100 Ways to Love Your Husband

100 Ways to Love Your Husband What Could I Tell You About Enjoying A Great Marriage A Happy And Loving One Now That We Ve Been Married ForYears We Ve Laughed Together, Cried Together, Slept Together, Raised Children Together, And Have Walked Together For Over Two Decades Two People Who Ve Been Loving Each Other For A Long Time So Women Often Ask Me, They Wonder How It S Done What Has Worked And What Has Helped Us Through The Hard Times What Has Brought Us This Far And What Will Keep Us Loving Each Other In The Years To Come Whether You Re Newly Married, Have Been Together For Decades, Or Still Waiting To Meet The One God Has For You, Lisa Jacobson Of ClubWomen Offers Practical Steps On How You Can Enjoy A Lasting, Loving Marriage Too Join Her On The Life Long Journey Of Learning To Love Each Other You Might Also Be Interested In The Companion Book,Ways To Love Your Wife, Written By Her Husband, Matthew L Jacobson

Hello, I m Lisa.Married to Matthew I knew that first night we met that I d marry him It took him three days too long, if you ask me to come to the same conclusion A few days later and it was all decided Him and me For the rest of our lives.Happily ever after.And together we enjoy raising our eight children.Before Matthew and the children, there were different kinds of days and advent

[PDF / Epub] ☄ 100 Ways to Love Your Husband  By Lisa Jacobson – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 136 pages
  • 100 Ways to Love Your Husband
  • Lisa Jacobson
  • English
  • 08 October 2019

10 thoughts on “100 Ways to Love Your Husband

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    Such simple, sound and practical advice that can make a huge impact in improving your marriage So, wives, throw your selfishness out the door and apply these techniques and see what happens Love never fails

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    As a newlywed, I love reading books about marriage This book is unique, however, in that it feels less like I m reading a book and like I m sitting across from Lisa soaking in her wisdom Also, I love lists and that this book is one long list of 100 is perfect Lisa shares honest, tried and true ways to better love your man I ll be returning to this read again.

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    Loving himgood read and reminder of the fact that as women are called by God to respect and love our husbands Love is something we choose to do for someone else by sacrificing self to put them first andf.build them up.

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    This wasn t what I expected Very short to the point bullet points, most of which I felt should be fairly obvious But it was a good reminder of basic marriage principles.

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    Quick readIt was a good little fast read that could be read here and there and not as a story So just good tid bits to use as reminders.

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    One of my favorite books.

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    I received this for Christmas from a sweet girlfriend and wow, did it ever get in my business But it also was encouraging as there are some lessons I ve learned from loving my Man for 27 years Definitely would encourage any wife to read and re read

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    I love this book, I read it everyday on the way to work I am not married yet but it helps me practice for the future with my fiance Thank you for writing such an inspirational book.

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    I will read this every yearSo many great reminders of how to love at any stage in your relationship This is one I ll re read again and again.

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    Wonderful bookThis book made me laugh, smile, and made me realize the things I do and don t do for my husband Although I don t consider myself a bad wife, I m not perfect in anyway My husband brings out the best in me and I like to think I do the same for him This book is a great read for those seeking reassurance or those who need a bit help showing their husbands how much they mean to them.

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