What Would Socrates Say?: Philosophers tackle questions about love, nothingness, and everything else.

What Would Socrates Say?: Philosophers tackle questions about love, nothingness, and everything else.Popular E Book, What Would Socrates Say Philosophers Tackle Questions About Love, Nothingness, And Everything Else Author Alexander George This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book What Would Socrates Say Philosophers Tackle Questions About Love, Nothingness, And Everything Else., Essay By Alexander George Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the What Would Socrates Say?: Philosophers tackle questions about love, nothingness, and everything else. book, this is one of the most wanted Alexander George author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 266 pages
  • What Would Socrates Say?: Philosophers tackle questions about love, nothingness, and everything else.
  • Alexander George
  • Indonesian
  • 19 April 2018

10 thoughts on “What Would Socrates Say?: Philosophers tackle questions about love, nothingness, and everything else.

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    Recently challenged by one of my former English Literature teachers to use 20 awesome historical words we need to bring back link below if anyone is up for the challenge I thought it d be fun to give it a go here Though I may come off as a pretentious peg puff, I have nothing better to do than write an ultracrepidarian review in light of unceasing uhtcearing in bed as a result of my consumerist cacoethes which have once again resulted in an unshakeable shivviness.I cannot say that there is no twattling in this book, but perhaps that is what lends it an undeniably entertaining quality The anecdotal and conversational style make it accessible to even beginning philosophers, as well as those philogrobilized or simply dysaniac slugabeds who enjoy grufeling in sub standard weather conditions A plethora of questions touching on love, death, justice, and everything in between are explored by real life philosophers who are perhaps fudgeling ever so slightly, or perendinating the academic work assigned to them Though some questions seem to be posed by snollygosters and grumbletonians suspicious at the probable kakistocratic nature of authority, this doesn t diminish the fact that the text is certainly a thought provoker Whilst occasionally frobly mobly in the way formal philosophical concepts and theories are used, it s a light read perfect for the abligurition addicted lanspresado and groke, especially if they are fortunate enough to have a coach willing to temporarily donate their philosophy books to them While novels are not commonly described as callipygian , as one philosopher, Paul Grice suggests, what gives words meaning is that they become standardised as tools for getting certain messages across perhaps if enough people adopt this phrasing, it will become a common book descriptorplus I can think of no other way to use all twenty words than to misappropriate this one.An amusing, informative, and stimulating read.Link

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    I took a Sunday and read this book in one day It was a nice experience, interesting, absorbing, with different philosophy experts weighing in on different topics.

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    Reading this book was a game changing eye opener for me I shifted my focus on everything thanks to this important work.

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    I bought this book online, thinking it would be about what the title says What would Socrates say The book summary on the back cover was misleading, to say the least The book is written in a QA form, which is fine What is not fine is that a the book is not about what it says it is b there is no direct reference to specific Schools of Philosophical thinking or Socrates, for that matter , just random quotes here and there supposedly supporting vague arguments and weak examples The questions are thought provoking than the actual answers.This book is neither for the advanced philosophical reader nor the beginner I feel like I was cheated and life is too short to read books you don t enjoy even remotely.Had I browsed through the pages in the store and not online would not give this book a try.

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    menarik, banayak orang awam dan mungkin aku juga menanyakan sesuatu yang receh atau tidak penting Menariknya, semua dijawab oleh para filsuf saat ini, mungkin terdengar aneh bagi seseorang untuk membaca dengan keadaan gelas terisi Membaca buku ini menariknya adalah kosongkan pikiranmu tentang yang kamu tahu biarkan pikiranmu mengalir dan melihat dari berbagai sisi

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    At first I thought I was a victim of bait and switch This is not a book of contemporary questions answered by quotes from classical philosophers And I would have quickly figured that out if I had taken even a minute or so to thumb through it But it was cheap on a remainder table and it looked like fun, Socrates remains silent for the most part, although he and other big guns may be occasionally referenced by one of the twenty two academics who answer reader inquiries on the website AskPhilosophers.org They all teach at respected institutions, with Amherst College, home base of editor Alexander George, well represented And this contemporary line up of philosophers probably have to say and can speak directly to the issues posed by the questioners than quotes pulled from The Critique of Pure Reason or The Nichomachean Ethics For instance, I cannot image that Socrates would be very enlightening on the Santa Claus issue when to tell, how to break the news, and specifically is it morally wrong to let kids believe in St Nick at all On the other hand, Mark Crimmins, who teaches at Stanford, and Louise Antony from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, offer lively, contrasting views I am curious to know how many parents will be convinced to follow Ms Antony s tough love approach.The book is divided into chapters with titles like, What Can I Know, What is a Man, and, What Ought I to Do On that last one, yes, you should probably visit your mother for Christmas even if you don t particularly want to The question of relativity comes up often, in the moral rather than the Einsteinan sense If lions eat meat why shouldn t I Why are moral codes opposed to evolutionary codes In some cases the inquirer might get than he or she bargained for, but the responders are not above telling the questioners not to quibble so on some issues When asked why philosophers so seldom agree, Nicholas J Smith of Lewis and Clark in Portland, Oregon, is very to the point, It is our job to disagree This makes for good breakfast reading A question or two a day is about right.

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    Membutuhkan cukup usaha untuk mencoba menikmati buku ini dengan menghilangkan ekspektasi akan sajian sajian pemikiran yang bisa semengganggu kajian berbasis atau lebih tepatnya, mengangkat kata filsafat pada umumnya.Disusun dalam empat bab kelompok pertanyaan yang disebut Immanuel Kant sebagai dasar pertanyaan dalam refleksi filsafat Apa yang dapat saya ketahui , Apa yang seharusnya saya lakukan , Apa yang boleh saya harapkan dan Siapakah manusia itu , buku ini menyajikan pertanyaan pertanyaan beserta jawaban terhadapnya yang masuk ke situs AskPhilosophers.org AskPhilosophers.org sendiri adalah sebuah situs yang, menurut penulis di kata pengantarnya, dimaksudkan untuk meredakan paradoks filsafat Filsafat ada dimana mana, sekaligus tidak ada dimana mana h vii ix Karenanya, pertanyaan yang dimuat dan dijawab dalam buku ini begitu beragam dan seringkali tidak terduga sisi filosofisnya Sayangnya, hampir sebagian besar jawaban yang diberikan, bagi saya, kurang dapat memenuhi luapan ekspektasi akan paparan paparan filsafat yang diharapkan dapat mengganggu pikiran pribadi untuk sebuah kontemplasi yang lebih jauh.Jika buku dianggap sebagai media yang dimaksudkan untuk menjadi jembatan dalam memahami kajian filsafat dan mungkin memahami mengapa ada orang orang yang mau dan merasa perlu menghabiskan waktunya untuk berpikir tentang pemikiran atas pemikiran , jawaban jawaban yang diberikan dalam buku ini belum sampai ke sana Tidak sedemikian intriguing.Sepertinya, memang tidak sedemikian kelirunya jika saya secara tidak sengaja menemukan buku ini dipajang di deretan rak buku Psikologi bersama buku buku motivasi mainstream lain Jika pada sampulnya tertera teks Tentang cinta, ketiadaan, dan aspek aspek lain kehidupan di bawah teks judul dan menemukannya di rak psikologi, barangkali memang buku ini dimaksudkan sebagai sebuah ensiklopedi mini perekam pertanyaan pertanyaan acak dalam hidup yang dijawabi oleh mereka yang lebih filosofis p

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    Baca dari Juni baru selesai September HeheLama selesainya karena saya lagi males mikir pas lagi baca Banyak kosakata ala filsuf yang gak dikasih catatan kaki jadi nggak ngerti artinya.Tapi beberapa pemikirannya dalam menjawab pertanyaan sederhana membuat saya memahami perihal itu, meskipun menggunakan bahasa yang lumayan sulit dimengerti.

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    Saya membaca versi terjemahan indonesianya Menurut saya, akan lebih baik membaca yang versi inggris Karena buku ini bersifat filsafat, jadi kadang sering menemukan kata kata rancu dalam buku ini Over all, buku ini bagus Banyak menjawab pertanyaan pertanyaan sederhana yang kadang tidak sempat terpikirkan.

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    It s probably unfair to write reviews of books that I can t finish reading, but whatever Found it on the shelves and it looked interesting It s a compilation of QA from a philosophy website Questions asked by ordinary people with answers that mostly just bored me to tears.

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