The Glass Mountain

The Glass Mountain Polish tales with interesting cut paper artwork. Jan Pienkowski Brings Traditional Polish Fairy Tales To Life With Vibrant And Witty Paper Cut IllustrationsDragons And Kings, Frogs And Spells, Witches And Mermaids All The Hallmark Characters Of Traditional Polish Fairy Tales Are Found In This Magical Collection Jan Pie Nkowski Draws On A Distinctive Cut Paper Technique Learned As A Child In Poland To Produce Dramatic And Vibrant Illustrations For Eight Time Honored Stories Celebrating Honesty, Loyalty, And Creativity, Stories Such As The Krakow Dragon And The Warsaw Mermaid Will Captivate Today S Child As Much As They Did Young Jan During His Childhood A Pronunciation Guide Assists The Reader With Polish Place And Character Names The Glass Mountain is a collection of eight stories from the land of Poland that are retold by David Walser The stories in this collection are as follows The Fern FlowerThe Krakow DragonThe Frog BrideThe Miller s DaughtersThe Trumpeter of KrakowThe Glass MountainPan TwadrdowskiThe Warsaw MermaidThe book is illustrated by Jan Pienkowski and is the fourth book on which he and David Walser collaborated At the beginning of the book is a brief account of Jan s childhood in Poland It is an interesting account, and in it he also shares with us about the Polish folk art of paper cutouts, which is what he used to illustrate this book After this section, there is a one page pronunciation guide of some of the tougher to say Polish words After this introductory material, we are treated to the stories, which I would describe as dark at best The first story The Fern Flower talks about a little boy, who wants to pick a flower to become the richest man in the village His greed consumes him, and he ultimately loses everyone he loves The Miller s Daughters is a tale of three sisters Two of them are only worried about shallow things, but the third wants to read Their shallowness would have cost them their life, if not for their studious sister In The Warsaw Mermaid two fishermen capture a mermaid, but her hypnotic song entices a third man to set her free After setting her free, he follows after her into the river and neither of them are seen again Overall, this is a dark fairy tale book, which I guess I should have expected seeing that the idea of a happy fairy tale is still a somewhat modern invention The illustrations are beautiful, and enhance the stories exponentially If you re looking for happy fairy tales, check out Disney If you re looking for authentic fairy tales, this is the book for you I saw this title and had to take a trip into the tales of my homeland Much in the way of Grimm, these tales are not for the faint of heart The paper cut out illustrations are beautiful I liked it.

Jan Michel Pie kowski is a Polish born British illustrator and author of children s books He is probably best known for his Meg and Mog books with writer Helen Nicoll and for his pop up books, including Haunted House winner of the 1980 Kate Greenaway Medal , Robot, Dinner Time, Good Night and 17 others.Pie kowski illustrated his first book at the age of eight, as a present for his father During

❮EPUB❯ ✽ The Glass Mountain  ✸ Author Jan Pieńkowski –
  • Hardcover
  • 84 pages
  • The Glass Mountain
  • Jan Pieńkowski
  • 07 June 2018
  • 9780763673208

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