Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait

Time Machines Repaired While-U-WaitIn a near future Western Australia where time machines for personal use can be bought out of a catalog, Aloysius Spider Webb is a time machine repairman He was a member of the Western Australia police, until he was forced to leave under very unpleasant circumstances.He spends most of his time dealing with idiot customers who don t bother to read the instruction manual, or are upset because they can t travel to some major event in history, and change things The Department of Time and Space DOTAS has rules about such things, and the ability to enforce them His boss is a thoroughly dislikable person who everyone calls Dickhead, right to his face.Things get interesting when, one day, a time machine arrives with another time machine inside it In that second time machine is a female murder victim DOTAS comes and slaps a Top Secret sign on everything Things get eveninteresting when Spider finds a future version of himself, brutally murdered Iris Street, the local police Inspector, is called in She and Spider had a brief, but torrid, affair while he was a cop It was part of the reason for his abrupt departure.Spider meets several other future versions of himself, including a ninja type at the end of time There is one spaceship of good guys holding out against the bad guys, led by Spider s boss, Dickhead There are also alien beings called vores, who are literally eating the universe from the outside Back in the present, Spider, Iris and another future version of Spider deal with the aftermath of a woman who, six years previously, uploaded a video to the internet of her suicide by self immolation It was in retaliation for her husband having an affair with Clea Fassbinder the dead woman in the time machine.This will certainly give the reader a mental workout The plot may get a little gory, and convoluted, but it is a really good story, and is very much worth reading. I am of a mixed mind on this book I liked the writing and the characters, but I thought that the plot had significant holes I read quite a lot of time travel fiction and amor less familiar with all of the relevant tropes in that genre This book hits most of those tropes My difficulty is that it does not do a good job of integrating those tropes into a coherent whole I will list three significant problems There arebut these will give you a sense of the difficulties.First, every Tom Dick, and Bubba can travel in time In my mind, casual time travel should cause the whole temporal matrix to come crashing down There are minor side references to paradoxes and such but the story never explores this aspect in any detail A casual reader probably will not notice but a dedicated fan of time travel tropes will be left scratching various body parts, wondering about the magic glue that holds everything together without leaving a trace for the reader to detect.Second, the main settings of the story are the the near future and zillions of years later Some knowledge of history would make it clear that significant changes in viewpoints can occur in decades Zillions of years should produce correspondingly larger changes But the far future looks a lot like the near future And yet another case where these changes are invisible Third, Dickhead, while interesting, is hard to believe I kept thinking as I read the story, How does an idiot like this become a Master of Time He sounds like a late twentieth century used car salesman who has delusions of grandeur, and is doomed to fall short of his dreams, again and again This is the man who will serve as the master of ceremonies at the end of everything Really Having said all of this, I will probably read the next in series That book might drop a fewveils and reveal a fewsecrets that will make light of my concerns. A great concept, a world where time machines are a common consumer device, and the chaos that inevitably ensues because of that simple fact Combine that with a murder mystery and a battle to control all of time itself, and you have Time Machines Repaired While U Wait A very enjoyable read I finished Time Machines Repaired While U Wait by K.A Bedford several days ago, but needed a couple days to organize my thoughts about this book It is important to know that I have always found time travel stories to be problematic I can t seem to get past the idea of a continuous loop that any time travel in which a person meets a future or past self would create My example would be I eat a serving of gas station sushi and get food poison I 1 travel back in time and warn myself 2 not to eat the sushi If I 2 still eat it, I create a loop where now I 2 will go back and try to warn another me 3 not to eat it If I don t eat it, than there would be no reason for me to go back in time and that means I would still eat the sushi because I had no reason to warn myself See my head is already spinning trying to write this down, Now try and follow a storyline while all this is rolling around in your head.That being said, I did enjoy this story The plot was well written and the characters were interesting They handled time travel way better that I would.4 of 5 stars. I figured that any book that won the Aurealis award for best Australian science fiction novel couldn t be all bad And it s wasn t bad Justconfusing It s set in 2027, and time travel is all the rage Spider Webb lives in Perth and is a former cop who now repairs time machines for a living One day, he finds a murdered woman inside a time machine, and his life gets turned upside down.Honestly It had great potential to be an awesome book But there was so much future self turns up stuff going on that I couldn t keep track of the actual story, let alone which year the plot was currently in It seemed to me like the book started out as a murder mystery set in suburban Perth in the near future And then suddenly it jumps to being all end of the universe, fighting on space ships, oh hey future self, how are you today y And then it s back to murder mystery in suburban Perth again It was almost like two completely different books combined into one.But I guess that s the danger of books that involve time travelIn summary, it was okay But it made my head hurt trying to keep track of it all. Book Title Time Machines repaired while u wait Winner Aurealis Award for the best Australia Science Fiction Novel 2008Fiction or Non Fiction Non FictionPublished 2009 Fremantle PressAuthor K Adrian Bedford 1963 born in Fremantle and has written 5 science fiction novels.Synopsis A thoroughly bored time machine repair man finds a dead body in a time machine and starts a chase across time to find the murderer Tragic events are discovered and multiple timelines and multiple identities keep the mind on edge as the end of time looms.Rating 2 5 stars, lots of bad language and complaining, but a fresh take on time travel.Recommended If you are interested in Science Fiction and or time travel Lots of Perth buildings and icons get a mention the book.Remarkable He develops the time travel technology minimally but builds complaining characters of dubious nature to the extreme Interesting quote A lot of the story is about broken coffee machines and dealing copies of yourself from other timelines Page 222 At last after all the previous blather, Spider thought, we finally reach the crux of the matter, the bitter fact, the hard ask You want me to eliminate my own future self Summary Time Machines repaired while u wait started well Got bogged down in depression and bleakness in the future possible lives of the main characters It manages to come back to a resolution towards the last few chapters. Fun Convoluted Thoughtful But mostly fun There s a blend of mystery, intrigue, a sprinkling of Australian humour but not enough to cringe over and, of course, icky sticky time machine issues The book isn t wedged in one gear, rather the reader is taken on an unashamedly twisted ride over think it, and it won t be fun, under think it, and you ll miss out.Spider is a decent, gritty, slightly grotty reluctant hero kind of guy, not all that likeable but definitely relatable, the kind of guy you root for because he s sensible enough to want to avoid what s looming up in front of him.And Dickhead A perfect counterpart, with his sphere of influence and his bigness.Would I read this book again Yep Would I recommend it to others Yep. In The Future, Aloysius Spider Webb Will Journey To The End Of TimeFor Now, Spider Must Be Content With Repairing Broken Time Machines, Rebuilding His Life And Avoiding The Lunatic Antics Of His Boss, Dickhead McMahonSpider S Life Is Status Quo Until He Discovers Inside A Broken Second Hand Time Machine, The Corpse Of A Brutally Murdered Woman From The Future The Department Of Time And Space Steps In To Manage The Situation Leaving Spider Asking A Lot Of Questions That Only Lead To Questions Unsettling Evidence, Brewing Trouble, And The Knowledge That Spider Himself Might Be Involved In An Epic Battle For Control Of Time ItselfWill His Knowing The Future Be A Curse Or A Blessing And Will Spider Webb Really Find Out How Things Turn Out Before They Happen With His New Found Knowledge, Who Can Spider Trust One Thing Is Certain It Will All Happen Before The End Of Time KA Bedford Was Born In Fremantle, Western Australia, InHe Attended Curtin And Murdoch Universities, And Studied Writing, Theatre, And Philosophy Other Books By K A Bedford Hydrogen Steel Eclipse Orbital Burn Paradox Resolution Testimonials It Is A Very Pacey Read For Most Of The Book, It Has Unlike Much SF A Decent Set Of Female Characters And There Are Touches Of Time Travel Genius And Effective Paranoia Inducing Scenes Mark Pack, Reviewer Bedford Is Funny In A Crazed, Rudy Rucker Kind Of Way While Rucker Writes Of Gonzo Theorists, Bedford Writes Of The Gonzo Mechanics Who Keep The Machines Running Fred Cleaver, Denver Post I Wasn T Crazy About The Cover On This One, But The Contents Are Pretty Neat Close Your Eyes Until You Ve Opened The Book And You Should Be All Right Don D Ammassa The Author Skillfully Manipulates Spider S Travails And Travels Through Time And He Does Time Travel, Both Slightly Backward And Far Forward, As His Personal Life Both Unravels And Resolves Itself He Does End Up Meeting Other Versions Of Himself, But The Author Helps Both Spider And The Reader Out By Referring To These Alternates As Soldier Spider Or Near Future Spider If You Relish The Conundrums Of Time Travel And Enjoy The Slightly Off Kilter Perspective From The Opposite Side Of The World Australia , This Story Of A Man Attempting To Both Solve A Mystery And Come To Terms With His Life Will Provide A Pleasurable Escape From Present Day Reality SF Revu The Local Western Australia Ambiance Provides A Unique Perspective That Is Quite Consistent With The Gonzo Aspects Of The Story Bedford Has Created A Science Fiction Novel That Is Sure To Please Most SF Fans D Douglas Fratz, Sci Fi Time Machines Repaired While U Wait Is A Fast Moving Novel That Will Appeal To The Reader Who Appreciates Complicated Plot Lines, Murder, And Amusing Dialogue Highly Recommended Ronald Hore, CM Magazine This story takes the classic detective idea but adds a all new futuristic twist Spide web former detective turned time machine repareman takes in a time machine thqat was acting funny As it turns out a seperate time machine had been hidden in the shadow of that one only this one holds harbors a dead body This causes Spider to revert to his old ways and he begins to sink deeper and deeper into a war between to of the same companies from different time zones,only the good company is loosing they are on low life support and are beginning too give up this hopless warI really enjoyed this book once you get used to the constant switching of timezones its great This book will open your mind to new ideas that one could only dream about. I love stories about time travel, and finding one set in my home town is an added bonus This is a rollicking good sci fi murder mystery, with some intriguing and well polished characters Kudos to the author too for getting away with naming one of the main characters, Dickhead, without blinking an eye Very smooth prose, a lengthy novel but it flows really well He also manages to make the incredibly complex sci fi components of time travel logical and believable Recommended.

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