Search Me (Cover Me, #3)

Search Me (Cover Me, #3) In The Beginning, Detective Andrew Carmichael And Paramedic Nick Swain Barely Escaped Nick S Delusional Stalker With Their Lives Now, Months Later, The Physical Scars Haven T Quite Healed, And Neither Have The Emotional Ones Lingering Guilt And Resentment Threaten To Tear Their Relationship Apart, But Andrew Isn T Ready To Give Up He S Nearly Lost Nick Once, And He S Not Giving Him Up This Time Without A Fight In A Last Ditch Effort To Keep Them Together, Andrew Suggests A Weekend Away, But Is That Enough Time To Find A Reason To Keep Their Relationship Alive Or Is It Time To Let Nick Walk Away

L.A Witt and her husband have been exiled from Spain and sent to live in Maine because rhymes are fun She now divides her time between writing, assuring people she is aware that Maine is cold, wondering where to put her next tattoo, and trying to reason with a surly Maine coon Rumor has it her arch nemesis, Lauren Gallagher, is also somewhere in the wilds of New England, which is why L.A is al

[PDF / Epub] ☃ Search Me (Cover Me, #3) Author L.A. Witt –
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  • 100 pages
  • Search Me (Cover Me, #3)
  • L.A. Witt
  • English
  • 11 April 2019

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    The cover me series is wonderful and I have loved the characters in both books But, finding out Andrew and Nick we re getting a novella I didn t know what to expect And OMG It tore me apart So real so raw and I wanted to desperately to just hold them both Their love had to overcome PTSD ongoing injuries and the WHY Why are we still trying Why does it hurt so bad Two men who don t know how to communicate have to figure out how to make it work and is it worth it

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    This review was originally published on my blog Joyfully Jay.Search Me is the third book in the Cover Me series and continues the story of paramedic Nick Swain and detective Andrew Carmichael The story picks up after the events of Trust Me and focuses on the relationship between the two men, rather than a police investigation like the first two stories When we last saw Nick and Andrew, they were recovering both physically and mentally from an attack by a mentally ill drug addict who tried to kill Nick and seriously wounded Andrew In Trust Me we got a hint that things aren t running smoothly with the guys as they are arguing a lot and having trouble moving past the attacks In Search Me we find that things have gotten quite dire Nick and Andrew are always fighting and it is unclear whether their relationship will continue In addition to the nightmares and mental stress both men are dealing with personally, they also each feel guilty for their role in the attack on the other They spend their time snapping at one another and avoiding talking about their problems, settling for bouts of sex in between arguing or silence Unlike the first book, Search Me is told from Andrew s point of view He desperately wants to work things out with Nick, but has no idea how to fix their problems Even though they have been together around a year, the men only had a short time in their relationship prior to the attacks and neither one really knows how to get back to what they once had They decide to take a few days away to try to work things out, but finding their way back to one another is proving to be the biggest challenge they have faced.Even though this book deals with a painful time in their relationship, I was really excited to get to see Nick and Andrew once again After getting the hints that things weren t going well in the previous book, I was glad to get things resolved here and know the guys are heading off on the right path It was a little sad to see them struggling, but so realistic to imagine the toll the stress they faced would have taken on their relationship It was also nice to see some of the other characters from the series, including Macy, Brian, and Eric I really enjoyed this story and even when fighting, these guys are as hot as ever This book was a great end to Nick and Andrew s story If you are a fan of the series, this is one you don t want to miss.

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    Wow I expected a lot from this book All of a sudden they have these problems that I didn t even understand half of the time Then, after some time, the author just ended the book with a short chapter Too bad, I really liked Andrew and Nick and this was a let down

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    An emotionally difficult conclusion to the trilogyWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10This story consists mostly of drama from the aftermath of the attacks that occur near the end of Cover Me, the first story in the trilogy As a result, I didn t find it much fun to read The men fall into a pattern of try to talk, get nowhere because it leads to an argument, fall back on sex It is a pretty good in depth look at a single topic why the men s relationship is on the rocks But apparently my overall reaction to this writer at least if reading the 3 stories in this trilogy are anything to judge by is that I think she s a good writer but I don t really enjoy reading her stories.

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    This book is supposed to pick up the story of the two MC s in Cover Me, Nick and Andrew The book opens and they now have all these problems and conflicts for which the author gives the reader no insight The books is literally a couple of hundred pages of wallowing Nick and Andrew were great characters and they and we deserved a better story than this.

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    After everything that happened in the first book it s uderstandable that the relationship between Andrew and Nick would take a hit, so I see why the author decided to write this novella Was it believable Yes Was it satisfying I don t think so It s a short story and there was a lot of internal thoughts, nightmares, sex and not enough resolution You can t possibly expect me to be happy with something that got addressed only in the last two chapters and was sealed with yet another sex scene Bottom line, this book did nothing for me and I d have gladly accepted the not so happy yet hopeful ending of the first book.

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    Short Heartbreaking Painfully real Loved it I wanted to know how Nick and Andrew the two worst communicators in the world would deal with everything they ve been through Because it s just not enough to love someone, you have bare yourself emotionally as well And these guys do NOT do that Witt really hits all the right notes in this one, Cover Me could only have been an HFN, not an HEA, and Search Me explains why and what they do about it.Seriously Perfect.

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    Oh my This was SO PAINFUL to read Nick and Andrew were such a perfect fit for one another and it really broke my heart to read about them having problems and thinking of saying good bye to their relationship And yet it was all worth it as the writing really got to me and I genuinely liked reading it I have no idea why I waited so long before reading it because it was totally worth it.

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    Probabilmente poteva anche non essere scritto questo libro ma Andrew adorabile e l autrice scrive di emozioni e sentimenti in un modo unico L A Witt ti adoro

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    Dopo l adrenalina del suo prequel Coprimi , questo libro ha tutto un altro ritmo, ma ormai ho imparato che la signora Witt riesce a spostarsi agevolmente in ogni spazio dei sentimenti umani, e in ogni situazione, raccontandoli con realismo e coinvolgimento.Ho finito ieri il primo libro, che ci lasciava in ospedale dopo il ricovero di Andrew, e devo dire che stato interessante ripartire da l , anche se un anno dopo, anche se attraverso un sogno ricordo Mi piaciuta particolarmente la scelta di cambiare punto di vista, quello di Nick era stato intrigante e coinvolgente, ma ora ho avuto modo di capire di pi l affascinante poliziotto e i suoi tormenti Andrew che cerca di salvare la sua relazione con l uomo che ama, un a che rischia di finire a causa delle ferite emotive e fisiche che li hanno segnati entrambi I continui litigi, invece che chiarire i loro problemi, li dividono sempre pi , e i sensi di colpa li divorano dentro come una bestia affamata Un piccolo viaggio fuori citt , una vicinanza quasi forzata, sembra essere l ultima occasione per ricucire un rapporto logorato, ma solo se entrambi sono disposti a cedere le armi e ad aprire davvero il cuore, mettendo a nudo i propri sentimenti, le paure pi profonde e tutti i sensi di colpa che hanno taciuto finora.Anche se la storia introspettiva e priva dell azione adrenalina dei precedenti, mi piaciuta ugualmente La Witt sa raccontare i sentimenti con realismo, coinvolgendo il lettore, sia nel dolore sia nei momenti d a, e posso assicurare che ce ne sono parecchi.

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