The Importance of Being Ernestine

The Importance of Being Ernestine Popular E Book, The Importance Of Being Ernestine Author Dorothy Cannell This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Importance Of Being Ernestine, Essay By Dorothy Cannell Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

from Fantastic Fiction online Dorothy Cannell was born in London, England, and now lives in Belfast, Maine Dorothy Cannell writes mysteries featuring Ellie Haskell, interior decorator and Ben Haskell, writer and chef, and Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell, a pair of dotty sisters and owners of the Flowers Detection Agency from Internet Book List Dorothy Cannell, a mother of four, grandmother of te

[PDF / Epub] ☂ The Importance of Being Ernestine ✐ Dorothy Cannell –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Importance of Being Ernestine
  • Dorothy Cannell
  • English
  • 24 July 2018
  • 9780142002841

10 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Ernestine

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    This was my first Dorothy Cannell and will probably be my last It was given to me by a friend but it s too light for me The plot itself was interesting but I just couldn t handle some of the ridiculous characters, such as Mrs Malloy, and their silly banter.

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    This was a book recommended by the local library I so enjoyed it I will have to ask for the others in the series Funny, sad, an absolutely lovely read I love detail and she puts in plenty Surprise ending. Which person is Ernestine Wow

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    Not my cuppa Dull, predictable, too much of .Ellie and the keeper of the detective s office aren t going to be my choice again.very sleepy.

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    This book was a delightful surprise I have never read anything by Ms Cannell in spite of the fact that I have seen her in person several times at Magna Cum Murder at Ball State in Muncie, Indiana She will be at Magna again in October but this year it will be in Indianapolis and I am looking forward to letting her know how much I enjoyed this book I read this for my Mystery Book Club at my local library and this is the 10th book in the series so I was unfamiliar with the characters but from the reviews that I ve read, they are reappearing In this particular tale, Ellie Haskell, who is an interior decorator, redoes her husband s study replacing his old typewriter with a brand new computer Ben is not happy and to avoid argument than they ve already had, Ellie takes off to visit with her part time housekeeper, Roxy Malloy who is currently spending her time watching the office of P I Milk Juggs As they sit drinking Milk s bourbon and smoking his cigarettes, a late client, Lady Krumley, appears She assumes that the 2 women are the private investigators and tells them her story Many of her family members are dying from very unusual things i.e falling into a well, bungee jumping, etc and she is certain that it all stems from the fact that a young woman in her employ some 30 years ago was fired for stealing a brooch The young woman had a child but died young and Lady Krumley is certain that she made a death bed curse towards her family especially since just days before she found the long lost brooch Now she wants to find the child of her former maid to compensate her in some way for the ill treatment of her mother This book is so funny These two bumbling women are just a hoot, constantly getting into predicaments and causing an uproar but they do eventually solve the case If you enjoy mysteries and some slapstick humor, try this book

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    The Importance of Being Ernestine by Dorothy Cannell is book 10 of the Ellie Haskell cozy mystery series set in contemporary England Ellie and her housekeeper Mrs Malloy have been solving mysteries all through the series, so it s no surprise they re teamed up to solve another this time however they actually pose as private detectives.Because her ladyship s elderly relatives around the world are dying, Lady Krumley of Moultty Towers feels that dark forces are carrying out a former housemaid s deathbed curse The most recent death at the Krumley mansion does seem suspicious Ellie s housekeeper Mrs Malloy recently began working for a private investigator Milk Jugg, who s on vacation, so Ellie and Mrs Malloy take Lady Krumley s case Their objective find Ernestine, the housemaid s illegitimate offspring.This is a very gentle cozy, no violence or suspense The weather provides atmosphere The moon huddled behind a threadbare blanket of cloud It was no longer raining, but the wind shook the trees as if intent on rattling some sense into their leafless heads The plot takes a back seat to the comical banter between Ellie and Mrs Malloy And if he don t make me his Girl Friday on the spot it ll shock me back to me old hair color, sure as my name is Roxie Malloy Ellie and Ben appreciate the small joys of life Ben and I were both avid readers Not much for television, we enjoyed many an evening especially in wintertime locked in our own separate worlds yet linked by that special silence that can be better than any amount of talking The Importance of Being Ernestine is mild entertainment for a longtime fan of the Ellie Haskell series If not familiar with the series, definitely start with the first book, The Thin Woman, where the primary characters and relationships are introduced.

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    Another in the Ellie Haskell of the English coastal village of Chitterron Fells mystery In this mystery, Ellie and her outlandish housekeeper, Mrs Roxie Malloy, become involved in another mystery Mrs Malloy has started working for a private investigator and, while Ellie is visiting Mrs Malloy in the office, a client mistakes them as investigators working for him and they take on her case The case is a bit convoluted involving events 40 years earlier, a curse on a family, and older members of that family dying.As usual, Mrs Malloy provides much of the humor through her character and Ellie s comments I enjoyed this one in the series because there is mystery involved and less of the clutzy Ellie who continually wisecracks her way through things and is continually starting things she doesn t finish or messes up.

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    This is a Ellie Haskell mystery Ellie and her housekeeper cohort, Mrs Maloy, take on the case of Lady Krumley who believes she is suffering the results of a curse put upon her by a former maid who was fired by Lady Krumley years earlier Ellie and Mrs Maloy are asked to track down the out of wedlock child that was born to this maid so that their client might make restitution to the maid s surviving daughter Ernestine Ms Cannell writes this story with wit and humor and at times you will find yourself laughing out loud at the characters and situations Hence, the reason I like this writer and her books They are, in terms of murder mysteries, written with a light touch Dark mysteries these are not.

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    Still reading, but I dont know if this is in keeping with the play of which the title is a play on words, but I keep finding similes used for the proper word in sentences, but not in spoken sentences In narrative where you would no expect it Is this poor editing or a rouse on the part of the editor to remind us of the origin of the title I don t know, but there are enough to make me won t to grab my pencil and make corrections Other wise, a cute story thus far.This was a good mystery for the genre I read a lot in the genre of P.D James, Agatha Chhristie, Margaret Atwood mysteries that are a bit heavier, so to speak This was a light read for me, but it was entertaining and was a pleasant diversion Nice for people who like mystery without the forensic details.

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    Ellie Haskell has a quarrel with her husband Ben over her redecorating his study Ellie then pays a late night call on her housekeeper Mrs Malloy who is spending most of her time working for a private detective When a client shows up late Ellie and Mrs Malloy decide to help Lady Krumley find the daughter of a housekeeper who was wrongly fired and whose spirit Mrs Krumley now believes is killing family members A lighthearted, cozy mystery.

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    Another enjoyable British cozy I guess I m getting dotty cause I kept thinking the characters were familiar and didn t realize, until a third of the way through, that I read the first book in this series a while ago A lot has happened since this is 10 in the series so I have some catching up to do I found it hard to get into the plot of this one at first but it picks up and was enjoyable.

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