The Untold History of the United States, Volume 1

The Untold History of the United States, Volume 1 The book The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick is a work that describes history as it has never been told before It promises to tell stories that are not told in any textbook other than this one This book is a must read for people who don t believe what they are told in school This book is intended to inform Americans what really happened during certain controversial events This gives a unique perspective on events and people, ranging from Democratic Party politics to Henry Ford This book accomplished what it was intended to do and gave its readers a new perspective on events that were either portrayed inaccurately or not even included in certain textbooks Oliver Stone, who is an acclaimed actor screenwriter producer, also served in the Army for a little over a year, and received many military decorations including the Bronze Star with V device for heroism and two Purple Hearts In addition to his service, he has also won multiple Academy Awards and Oscars for his writing and direction multiple movies on war including the film Platoon Dr Kuznick, Oliver Stone s co author, is currently a professor of history at American University, who received his Ph.D from Rutgers, and has been active in politics and political movements since the Civil Rights Era He is also the author of several other books dealing with politics and he is currently involved in the anti war and nuclear abolition movements The tone of this book is relatively dry, but it still is quite interesting and in some sections one can actually feel like they were in the room Although this book is basically a resuscitation of facts, mixed in with some conspiracy theories, it is quite riveting because it challenges your understanding of history as taught in school The style this book was written in was essentially meant to be chronological, although there were some exceptions The book was not really easy to read because many of the ideas or accusations made by the authors were quite confusing My favourite part of the book was Chapter 29, The Man Who Would Be President , and I liked this section of the book because it was talking about something that is quite interesting to me I thought that it was a good idea for this section to quote newspaper articles from the time period and to include some background on the author of the passage My least favourite aspect of the book was the fact that they exaggerated a lot This was annoying because I wanted to read a book with facts, not a book that had some over exaggerated numbers If I could change something about this book I would have made it so it talked about how foreign events affected the U.S and not as much about how the U.S affected foreign events To do this they would have been able to better explain some outside issues that caused issues in the United States In this book there are many photographs and illustrations throughout it These photographs really didn t affect the plot in any major way, although they were in some cases able to better get the point across, or were helpful to understanding what point the author was making While this book was not spectacular it also wasn t bad I would recommend this book, but not for everyone This book should really only be for academics and people who don t believe what they were taught in school This book is a good read for hard core readers, but if you are reading for fun it really is probably not for you To better understand this book it would be helpful if you had at least a rudimentary knowledge of history, politics and military science I would not recommend this book to people who really have no knowledge of history because this book delves deeper into the world of history, and without an understanding, one would basically be reading a series of historical analysis of events that seem to have no connection to one another. It offered rare insights that one doesn t pick up from the usual history book, like the fact that hamburgers were called liberty sandwiches by Americans for a while because they were salty about the Germans. Stalin was of a hero than he is given credit for, this book argues Sure, he murdered as many as or people than Hitler, but when World War II was in full swing, Stalin was only too happy to provide the manpower to fight the Germans and the Japanese FDR and Churchill pulled the old, Go ahead, move your guys in we re on our way, we ll meet you there trick on Stalin And he fell for it too Moved his guys in, lost a bunch of them, then FDR and Churchill were like, Hey, we re still on our way, we got held up Sucks you lost all those guys We ll send you some food and some weapons to make up for it And Stalin was like, Cool, and kept fighting, and FDR and Churchill didn t send him shit Instead, they were like, Um, we just found out the Nazis are in North Africa, and there s all kinds of crazy resources we want to get our hands on down there, and now seems like the perfect time, so we ll see ya when we see ya Laterz Stalin was a patient guy, this book argues He hung in there, and along with FDR and Churchill, they divided up the entire world on a piece of paper, deciding who would get both territories post war But guess what FDR got sick and died And instead of grooming a replacement, Roosevelt thought maybe he d just live forever from his wheelchair, cuz shit, he just kept getting elected, and his face was on the dime, and all that FDR almost had this really cool vice president named Henry Wallace for his fourth term Henry Wallace almost certainly wouldn t go around dropping atomic bombs to show how tough he was, but psych We got Missouri s own Harry Truman, a corporate agenda friendly kind of guy whose first three reactions upon finding out he was going to be president were, Holy crap, I can t be president I m not qualified to be president I don t know anything about being president And whose next three reactions were, We don t need a working relationship with Stalin We re not giving him territories What s this about an atomic bomb projectThe Untold History of the United Statescontends that World War II had essentially run its course by the time of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Hitler was defeated, Mussolini had gone back to his day job as sous chef at the Olive Garden in Rome, and Japan was crippled past the point of effectiveness Truman dropped the bomb not to win the war but instead as an occasion to a Yell the world s loudest, redneckiest YEEEEEE HAWWWWW ever, and, b Make Stalin crap his utilitarian pants Those bombings killed 129,000 people, civilians mostly, and that was a true Holocaust Not to worry, though war propaganda and overall racism had already convinced Americans for years that Japanese lives mattered less than those of actual human beings.So anyway, that s how Volume 1 of the Young Readers Edition ofTUHOTUSends It begins in 1895, when the Civil War, slavery and Reconstruction were still pretty fresh on the brain of the nation We find out the Spanish American War was hugely profitable to certain business interests who also, directly or indirectly, held American political power We find out foreign policy of the time was pretty well dictated by the banks who had money tied up in American companies The template was Invade the country, in the name of freedom depose the powers that be, in the name of freedom set up American friendly puppet government, in the name of freedom squash all opponents, in the name of freedom laugh all the way to the bank.Revisionist agenda driven approach or no,TUHOTUSwas fascinating to me I ve been out of school for a good 17 years now, so really, this was my first general overview of relatively recent American history in a long time I was grateful for the dumbed down language and clear presentation of facts suitable for developing child brains Some of these things, I knew some, I d forgotten about some, I d never known before Put all together, removed from the blind patriotic gloss we re used to, the results were staggering What I expected, but was still swept up by, was the narrative spin that the ruling class in this country has done some horrible things, almost always with personal greed profit motives, and they ve either concealed the motives or simply lied about them The lives of the masses don t matter to them, past the necessity of a customer and labor base.History, after all, is written by the winners, and there are many of us myself included who have never consciously felt the direct effects of oppression or profiteering We have, however, felt freedom and opportunity, many of us myself included On top of it all, we re raised from birth to be grateful and proud that we re here I know I am.Oliver Stone is somewhere behind the curtain of this project, which was first a 12 hour documentary series then a huge book then a concise adaptation of that huge book This textbook edition for middle grade kids will be released in four volumes the 1945 1963 edition drops in November And I ll be reading it cover to cover. For Cybils award. It s all the fault of the Capitalists The common story of American History is biased and told from the viewpoint of the American Government which protects itself from damaging press by determining what version of the story is told and how much information the public receives Recently, previously sealed documents have come to light which changes the perspective on American History as we know it Movie director and historian Oliver Stone presents this version of the 1st half of the 20th Century.Using phrases like hatched plans, orchestrated, and extorted, we are certainly getting the untold story, but without acknowledgement of the other side, it reads like propaganda Billed as a crucial counterpoint to America s textbooks it s not balanced 8 pages of source material, 6 of them are internet sources None of the sources are attributed to their reference in the text, instead the reader is referred to the adult version of the text I can see why it is considered controversial. E Your enjoyment of this book largely depends on how much you buy into Oliver Stone s vision of American history I m an avid reader of books relating to the JFK assassination but found Stone s movie totally over the top I found this volume to be very informative though broken up by some terrific photos and came away much enlightened on various aspects of history from the start of the 20th century through to the dropping of the atomic bombs Regardless of your opinion of whether the Hiroshima bomb actually saved lives, the Nagasaki does appear to be the most grotesque form of overkill Looking forward to reading the next volume. A People S History Of The American Empire, Adapted For The Next Generation Of Young History BuffsThere Is History As We Know It And There Is History We Should Have KnownAdapted By Newbery Honor Recipient Susan Campbell Bartoletti From The Bestselling Book And Companion To The Showtime Documentary The Untold History Of The United States By Academy Award Winning Director Oliver Stone And Renowned Historian Peter Kuznick, This First Of Four Volumes Presents Young Readers With A Powerful And Provocative Look At The Past Century Of American ImperialismThis Is Not The Kind Of History Taught In Schools Or Normally Presented On Television Or In Popular Movies This Riveting Young Readers Edition Challenges Prevailing Orthodoxies To Reveal The Dark Reality About The Rise And Fall Of The American Empire For Curious, Budding Historians Who Are Hungry For The Truth Based On The Latest Archival Findings And Recently Declassified Information, This Four Volume Series Will Come As A Surprise To The Vast Majority Of Students And Their Teachers And That S Precisely Why These Books Are Such Crucial Counterpoints To Today S History TextbooksComplete With Photos, Illustrations, And Little Known Documents, This First Of Four Volumes Covers Crucial Moments In American History From The Late Nineteenth Century To The Dropping Of The Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima And Nagasaki

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Untold History of the United States, Volume 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Oliver Stone author readers around the world.

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