Murphy M Rfijs Sarakst Ts Laik NoL Dz Dam, Public Ts D Te Tradicion Lais Rom Ns , K Du To Paz Stam, K St Dr Z K Par Psihozes Simul Cijas Aprakstu Vien Gais Re Lais Rom Na Varonis, Dr Z K Gan Pa A Aizpild To Lok Lo Vietu Attainojums, Ir M Rfijs, P R Jie T Li Tiek Raksturoti K Marionetes Savuk Rt M Rfijs Ar Vi A Pasivit Tes, Izvair An S Strat Ij M, Ar Atkl Tu M In Jumu Apliecin T Savu Es Bu Vi Pus Naudas, Darba, Pa Apm Na, Tiek Uztverts Nevis K Varonis, Bet K Antivaronis Du Literat Ru D V Par Modernisma Literat Ru Kopum T V Rsta Pret Pamatpie Mumiem, Uz Kuriem Balst S Dsimta Re Lisma Trad Cija

Samuel Barclay Beckett was an Irish avant garde novelist, playwright, theatre director, and poet, who lived in France for most of his adult life He wrote in both English and French His work offers a bleak, tragicomic outlook on human nature, often coupled with black comedy and gallows humour.Beckett is widely regarded as among the most influential writers of the 20th century Strongly influenced

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    Samuel Becket has turned me on with the very first phrase in the book The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new There is no reality, only a simulacrum of reality individuals entertain themselves with bizarre occult practices and weird intellectual discourses Humanity is a well with two buckets, one going down to be filled, the other coming up to be emptied Isn t it a perfect metaphor of birth and death, of knowledge and ignorance, of memory and oblivion Murphy s mind pictured itself as a large hollow sphere, hermetically closed to the universe without This was not an impoverishment, for it excluded nothing that it did not itself contain Nothing ever had been, was or would be in the universe outside it but was already present as virtual, or actual, or virtual rising into actual, or actual falling into virtual, in the universe inside it A mind like this doesn t need any company except its own And it has no other way but down and out Our souls are kites on a string that dream to break free into eternity

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    Scintillating, superb, fractal geometry in words.Yeah, that verdict stands too.Rating 5 of fiveThe Publisher Says MURPHY, when first published in 1938, was Beckett s first novel and third work of ficiton Very Irish in the post Joycean tradition, it nevertheless was the beginning of a new form of literary expression as some discerning critics recognized at the time, drawing heavily on the author s time spent in London as a young man, and especially on his experiences as a male nurse It has for many years been one of the most popular novels of one of the most seminal figures of the twentieth century There s a sort of comfort in the dry, bare, language, in the spooky imagery and the incantatory repetitions Howard Kinlay My Review This is always hard when describing Beckett Murphy loves Celia, the prostitute Miss Counihan, surprisingly anthropoid for an Irishwoman, loves Murphy Neary, a philosopher, comes to love Murphy as his best friend Then there s this guy Murphy plays chess with in the mental hospital where Murphy goes to work.Okay, it can t really be this hard Murphy, an Irish depressive, has to get a job because Celia, his petite amie, thinks it will do him good So he leaves Ireland, goes to London and starts working at a mental hospital All sorts of Irish problems follow him, but Murphy finds himself escaping them among the mad, who have abdicated their responsibilities to the staff and lead lives of unencumbered irresponsibility that Murphy envies Mr Endon, the wisest madman, lures Murphy into playing a game of chess with him, and it s that game that forms the spine of the book It s described in loving, and to me incomprehensible, detail, but if you re patient and willing to educate yourself with a chess reference source as you read, you ll come to realize that this game is the novel you re reading, and the novel is the chess game.How do chess games end Think on that for a moment The novel s ending will then be clear to you It s not the easiest read on the shelf It s well worth your time and effort to engage with, because it s gorgeously wroughtthere s a line about owls in the zoo, their joys and sufferings not starting until dark, that I wish I could find so as to quote exactly, but it swellperfect, and at the moment it comes in the narrative, so startlingly apt that it makes my hair stand up to remember it.Beckett hated Ireland for its conformist, dead spirited religiosity He abhorred any and all forms of hypocrisy, and this I think, could be wrong about this is the last novel he wrote in English because he regarded the language as the carrier think Typhoid Mary of hypocrisy So what did he do He wrote in FRENCH Oh the irony Murphy is the soul scream of an angry lover It caustically throws in your face every unkind or unworthy thought you ve ever had, every casually cruel deed you ve ever done, and makes you weep and smile and sigh with pleasure as it alternately berates and caresses you.Yes, this book is a bad love affair with a beautiful man put between hard covers It s brilliant, it s beautiful, and it s never to be forgotten, even when you wish you could This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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    My very first Beckett Yesterday morning, when I finally closed this book, I was speechless This is a work of a genius.Reading the first half was a bit of a challenge though If you are not used to reading modernist or postmodernist works, there is a big chance that Beckett s writing style would discourage you Samuel Beckett 1906 1989 apprenticed with his friend and idol my other favorite Irish writer the author of Ulysses 5 stars too , James Joyce 1882 1941 So, their styles have similarities but still distinctly recognizable I liked them both Although, Murphy of course is a lot shorter and easier to understand than Ulysses But I have to admit again that I am not sure I understood everything that Beckett wanted to convey in this book Like the attitude that I used for me to finish Ulysses, I just went on and on with my reading even if I had to reread some paragraphs twice or thrice This explains why it took me 1 month to finish this book There were so many parts where I asked myself Huh Again What did he say However, in the second half, when Murphy was already working as a nurse in the hospital for crazy people, that s when the story made a huge turn and everything started to fall into right places The conversation of his friends at the sickbed of Murphy s girlfriend Celia was the first scene that left me in awe because the prose, the playful beautiful prose, was something that I have not encountered yet even in his friend James Joyce s works Then that scene was closely followed by the well known chess game that seems to have encapsulated or mimicked or mirrored the whole novel I am not good in playing chess and I don t exactly know how to read the written moves and I saw this style in Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There 3 stars by Lewis Carroll but the listed explanations letters a to r at the bottom of the game sequence adequently explained to a non chess playing person like me how the game relates to the characters in the novel Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant.Beckett s play of words is something that enthralled me Even the effective use of font like Music, Music, Music with the font going from 10pts to 14pts seems like meaningful or his repeated use of a phrase like A rest then a paragraph, the another A rest , then another paragraph, and then another A rest Then you as a reader will ask yourself silent in your mind Why What s happening then you will later realize You can t help but be mesmerized by his skillful execution in writing I have not seen anything as effective as Beckett s style.My advice to those who want to read this don t be too bothered about the specifics in the first half Just continue reading because the meat is in the second half where everything will become crystal clear Guaranteed To Take Your Breath Away

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    Thought I d review this as so few have, and this is Beckett s first, best, and funniest novel.Many people think of Beckett s characters, and they come up with something like this These post apocalyptic, hollowed out characters sitting around in the blank landscapes of Beckett s plays have been blasted to hell and back they patiently accept whatever happens to them and seem to be waiting for some form of grace.In contrast, Murphy the title character of the novel isn t going anywhere, but he couldn t be happier Unlike so many of the characters in Beckett s plays, Murphy is bursting with life He might be one hell of an odd duck, but he s alive and hopping Murphy has no desire to be housebroken by society or to parcel out his days and nights as productively as a character like Robinson Crusoe Murphy isn t alarmed by the void that sends Lucy Snowe Villette into a near frenzy, but rather seeks out these unstructured spaces actively To achieve personal bliss, Murphy sits tied by seven scarves and naked in his rocking chair of undressed teak, guaranteed not to crack, warp, shrink, corrode, or creak at night This rather bizarre arrangement works to give his body pleasure and free his mind For it was not until his body was appeased that he could come alive in his mind.And life in his mind gave him pleasure, such pleasure that pleasure was not the word In short, Murphy isn t heading anywhere in a hurry his lack of what we might view as motivation parodies time, a point one could gather from the book s opening line, which neatly lampoons all the novels with predictably dull first lines about weather and time, and also lets us know we aren t in Kansas any The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.I ve been thinking a lot about humor this summer because I m pondering whether to teach a course on the topic While I think Murphy is one of the funniest books in literature, it s hard to define why Like explaining a joke, which falls apart upon examination, nothing destroys humor faster than theorizing its characteristics And it s pretty telling that those who have tried to define humor Aristotle, Sigmund Freud, Henri Bergson, and Immanuel Kant, to name a few are some pretty humorless dudes Perhaps funny people know better than to try to define funny dom Prodded by Celia, his good hearted but mercenary prostitute girlfriend, Murphy reluctantly sets out to find employment Murphy on the jobpath was a striking figure Beckett goes on at length about the qualities of the green suit Murphy sports His suit was not green but aeruginous.No less than the colour the cut was striking The jacket, a tube in its own right, descended clear of the body as far as mid thigh, where the skirts were slightly reflexed like the mouth of a bell in mute appeal to be lifted that some found hard to resist.With regard to the material of the suit, the bold claim was advanced by the makers that it was holeproof This was true in the sense that it was entirely non porous It admitted no air from the outer world, it allowed none of Murphy s own vapours to escape.Murphy s unusual aspect is noted by some of his potential employers He s turned down for the job of smart boy at Gray s Inn Road, where he s assessed harshly E ain t smart Nor e ain t a boy and E don t look rightly human to me But luck shines on Murphy and he gets a job as a male nurse at Magdalen Mental Mercyseat, a hospital for the better class mentally deranged Unaware that Murphy is happily employed by M.M.M., most of the book s characters are busily searching for him.Despite the rather elaborate plot which mocks plots in general the book is not about the story arc Whatever absurd situations confront Murphy are ultimately beside the point The book s focus is on Murphy and his desire to avoid the sound and fury, all the tomorrows and tomorrows and tomorrows that natter at us and make us conform to a world that fits about as well as Murphy s green suit As Murphy explains, I am not of the big world, I am of the little world And, as a added boon, some of Beckett s better phrases mercantile gehenna the work world long hank of Apollonian asthenia, schizoidal spasmophile, seedy solipsist words to call your friends jacking their jaws apart with the gag, spurning their tongues aside with the spatula, till the last tundish of drench is absorbed Ticklepenny describing how he feeds the patients at Magdalene Mental Mercyseat

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    4.5 Nine years ago, I was in love with someone whose favourite book was Murphy this copy was from a second hand bookshop en route between our flats He was one of those people who never lends anything, and in any case I wouldn t have been able to read and return it in good time, as this time that year I was embarking on months of convalescence following a very severe bout of flu It was never my intention to leave it quite this long, but as per an old comment whenever I picked it up, I found the first couple of pages too depressing Honestly, what was I reading Must ve made some skewed assumptions, for different stuff was happening on the paper this time And Beckett is not the writer I thought he was, a minimalist miserablist my only previous experience being a not very careful teenage reading of Waiting For Godot whilst standing in a library, it being too short to waste a loan on I was reminded of none so much as Pynchon the black humour, the ridiculousness, the near farcical caper, the breadth of vocabulary this required even frequent looking up than Pynchon as Beckett s very fond of obscure uses of fairly common words, as well as his rare archaisms and classicisms Joycean to those who ve read him recently, no doubt A spideysense of to a sentence often proved right consulting the barely adequate ereader dictionary, and looking through definitions, would reveal an unusual or precise meaning, or perhaps that an etymological root had been engaged in furtive wordplay with something else nearby Impressed, I was alright Why can we still not get the Shorter Oxford, never mind the full thing, as an optional booster for these gadgets c.35% of the terms I tried to look up whilst reading Murphy were not in the Concise as found on Kindle Why 2 isn t Murphy found on some of those lists of Great London Novels Not that I ve done a comprehensive survey as research for this post, mind Murphy s questionable progression from the 1930s boardinghouses of SW10 and then with paramour Celia N7, and on to work in one of those outer North London psychiatric monstrosities as later chronicled by Iain Sinclair and Will Self not to mention the wanderings of so many named streets and tubes and markets, and the Mary Poppins in negative interludes of kite flying in Hyde Park this is what The London Novel is made of, surely There are chapters set in Ireland too, which in the eyes of some may disqualify it, but Murphy s atmosphere of grubby, fray cuffed, straitened, eccentric London bedsitland is exquisitely done if you have affection for that setting Description of the way light comes through the windows of a dingy flat over a day s course may not be adjectivally conventional description, yet or so it pins it utterly.I long had a bad habit, a faulty reflex, almost, of looking for a person in their favourite books and films so when it was someone I fancied, a elusive sprite, than a long standing close friend who could simply be asked This wouldn t always work, I realised as I got older Not everyone s favourite things are favourites because of a deep identification And even where someone does identify, it won t be with every aspect of a work or character so a person who doesn t know them well could misunderstand and missassume all over the shop Perhaps you actually won t see how them something is until you ve known them a good while Seven years it was, mostly the long distance friendship of the afterwards, and it was me who stopped it there was a veiled reference in my post about The Ice Palace And I can t remember when this strange wish of finding someone in a book was so fully rewarded a remarkable correlation of traits between unusual people, one real, one made up by a very clever Irish bloke in the 1930s It would be indecent to write it all up in public, but I consider it incumbent on me to spare the theoretical embarrassment of someone unknown to you by clarifying that the similarities to Murphy don t include penchants for self bondage or astrology Curiously or not, there are a handful of other things that feel me than him some always were, some changed and as for those shared, I now understand Murphy s love of introspection than I would have nearly a decade ago The character of Murphy is, of course, ultimately mocked here his Cartesian dualism is as much nonsense as that theory always is and the book s peculiar personal history may give me affection for it and all its characters than might otherwise make sense Given its absurdist intellectualism, I can understand those who don t find it very human This is very close to 5 stars just some scenes of grimness mean I hold back on that last little bit as the confluence of extreme cleverness and silliness and darkness and resonance is very much a winner And if I didn t have an even absurd number of other books already, I d be wanting some Beckett, please, with a tentative view to joining Fans of.

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    , 1970 1969 1938 Joyce, , , Murphy, , .

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    I ve read this one twice, and am gearing up for another it s such a warm hug I was going back through it recently looking for something and found a list I made of words looked up while reading it Here it is, in case anyone else would find this helpful Beckett s Murphy words italics notes from 4 years later rutting cur s rejectementa rutting furrow, groove, a fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually dull or unpromisingcur worthless coward, rejectamenta worthless thingsreversioner one that has or is entitled to a reversion broadly someone having a vested right to a future estate softsoap verb to cajole, flatter to use soft soap in washing pensum improved out danish or norwegian for syllabustuffets everted A clump or tuft of grass A low seat, such as a stool.the moon at perigree point nearest to earth in a body orbiting ita fake jossy tipstaff with warrant to distain tipstaff an attendant or crier in a court of law a staff tipped with metal, formerly carried as a badge of office, as by a constable.distain sully, stain, discolorbumbailiff I thought this was just a portmanteau of bumbling and bailiff but it turns out server of writs, maker of arrests, etc., 1601, from bum arse, because he was always felt to be close behind.neap of a tidenaevus birthmarksuspiration breathing, sighingdun to make repeated and insistent demands upon, esp for the payment of a debt a person, esp a creditor, who duns another a demand for payment, esp a written one thema coeli themewhinge whineheard bilge the widest circumference or belly of a cask to bulge or swell outBollitoes should be Ballitoes a brand of silk stockings secured with suspenders to corset or beltcuchilion Cuchulain alt A hero of ancient Ulster who single handedly defended it against the rest of Ireland cuchillo 2nd alt knifethe mercantile gehenna the valley of Hinnom, near Jerusalem, where propitiatory sacrifices were made to Moloch II Kings 23 10 any place of extreme suffering, helldiastolesystole in prosody, systole is the shortening of a syllable that is by pronunciation or by position long Systole is most often used to adjust the rhythm of a line to achieve metrical regularity The word is from the Greek systole, meaning, literally, contraction Diastole, the opposite of systole, is the lengthening of a short quantity or syllable for metric irregularity.not green but aeruginous bluish green, copperparthian designating a glance remark delivered by a person departing parting shot serenade, nocturne, albada spanish for nocturne serenadesynecdoche A figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole as hand for sailor , the whole for a part as the law for police officer , the specific for the general as cutthroat for assassin , the general for the specific as thief for pickpocket , or the material for the thing made from it as steel for sword.lee protective shelter region toward which the wind blowscozeners, cozened to cozen is to cheat, deceive or trick amazing that the name of my dad s old law firm was cozen and o conner to cheat and con great Cony catching same thing as cozen cheat deceive tricktumbril one of the carts used during the French Revolution to convey victims to the guillotine a farmer s cart, esp one for hauling manure, that can be tilted to discharge its load.child s halma long jump with weight in hands ancient greece or some sor tof old board gamegambadoes, worked up in this kip the hide of a young or small beas also a rooming house or place to sleep the plaisir de rompre for Murphy the rationale of social contracts french for putting an end totriorchous three testicledin doss, dossed place to sleep to sleep in a convenient placecurate cleric derogating from the general to the particular he s using the archaic definition to take away a part so as to impair the whole, which I still don t understand, but the usual definition is to detract from authoritywill not parley a discussion to talkwantum from the hegira flight to escape dangeramnion A thin, tough, membranous sac that encloses the embryoher ruelle french for alleyclumsy genustuprations , based on context I d say some sort of sexual advancelost tundish of drench funneldipso drunkprosodoturfy based on context and roots, I d guess native habits of speaking writing senechalesque figure of 5 lb.s induration to abuse pathological hardeningsyzygy an alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth, and either the moon or a planet any two related things, either alike or oppositepermangate , permanganate is a chemical compound of potassium and some other shitnosonomy taxonomoy of diseasescondole to express sympathyspado impotent, castrated person touching little argonautic maieutic saws pertaining to the method used by Socrates of eliciting knowledge in the mind of a person by interrogation and insistence on close and logical reasoning hypermetropic abnormal ability to focus of distant objects pellucid clear in meaningquoits a game in which rings of rope or flattened metal are thrown at an upright peg, the object being to encircle it or come as close to it as possible.irrefragable not to be disputed or contested.scarlet ampelopsis a climbing, woody vine or shrub having small greenish flowers and inedible berries.consuum lanugo a coat of delicate, downy hairs, esp that with which the human fetus or a newborn infant is covered.afflatulence affable fartsprotasis The dependent clause of a conditional sentence a stretching towardsLassata seems like a random proper nouncanaille riffraff the massesobole medieval coinsoughing A soft murmuring or rustling soundinvolute intricate, complex, curled, curvedabolla a woolen cloak worn by men in ancient Rome coadjutor assistant to an ecclesiastic typeclave one of a pair of wooden sticks or blocks that are held one in each hand and are struck together to accompany music and dancing I don t think this is how he was using it I think he used it as an archaic form of cleave fillip anything that tends to rouse, excite, or revive a stimulusimmured to imprisongyves shackles for the legspostmonitions a warning after the factsheriffalty jurisdiction of a sheriff cyanosis of youth A bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes resulting from inadequate oxygenation of the bloodfug stale airaposiopoesis a sudden breaking off in the midst of a sentence, as if from inability or unwillingness to proceedplutolaters analphabet person who can t read or writecrispated roughapnoen preterist erebus The dark region of the underworld through which the dead must pass before they reach Hades low battuta of anger a beat, measure vulpine endowments cunning, craftyacathisia a condition characterized by uncontrollable motor restlessness palatial tantalus a stand or rack containing visible decanters, esp of wines or liquors, secured by a lockfusee a spirally grooved spindle in a clock that counteracts the diminishing power of the uncoiling mainspring a colored flare used as a warning signal by trucks and trains a friction match with a large head that will stay alight in the wind any igniter that is used to initiate the burning of a propellant contumely insulting display of contempt in words or actions instinct was a menstrum A solvent, especially one used in extracting compounds from plant and animal tissues and preparing drugseleutheromania a mania for freedomdepilatories agents capable of removing hair vermigrade wave of light worm shaped turn to civet a yellowish, unctuous substance with a strong musklike odor, obtained from a pouch in the genital region of civets and used in perfumery.niobaloo p 131 of Murphy s Bed A Study of Real Sources and Sur Real Associations in Samuel Beckett s First Novel by Sighle Kennedy is the best resource if you really want to know what he s doing with this wordclonic relating to convulsion characterized by alternating contractions and relaxations oakum of her history loose fibers

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    Murphy is a strange, sad, melancholic and sometimes funny novel on madness, boredom, misunderstanding and isolation Murphy, our main character and isolated solipsist , stuck in a void, jobless and work shy, decides to withdraw from life away from his prostitute fiance What follows is Beckett s bleak and absurd humour on everyday life, an outlook shared by his alter ego on paper, Murphy, and his ambitious wordplay When writers treat language as if it were gold, that s when a work of literature becomes something special Murphy is certainly one of those Now, where s the Trilogy

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    DNF after 108 pages Unfortunately, I had no linguistic access to find favor with this novel It wasn t just my cup of tea, this tea was definitely too strong for me.

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    Dili ve anlat m tekni i itibar ile zorlay c bir kitapt Metinde yer yer Yunan, Roma, ncil gibi Bat edebiyat n n klasik referanslar n n yan nda psikolojik, m zikal, edebi vs at flar da var Bunlar duraksamadan okuyabilmek, hatta baz s n anlayabilmek i in dahi geni bir entelekt el birikim veya bir Beckett s zl var b yle bir ey gerekiyor Eh, bende ikisi de yok O a dan zorlad Ancak her ince detaya tak lmadan bu adam ne anlatmak istiyor a odaklanmak bu kitab okumak i in ge erli bir y ntem olabilir Ben de yle yapt m Beckett bir ok isim yan nda Descartes ile de ilgilenmi Murphy de de bunu yo un bi imde g r yoruz Descartes bilginin kayna olarak usu ak l merkez alan rasyonel bir bilgi felsefesini benimsemi ti Me hur cogito ergo sum laf n y zeyselce yle zetleyebiliriz Alg lad m hi bir eyin ger ekli inden do rulu undan emin olamam, d d nyadan gelen her t rl bilgiye phe ile yakla r m Emin oldu um tek ey phem d nmemdir yleyse en az ndan var oldu umu s yleyebilirim Matematiksel kanunlar gibi, bu bilgi de do rulu u kesin, zerine ba ka katlar kabilece imiz bir zemin sa lar bize Us yoluyla kavrad m z ba ka bilgilere bu noktadan ula abiliriz Deneyimlerden elde edilen ampirik bilgi ise onu alg lama ayg tlar mla, evresel artlarla s n rl d r ve veya yan lt c d r Bilginin as l kayna ustur fakat beden de d d nya ile s rekli temas halindedir beden d nyan n etkisindedir Bu ikilik ya da dualite Descartes ve onun izinden gidenler tarf ndan stesinden gelinmeye al lan bir sorun olarak var olagelmi Beckett daha ilk c mleden bu ikili i vurgulayarak ba l yor Hep ayn d nyan n zerinde ld yordu g ne , ba ka se ene i yoktu nk G ne her g n hesaplanan yerden do ar, y kselir ve hesaplanan yerden batar Deterministiktir Bu y zden ger ek zg rl burada aramak bo unad r Murphy de, bu g ne in nlar ndan korunmaya al rken k yor kar m za Roman da us beden, zne nesne ikilikleri paralelinde bir i roman d roman gibi ilerliyor Birinde Murphy nin usa d nme veya bu ruha halinden kma abalar , di erinde ise onun pe indeki kuklalar n , ili ki yuma ve etraflar nda geli en olaylar rg s var Kitab n ba ndaki mevcut durumu bozan etmen Celia n n Murphy yi i bulmaya zorlamas oluyor.Murphy bu d i leri bir y ld z falc s ndan ald bilgiler do rultusunda yap yor Spinozac bir yoruma g re yukar da bahsedilen us beden ikilisi asl nda ayn eyin, tanr n n farkl tezah rleridir Murhpy e g re Y ld z hareketleri de buna dahildir ve ak l harici yegane g venilir bilginin kayna d r Benim akl ma daha fazla yatan ikinci bir yoruma g re ise Murhpy burada Us beden ikili inin stesinden gelinemez, birbiriyle ba da t r lamaz ve aralar nda ili ki kurulamaz yakla m nda Bu da, kitapta da daha sonradan ikinci yorumu g lendirir eklide ad ge en Geulincx ad nda bir filozofun yakla m ym.Murphy, ironik bir ekilde bu d nyevi bilginin kendisini s r klemesi ile Ticklepenny ile tan ma, Magdalen enstit s usa d nme motivasyonunu tekrar kazan yor Hastalar Murphy de bir zamanlar olduklar eyi, Murphy de hastalarda d n ece i eyi g r yor Enstit de tan t Endon yunanca i inde,kendinde demekmi bu da Murphy nin tasar m n n tamamlanm hali gibi Tamamen usunda ya ayan, satran ta kar taraf n hamlesinden ba ms z ve kazanma amac g tmeden oynayan Endon da eri mek istedi ini g r yor Murphy Onu taklit etmeye al yor ancak a maz bilin li bir ekilde bilin d na, akl n kullanarak ak l d na kmaya al mas oluyor Kaza veya intihar, sonunda Murphy nin ula t yer usu ya da nc b lge yerine hi lik oluyor Ana damar b yle Bu tema d ne d ne i lendi iniden skalamas zor Geri kalan kitap yazar n Joyce tilmizli i d nemine rastlad ndan m d r nedir, kafa yormak gerektirebilir eviri de bu muammal dile katk da bulunuyor bir nebze rne in evirmen Figure and ground gibi, parallel thirds gibi terminolojik denebilecek bir ifadeleri kendince yorumlayarak ve dipnot d meden evirmi Zaten Beckett in laf oyunlar yla kar an kafay bunlar daha da kar t r yor Okunurlu u azaltan eyler.

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