading it.

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    Cinderella screwed me over Literally.What caught my attention was the title, actually And I started reading and push through without expectations or inkling to what this story is all about From the first word to the last, I actually got hooked.So basically, Darby relates the fairy tales we ve all watched since we were kids and those romantic comedies and romance movies to the real life relationships that we have into what she called case studies.Because of failed relationships, she swore off men But staying alone is a b tch, she have made a list of rules and a list of No no s for a guy she wants for a long term low risk relationship Someone she ought is safeBut since meeting Jake, it was like all fairy tale cliche was thrown into her face.But Darby tried so hard to have her guard up But no matter what, she keeps breaking all her rules so she tries so hard to remember and find all the reasons why she can t be with Jake A person who lies about one thing won t hesitate to lie about something big Never date anyone who you ll be forced to run into a regular basis if it goes wrong Never date a guy who thinks you re an object than a human being capable of using a brain Slapping someone across the face can feel very exhilarating Fate can be such a bitch Sometimes love s just not enough Love never lasts STOP TRYING ALREADY But Jake, tried so hard to stick with Darby Sometimes you just need a little push Anything worth having takes hard work and a little risk Communication isn t the key to a good relationship It s realizing that we all communicate differently This is a heart warming story full of lessons not just in love but also in relationships and real life Filled with humor that will make you laugh And emotions that will make your heart ache.

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    It s finally out So excited Darby Quinn has a bone to pick with Cinderella Burned one too many times by ex boyfriends, Darby has lost all belief in the happily ever after that the fairy tale princess promised her She s sworn off love, Prince Charmings, and happy endings and she s happy about it Really Or at least she was until she met Jake, her gorgeous neighbor and the manager of her favorite restaurant But Darby has rules about dating, ones she s culled from her years spent with so called princes, and starting something with Jake would break all of them.Charming, fun, and unwilling to give up on her, Jake doesn t fit any of the profiles Darby has created from her case studies of ex princes gone bad Finally presented with her own Prince Charming, can Darby take a chance on a happily ever after Full of wit and sarcastic humor, Cinderella Screwed Me Over proves that sometimes the perfect love, like a perfect pair of shoes, is just within your grasp.It even made Jules s romance picks on BN of course you can find it on so much to all the readers You all rock

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    This book was just what I needed after reading some heavier things It was light, funny, had me laughing, and just thoroughly enjoyable It is about Darby, a girl who is burned out and given up on relationships and getting her happily ever after This is her journey to see if she can realize her Prince Charming is right there and she just needs to take another chance She meets Jake, the owner of her favorite restaurant, and her battle against starting a relationship begins I simply adored Jake He was so patient and even understanding of Darby and her crazy ideas to a point Darby did drive me crazy a bit with her hot cold nature but it didn t diminish the story for me My favorite thing though, has to be how she has kept a case study of each boyfriend relationship and compares them to a disney Prince gone wrong It was so funny and refreshing If you want something light and fun, give this a try There wasn t any steam but I didn t miss it

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    Fun, quirky, and flirty Cinderella Screwed Me Over was exactly what I needed Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to be going your way Then, you pick up a good book and your mood changes Well, that s what happened to me with this book I literally couldn t keep the smile off my face Cinderella Screwed Me Over not only made me laugh, but also gave me a realistic love story.Usually in my books, I find one character that I might like just a little than the other It s rare that I find a couple that I love equally This is how I feel about Darby and Jake There were so many ways that I felt I could relate to Darby Between failed relationships, high expectations, and the reluctance about finding the one , Darby struggles with the fact that Jake may actually be her Prince Charming.My most favorite moments in the book are between Darby and Jake It s the romantic in me and I m a complete sucker for love I, too, believe in the fairy tale Sometimes it s a bit distorted and may not look exactly like what we think it will, but it is possible But, I loved the truth in Darby s fairy tale analogies She analyzes different stories, like The Little Mermaid, and compares it to a relationship that she s had in her past These moments were truly a gift to read and what made me laugh the most It also got me thinking about my own relationships and how I would match each relationship I loved it It was witty, smart, and entertaining.Overall, I loved this book I must have it in print It s the kind of book you want to read again Jake made me swoon and Darby was the kind of girl I could be friends with But like I said, there is a strong romantic element, but there is to this story Darby really learns about herself and I appreciated watching her grow If you re looking for something you can relate to, will make you laugh and SWOONdefinitely check this one out Quotes I look back at my relationships and noticed my dating life had been like Con Air than Cinderella you know, bumpy and full of bad guys Loc 39 You might not believe in seeing someone and knowing something s different about them, but I do And there s something different about you Jake ran his fingers down my arm, leaving a trail of goose bumps Then he grabbed my hand and continued down the sidewalk So Where do you want our half date to be Loc 991 All that time spent waiting for the prince, and then he turns human and you think, man, he was cuter as an animal Who knew you d be asking for beastiality in the end Loc 2054 Sleeping Beauty obviously had some poor decision making skills I mean, some lady in thorns shows up and you go ahead and do whatever she says Only I can t really talk now, can I I knew I was going to get hurt, yet I still stretched out my hand and was surprised when I ended up on the floor with a broken heart Loc 3778

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    I ve come to the conclusion that this book is now one of my all time favorites Here s why without spoilers Darby Quinn we share the same thoughts and possibly soul. I ve never read anything that after reading the 1st couple pages I sat dumbfounded because all I could think was OMG someone has apparently been inside my head and seen my secrets and I m in trouble It was scary for me lol Then walks in Jake crushing Then I, I mean Darby, go through the motions Too afraid to admit, questioning everything and remembering the past Even knowing that sometimes yeah HEA exists you ve been hurt so much that its easier to be standoffish, scared and keep everyone at a distance to just be safe and protect your heart Only one problem Jake is just as stubborn as Darby is and Thank God for that Even though he gave a mini heart attack but you ll figure that out when you read Drew and Devin Darby s brothers perfect we can pick on you cause you re our little sister but no one else can or there ll be hell to pay I don t have real brothers so that s the only difference so far between Darby and myself and when push comes to shove they stepped up and did the big brother thing and totally told her to man up lol Drew is hilarious His little life sayings were great Devin and his normal marriage even helped his little speech to his little sister make you see that yeah its worth it Steph the bff, I have one like that except mine isn t getting married any time soon I m sure my bff would give me the same advice and tell me I m being stupid as she did I don t have to worry about that cause well no prospects Even though Steph is getting married she still makes time for her bestie which is great I loved all the diary references I guess that s the best way to put it with real bfs to their relating Prince That was perfect Ive never thought about doing that lol maybe I should lol I also agree that its all Disneys fault lol but hey Prince Charming does exist Also proved that if its worth it, its not easy and that sometimes you have to stop analyzing, questioning, remembering the past and just stop thinking and open your eyes to what s there staring you in the face so with all that said I can promise that this book will be read than once by me It will give me a reality check when I need one just like the movie He s just not that into you does for me lol If my rambling don t convince you to give this a try then you re missing out FYI I ve never wrote this much about a book ever But in all seriousness its definitely one to not skip over I loved it

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