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Night Surf Night SurfIMDb The Super Flu Aka A, Captain Trips Has Devastated The World S Population A Group Of Young Survivors Cope With The Thought That They Could Be The Only Ones Left When They Meet One Final Victim A Short Film Based On The Story Of The Same Name By Stephen King Night SurfIMDb Loosely Related To The Author S Highly Regarded Novel The Stand, The Brief Story Follows One Evening On A Place Called Anson Beach, New Hampshire, With A Group Of Teens, Survivors Of A Catastrophic Virus Called A, Or Captain Trips, That Has Wiped Out Virtually The Entire Population The Virus Was Said To Have Spread Out Of Southeast Asia Night Surf WikipediaNight Surf Stephen King Wiki FandomNight Surf De Lwky SurMusicDcouvrez Night Surf De Lwky SurMusic Coutez De La Musique En Streaming Sans Publicit Ou Achetez Des CDs Et MP Maintenant SurNight Surf By Stephen King Goodreads An Audiobook In Portuguese A Very Interesting Short Story WIKIPEDIA Night Surf Is A Post Apocalyptic Short Story By Stephen King, First Published In The Springissue Of Ubris Magazine, And Later Collected In A Heavily Revised Version In King Scollection Night Shift Night Surf YouTube Night Surf Follows A Group Of Teens Struggling To Survive At The End Of Humanity Based Upon A Short Story By Stephen KingSecrets To Night Surf Fishing Success LureMeFish Secrets To Night Surf Fishing Success Prepare When You Go Out In The Dark To Fish In The Surf, It Is Important That You Be CautiousIt S Generally A Good Idea To Bring Along A Partner But If You Areof A Solo Fisherman Than You Ll Want To Create A Detailed Plan And Leave It With A Friend Or Family Member Just In Case Your Fishing Plan Should Have What Time You Plan On Arriving AtGINJIRO NIGHT SURF NIGHT SURF Concept

Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.

In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine. Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.

✰ Night Surf  Epub ✶ Author Stephen King –
  • Night Surf
  • Stephen King
  • 14 January 2019

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    An audiobook in Portuguese. A very interesting short story. WIKIPEDIA: "'Night Surf' is a post-apocalyptic short story by Stephen King, first published in the spring 1969 issue of Ubris magazine, and later collected in a heavily revised version in King's 1978 collection Night Shift.

    Loosely related to the author's highly regarded novel 'The Stand', the story occurs on an August night on Anson Beach, New Hampshire, with a group of former college students who survived a catastrophic plague caused by a virus called A6. They believe the virus spread out of Southeast Asia and wiped out most of humanity."

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    How the hell is this story's average rating so low? In my (so humble) opinion, it is one of King's finest — one of the finest from Night Shift, anyway.

    First off, I just want to fanboy about that opener: "After the guy was dead and the smell of his burning flesh was off the air, we all went back down to the beach." Holy moly, that line. It's such a strong grabber it'd make Donald Trump jealous. As a writer (and lover of short fiction), I always strive to create strong opening lines. Sometimes I do; sometimes I don't. I've yet to come close to that excellence, though. The sheer genuineness of the sentence, though, is not the words themselves but this: after King makes sure he has the reader's full attention, he shifts focus completely, leaving in the air the mystery; "Who is the guy these people burned? Why did they burn him? What's going on here?" It is only after a page and a half that we are clued in on who the burned man was, and why his death was necessary.

    This is certainly one of King's most atmospheric tales; he is a master at writing the end of the world. Seriously. It's a topic he has covered five or six times now, and it is always original, always cutting edge, always fresh. The setting of this one — a desolate, deserted beach at nighttime — is particularly haunting. One can sense the brooding loneliness of the abandoned planet Earth just seeping off the pages . . .

    Yeah, this is an all-time Stephen King great. The fact that it fits so well into the universe of The Stand doesn't hurt; however, this story would still stand up if that great novel had never been written. As is often the case in his short fiction, King hits every mark with flawless aim.

    King Connections

    This so belongs in The Stand's universe that it could've been folded into that book.

    Favorite Quote

    "We came over the ridge and I paused. I always have to pause. Before A6, this had been a public beach. Tourists, picnickers, runny-noses kids and fat baggy grandmothers with sunburned elbows. Candy wrappers and popsicle sticks in the sand, all the beautiful people necking on their beach blankets, intermingled stench of exhaust from the parking lot, seaweed, and Coppertone oil.

    But now all the dirt and all the crap was gone. The ocean had eaten it, all of it, as casually as you might eat a handful of Cracker Jacks. There were no people to come back and dirty it again. Just us, and we weren't enough to make much mess."

    Up Next

    "I Am The Doorway"

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    This story by Big Steve is still very modern in tone. What will we do when the mutant flu comes?

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    Perry Como
    Johnny Ray
    Bringing In the Sheaves
    Angie - The Rolling Stones

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    So short! I could have read this full length feature book, but it’s just missing the meat. I’ll also add I don’t appreciate the narrator’s meanness towards heavier women.

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    3.5 Stars

    Not King’s best but still good

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    Captain Trips! This is just 10 measly paperback pages, yet The Stand grew out of it 10 years later. A couple of minor details about the disease were changed in the novel, but otherwise this could be a small side adventure we didn't get to see in the larger work.

    And what a coincidence that I should stumble upon this during our Ebola "crisis," or "epidemic." As of this writing, various governments (including, or perhaps especially our own [US]), the Center for Disease Confusion and the World Health Organization seem to be taking their cues from The Stand on how they should handle it. Stephen King might be the master of fear, but the WHO and CDC are the undisputed masters of fear mongering. SARS; swine flu; bird flu; hand, foot and mouth disease...

    Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes photo head-shoulders-knees-toes-phonics.gif

    The world is still here, as are the vast majority of its inhabitants. Get a grip, people! What's going to happen when a real Captain Trips shows up? We'll be so used to everyone crying wolf when they actually saw a Yorkie that we won't do a thing, and then we'll all be just as dead as if we had done something, and been denied a warranted Chicken Little panic in the bargain.

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    Nice to see a Captain Trips story, even if it is a little different in this story.

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    A continuation of The Stand. I didn't really care for it, especially the main character.

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    The premise behind "Night Surf" has great potential. It opens on a group of twentysomethings setting a man on fire before (view spoiler)

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