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Cover MeThis Is An Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BIOYEEWhen Paramedic Nick Swain Responds To A Shooting In A Seedy Neighborhood, His Entire World Is Thrown Off Its Axis His Life Is Threatened Twice Allegations Of Racism And Medical Neglect Threaten His Career And His Ability To Sleep At Night Not That He Ll Be Sleeping Any Time Soon After The Incident Throws Him Into The Path And Arms Of Detective Andrew CarmichaelOne Hot Night After Another With Andrew May Help Nick Relieve Some Work Related Stress, But Sex Won T Solve Every Problem In His Life With The Media Hounding Him And The City Watching His Every Move, He Starts To Wonder If The World Is Out To Get HimThe World May Not Be Out To Get Him, But Someone IsAnd That Someone Wants Nick Dead

L.A Witt and her husband have been exiled from Spain and sent to live in Maine because rhymes are fun She now divides her time between writing, assuring people she is aware that Maine is cold, wondering where to put her next tattoo, and trying to reason with a surly Maine coon Rumor has it her arch nemesis, Lauren Gallagher, is also somewhere in the wilds of New England, which is why L.A is al

[Epub] ➝ Cover Me Author L.A. Witt –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 325 pages
  • Cover Me
  • L.A. Witt
  • English
  • 10 May 2019

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    This was a solid 4 star read Sadly, I haven t enjoyed a lot of LA Witt s newer stuff I ve had this one on my Kindle for awhile now, got it as a freebie I was hesitant to read it based on the length but it actually read pretty quick Both MCs were likable The plot was engaging, maybe not too suspensefulbut entertaining nonetheless Yeah, the paranoia level was pretty high at times But it didn t bother me much Steam was good, LA Witt usually always delivers there Overall, a solid read I ll than likely read the next in the series and would recommend this one It s a HFN ending I may leave Andrew and Nick s story here but book 2 is different characters.

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    Re read November 2016 Great comfort re read And if you haven t read it, the trilogy is free on Great series, recommended.ORIGINAL REVIEWWow, did I EVER forget how fucking GREAT this book was I had originally rated it a measly 4 stars, but I went ahead and bumped it up to 5 stars and then bypassed my favorites shelf and put it on my fuck yeah, 5 stars shelf I originally read it and the sequel Search Me back in 2011, the story of a EMT and cop thrown together one fateful night on an emergency call Their relationship is burn the house down scorching and all the angst, sexual tension, suspense, action and passion made for an incredible love story.M M romance fans, this is a MUST READ L.A Witt really knows her stuff and has proven it over and over I m so glad I chose to re read this one and can t wait to go through her library and re read the rest She even does hetero under the pseudonym Lauren Gallagher HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    3.5 StarsNick Swain is a bisexual paramedic who likes to unwind after a tough shift by having copious amounts of sex It s his way of dealing with the horrible things he experiences while at work, and as unhealthy a coping strategy as it may be, it works for him for his past partners, not so much Nick finds himself in the most stressful work situation yet when on a call he is held at gunpoint while treating a wounded undercover detective He stays as calm as possible and keeps doing his job, but the fallout of the event leaves Nick anxious and scared mostly because people are questioning his decisions after the fact and because Nick is certain he s in continued danger due to his perceived actions from that day.One good thing that comes from this horrible ordeal is that Nick meets detective Andrew Carmichael The two hit it off immediately, diving into bed to release their built up stress and tension Andrew understands Nick s need to use sex to de stress In this they are a perfect match.The two men grow closer and things get even heated if that s even possible as they work together to clear Nick s name, while Andrew tries tirelessly to keep Nick safe from further possible threats Cover Me is mostly a steamy contemporary M M romance, with a side story that s a little bit action thriller This has probably been my most enjoyable Witt story to date I continue to struggle a bit with her writing style, but man does she write some great sex scenes It was all systems go when Nick and Andrew hit the sheets, and although some may argue those scenes were too plentiful, I was okay with it Overall, this story was a fun little M M action romp, with plenty of steam and humour to keep it interesting Audio Edition This was my very first Charlie David audio book and it won t be my last In general, I tend to shy away from M M audios as much as possible because I ve found myself annoyed with many of the popular narrators in the past, but luckily I really enjoyed Charlie s narration, to the point that I ll probably eagerly seek him out from now on.

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    I got to 28% through persistance and skimming The writing style doesn t work for me first person with long conversations interpersed with italic thoughts that came to irritate me.Nick has a long conversation with his boss then re hashes it in an even longer conversation with his ex Witt researched paramedics and delivered a lesson on budget cuts and medical issues The undercover cop breaks cover and casually gives out full details on suspects to someone he d just met.It s repetitive, has a plot based on paranoia and uninspiring characters Wasn t feeling it But it was free from

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    Kindle Freebie 2 26 15

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    There were parts of this story that I felt were good and enjoyable The paranoia, while it made sense, started to overwhelm the story and became too repetitive for me I did like both Nick and Andrew and since both had similar stressful jobs, they made sense being together Towards the end of the book, it seemed like too much was thrown in and that the ending came quickly I would have liked it if it had been spread out throughout the story and not just be so crazy and dramatic right at the end.

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    Paramedic Nick Swain has a high stress job, made worse by budget cuts that leave too few people trying to take care of too big an area When things get tough, he tries to stuff it all away in his head and lock it there with the aid of hot, hard sex His last boyfriend was fine with the sex, but not the locking away part, and couldn t deal with being used for relief without knowing what happened Now Nick is on his own, and after a really bad day he hooks up with one of the people from the scene, Detective Andrew Carmichael It turns out they have similar and compatible styles.But the job has not only left Nick with nightmares about triage and wrong choices, it s left him with real world problems from those choices Between a media circus over whether he did the job right, and a violent stalker who is certain he didn t, it s not just the internal pressure that is getting to Nick Andrew wants to help, but sometimes his hovering makes things worse, especially when neither is sure what they mean to each other, or where danger may come from next.I liked the characters, and the book moved along smoothly The ending was not a surprise, except in the details, and the conclusion to the romance element happened fast but there is a sequel, so I m fine with HFN I had a few plot issues with this, but was generally engaged, interested and pulled through the book I cared about the main characters, and plan to read the sequel soon.

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    Nick and Andrew s relationship is hot It drove me a bit crazy with Andrew constantly putting ideas into Nicks head when obviously Nick has plenty going on up there on his own Even though Andrew was doing it to be cautious I love their raw need for one another, and understood those needs to get passed the emotions and stress of one another s jobs It showed just how much they were meant for one another The plot was great and keeps you on the edge front to back 4 star worthy

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    4.5 stars Very good m m romantic suspense about a paramedic who is consumed by guilt over a judgment call that left someone dead and put his own life in danger Maybe If he s not just being paranoid.

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