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Ça commence ici! Little Wolf Has Decided That Today Things Are Going To Be Done Differently It Will Be A Contrarian Day Why Because He Said So He Will Stand, Not Sit, For Dinner And He Ll Start With Dessert He S Going To Play The Piano With His Toes And Wear His Pants On His Head And When He Says The Story Starts Here, He Means It This Book Starts At The Back And Ends At The Front After Little Wolf S Parents Send Him To His Room To Think About His Backwards Behavior, He Decides To Run Away But Outside, Everyone Is Running From A Giant, Shadowy Monster Readers Will Need To Flip The Book Over To Discover The Monster S True Identity And That He S Not So Scary After All, Just A Little Turned Around And Out Of Sorts This Fun, Engaging Story That Pokes Playfully At Conventions Will Have Readers Interacting With Their Book In A New Way, And Help Them Realize There S Than One Way To See The WorldGrade Fountas Pinnel JReading Recovery Lexile Measure AD LCommon Core State Standards CCSSELA LiteracyL,,b,c,,a,c,d,CCSSELA LiteracyRF,a,,,a,bCCSSELA LiteracyRL,,,,,,,CCSSELA Literacy,a,b,c,,,,,

CAROLINE MEROLA has a degree in fine arts from Concordia University She worked as an illustrator for several publishing houses and her work has appeared across North America Caroline Merola writes and illustrates children s books and has than thirty titles to her credit She was a finalist for the Mr Christie Book Award, and, in both 2007 and 2008, was a finalist for the Governor General s

[PDF / Epub] ★ Ça commence ici! By Caroline Merola – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Hardcover
  • 36 pages
  • Ça commence ici!
  • Caroline Merola
  • English
  • 22 March 2019
  • 9781771470797

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    This book starts at the back cover and works its way to the front Little wolf has decided to do things a little bit differently including playing piano with his toes and putting his pants on his head Unfortunately, his parents do not agree with his everything is different day and sends wolf to his room Little wolf jumps out the window, but runs into other forest creatures who are running from something frightening At this point in the book, the story gets turned upside down.The illustrations are colorful and simple The story idea started out well Reading the book from the back is unique and the story invites children to think about doing things in a completely different way Unfortunately the book did not resolve in a way that flowed with the beginning so instead of maintaining the feel of fun, I felt let down The story felt rather random rather than following a story line.

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    Quirky, with having to start at the wrong end of the book, and having to flip it around towards the end.

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    I was so excited about this book I love metafictional stories This was a great concept with starting at the end and turning the book around but the storyline was very random and disjointed I also didn t appreciate the message that if you re unhappy with you re parents you should run away.

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    Flipping the pages backwards and then turning the book over made this a difficult storytime read However, the kids had a blast

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    This picture book started out with an interesting premise but fell short on the delivery Little wolf wants to re organize everything in his world He d like to eat standing up and start with dessert, he wants to play piano with his feet, and he wants to wear pants on his head His sense of order gets turned upside down when he encounters a mysterious monster in the woods There really was only on element of humor in the book, so I can t classify it as funny I also felt the resolution was unsatisfying and a bit rushed.

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    My Review Funny how little Wolf sees the world in a different light compare to others and decides to do thing differently This story can be related to kids who like to do things their way For example, children love to have a cookie before meal time but parents always remind them how eating a piece of cookie will ruin their meal But they don t care they just want to have that cookie.FTC Disclosure I received a review copy of this book from Owl Kids Books in exchange for a fair and honest review I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in any way.

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    Such a great premise, but Merola doesn t quite pull it off It feels like she had a great idea and ran with it but then didn t have any idea how to finish it What results is an ending that is wholly unsatisfying Some giggles from Mini Me in the beginning, but like me, she lost interest by the end edited to add an extra star after this book became Mini Me s go to bedtime story Guess my initial assessment of her interest was wrong.

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    Little Wolf is turning the day around, starting with how readers enjoy his book backwards Follow along as he puts a backwards spin on a few of his daily routines, but be ready for a guessing game when someone plays Little Wolf s game on him.I liked the premise, but I wasn t as satisfied with the payoff as I wanted to be When I shared this one with a group of school agers, it got a mixed response.PreK 2.

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    I enjoyed the big bright and bold illustrations in this book It s a charming tale with a very contrary little wolf who want to do everything his way I swear his character is based on my eldest child at that age It s fun, especially how his father teaches him a lesson.

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    Okay I guess But I can see kids in a classroom reading it once and then setting it aside I did like the illustrations that contain Little Wolf s perspective and only his parents up to their waists K 2 but a bit clunky.

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