Kids These Days (Stories from Luna East Arts Academy Vol. 1)

Kids These Days (Stories from Luna East Arts Academy Vol. 1) I received a copy of Kids These Days from D.R Lee via a giveaway from her The Perfictionist FB page I was really excited to read this because KTD was my first YA short story collection written by Filipino authors And it didn t disappoint Most of the stories were good, and reading all of them made me wish I had aexciting high school experience, haha XD If you ve read manga, especially shoujo, you ll see similarities in some of the stories but that doesn t take away from the fact that this book has a ton of kilig moments in it I also think it s cool that these stories sometimes intertwine.I have some favorites, and I ll list them here in the order that they appear in the book Yours is the First Face that I Saw by Ronald S LimThis was so adorable And it s twice as good if you watch Teen Wolf, or if you at least know who Scott McCall s actor is YitFFtIS is my favorite out of all the stories in the book It s so funny how Sebastian turns tsundere when he s around Tyler 3 The Letter by M Protacio De GuzmanI have a headcanon that either Sebastian or Tyler wrote the so called letter in this story It could even be Bernard, for all we know The Rumors About Me by Kristel S VillarI always root for the quiet and shy bookworms because I relate so much to characters like them I was glad Carly got her own story Picture Me Naked by D.R LeeThe title alone got me laughing out loud, but it was even funnier when I found out the context of the title in the story Seth and Lee are my favorite couple, I love their snarkiness so much Be Creative by Stella TorresLast on the list is Odette s story, who appeared earlier on in the other stories I got a fairy godmother vibe from her since she helps Carly and Tristan in TRAM, but she s a well written enough character in her own right.I m definitely getting a copy of volume 2 of the Luna East Arts Academy series. READ MY FULL REVIEW HERE looks like I finally have a verdict I did not like this anthology of YA short stories at all Which is a shame, because I was really looking forward to reading and liking this book Not just because it s a Philippine YA book and it s the second Philippine collection of YA stories that I read, after Bagets but also because it promises so many fluffy and cute stories, which I m actually craving right now since I m drowning in so many academic responsibilities that I need a breather To the book s credit, it did have a lot of cute and fluffy stories ButI still didn t like the entire anthology nonetheless I already mentioned this in my previous updates while reading the book, but the main problem that I found was that this collection lacked variety This was also a problem that I encountered in Bagets, but my expectations were now high in this book because Bagets was published in the early 2000s, so it was bound to be conservative and derivative Kids These Days didn t suffer from preachiness and forced conservatism however, it did suffer from a lack of variety in terms of tropes and clich s The majority of the stories in the collection follow the same trope, I swear and this trope is the relationship between a campus heartthrob guy and a nobody girl Don t get me wrong I have nothing against this trope I ll be lying if I said I don t enjoy reading about it every now and then But that s about it it s a trope that I have to read only every now and then because it is a trope that gets boring in a snap One novel following this trope would ve been fine because that way, it s just one story But seriously, 10 stories in a row that follow the same trope That s just the perfect way to lose the reader s interest Also, why does it always have to be the guy who is confident, rich, popular, and good looking, and it s always the girl who is shy, insecure, on a scholarship, unpopular, and plain I never understood why it has to be like this ALL THE DAMN TIME If they couldn t have the variety in terms of tropes because it seemed like all the writers in this anthology wanted to use the same trope over and over again, they could ve at least spiced things up with that said trope Like, I don t know, switch things up, experiment, and whatnot But nope Stick to tradition, I guess It also didn t help that there are some stories that nothing major happened, and I m just left wondering why it was in the anthology to begin with The book promises that the stories are interrelated, but it seems like only one main character appears in multiple stories that character is Carly, by the way, and I don t get why she receives such a special treatment , and that s about it So, yeah, there are just stories that just leave me Like, they re so unremarkable it made me wonder why they were there in the first place Other problems I had were I had a hard time investing in the characters some are either too boring, or too stereotypical case in point, Gigi in Something Real is so the typical people hurt me so I d rather be alone kind of character that every time she tried to explain why she was like that, I always roll my eyes because the explanations were so you guessed it typical also, Bianca is your typical cardboard cutout mean girl some of the romantic relationships sprung out of nowhere in Wouldn t Change a Thing, Nico is suddenly interested in Maan, and it was never elaborated why He just kept saying, I don t know why I care for her, and I m just like, Same, mate I don t get it either The story didn t care to explain , and some of the dialogues are awkward sounding I mean, seriously, who says, How dare you defy me to anyone That line only appears in, like, fantasy books or something I was tempted to put down this book numerous times, but because I need to read it for thesis, and because I also don t really like DNF ing a book, I forced myself to plough through it And thank God I managed to survive With all the negative things being said, I have to say that my favourite story out of the collection is Picture Me Naked That story was so hilarious, and it s the only one that I found to be the least cringe worthy, so there s that The rest, on the other hand shudders The Stories From LUNA EAST ARTS ACADEMY Are About Love And Also, Friends, Food, Kissing, Rumors, Mean People, Insecurities, Birthdays, Breakups, Making Up We Set It In An Arts Academy Because We Wanted Everyone To Have A Talent, And Know It Because No One Is Ordinary, If You Know Them Well Enough Who Are You, At LUNA EAST Are You A Popular Kid, A Wallflower, A Drama Club Diva, A Debate Whiz Visit Lunaeastacademy To Read Stories From LUNAEAST, And Submit Your Own For ReadersAnd UpOK LINK Luna East Website LunaeastacademyPaperback Order Form Bit Lunaeastv When I first heard about the Luna East Arts Academy anthology, I was super excited I felt like it was a Sweet Valley book all over again but this time, taking place in the Philippines AND each story is written by a Filipino I thought maybe I could relate to the storiesAlso, maybe I wouldn t feel so envious that I wasn t, you know, blonde, blue eyed, and can eat anything and still maintain that sun kissed slim bod that the Wakefield twins flaunt in our fatty faces.Well, I was rightand I was wrong I was right because I didn t feel so envious because the characters are people you might recognize in your school I was wrong because I felt envious that these are experiences I wish my high school had And oh, I wish Luna East Arts Academy was real.My high school was pretty ordinary, so I was envious at the numerous activities offered in Luna East We didn t have a swim team much less a swimming pool , we didn t have a football team, and we were so not allowed to have a kissing booth Darn Plus, I went to an all girls school, and now that I ve read this compilation, I definitely feel like I missed out on em boys interesting experiences.The stories compiled in this anthology are pretty much what you experience in other schools, though, and I was able to relate to some them You might find yourself in any of these stories from the one who never felt enough even though she keeps trying her best, to the one who had to diet everyday, to the one whose heart was broken by that jerk who never cared, to the one whose life has been thrown off track by a vicious gossip, to the one whose life turned a little better because of a boy, or a girl.With the different voices of each author, I felt like I was really reading the stories of the Luna East students themselves In an anthology with these many shorts combined, I think it s impossible not to have a favorite one or five These are the ones that made me excited, or got me laughing, or left me smiling long after I closed the book I have to give extra props to Mina Esguerra because I think the stories she chose to be the first and the last were very apt.Kids These Days starts off with Sitting in a Tree I think it sets the tone and lets the reader know that you can expect a lot of feelings, maybe even mucho kilig, depending on the story you can relate to This one, I can t relate to, but I truly wished we had that in high school Excellent writing by Chrissie Peria.This is followed by Fifty Two Weeks by Mina V Esguerra Amazing In what, less than five pages, she s got me agonizing forof that sexy banter It was so hot, I totally forgot that these kids were still in high school Man, I really missed out on a lot, huh This makes me think that if I have a child, co ed all the way for him her I liked Picture Me Naked by D R Lee because, well, the girl was adorably cheek And I m not saying I ve done the same thing, but, well, let s just say I had a few chuckles over that one The banter was good no sudden proclamations of love, but the inkling of something , something that could maybe happen, and I m happy she left it at that.Senpai s 1 Fan by Anne Plaza is a little different from the other stories The male crush interest is different from the others because it s a high school guy who cosplays and has this secret tender side But of course, there s that issue of being cool and keeping these adorable side of him hidden The story ends abruptly, but it reminded me instead of that guy you liked so much but you know you ll never have him anyway so you re already satisfied with all these kilig encounters Or maybe that s just me I had too many crushes in college.Be Creative by Stella Torres sets itself apart from the other thirteen stories in that it s not romance Oh, there s love, but it sfamilial than anything else I think the mother father resolution was a little sudden but it still made me feel good in the end I appreciate that someone wrote a story for the anthology that didn t revolve about the budding crush friend nemesis turned boyfriend story that populated the anthology for the most part.I also have to give props to Yours is The First Face I Saw by Ron Lim and The Letter by M Protacio De Guzman for their inclusion of gay or am I gay stories because I think gays need to know they are not alone in their confusion, and the inclusion of these stories in literature is important But aside from being one of the few gay themed stories in Philippine pop lit, I think these two stories depicted the most about the confusion and inner battle of identity that high school students teenagers go through, which the other tales did not fully convey Lastly, I give props to Miles Tan for breaking my heart with Something Real That was good.There were times I totally forgot these were high school kids I know kids can be really catty and mean the things I went through in high school put all these stories to shame but some were very adult, and reminded me of my college classmates instead Further, I went to a college who had scholarship kids who worked in various offices around campus, so instead of remembering my high school life, I remembered my campus, classes, and em heartbreaking boys all over again But instead of feeling morose by all the memories, I actually laughed.I also liked that the lives of the characters were somehow interrelated, and that the activities depicted in the stories made the Luna East Arts Academy School come alive I think that s the trick, you know The whole school felt real The characters were alive in my mind, and the stories were not too outlandish that I think a lot of teens, especially in high school, will enjoy the stories and might even go, Hey, that s me I think that the underlying concept of Luna East is brilliant And so are the stories itself in this volume, mind you I liked how the stories are interrelated even if the there are various authors I enjoyed reading the collection because it made me remember my own high school days That first crush, the CAT thingy, the various club activities etc Even the booze, LOL Nope, I didn t drink even if my classmates did I only actually went once, and only because it happened right where I was staying LOL no they didn t coerce those who didn t want to drink It was clean fun there was parental supervision and no, no one was making out at some room and this is why I think that the title of the volume fits and is quite telling , and nope, there were no parties of grand scale such as the ones that Odette and Bianca throw then again, we were from a public school it s nothing like Luna East not to mention it s on an island where the lifestyle is downright simple.My personal favorites in this collection are Sitting on a Tree by Chrissie Peria, Fifty Two Weeks by Mina Esguerra, Yours Is the First Face That I Saw by Ronald S Lim, and Picture Me Naked by DR Lee These are the stories that made me feel kilig I would really love for Yours Is the First Face That I Saw to be longer SeriouslyCan t wait to readof that.Looking forward to readingof their adventures on the second volume and congratulations to everyone. I was hit by memories reminiscent from my high school days it feels like its yesterday to me when I read this anthology All those tears, laughter, heartbreak, swoony moments with your crushes , and many other memorable moments that I ve experienced during my high school days flooded back into my mind I was like looking into a big screen while it played those scenes.My mind didn t register the words I read at first but eventually, I get the hang of it Some of the stories were cheesy but it s not the kind where you cringe at its cheesiness It has the too much cheesiness but it s so fluffy I m gonna swoon kind of feeling into it I fell in love with You Are The Apple of My Eye by Addie Lynn Co and Picture Me Naked by D.R Lee If I have my favorite ones, I also have my not so favorite ones those so so stories for me I prefer not to mention the titles of those stories but the reasons why I don t like them were because 1 I m just not into those kind of theme in a story, 2 left me with a big question mark in mind and 3 a bit bore ish for me The only complain I have is that most of the stories left me hanging the kind wherein you would want to throw something in front of you because you re too frustrated Did all the authors in this anthology planned for their stories to end in a cliffhanger Is there going to be a continuation to the stories or is the stories left to end like that Ugh I want a continuation to all of the stories in this anthology.This anthology may not be the best out there but it will certainly pull your attention on it It has a variety of stories on it It just doesn t focus on love there are stories in here about friendship, about heartbreaks, about family drama, student life, etc If what you re looking is something light, fluffy and short to read then this is the right one for you. I bought this book out of impulse after seeing that it was written by Filipino authors and set in an art school I ve been wanting to readlocal works, and I found that an art high school is a pretty unique concept I decided to buy it upon skimming through positive reviews here on Goodreads, and I was hoping that the stories would live up to my expectations However, I was disappointed to find that I could not relate to most of the stories despite being a high school student myself Perhaps it s because Luna East High School is a world beyond my own, with its affluent students and Western high school tropes There are some hints of Filipino culture in the stories eating dirty ice cream and almost texting wer na u, to name a few off the top of my head , but after finishing the book, I felt like I just flipped through the novel version of Mean Girls Many of the stories involve partying, underage drinking, cliques, and rumors which I mostly see in Western high school films and books Granted, these themes are present in Filipino high schools, but I was hoping to get aPinoy feel out of the book.Another thing that bothered me is the almost repetitive characters None of the characters truly stood out to me, and I could see a sort of pattern in the stories If they aren t scholars, they re art prodigies or gods of sports The boys are mostly heartthrobs with their pretty faces and athletic abilities The students are aware of the stereotypes in their school, and they feel like stereotypes There is so little variation in the characters that I thought I was reading the same story over and over again I also disliked how relationships in some stories were built up, or rather, how they were not built up at all There are characters who became interested in each other despite having little to no interaction And the conversations were so unrealistically cheesy or dramatic, making it difficult to empathize with these characters But of course, there is always some good to accompany the bad I appreciate how several stories touched on the topic of sexuality and presented it openly and realistically We have teenagers questioning their identity, and even an adult same sex couple Living in a conservative country, I m glad to see that our literature is becoming updated on these issues Another topic that stood out to me is that of the otaku subculture Being an anime fan myself, I had fun reading one of the stories which realistically portrayed said subculture, even showing the process and goings on in an anime convention Basically, I like how many of the stories offered representation of different identities and interests that are not as embraced or discussed often enough, especially here in the Philippines.Despite my many peeves about the book, I did somewhat enjoy reading it Some stories were cute, while others were eh What turned me off the most is how unrelatable the stories are to regular high school students, but I suppose I can forgive that since Luna East Arts Academy is not exactly a regular high school Overall, I would give this book a 2 5 for general enjoyment, but not much else. Welcome to Luna East Arts Academy, a place where your teenage fantasies are released, and where you can find yourself or find people who can help you get to know yourself even .Luna East is a collection of short stories from today s talented bunch of Filipino Authors It s a sneak peek about the lives of the students of Luna East Arts Academy, a fictional school where a lot of magic happens.From childhood sweethearts, to love at first sight to Cadet Training memories teenagers trying to go against the Status Quo to not being sure if the person you like likes you back to picturing someone naked getting rid of rumors and being true to yourself Anime Conventions Coffee shop talks and learning to stand for yourself and for the people in your life, this book has it all.What s great about Luna East is that there is a variation of stories no story is the same, but they also intertwine in such a way that you can find some of the characters in one story in the other There s continuity, for sure, but there is also variety, which makes it good, because as you well may know by now, some readers these days have little or close to zero tolerance for long books With this one, they can read a lot of stories, and I m pretty sure that they ll find their favorites that they can read over and over again Personally, I enjoyed Sitting on a Tree Chrissie Peria , Fifty Two Weeks Mina Esguerra , The Rumor About Me Khristel Villar , The Apple of My Eye Addie Lynn Co , Senpai s Number 1 Fan Anne Plaza , and Picture Me Naked DR Lee the most They were cute, kilig, and really a delight to read.Whether you re in High School, or just want a reminder of what High School used to be like, this book is for you It ll make you smile, laugh, root for the characters, be happy and sad and feel some hate about some characters, and maybe even wish forAfter all, it s High School, and there are all sorts of characters and all sorts of happenings involved You ll realize that a kid from Luna East is a mirror of the person you used to be Looking for a good read this lovely February Then better check out this first volume of stories from the Academy. Review posted at Amaterasu ReadsI always get nostalgic whenever I read stories about high school, given that it was such a fun time of my life And the collection of stories in Luna East Academy brought out a lot of warm, fuzzy feelings in me while I was reading There really is a story for anyone and everyone who ve ever been through the good and the bad times, the crazy ups and downs and the confusing, exhilirating time that was High School.Short but meaningful, each of the stories will bring out a different feeling from the reader the moment they finish reading I started off feeling kilig , immediately responding to that sweetness that started off the stories in Luna East It gradually pulled me in with the myriad of characters I meet in each author s work, each becoming a littleinteresting as I navigate through the world of high school cliques, the social hierarchies, and the common denominator that binds all of the stories inside friendship and love.I really think the idea behind Luna East is brilliant I love how I get to read works from different authors with different themes and writing styles and you not only get to see the contrasts in their works, but you get to know the lives of those within the fictional Academy that is Luna East You are bound to meet a character that you will like and dislike, read a story that will make your heart ache or jump with joy, one that will fascinate you a lot and make you think of it even after you ve finished reading I love getting that wonderful, happy feeling.All of the stories were really good, but some of them stayed with me long after I finished reading the Kindle ebook and they are Sitting in a Tree by Chrissie PeriaI ve read this first on the Luna East blog, and it didn t get less sweeter or cuter after my second time reading It makes one miss school fairs and all those booths that serves as bridges for some of the students to express what they feel for other fellow students.Fifty two weeks by Mina V EsguerraI had a big smile pasted on my face by the time I finished reading this story Anything Mina writes always seem to get under my skin, leaving me with extreme feels.Yours is the First Face that I Saw by Ronald S LimThis story surprised me completely I ve read a handful of stories with LGBT themes, but Ron s just made me fall in love with his story immediately after reading the first few paragraphs It s delightfully interesting and was written really well My only complain why does it have to end there More Something Real by Miles TanMy first taste of sadness in the world of Luna East Gigi s story took time for it to sink in There was something about her and what she s been through that makes me want to just hug her The poor girl and that guy I have no words to express what I feel about James It was a mix of frustration and disbelief and a little bit of sadness thrown in the mix I love how this story brought out complex feelings from me One of my top favorites The Rumor About Me by Kristel S VillarThis has got to be my most favorite story in this collection I just love anything that involves a shy, timid girl who learns to stand up for herself along the way and the jock who was completely different from what everyone thinks he really was I wish it didn t end I wish there was .Senpai s 1 Fan by Anne PlazaI was sold the moment the words Kaname and Danny Choo were mentioned at the start of the story, and later Quatre Raberba Winner Anne Plaza gave the readers a sneak peek into the world of Otakus, enough to gave Jannie a good foundation for her character If I was a character in Luna East s world I d probably be hanging out with Jannie and her friends I will thrive at anime conventions and fangirl over goods and cosplayers, and still be focused enough to notice someone like Adrian I also love how it wasn t just about anime or mecha costumes, but the transition to music is a good addition too Wouldn t Change a Thing by Jayen San Diego I am always the second best, and I hate it After I ve read that line I knew I was going to like this story I love how stubborn Maan can be, and how that stubborn streak in her draws Nico helplessly closer There s something good about getting inside Maan and Nico s head and knowing how they feel about those around them and each other, which made me love the point of view switching And those sweet moments at the end I had to re read them over and over.If you think of each story as a part of a world you ve yet to fully see, you will find something worth exploring in Luna East There s definitely a lot of room for new stories and characters to appear, all of them existing in a world where anything can happen Butthan that, these collection of stories urges everyone to come not just explore life in Luna East, but try to write their own story Each and every single tale can inspire a reader to write something, anything, to contribute to the world of arts, music, money and sports What a really lovely work this is Kudos to each and every writer in this collection You are all a talented bunch It all started at a romanceclass meet up, when Mina mentioned that she dreamed of writing a Sweet Valley esque type of series, but set in the Philippines Everyone who attended that class had read Sweet Valley at some point in their lives, so it was a pretty exciting idea We all started chattering excitedly about it, like where the school would be and the activities, and started calling dibs on characters in the school the jock, the teachers, and the like Stories started getting written over the next few months, a website was set up to house the stories, continuity was established, and now, the first volume of the book is out Well, almost out, because as of this writing, it s still a few days before the launch D The stories in Luna East were cute and fun, and there were no two stories alike I liked how there were so many eyes to see high school in, and so many people to rub elbows with Since this is just volume 1, the stories barely scratch the surface of what could be happening inside the school, but it s a good start to get yourself acquainted with the environment True enough, it felt like the school was a playground for the imagination, and reading through the stories got meexcited to finish mine, and mention some of the characters who were already in the other stories.And that s my favorite part of this, really the continuity I ve always loved it when characters have a cameo appearance in other stories I loved how one character would even have speaking lines in other stories, giving themdepth Don t you love it when authors work with each other and come up with completely original stories And if you ve read romanceclass novels, you ll probably spot a familiar place used in several stories, too D I didn t study in a school like Luna East, but even so, reading this was almost like I was back in high school In a good way, though, because my high school life was pretty tame and I could use a little excitement As the summary said, the stories here are mostly about love you know, the high school kind of love Crushes, unrequited love, love hate, unexpected type of love from the popular people to the people who consider themselves nobody inside the halls of Luna East Butthan love, they re also stories of friendship from kids who grew up together to kids who just got to know each other You might see yourself in one of these stories, because even if the setting is completely fictional and artsy , and even if you never had to wear unnecessary vests, high school is pretty much a universal experience for all of us You might hate it or like it or like me, you re pretty ambivalent about it , but there s always that one or two, or three high school memory that you will always tell the friends you meet post high school.But yeah, even as I read this, I found myself shaking my head at times while saying, kids these days Hmf Seriously, though, the first volume of Luna East was such a fun read Come and see what s inside, and you might just find a spot for yourself And when you do, perhaps you d like to write about it Also posted at I Like It Dog Eared

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