Of Neptune (The Syrena Legacy #3)

Of Neptune (The Syrena Legacy #3) A THIRD BOOK What I m assuming my as well as some others reaction was when finding out that there was a 3rd book Not to hate on Anna or the series, but I can t imagine much of a good storyline to go off on with Book 2 s ending I suppose the Epilogue ended with a small opening of a possible 3rd book, but I don t know what other problem Emma and Galen could possibly deal with that may be life threatening except the exposure of Syrena or something about Jagen since technically it wasn t completely resolved mentioned how he was dealt with I suppose those two can garner a great story, but as of now I can t see it.Actually now that I think about the title, is there a possibility of a new unknown kingdom If so, I can definitely see a good story coming from there But please please PLEASEno love triangle if there will be one I ll admit that I enjoy love triangles from time to time, but I prefer knowing that I m facing one when I m starting a series rather having one pop up later.I guess I will look forward to the 3rd book out of curiosity and that part of me that is still loyal to loving this series As to whether or not this book will be in the POV of Emma, Galen, or both remains a mystery I m praying that I ll love this book and will hopefully be longer satisfying than the 2nd book AFTER READING 4.5 starsThis book gave me anxiety for about 95% of it I was screaming bloody murder for everyone AND EVERYTHING.Series review can be found on Thoughts of a Hopeless Book Romantic Third book Well a girl can never have too much Galen P Of Neptune I likea lot D10 14 13 Midnight I love how the majority of people say, I LOVED OF TRITON Yet they have no faith in the author that brought them the first two books Can t we just wait to see how Of Neptune is when it comes out and until then give Anna Banks the benefit of the doubt Then if it sucks, let her and the rest of the world know It like saying you don t like Mexican food when you ve never had it Or better yet, when you ve had it twice and enjoyed it, yet you re skeptical of eating it for the third time at the same restaurant Hold your rant and read it first Gosh dang slow your roll Give the author some cred and some time to show us something before you judge I have faith in you, Anna this sweet lie i live in Tumblr 3 Neptune starsEmma, I will love you with every breath in my body and beyond my own death I swear to be your shield, your protector, your worshipper There is nothing I will deny you I am yoursA great conclusion to a fun series To be honest, I was surprised when I heard there was going to be a third book in this series Personally I thought book two had wrapped up the series fairly well Boy was I mistaken This book wrapped up any remaining plot holes from the first two books, and gave the readers the ending they ve been wishing for.After the death of Rachel in Of Triton, Galen has been having a rough time He and Emma agree that some time away from everyone, just the two of them would be the best for a while Before they both leave on their trip, Emma is given a cryptic suggestion from her grandfather for the two of them to head toward the mountains of Tennessee There, they find a whole community of Syrena and humans living together in peace, including other half breeds The discovery of the town of Neptune has Galen and Emma at odds with each other, Emma has finally found a place where there are others like her, and Galen sees a community breaking the law Angst and drama ensues.I really liked the beginning of this book, it started off very strong, but somewhere around the middle of the book it faded out for me and continued that way I thought it was strange that pretty much right away Emma and Galen started fighting and not seeing eye to eye, because by the third book, these two should really be on the same page and not be indulging in angsty teen drama even though I secretly loved it The ending was way too quick, it went from build up to everyone s good and happy now in 2.5 seconds So closure was not exactly perfect, but congrats to the author on an enjoyable teen series I will be recommending this to teen patrons at work in the future I ve mentioned this in previous reviews on other sites that I don t really understand why the author switches her point of views between first and third person Is there any real reason why Emma is first person and Galen is third Because I found it to be unnecessary and distracting.Honestly, this series is a guilty pleasure read for me, as it does a good job at dealing out angst.And as I always say, 3 stars means I liked it enjoyed it I just didn t love this wouldn t reread it. Of Neptune was an unnecessary book I hate love triangles and definitely did not like it in this book Of Neptune is the third and last book of The Syrena Legacy series Thank god Okay, so this book follows Emma and Galen s relationship Yes, they are still in love but for some weird reason a love triangle forms in this book Again, I hate love triangles and definitely felt like this one was ridiculous Emma is and was a bad ass in this book I definitely liked her a lot better in this book than I originally had which was, again, weird for me.Galen was an idiot in this book A jealous god damn idiot Mostly because of Reed but I don t really know why Reed was an okay character just like Galen was to me and I didn t really care who Emma ended up with I mean, I guess I would ve been irked if she picked Reed after reading about her romance blossoming between her and Galen for the past few books Besides the unnecessary shape love, the book was okay It didn t really wow or amaze me but I can also accept how it ended I just think I wanted the book series to be done with at this point I was bored and all over the place with this series and just didn t care about it any It needed to end in my eyes.Overall, I m glad that it s over. This book was not necessary It should have been a duology I would have been PERFECTLY happy with just that.Not every YA series needs to be a trilogy Duology is just as good 4 books, 5 books, 6 books It doesn t matter What authors need to figure out is which number of books best suits their storyline I feel like authors these days feel that 3 books is the amount that they need to produce It kills me because it hurts some series Like The Syrena Legacy series I have a fondness for the series, I really enjoyed the series, until I read this book Now it s been reduced to a fondness I ll list out my problems with this book.1 There s a feeble attempt at a love triangle in this book I m not sure if it s a love triangle esque element or if it s an attempt to shake up Emma and Galen s relationship Either way, so not cool It took away from the storyline This other guy is such a weak character compared to Galen He really didn t stand a chance, and I hated the wasted pages on him 2 A whole new storyline is introduced The whole point of a series is to continue the plot problem of the series It just builds and builds and builds throughout the books Not here it doesn t There is a new plot and storyline Totally separate from the other books It wasn t even original The idea was overused and warped into a Syrena type problem 3 The characters were annoying.They were consumed by petty jealousy They were either bickering or making out Not realistic at all.I read this book a long time ago, so I can t quite remember my other reasons for disliking this book I LOVED the other two books, this one fell short for me. Emma, Who Is Half Human And Half Syrena, And Her Syrena Love, Galen, Need Time Together Alone Away From The Kingdoms Of Poseidon And Triton Emma S Grandfather, The Poseidon King, Suggests The Two Visit A Small Town Called NeptuneNeptune Is Home To Both Syrena And Half Breeds Alike But Emma And Galen Didn T Sign Up To Be Peacemakers Between The Ocean Living Syrena And The Land Dwelling, Freshwater Counterparts They Didn T Bargain For Meeting A Charming Half Breed Named Reed, Who Can Barely Disguise His Feelings For Emma And They Especially Didn T Expect To Find Themselves In The Middle Of A Power Struggle That Threatens Not Only Their Love, But Their Ocean KingdomsIn This Stunning Conclusion To Her Bestselling Syrena Legacy, Anna Banks Thrills Fans With Action And Romance Than Ever Decided to give this a chance though 4 stars for Galen s chapters, 1 star for Emma s.Can t seem to get into it I m going to think that this series only have 2 books.I m guessing there s another breed group of syrena Neptune They will attack the Poseidon snd Triton community and Emma s gift will be useful at last She may use her gift to order the sharks whales to defend their territory.Then she will be mated to Galen Then they will have amazing fingerlings with amazing superpowers to save the day Oh Ms Banks, is this too much to ask

New York Times Bestselling author of The Syrena Legacy series Grew up in a town called Niceville No, seriously And yes, everyone from Niceville is generally nice Let s see, things about me.My writer s cat is a mini wiener dog named Puckdoo I can t walk in high heels, but I m amazing at standing still in them I m the only person in Florida without a tan I stole a car when I was 12 years o

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