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Club Soccer 101 It s arranged like a compendium but it s not comprehensive enough to be a reference book The stories are interesting, but not compelling enough to justify It s one of the few times I ve forced myself through a book I very much buy into the art of non finishing and have no problem ditching a book that I don t engage with Life is too short But I did force myself through because I wanted to improve my overall soccer knowledge And I did Slightly But you might give it a pass if you re considering what to read next on your soccer shelf. Pretty good introduction to what can be an overwhelming world of club soccer so many countries, so many teams A little too condensed, though I wantedabout the culture of the teams, the supporters, the passion. Club SoccerIs The Essential Guide ToOf The Most Storied Soccer Clubs In The World The Book Covers The History Of European Powerhouses Like Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Manchester United, Paris Saint Germain, And Real Madrid Historic South American Clubs Like Boca Juniors, Corinthians, Penarol, And Santos And Rising Clubs From Africa, Asia, And America, Including Such Leading MLS Clubs As LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, And Seattle Sounders Writing With The Passion And Panache Of A Deeply Knowledgeable And Opinionated Fan, Luke Dempsey Explains What Makes Each Club Distinctive Their Origins, Fans, And Style Of Play Their Greatest And Most Heartbreaking Seasons And Historic Victories And Defeats And Their Most Famous Players From Pel , Eus Bio, And Maradona To Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, And RonaldoWith Club Soccer Exploding In Popularity, Club SoccerProvides Everything Any Fan Needs To Know CLUB SOCCER 101 was an amazing book in my opinion This book, written by English author and football fanatic Luke Dempsey, shows the top 101 clubs that have changed the world s way off seeing football soccer I chose this book after looking at books about football at BarnesNoble The book caught my attention because its spine was yellow After reading the book for a couple of minutes, I decided to check NYPL s catalog if they had the book since it was so interesting Fortunately, they had it This book impressed me because the author didn t just choose the 100 best teams he chose the top 101 clubs from all parts of the world that had interesting anecdotes and also impacted the world The author writes the book in a very unique way, because instead of just stating the facts and statistics of the club He showed how the club stood out from the others and mostly how the club was created What surprised me was that most of the men that created these clubs were not actually the richest they just simply started the club because 1 it was easy to do and 2 there mostly was a group of bored men In 1927, workers at a Cemento Cruz Lazuli factory in Mexico decided they wanted to form a football team, since all they did during their break was sit and talk Dempsey 130 , is a perfect example of the two main reasons This still happens nowadays bored people with a new idea trying out something brand new Overall, I recommend this book to people who know about football, because people who don t know much will be utterly confused. I learned a lot about some lesser known clubs My one complaint was the omission of certain cups, and he kept writing how fat Ronaldo is. Perfect read for an intermediate soccer fan looking to catch up on soccer history and clubs in leagues around the world they don t know much about I ve been a soccer fan for around a decade I know the Premier League pretty well and know about the recent history at top clubs around Europe, but now I feel like I knowabout the ethos of each team and their fans You get a littlethan a Champions League number of teams from each European country plus a few too many South American teams and 3 5 pages of each I would ve liked a bitfocus on recent history and less on the first half of the century but I get it Very interesting to learn about the 2 3 key stories from each team that define fan mentalities The author gets a tad too clever at times, and the book would ve been better as a resource hey, we re playing Ajax what s their story on my shelf than a straight read, which got long and felt like reading an encyclopedia at times Still recommended reading for any soccer fan. Club Soccer 101 isof a 101 than the Essential Guide of the subtitle It s a collection of short entries about 101 notable soccer teams from around the world Most entries include a brief background on the team s founding, mentions of its championships and cup finals, and an anecdote or two about the team s greatest and or worst moments It s not thorough like an encyclopedia if it were it would be very long but it does give soccer fans stories they might not have heard before This book is best for someone who is already a soccer fan but not an expert Someone new to soccer will be lost in all the names that aren t explained and league and cup structures that are mostly only hinted at A die hard soccer fan might already know most of what s in this book But for someone in the middle like I am, I found it enjoyablewith one exception The author is very honest about the history of death, violence, crime, and corruption in the sport, and it pervades this book Reading too much of it at one time might turn you off from soccer for a while, just from all the terrible things that have happened A quote included in the Liverpool section sums it up nicely Some people believe football is a matter of life and death I am very disappointed with that attitude I can assure you it is much, muchimportant than that. Revised edition will be needed soon to reflect current happenings from the 2015 2016 Premier League Aston Villa abysmal failure this season and strongly backed by all pundits and fans to be relegated down Chelsea Mourinho s firing due to the team s horrible start to defending their championship Possibly the worst title defence in the Premier League s history Manchester City arrival of Pep Guardiola in fall of 2016 Will a new and mega star coach s arrival finally spell European S U C C E S S Manchester United a horrible team under Moyes successor, Louis Van Gaal, with the distinct possibility of finishing out of the top 4 and being dumped out of the Europea League by a Danish team Real Madrid Firing of Benitez and hiring of Zidane How much bigger can Ronaldo s ego get Good overview of many of the clubs in various leagues around the world Not as in depth as I would have liked but hard to do without creating a tome. The most excellent soccer, claims Dempsey, is not played at the World Cup or during the Olympics but instead in vibrant, thrilling league games in Europe and elsewhere Indeed, Dempsey goes on to write that these tournaments arecompelling than almost any World Cup match of the last 30 years Club Soccer is a guidebook that provides fast and furious profiles of the 101 most storied league clubs from around the globe It goes beyond the usual suspects, such as Manchester United and A.C Milan and covers some teams you might only have heard about but not watched, such as Everton, Dinamo Kiev, and Notts County As one might imagine, there ain t too many from the United States, though three NY Red Bulls, LA Galaxy, and Seattle Sounders make the cut As an attempt to provide a historical guide to the teams, this succeeds wildly Readers learn that Atl tico Madrid is cursed with being good, but not as good as Real Madrid and that Fiorentina Italy sold its best player to its finals opponent during the series Dempsey packs a surprising amount of history and information into the scant few pages allotted for each of the teams, a testament to his knowledge and tenacity as a pithy, readable writer VERDICT This massive tome drops just in time to reap some of the interest generated by the World Cup, and readers even remotely interested in soccer will have a difficult time putting it down As for others, let s bear in mind that some of a man s deepest allegiances and emotional connections are to his team Dempsey calls these people hordes of completely committed and generally unhinged fans they will most probably buy this and eat it.Find this review and others at Books for Dudes, Books for Dudes, the online reader s advisory column for men from Library Journal Copyright Library Journal There are some moments in the great sport of association football that are remembered as dream for supporters of one team as nightmare for fans of the other and, for neutrals, as the reason we tune into any game, any time, anywhere just in case 35 That s from the Arsenal chapter of this book, which is not one for finishing so much as opening at random for fun stories, or to a particular chapter to find out the history of a specific team, and it pretty much nails why I still, and probably always will, stop and watch a bit of soccer any chance I get, why it still, and probably always will, catch my eye, whether I m channel surfing or walking by a restaurant that s showing a game on a TV I can see from the street Even though I have ridiculous cable, even if I ve already watched a game or have plans to watch another game or two, or three that day, I always stop to take a look just in case.Anyway This book is one for the I m always reading shelf because, as mentioned before, it s not a cover to cover kind of read it s a reference that s also a collection of fun stories but the two are synonymous in the best cases, right I say this as a kid who used to pick random pages from random volumes in the World Book Encyclopedia yep, the hardcover, like back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, because I am oooooold and read an article, then the related entries, then their related entries, and so on it occurs to me now that I was basically trying to invent the Internet on paper before I had any concept that such a thing might even be possible, let alone exist, but also that when I was doing this the Internet was in fact coming into existence neat.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Club Soccer 101 book, this is one of the most wanted Luke Dempsey author readers around the world.

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