Circle of Five (Pha Yul, #1)

Circle of Five (Pha Yul, #1) Circle Of Five Is The First Book In The Pha Yul Trilogy After A Sudden Lightning Storm, Sam, Cassie, Ryan, Maya And Seb Find That They Ve Acquired Strange And Amazing Powers Confused And Scared, They Turn To Mr Harris, A Teacher In Their School, Who Offers To Help Them Control Their Powers But Is There To Mr Harris Than Meets The Eye His Cryptic Explanations About Their Powers, How And Why They Manifested, Leaves The Five Kids With Questions Than Answers Can They Trust Mr Harris Is He Telling Them The Truth, Or Does He Have His Own Reasons For Helping Them What Is The Truth Behind The Secret Society That He Belongs To The Children Try To Figure Out The Answers As They Work Towards Gaining Control Over Their Powers Unknown To Them, Danger Lingers Near They Have To Face The Threat And Put Their Lives At Risk They Must Learn To Trust One Another And Combine Their Powers To Survive Will They Make It Are Their Powers Strong Enough And Will They Finally Find The Answers They Seek

Jan Raymond is a single mom, juggling work and home She lives with her two girls and a needy basset hound She s fulfilled a life long dream of writing a book Her debut novel Circle Of Five is out, and she is busy finishing the second book of the Pha Yul trilogy.When she is not living deep in Pha Yul, she likes chilling with her girls, cooking up a storm, and hanging out with her rather large

✅ Circle of Five (Pha Yul, #1)  PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Jan Raymond –
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  • Circle of Five (Pha Yul, #1)
  • Jan Raymond
  • English
  • 14 September 2017

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    A well written super powers awakening adventure While it seems to be intended for young adults, I think it makes for a fun read at any age I was captured by the end of chapter one and barely put the book down until I was done Woven into the story are various lessons about life and morality, but as with all good stories they are embedded seamlessly into the action All of the central characters are well done with different strengths and weaknesses One of the lessons is that they are far when working together Another lesson to be learned is what not to do as a parent We see some good examples of this in the book Although the book is definitely just the first installment in a larger story, it stands alone as a very enjoyable classic superhero origins tale I can t wait to read the next book I am especially looking forward to seeing Sam grow confident and powerful, or at least I hope that is what will happen.

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    One of the things I most liked about this book was the blend of the five chosen This was a great mix between rich and poor, sporty and nerdy, boy and girl and arguing siblings Everyone had something to offer when the change came and how they worked together was very well shown.Mr Harris adds to the tension and mystery throughout as the circle are put to the test and must develop their powers as a team as well as individuals Thrilling read and I am looking forward to the second book.

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    CIRCLE OF FIVE tells the story of five young people who are gifted with special powers linked to a mysterious community They are put through their training by their teacher, Mr Harris and told to tell no one the truth about their powers Each of the teenagers has a separate gift except the youngest, who seems to be unable to do anything like the others can I found myself relating to Sam as he struggled to find what special power he d been given through the lightening strike and it seems that even their teacher, coach and confidant doesn t even know The book follows them as they start to learn and control what they are able to do They are all interlinked with each other and it explores a lot of the connection between the five Jan Rayomnd is an excellent writer and knows how to tell a good story, she has a way with words that allows you to follow and begin to see where things are going, but once you think you know you ve gotten ahead and can see what is coming, you ll be blasted in the face by a left turn that takes the story in a completely different direction Once I started reading, I didn t want to stop and it s an excellent start to what is looking to be a great series in the young adult genre It s well written, engaging, exciting and I highly recommend it to those who like YA paranormal fiction I am looking forward to the next book in the trilogy.

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    Jan Raymond s first book in her Pha Yul trilogy, CIRCLE OF FIVE, introduces the reader to five young teens Cassie, Sam, Maya, Ryan and Sebastian who come from diverse backgrounds and attend the same school Stuck in detention together during a strange electrical storm, they are frightened and perplexed when they begin to exhibit super powers A teacher their coach , brings them together and transports them briefly to a meeting with a mysterious secret society high in the mountains of Tibet Once back at home, he acts as the children s guide , helping them learn how to harness and control their new abilities.Ms Raymond s novel draws you in right from the start The characters are well written, engaging and complex The plot moves along at an exciting pace and, at the end, the reader is left with many questions and hungry for the next entry in this series While targeted for young adults, like the Harry Potter books, this is an enjoyable read for people of all ages I highly recommend this novel to all who enjoy paranormal fantasy and a suspenseful read Can t wait for the next installment

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    I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my fair and honest review Circle of Five is a great adventure and coming of age tale for all ages The prologue starts the reader out with a fantastical scene and mystery all in one The start of the book hooked me and made me want to keep reading just to find out how everything would tie together The five teens represent a wide range of characters, each with their own personality that leaps off the page I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each one as the pages turned and the story progressed Their first scene together in detention reminded me somewhat of an unusual twist on the The Breakfast Club crowd.The plot itself is so interesting and I really want to say a lot about it, but I don t want to spoil anything What I can say is that the book took my imagination for a wild journey down roads I ve never traveled It is definitely a book you ll want to read, and a great start to what s sure to be a fantastic series

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    I really enjoyed this book from the first page The story follows a group of teenagers brought together by a common bond, that they don t realize exists The way the author builds the characters helps you to fall in love with them Maya, Seb, Ryan, Cassie, and Sam, are all from different cliques, and normally wouldn t be caught in the same room together However, one day of detention changes that in a flash and suddenly they are left counting on each other to keep safe I thought the story was well written, and the characters were well developed and believable The plot was interesting and kept me hooked to keep reading I don t want to say too much, because I don t want to give away anything, but I think it is a must read for any gender or age I am looking forward to the release of the next book in the series, because now I am hooked.

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    I enjoyed this book than I had expected I don t know why I m always so surprised when I find a YA book which manages to keep my attention, but I still am Several months ago, I met Jan Raymond at an author s event we both attended, and after hearing about her book, I asked her if she would send me a copy She wasn t looking for a review, but since I thought this was a fabulous book, I decided to write one for her anyway.Circle of Five has an interesting and fairly complex story line The characters are all very well developed, and the book leaves you wanting , which is a definite bonus when it is the first book in a trilogy I could easily see this being turned into a movie, so watch out Hunger Games, you may be sharing the screen with PhaYul before long.I give Circle of Five 4 1 2 stars, and I am looking forward to reading the next installment.

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    Wow I have to say that Jan Raymond has a very compelling way to capture one s attention with her imagination The situations in the book are quite entertaining and well written I liked that it captures you from the very beginning This is a new author for me and I really liked the book The writing was descriptive, and the characters well drawn I enjoyed the story line and the suspense I also think that other readers will like this book as much as I did Overall, I found that this book takes you on a roller coaster ride in both sci fi fantasy mystery adventure and emotionally This book will leave you wanting .

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    Circle of Five by Jan Raymond is one of those books that instantly pulls you in and doesn t let go I had a hard time putting this well written story down Raymond has created engaging characters who find themselves along with their new powers The underlying themes are excellently crafted and woven into a well thought out plot that rolls along nicely The pages were filled with vivid description and by the end of the book the characters felt like old friends I hated to turn the last page of this one and look forward to the second book Young adults and adults alike will enjoy this engaging tale 5 well deserved stars

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    I started to read this book on a lazy Saturday morning and before I noticed I had almost finished it The storyline is very captivating and the characters quite realistic I loved that this story has something for everyone and somehow felt a bit of a rebel in its genre That said even though this is obviously aimed at young adult readers I think this is a story that everyone who loves a good fantasy story with a hint of magic will enjoy I can t wait to read the next installment in this series I can easily see this book turning into a major movie

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