Flash Point

Flash Point Once Again, A Serial Killer Stalks The Streets Of London But This Time The Killer Only Targets Young, Beautiful Models Jenny S Friend Mary Is The Latest Victim, Horribly Tortured And Killed Jenny Is Certain That Sadistic Photographer Barry Sharpe Is The Murderer, But The Police Won T Listen To Her In Desperation, Jenny Decides To Obtain Proof, The Only Way That She Can By Agreeing To Pose For Him And Performing In His SM Video If She Can Excite Him Enough, Jenny Believes That She Can Get Him To Incriminate Himself, Provided She Doesn T End Up As The Next VictimIntense Sex, SM Action And Murder Combined With Unique Illustrations And The Chance To Download A Free Copy Of The Book S Cover Art Makes Flashpoint A Special E Book For Lovers Of Sadistic Fiction And Pussy Torture Details Of The Download Are Given At The End Of The Book is forcing the removal of this and my other books If you are interested, they are still available from including for Kindle s CommentIn a strange sort of way, explicit magazine style nude photography is both impersonal and extremely erotic A good photographer will never touch a model or say anything to make her feel uncomfortable He will never, ever, mention sex of any kind during the session Similarly, the model is a professional doing her job, and nothing she does is an indication of her personal feelings.And yet, when it comes to magazine style shoots it is agreed before hand that she will pose for shots that will expose and even highlight her genitals , both photographer and model are unavoidably aware of the sexual dimension of what they are doing After all, the photographer is trying to create erotic images, and the model is trying to look as sexually alluring and even aroused as possible.In a way, it is very similar in many ways to a brief, unspoken D s session The model is committed to obeying almost any instruction without question and to assume any pose however explicit or uncomfortable.While the photographer will not touch the model, he can and will often instruct her to touch herself Erect nipples are almost always required, and the experienced models will often pinch and pull on their nipples before they even step onto the set, and will continue to do so as often as the poses require it Similarly, the model will part her legs and pose in ways that she knows full well completely expose and display her genitals In most cases she will also be required to part the lips of her sex and present her clitoris and vaginal opening to the camera Because if this, it is almost unavoidable that she will become physically aroused Her nipples swell and stiffen, as do her inner labia and clitoris Often, she will produce visible amounts of sexual fluids, which will run down her body and even drip onto the floor of the set.Again I will state that these are purely physical reactions and do not indicate what the model may or may not be thinking or feeling emotionally.With experience, both photographer and model learn to treat these things with a matter of fact attitude But since the professional models choose to accept such assignments and are not compelled to do so, it is probably safe to say that they are at the very least not adverse to it happening.Now finally we get to the book What if the photographer and his models both specialise in BDSM photography And what if one of the models suspects that the photographer was involved in the death of her best friend and also a model, but has no concrete proof Can she draw him out by modeling for him Can she survive to tell anyone if she does Especially when the modeling work includes willingly accepting all manner of punishments When does art become murder Is the photographer hiding murderous intent as well as natural sexual desires Can the model display seductiveness and sexual arousal, but still hide her fear that she might have delivered herself to a serial killer.This was the concept I had in mind when I started writing Flash Point.

Real, hardcore SM erotica in the vein of books like Sadopaideia, A Man and A Maid, the novels of F.E.Campbell, and even the outright porn of the Bizarre Library series seems to have entirely died in today s market.What we have is either BDSM lifestyle and Ds stories or Erotica , basically bodice rippers with sexual detail.After going blind searching the bookstores and Internet for a

[PDF] ✓ Flash Point  By V.W. Singer – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 141 pages
  • Flash Point
  • V.W. Singer
  • English
  • 01 June 2018

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