Happiness Now!: Timeless Wisdom for Feeling Good FAST

Happiness Now!: Timeless Wisdom for Feeling Good FAST Happiness NOWis A Truly Powerful And Radical Exploration Of One Of Life S Most Treasured Goals Packed With Rich Insights And Practical Wisdom, It Offers A Message Of Profound Hope And Healing For A Generation That Is Often Too Busy Chasing Happiness To Be Truly HappyRobert Holden, PhD Presents A Personal, Warm, And Entertaining Account Of How He Developed His Pioneering Work With The Happiness Project Using A Highly Creative Mix Of Stories, Exercises, Meditations, Poetry, And Prayer, Robert Shares His Distinctive Philosophy And Practice Of The How Of Happiness Visionary And Practical, Challenging And Compassionate, Happiness NOWgives You Valuable Keys To True Self Acceptance, Everyday Abundance, Loving Relationships, Inner Success, And Lasting Joy Starting NOW The Greatest Pain Of All Is The Fear That Happiness Might Somehow Elude Us Forever The Greatest Joy Of All Is The Realization That The Potential For Happiness Is Available To Us Now And Always

Robert Holden, Ph.D., is the Director of The Happiness Project and Success Intelligence His innovative work has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, and media worldwide Robert coaches leaders in business, education, politics and healthcare His clients include Dove and the Real Beauty Campaign, and also Virgin and The Body Shop Robert is a student of A Course in Miracles He is autho

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  • Paperback
  • 270 pages
  • Happiness Now!: Timeless Wisdom for Feeling Good FAST
  • Robert Holden
  • English
  • 15 October 2017
  • 9781401920395

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    I ve just returned from Chiang Mai, Thailand where an American lady by the name of Amy Miller foisted a book called, The Happiness Project on me.I enjoyed the book as a, how to type book It has lots of merits and it is definitely worth reading as an account of someone who is searching for happiness Happiness Now , on the other hand, has depth and delves into the underbelly why people are not happy and what they need to change within themselves to be happy where as , The Happiness Project encourages outside oneself activities The essential message of this book by Robert Holden ,P.h.D a psychotherapist is that happiness is a choice that can be made by someone who accepts themselves your are happy being you not wanting to be someone else or always constantly comparing yourself to others or sabotaging your self hood with doubts, fears and anger towards yourself Interestingly enough this message came across recently loud and clear in a movie called, Being in Heaven Things like being in a beautiful house , having enough or lots of money etc encourage happiness he says but do not make you happy In these turbulent times I meet so many people who feel if they only won the lottery their troubles would be behind them and they would be able to be happy Facts show us that very few lottery winners end up being happy if they are not already happy in there own way before they win the lottery.Again having not to worry about money does encourage one to be happy as is my present condition of having recently retired with enough money to travel and enjoy a modest lifestyle of my choosing confirms I was always , time rich to some extent in the past but now I can choose to do what I wan to do with my time and it hasn t anything to do with earning money It is my believe that the choices we have the happier we become I also realize that we are all such unique individuals and perhaps some individuals requirement for choices are less or than others.These two books have given me inspiration to explore certain possibilities Both books are definitely worth a read for those wanting to do a little deeper digging than the average person who reads their daily astrology reading in the newspaper.

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    In this book there are some good points on judgement and acceptance that resonated with me, but I m not sold on laughter clinics and overall I found this book too new age for me 2.5 stars

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    This author is the director founder of The Happiness Project which is apparently very well known in England I bought this book before I realized that I am going to like every book I find on the subject of happiness and I can t buy them all that s what libraries are for I am now reading a second book by this author and I really like his upbeat attitude and the introspective exercises he has the reader do I read this book twice and I feel sure I ll read the current one twice as well.In a nutshell, Robert Holden believes that I can be happy any minute that I choose I need look no further than my mind heart spirit the connection to feeling happy is a split second away This is a simplistic explanation of his theories and insights but since I have been studying the subject of happiness I am definitely aware of when I connect to happy and when I sabotage myself I highly recommend this author.

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    This book had some worthwhile concepts about being happy, being nice to yourself, and how those outlooks relate to others It was rather spiritual and veered off into being prayerful at times, which doesn t always click with me, but overall it was fine.

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    Want to feel good fast read this book Refer to it often I have read this book many times and still find something new.

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    I ve always looked at self help books with a bit of suspicion Either they are blindingly obvious and don t deserve their asking price, or they are useless to anyone other than the person who wrote it, in which case we end up with the same result you spent money, and quite a bit of time, for something that is definitely not helpful.Robert Holden avoids both pitfalls with Happiness Now Timeless Wisdom for Feeling Good FAST if you re ready to listen to its message The book s core idea is most elegant in its simplicity happiness is within your grasp, now The title is actually a bit misleading now is not about feel happy right now because you are reading this book , but rather about how the secret of happiness is in the now The book won t make you feel happy, but it may, in Holden s words, encourage you to happiness.Throughout the book, Holden uses personal experience, writings from philosophers, poets and religious figures from around the world and not just the Bible, which I appreciated , and examples from past clinical work with clients to show that deep down, everyone knows how to be happy Most of us have simply forgotten The book takes you through the many facets of happiness realizing that we already are happy, giving up the search for happiness, the curse of not being good enough , accepting yourself, letting go of conditional love, the healing process, the importance of love, and lightening your burden.After reading this book, I had the strangest, yet most familiar feeling that I knew all of this all long How easy is it to forget, in our frenzied search for money, possessions, success, love, that each of us has something inside that makes all those things optional at best Have you ever felt a part of you resisting the nature of modern life Looking for a slower, meaningful way to relate to the world and to others Listen to it It s happiness knocking at your heart s door.

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    Generally, I don t choose to read many self help type books, although maybe I should read of them Because this was a gift, it kind of fell into my lap so I figured I d read it Often psychology books don t interest me because sometimes the philosophies of the author are at odds with my own spiritual beliefs In a nutshell, I was impressed with the book and found it to be very much in harmony with my belief system Although terminology was different, I felt like the author was quite aware of our divine nature as I have been taught to understand it I interpreted his reference to the unconditional self as our divine spiritual selves and his reference to our conditioned self, or ego as the natural man in all of us Although I didn t necessarily agree with everything and I felt like the book was kind of repetitious, it was one I would recommend The last two chapters were especially powerful, I thought My biggest reason for giving it only 3 stars was that I think this type of book is highly personal For me, it seemed a safe rating so that if others chose to read it they wouldn t necessarily be disappointed Here is one of my favorite passages Let your gratitude be unconditional, and allow yourself to witness its miraculous powers Decide to be grateful for everything, even the stuff that feels bad or wrong Just be grateful And, let your gratitude reveal the hidden gifts in every situation Before you practice gratitude, you re in the dark and there appears to be very little to be grateful for once you begin, a new light dawns, sometimes a brilliant light, a light as bright as heaven itself If it appears that you have nothing to be grateful for, it s probably because you re not allowing yourself to receive Just because you don t receive doesn t mean there is nothing to receive On the contrary, there s always something wonderful to receive pg 240 241 I need to remember that.

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    Quotes Children are born with only an awareness of now past and future is meaningless at first In the beginning, now is the whole world to children It is entirely natural it is neither learned nor fabricated.Why do people have the fixation on heaven when the possibility for heaven exists right here and now Today is brand new Today is not yet finished Give today another chance The world has finished with yesterday if you have And the world can t tarnish your future if you do not Be grateful for today Say thank you for the present moment Remember the gift is The you give to now, the you get from now Gratitude is a gift in itself It inspires you to be open, to be present, and to receive Gratitude is good medicine Let your gratitude be unconditional, and allow yourself to witness its miraculous powers Decide to be grateful for everything, even the stuff that feels bad and wrong Happiness isn t something you can get your hands on it s something you carry in your heart.Remember, real prayer is not a cosmic delivery service real prayer is receiving that which is already given.God does not forgive because He has never condemned.God is unconditional, and so too is love and happiness.Thus, the fears that happiness has to be worked for, suffered for, and sacrificed for is truly laughable.Pleasure is Happiness of the BodySatisfaction is Happiness of the WorldJoy is Happiness of the SpiritJoy is eternal and timeless it is happiness now It is inward, it is deeply intimate, and 100% unconditional, non judgmental and free.To be happy, you have to give up when for now.

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    This is an excellent book If you read it with your mind open to his very simplistic message I read it really slowly sort of like a work book without pressuring myself to get it finished like I usually do I just took my time and thought about each chapter or sometimes each page There are lots of pages that are dog earred now for me to go back and re read when I feel like I need to.Holden s message basically is that you don t have to search or work for or over think happiness or other things you might want in your life Having those things is as simple as making a very conscious decision each day to BE happy or be kind or peaceful, loving, etc All you have to do is BE There are lots of other great messages too.

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    Stop the struggleExcellent book that spoke directly to me especially that I read a lot of self improvement books This book has a spin that changed my direction I don t need to improve to be happy I can be happy right now where I am with what I have.

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