Housebreaker of Shady Hill and other stories

Housebreaker of Shady Hill and other storiesthe real world of Mad Men suburbs amazing Another great Cheever book I inherited first edition vintage hardcover no less from friends who hated it I adored these storiessuburbia s hell and paradiseif you want to know the lives your parents well most of you here, your grandparents really lived in Americathis is a pretty good cross sectionand he ll show you the stuff they didn t put in the family album as wellsome weird, great awful scenes in herethe malady of impossible love is a big theme in herebut not mawkishhe lets his lovers humiliate themselves for youwatch several of them turn shamelessness into victoryit s a fun read Only read actually listened to one story from this collection on Selected Shorts podcast The Worm in the Apple is a story of a picture perfect marriage, no worm can be found I really appreciated this collection of short stories I think it highlighted a truth that only exists for the upper middle class early suburbanites I adored the way that Cheever captured these early small towners ideas about climbers, those born in the working class, the developments that were on their way, and the evil of the public library A few lines struck me I m against anything public, anything that would make this community attractive to a developmentand at the word development a ridge covered with identical houses rose in his mind It seemed wrong to him that the houses he imagined should be identical and that they should be built of green wood and false stone It seemed wrong to him that young couples should begin their lives in an atmosphere that lacked grace What foresight into today s recession and credit crisis I hated the suburbs prior to reading this book still dobut this comical insight into their beginnings and erosion from Hopper painting to Warhol print gone bland helped me understand a bit. Not as fun as his later work, based on the only other Cheever book I ve read, Falconer, but still a great writer Cheever is like Salinger for grown ups Disaffected rich guy who writes about how usual it is for our society to overlook problems in the life we accept as normal right Very critical of bourgeois 1950s America, but written from the bourgeois perspective Again, his later stuff is visceral, this collection of short stories seemed superficial in comparison to Falconer. I first read this book when I was a kid, and of course I didn t really get it Maybe I do now, maybe I don t Cheever s tales of stifled but hedonistic bedroom community life are not as outdated as you might think, and I love the no fuss writing It s a book of short stories that all revolve around the same place and contain some of the same characters, which is nice for me I have a hard time getting into short stories, but this felt like a novel in bits and pieces. I d read all of these before in the collected stories volume but these are some of my favorites of his and it was nice to read them together Can t really go wrong with any Cheever short story Reading a bunch of vaguely overlapping ones doesn t really require an excuse. A wonderful collection of stories about life in the 1950 s suburbia It really made me think about how hard, lonely and boring it was to be a middle class woman in the 50 s. The Housebreaker of Shady Hills by John CheeverAs they would say in Little Britain Gorgeous, 10 out of 10 The hero or is it the villain Of this story is tall and strong Or isn t he What a confusing beginning for a note that is supposed to clarify at least myself, in a few years time, when I may wonder about this short story.If the first question is serious, for I have not figured out if the lead man is good or bad, the second refers to the American measurements.We are told in the first sentence in stone or pounds the weight and then the number of feet, which can figured out easily on the net But then, why would anyone put down weight and height if they depict a lousy image The important aspect regarding our main character is present in the title and has to do with thieving.But things are not as clear cut as we may be tempted to decide, thinking that Once a thief always a thief or What else we need to know in order to classify him as a villain He works with people that could be considered worse and then my country is lead by a bunch of crooks and idiots except for the president.For me this story raises a question If the petty thief is to blame and needs to be punished, what about the big sharks We have saying that goes something like this The uncaught thief is an honest trader or perhaps broker, peddler, etc.All around our villain hero people sell shoddy goods or stocks and speak in plain terms about their targets He is so weak it is like robbery With their money, you can clean them of a million and they would not feel a thing.So the housebreaker, who took a smaller amount than the aforementioned million, seems a good guy At least from the perspective of a Bernard Maddoff, who robbed people of billionsWhere I come from, there is a permanent feeling that justice is not being served towards housebreakers and PSD barons alike.A house breaker is a serious criminal, although the one in the story makes amends I won t say in which way but stiff penalties face people who moved a fence.There was this old woman, in her eighties I guess, that faced a few years jail sentence for moving a fence with a few feet.And that in circumstances where people are not sure about important property limits and big shots embezzle hundreds of millions.There is even a sense that it is worth stealing some millions, when all you have ahead is the perspective of a few years behind bars.The serious financial criminals have been learned the lesson of paying shadow writers to write fake books for them.In this way they are freed after a short stint in prison and they go to Dubai, French Riviera and the like to spend the money they stole from the rest of us.Somehow Housebreakers become role models which is crazy and reflects upon the society, the collective psyche that has been so fucked up mostly by the communist regime I think.As for Cheever s Housebreaker it is a wonderful story. 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John Cheever was an American novelist and short story writer, sometimes called the Chekhov of the suburbs or the Ovid of Ossining His fiction is mostly set in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the suburbs of Westchester, New York, and old New England villages based on various South Shore towns around Quincy, Massachusetts, where he was born.His main themes include the duality of human nature

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