The Knight and The Beast (Knights of The Compass, #4)

The Knight and The Beast (Knights of The Compass, #4) This fourth installment was fleshed out like the first one, but still felt incomplete and like it was just missing something Together these four books fall to expand on and breathe life into this fairy tale world Each new book wretched you from the part of the world you had just begun to know only to introduce something else that is also never expounded on Truth be told they all just felt like excuses for sex, which is too bad because it s a waste of potential I really loved the first one and really enjoyed that homage to fellowship of the ring at the end, but there hasn t been any payoff for that I wish I d just stopped reading there. A nice twist on the Beauty and the Beast classicbut it never really delved as deeply as it should have Too many myths, legends, and magic are lightly touched upon but I really wanted depth, MORE, if you know what mean Sometimes hints and whispers at back stories aren t enough.All that being said I m still going to read whole series Yes, once again I have discovered a series and read the most recent one first Maybe that is why I found the history of the knights a bit lacking.Oh well, onto book 1. The BeastKeeper Of The Needle Scarred Both Inside And OutHideous HeartlessHe Protects The Heart Of The Needle By Banishing Any And All Trespassers To The Dungeons Sir LouisUnskilled Knight Of The Compass And Keeper Of Hounds He S Lonely, But Cares Deeply Especially Toward His Hounds Colby And VixenWhen Vixen Chases A Cat Into A House Unannounced A House With Mysterious Tunnels That Leads Into The Needle Louis Is Left Little Choice But To Follow But Stepping Over That Threshold Will Change His Life Forever Warning This Is By Far Not The End Of The Series There Are So Many Facets Of The Compass I Want To Discover, And So Many Fairytales I Want To Write Set In The World While There Is A Resolution To The Relationship Part Of The Beast Other Story Problems Are Still Open With The Stakes Getting Higher 3.5 starsIn itself a nice Beauty and the Beast retelling, but as the last of a series it s lacking.No real advancing of the overall plot of the series and no conclusion or explanation, which is frustrating, especially since this is the last book published in this series since 5 years.There s also a few plot holes things of the book itself that are never explained view spoiler This whole thing with the Lights being actual things instead of a believe system And why people even want the heart hide spoiler Good story, but it does end rather abruptly More InterestingI have enjoyed this series so far Each story is different and is building to the bigger plot with the very cunning King Maas It will be nice to get a conclusion of this series. I was expecting this book to conclude this story, instead it leaves me hanging I did enjoy the tale of Nic and Louis, but it didn t feel connected with the rest of the stories King Maas played such a large part in this series I was hoping to get some closure Instead while this was a good story it simply laid the path for future stories with no closure on the present story While the author ends with the promise of to come I can t help but notice this book was out in 2014. This is the fourth story of the Knights of the Compass.I admit, I have a soft spot for these stories I ve finished all four of them now and can t wait for the next story The idea of taking fairy tales, giving them a new twist but keeping some of their distinguishing attributes, is intriguing And I loved the result.OMG what to do with this story All the guys have grown on me, I love them all Just to make this clear this is obviously not the last book in this series, at least I hope so We finally get to know the mystery around the needle Rumors had been mentioned in the first book and this time the mystery is lifted.I liked Sir Louis, he is a good guy, a sensible and emphatic guy He is good, deep, deep down in his heart he is really good He is the right guy for the Beast, who btw isn t as bad as beastly and heartless as he sees himself The story contains a lot of information about the world it happens in This is important, actually, as much as the lovestory enchanted me, obviously the book is also a trailblazer for to come, not only with the really, Dru Wellington, was that necessary To leave me hanging like that with that end Okay, rant over huge cliffhanger in the end Have I already mentioned that I dislike cliffhangers Oh, and Dru Wellington, you haven t explained the Sir Ryan Danny conflict in this one eitherjust sayingand why hasn t Sir Axle asked about it even once If you don t mind them, it s a lovely lovestory A really lovely lovestory It even contains cats and dogs, magic and yummy sex. To me this was the best of the four stories with a major caveat It was a touching retelling of Beauty and the Beast with adorable dogs and a cat as supporting characters The ending sucked I simply did not understand it, even after reading other reviews here It just doesn t make sense to me It also leaves the story unresolved. Actual rating 2.5 starsWHY CAN T GAY BEAUTY AND THE BEAST STORIES BE AS GOOD AS Cruel Beauty MY HEART WEEPSSeriously tho, this was so very NOT Beauty and the Beast 1 there s no curse so Nic can leave whenever he wants, 2 he s actually got people with him who do, 3 he s not even a beast He just has scars 4 the entry for the castle is actually in some random little house What 5 there s no castle, just a magicless tower.Sigh.Nic s character, aka the beast , really didn t work for me He s all mopey and wangsty about his brother s death, which I ll give him, but he s also calling himself heartless and selfish and I mean, the fact that you regret his death and let it affect you this bad is PROOF that you re not heartless, idiot Have someone tell him already.And he s always like Louis scoots closer I like youNic Go away I m a beastLouis nonplussed you re clearly a manNic I HAVE SCARS OKLike His whole character keeps going through the same motions of he can t love me I m this then he can t love me I m that and it s ridiculous Case in point Nic I don t understand why you re still here.Louis sits back I told you, I like youNic But I have scars Louis puts his hand over Nic s I think you re beautifulNic blushes ok then five minutes later Nic But I m also a terrible person You should move on alreadyLouis sips tea How so Nic I threw you in the dungeonLouis Well, I m not there any am I Nic grumbles two minutes later Nic I ve got it now Louis What is it Nic I killed my brotherLouis The brother you keep crying over Nic yes Nic He died because of me and my heartlessnessLouis You re not heartless and it wasn t your faultNic flips table And also I have a character called Nic whom I ve themed with the Mob song in Beauty and the Beast and every time I read that name I thought of how much funnier this would be if he were there instead.Fanny Sorry but I think my son s wandered in hereMeshetta throws him over the railing They have such a lovely relationship 3Louis was very underwhelming too I hoped he d be the good for nothing with a pure heart no one knows what to do with and while he was that, he was way too cheerful to my taste I NEED DRAMA OK He doesn t do much except be sad for Nic and cheering him up They never do anything for him He doesn t use his newfound confidence to stand up to Ryan or gives something to the others that only he can do.He stays like two pages in the dungeon HOW DARE YOU I need my men in jail 24 7 dammit seriously tho that didn t help at all Like have him stew and worry about his dogs and his friends and if he s be stuck here forever It would up the tension when Nic appearsThe ending was very abrupt Like you don t want your book ending and the readers asking IS EVERYBODY DEAD OR WHATSo yeaaahhh this one was very disappointing I m sad I like the author an hour later Fanny swings open the door What the hell was that Meshetta is bathing throws the curtain holder at him Fanny closes door before it hits him There s no point talking to you By the way, good luck finding your clothes PMeshetta le offended gasp plus half and hour later Fanny to his son You better have learned not to wander in secret passageways in random houses.Meshetta throws open the door and a vase at Fanny s head Fanny dodges Can you do anything but throw things Meshetta glares Fanny That s something, I guessMeshetta trips on a curtain and faceplants Fanny that was anticlimatic.AAAHHH I love these two so much Maybe you ll see them one day Kyaa

love fairy tales, both original and retellings, and that is where my idea for The Compass stemmed A world where all these amazing fairy tales could live and breathe with some of my own little twists .I m really enjoying writing these novellas and discovering of The Compass as I go Perhaps someday a bigger novel will come out of this setting, and I hope these stories help to cultivate the world building Of course, these novellas can be read as standalones, too Each one features new heroes and the journey they go on to reach their happy ending.The first volume in the world of The Compass will involve four Knight stories, but others are planned Lords of the Compass, Pirates of the Compass, stay tuned They are in some way interrelated with a couple that aren t with a bigger story conflict.Feel free to contact me at druwellington at or check my website,

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