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Papi's Gift In This Heartwarming Picture Book For Young Readers That Highlights The Special, Unbreakable Bond Between A Daughter And Father, A Young Latina Girl Named Graciela Struggles To Overcome Her Disappointment When She Does Not Receive The Birthday Present Her Father Promised To Send Her By Thinking About What He Might Need From Her InsteadGraciela Lives In A Central American Country South Of Mexico Because Of A Drought, Her Father, Papi , Must Leave Their Home To Travel To The United States And Work On A Farm In California Graciela Is Sad That Papi Can T Be With Her At Their Home To Celebrate Her Seventh Birthday But, Papi Has Promised To Send Graciela A Special Birthday Present Tied In Red String In The Mail On The Front Of The Package Will Be Her Name Graciela Maria Reyes Rivera Each Day, Graciela Checks The Mail, And Each Day, She Does Not Find A Present Graciela Is Angry And Disappointed Then She Has A Thought Maybe Papi Could Use A Gift Himself Author Karen Stanton S Moving Story Selected As An IRA Notable Book For A Global Society Features Warm Illustrations By Rene Moreno This Picture Book Celebrates The Special Relationship And Bond Between A Father And Daughter, Despite A Separation, And Highlights A Child S Selfless Act Of Love School Library Journal Says Touching A Few Spanish Words And Phrases Add Authenticity To The Engaging Text A Strong Addition To The Growing Body Of Picture Books With Hispanic Themes And Characters

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Papi's Gift book, this is one of the most wanted Karen Stanton author readers around the world.

❮Reading❯ ➽ Papi's Gift Author Karen Stanton –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Papi's Gift
  • Karen Stanton
  • English
  • 26 February 2017
  • 9781590784228

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    Because of a drought, her father, must leave their home to travel to the United States and work on a farm in California Graciela is sad that Papi can t be with her at their home to celebrate her seventh birthday But, Papi has promised to send Graciela a special birthday present tied in red string in the mail When she checks the mail each day and does not find a gift, she thinks to herself well maybe papa can use a gift from me

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    The story captures a young girl missing her father who she cannot see due to money issues In the illustration, there are bright colors and dry land showing their hardship The story shows a family getting by but missing their father especially Graciela The message is to wait patiently for something you desire even with the hardships.

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    Summary and Critique Papi s Gift was about a young girl named Graciela who lives in a country just south of the United States She s from a very poor family, so poor that without their crops that grow in their farm, they wouldn t be able to eat They went through a rough time when they weren t receiving rain which affecting their crops of all the food they ate growing Because of this, Papi had to travel to California to get a job and send the family money for food They didn t know when they were going to see Papi again after he left because it all depended on when it rained next For Graciela s birthday, he called her and told her he sent her a present She waited everyday for the present and it never came, they figured that the present must have been lost So instead of being upset about that she took the doll her mom got her and mailed it to her Papi because she wanted to give something to him A few days later when she was walking home she felt a big wind chill behind her and when she turned around there was a huge rain cloud and Papi was behind her coming home This story triggered so many emotions within me because a family split up because they can t afford to buy food, breaks my heart I m really close to my family so anything that involves family issues in books really breaks my heart Classroom Use I would have my students do a beginners book report for this book to introduce them to what book reports are like This story is short enough for them to handle it but has enough detail to make the report possible.Genre Fiction, Picture bookFormat Picture book with text Reading Level Kindergarten 4th gradeTheme topic Sharing is caring, be giving Gender, race ethnicity, socioeconomic status This families socioeconomic status was at an all time low during this book which is why their father had to travel to the US to get food money for the family Their race was from a country south of the US, as described in the book descriptionCitation Stanton, K., Moreno, R 2007 Papi s gift Honesdale, Pa Boyds Mills Press.

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    This story is about a little girl, Graciela, who lives in Mexico while her father is in the United States working until spring comes so he could return home and work on the crops Her birthday is right around the corner and he promises her a gift will come in the mail with a red ribbon tied around it Well the package doesn t come and Graciela feels so miserable because that gift was too important Finally the gift comes, a handmade doll, and she goes to the local post office to mail it back to her father because she misses him so much About a day later, her father returns and Graciela is the happiest girl in the world.I would rate this book for intermediate to advanced age groups because it does contain a lot of words and a personal experience that children of those ages could have already experienced or are experiencing The art in this children s book was phenomenal because it matched the setting and the tone of the story They also match the words exactly There are bright colors and dark colors mixed together giving it a neutral somber yet calm tone There are definite shapes to define the characters and setting.I would surely recommend this book to children because diversity in the United States is growing and many children can relate to this book on so many levels Whether having a loved one in another country during the holidays, or out of state or even working, children can relate to missing someone so much and only wanting one thing and that is to see them.

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    I thought this was a realistic and thoughtful story about a family who faces poverty, loss, and longing while being separated from each other The father must work in California to make money for his family as he is unable to grow crops on his farm during the drought Even through frustration and sadness, the young Graciela reaches out to her father the only way she can and gives him a gift in hopes he will not fell alone This story illustrates the true meaning of unconditional and selfless love and understanding In this IRA Notable Book for a Global Society, Graciela overcomes her disappointment at not receiving the birthday present Papi promised to send by thinking of what Papi might need from her Graciela lives in a country south of the United States, and Papi works on a farm in California Though he can t be with her to celebrate her seventh birthday, he has promised to send her a special birthday present tied in red string On the front of the package will be her name Garciela Maria Reyes Rivera Each day Graciela checks the mail, and each day she finds no present Graciela is angry and disappointed But then she has a thought maybe Papi could use a gift himself Karen Stanton s touching story about a child s selfless act of love is beautifully illustrated by Rene King Moreno.

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    Papi s Gift written by Karen Stanton and illustrated by Rene King Moreno is a story about a young girl, Graciela, living in Mexico Her Papi, or father, left her, her mother, and brothers in Mexico to find work in California as his crops in Mexico where to dry to harvest The story commences when Papi tells Graciela that he has set her a box with a birthday gift inside for her She gets very upset when the package that was supposed to arrive did not Instead her mother gives her a box with a doll that she made herself Although it was not the doll that Graciela had hoped for, she thanked her mother and treasured her birthday gift As she awaited her father s arrival back to her family, she grew impatient, and decided to send her father her doll as a gift As soon as she sent it, she noticed that the sky was telling her that rain was coming Her mother had explained to her before then that Papi would come home to his family when it rained again The story ends with Papi being reunited with his family I enjoyed this book, however I felt that it fell short as a cultural book I fell it could be a useful book in the classroom to add culture to your library, but I do not think that it is an extremely strong cultural book.

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    Graciela lives in a country south of the United States Her father is forced to work on a farm in California after their crops at home failed He went so he can make money to send back to the family so they will be able to live Graciela misses her Papi so much Her only wish for her birthday is for him to come back Unfortunately Papi has to stay in the States but he promises a present from America in a box with a bright red ribbon Graciela s git never arrives and when the news gets to Papi, he is very sad This makes Graciela miss him even Her mother says that Papi will return when the rain comes but it seems like that day will never come.This book portrays a family that is broken up due to money There are many displaced families in the States where children had their parents separated from them It would be useful to show students how families in Latin America sometimes cannot live together By reading this book, children would be able to relate to some of their Hispanic friends that are in the same situation The book would help children to understand how those children might feel by making it visible and tangible to them They will remember that families all look different and have different situations and stories.

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    Stanton, K., 2007 Papi s gift New York, NY Boyd s Mill Press.Papi s Gift is a fictional family picture book about a seven year old girl named Graciela living in an unnamed South American country Due to a drought in her country, Graciela s father is forced to earn a living far away from his family He decides to move to California to work and Graciela and her family miss him terribly Throughout the story Graciela waits for a promised birthday from her father, but it never arrives The colorful pastel illustrations combined with the short paragraphs make this a great book for young kinder and elementary aged students Readers that have been affected by migration are able to make connections with the life of Graciela Stanton s book explores the themes of loneliness, family and separation I could use this book in my classroom to help students learn about their peers cultural traditions In order to do this I could read the book to my students then have them share what they do with their families during the holidays.

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    This was a touching story about a little girl named Graciela that wishes her dad can be home to celebrate her birthday with her The father had to leave during the drought to go work in California Graciela and the rest of her family live in a Hispanic country, south of the United States Papi promises Graciela a gift in the mail with a red bow on the box Graciela waits and waits for this mysterious box When her birthday has arrived and the box still has not come, she is very disappointed After some time her mom gives her a gift that she made and Graciela is happy again Towards the end Graciela does something touching with her new doll that makes the reader proud of her The story is a sentimental one of a child not only waiting for a present, but also longing for her father to come back Any reader who has had a family memember leave in a simular situation can really relate to this story.

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    Graciela is a young girl living in Mexico and her father has left the country to work in California She waits for her gift wrapped with a red bow that her father has promised to send on her birthday and she thinks and dreams about her birthday present with each passing day but so far there is no sign of the gift I thought the book was very well written from the perspective of a child who is longing for her father to come home The ending of the book left me with a little confusion but I like that the author, Karen Stanton, left the book open ended for interpretation I think this is a wonderful book to have in the classroom because it shows what life birthdays is are like in another country, and it contains very beautiful descriptive words adjectives that are very helpful to beginning readers.

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