JackabyThis book was so enjoyable to read I love Jackaby as a character, he reminds me so much of Sherlock but then he is different in his own way Some of the things Jackaby would say would make me laugh, he definitely is such an interesting character On the note of characters, all the characters, not just Jackaby, are great in their own way As you read you grow to love all of them I highly recommend this book if you love historical fiction, mystery, the supernatural and Sherlock Holmes. This year I tried to clear my bookshelves virtual and physical a bit with feeble to moderate success One of the directions I wanted to take is to read as much as I could from the books I owned and added to my TBR a long time ago 2014 I did not manage to do that too well but at least this is one of them I read this at the right time, exactly when I needed something light, short that I could finish in 1 2 days, with a bit of magic and mystery It delivered on all these, I enjoyed while it lasted but I doubt I will read the follow up I did not feel it was anything special and I did not warm towards the characters It wants to be a YA Sherlock Holmes with a magic twist set in the US but it lacks the smartness. Miss Rook, I Am Not An Occultist, Jackaby Said I Have A Gift That Allows Me To See Truth Where Others See The Illusion And There Are Many Illusions All The World S A Stage, As They Say, And I Seem To Have The Only Seat In The House With A View Behind The Curtain Newly Arrived In New Fiddleham, New England And In Need Of A Job, Abigail Rook Meets R F Jackaby, An Investigator Of The Unexplained With A Keen Eye For The Extraordinary Including The Ability To See Supernatural Beings Abigail Has A Gift For Noticing Ordinary But Important Details, Which Makes Her Perfect For The Position Of Jackaby S Assistant On Her First Day, Abigail Finds Herself In The Midst Of A Thrilling Case A Serial Killer Is On The Loose The Police Are Convinced It S An Ordinary Villain, But Jackaby Is Certain It S A Nonhuman Creature, Whose Existence The Police With The Exception Of A Handsome Young Detective Named Charlie Cane Deny Doctor Who Meets Sherlock In William Ritter S Debut Novel, Which Features A Detective Of The Paranormal As Seen Through The Eyes Of His Adventurous And Intelligent Assistant In A Tale Brimming With Cheeky Humor And A Dose Of The Macabre What a let down this book was.I was so bored And it had to do with the story, not the writing or Jackaby himself He was great Strange and not always understandable, but different and fascinating Not the sort of character we encounter in every read His eyes looked like they could be a hundred lifetimes old, but he bore an otherwise young countenance and had a fervent energy about him That s my Sherlock Jackaby I wonder if I was the only one calling him Jackabbey or Jackbaby here and there Especially when reading fast My mind just processed those names instead of his real one and that pretty often.So, really, he wasn t the problem It s the dull mystery case that literally put me to sleep I was alternating my read of this book with Scarlet because I really didn t want to leave Jackaby half unread due to boredom Who knows, maybe the sequel s mystery will blow me away and, by DNFing, I would lose my chance to be impressed Plus, I loved that detective I think you must be a bit confused, he said But don t feel bad it s a common state Most people are I ve included in this review some Jackaby quotes because he was wonderfully showing a great sense of humour often without meaning to and was a character worth knowing about And I understand the author s choice of not making him a main one I absolutely do but, sincerely, our Abigail was just so dull and insipid She did participate in the story and have her place in it and a certain mild role during scenes, but I barely noticed her and often forgot that she was even there Usually, characters such as Abigail can be interesting because some can allow you to simply push them aside and mentally take their own place in the book, like it happened to me with Ana from Fifty Shades of Grey and Kelsey from Tiger s Curse But not Abigail I couldn t do that with her, but that may be because it didn t interest me at all to help solve that boring case It might all have been intriguing and I can t believe I m saying this if there were no paranormal elements There, I said it I think they confused me than anything else, since the world building was barely explained I usually can t get enough of paranormal as theme, but, in this context, the story was better without it, in my opinion Monsters are easy, Miss Rook They re monsters But a monster in a suit That s basically just a wicked man, and a wicked man is a dangerous thing by far Another problem I had with this book is that we didn t know much about any of the characters I mean, I adored Jackaby s personality and the way he interacted with others and spoke, but I did wish to also know some personal information about him In the next book, perhaps So, for that for Jackaby I ll keep on reading this series, disappointment or not.PS There was no romance Another thing that the sequel might includeLet s hope.Gif source Average read I think the story is super interesting, may give the sequels a go But I just found the pacing really really fast The book is based over 48 hours mainly and it was sooooooo jam packed Still good though Update 1 I m getting this book next week So excited to start reading this Pre review Doctor Who meets Sherlock Doctor Who meets Sherlock DOCTOR WHO MEETS SHERLOCK Jackaby was without a doubt my most anticipated read ever since I learned of its existence you know, about two months ago It sounded intriguing, especially with the way it was being marketed Sherlock meets Doctor Who I mean, that s every fangirl s wet dream, right Then the negative reviews started flowing in, and I grew wary of the book Nevertheless, when someone gifted it to me during the Ninja Halloween Book Swap, there was nothing for me to do but to pick up this book and form my own opinion of it.Truth be told, I really enjoyed it It really felt like a modern Sherlock novel, only with a supernatural twist.Jackaby is without a doubt one of the most interesting characters I ve had the pleasure of meeting this year This consulting detective does not only solve murders, but he solves murders committed by trolls and pixies and all the other stuff that goes on in the other dimension That s where the Doctor Who part comes in, also because he s quite eccentric In fact, a fellow blogger who hadn t seen Doctor Who, compared Jackaby to the Mad Hatter instead, which I thought was a really accurate statement.There is definitely a little bit of SherlockI have ceased concerning myself with how things look to others, Abigail Rook I suggest you do the same In my experience, others are generally wrongAs well as the strangeness of the DoctorThis world is full of dragon slayers What we need are a few people who aren t too proud to listen to a fishAnd, well, how can you not love it It was definitely the weirdness of it all that lured me in I didn t feel as compelled by the murder mystery, but by the fact that this was a world filled with the fantasy elements that I love so much It had me laughing, just because it was so deliciously weird When you enter Jackaby s home, you re told not to stare at the frog There is indeed a frog, and if you do stare at it, the frog lets loose a most terrible stench that lasts for hours There s a pond on the second floor with a man sized duck, and a ghost named Jenny Further, there s a chapter missing as per Jackaby s request and they make fun of Belgium The book is filled with small oddities like that, which made me appreciate the story so much.What I also appreciated was that there is no heavy emphasis on romance There is a love interest, but it doesn t drive the book, nor is it filled with cheese It was sweet, just that, nothing , nothing less.If you ve been drooling over this book and that amazing cover for the last couple months but you re unsure as to whether you ll like it or not, I say pick it up Give it a try Maybe not for the crime aspect, but I assure you you ll appreciate the weirdness It sounds entirely familiar, for don t we all have a little weirdness inside of usShe has saved this town and its people from countless monsters countless times That the battles are often in her head does not lessen the bravery of it The hardest battles always are This world is full of dragon slayers What we need are a few people who aren t too proud to listen to a few fish He s quite mad, you know But adventure can be very appealing There s something special about this book it s well written has nice, reliable characters touches the topic of women s position in late 19th century society has an intriguing addition of supernatural element, and, of course, let s not forget about the fact that it s a Sherlock Holmes retelling When I started this book, I had almost zero doubts this book will catch my attention and keep it till the last page and there s only 299 pages All the ingredients above guaranteed an easy, funny read to me Alas, I can t say I was 100% satisfied Yes, there was humorWell, if we didn t sail together, how did you ever ah, you must have snuck a peek at my luggage labels I tried to remain casual, but leaned away as the man drew closer still, inspecting me The oak countertop dug into my back uncomfortably He smelled faintly of cloves and cinnamon I did nothing of the sort That would be an impolite invasion of privacy, the man stated flatly as he picked a bit of lint from my sleeve, tasted it, and tucked it somewhere inside his baggy coat.Yes, women s topic was quite developedI prefer to look after myself, ma am, but thank you I appreciate your concern for my well being, but some of us have pressing matters to attend to than practicing our curtsies and turning foolishly sized bonnets into topiaries Yes, the narrator was easy to connect withA young woman across the dock pulled her winter coat tightly around herself and ducked her chin down as the crowd of sailors passed Her shoulders might have shaken, just a little, but she kept to her path without letting the men s boisterous laughter keep her from her course In her I saw myself, a fellow lost girl, headstrong and headed anywhere but home Yes, Jackaby, in whose honor this book is named, was a great believable prototype of Sherlock HolmesMiss Rook, I am not an occultist Jackaby turned on the landing and faced me I am a man of reason and science I believe what I can see or prove, and what I can see is often difficult for others to grasp I have a gift that is, as far as I have found, unique to me It allows me to see truth where others see the illusion and there are many illusions, so many masks and facades All the world s a stage, as they say, and I seem to have the only seat in the house with a view behind the curtain.Yes, the supernatural aspect was great and managed to surprise me than onceMonsters are easy, Miss Rook They re monsters But a monster in a suit That s basically just a wicked man, and a wicked man is a dangerous thing by far But, all in all, this book lacked depth, in my opinion The story, indeed, touches all the topics above, but they seem superficial We don t have enough pages to develop deep thoughts we only briefly underlined issues and let them be, and, maybe, some of them will make its way into our minds and expand the topic But what I really wanted is for that book itself to expand them, to make me think there s to the story than a light funny read I wanted darkness, too It seemed like the whole story took place in one day everything happened too quickly And, mind you, I ve been reading this book for almost 15 days and still I had that impression of urgency and lack of thoughtfulness I still would highly recommend this book to everyone, especially to Sherlock Holmes s fans, but I am not sure I ll be picking the sequel any time soon Simply put it was nice to meet you, Mr Jackaby, but I expected from you Re read MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListBLOODY BRILLIANTI love Jackaby and I think Sherlock would approve of him too and find him rather funny, which he is I might add Okay, like I said, I love Jackaby and I love Miss Abigail Rook They are a perfect match as you get to read about them in the book, but the first meeting was what I found rather comical or disturbing depending on how you look at it It was the eyes, I think, that startled me the most, opened wide and staring with intense inquisition It was the eyes and the fact that he stood not half a pace from my stool, leaning ever so slightly in, so that our noses nearly bumped when I turned to face him. there is some stuff in between all of that and thenHello I managed to say, when I had regained balance atop my stool Can I help You re recently from the Ukraine It was not a question His voice was calm and even, but something amused He continued, his gray eyes dancing as though exploring each thought several seconds before his mouth could voice it You ve traveled by way of Germany, and then a great distance in a sizable shipmade largely of iron, I d wagerThis was Miss Rook s first encounter with Jackaby when she came ashore She had been traveling around trying to get in on any archaeological digs that she could She wanted to be like her father but her parents wanted her off at university and to find a good husband Um, no So, she ran away Now she is in America looking for any kind of work that she could get until she decided what to do next Miss Rook goes all around town trying to find a job, but to no avail One person told her to go over to the post office because they need help a lot of the time Nothing there either but wait there are some bulletins put up on a board and there is one she is interested in We all know where this is headed right The man himself, Jackaby, needs an assistant Not long after Miss Rook is trying to talk Jackaby into giving her a chance they are rushed out to check out a murder scene One they shouldn t be on of course You know, the cops hate having him around unless they ask for him Jackaby finds something fishy at the crime scene he detects something supernatural is the culprit How totally awesome to have this type of supernatural mixed in with a Sherlock background Once again, Brilliant I say There are a lot of comical parts in the book that I just loved There is a part where they are at the crime scene investigating in another part of the building and Jackaby makes the mistake of telling a woman she is not special let that thought linger Jackaby turned at last Madam, I assure you, I meant only that you are not special I cupped a palm over my face The woman reddened several shades Jackaby smiled at her in what I m certain he felt was a reassuring and pleasant manner following a reasonable explanation He seemed prepared to let the whole thing wash away as a friendly misunderstanding What he was not prepared for, apparently, was to be socked in the face It was not a ladylike swat or symbolic gesture The force of it actually spun the detective halfway around, and his trip to the ground was interrupted only briefly by the wall catching him on the ear on the way down. So Jackaby and Miss Rook are on the case to find out what this being is that has started killing in a most horrific way We get to meet some really cool creatures in the book well not the evil one, but I digress Jackaby lives in a big ole place and he has some other things that live there with him This would be two of my other favorite characters in the book, Jenny the ghost and Douglas the duck there is as story there but I will leave it to you to figure out Jenny the ghost, decides since it s her house or was, that she wants Miss Rook to move in and Jackaby actually feels the same way But before all of this was mentioned to Jackaby, Jenny took it upon herself to start moving things around in the attic so Miss Rook would have somewhere to sleep And you know with all of those noises, Jackaby and Miss Rook thought someone had broke in which made for another little comic bit And with that it was settled Jenny clapped her hands together and smiled brightly, and Jackaby turned to look at me What in heaven s name are you doing with my copy of Historia Lycanthropis I what I answered eloquently That book What on earth are you doing with it Well, you had a stick His eyebrows furrowed This is a shillelagh It was cut from Irish blackthorn by a leprechaun craftsman, cured in the furnace of Gofannon, and imbued with supernatural powers of protection That he gestured to the book is a book It s heavy, though A leprechaun Like, the tiny fellows who keep pots of gold at the ends of rainbows Don t be asinine I mean a real leprechaun That volume is a sixteenth century original printing I hope very much that you didn t intend to use it as a projectileI totally fell in love with this book The characters The monsters they met, which were some very nice ones by the way The banter and wit I just loved the book okay It has an awesome cover too I think anyone that loves Sherlock, mysteries, the supernatural and snark, will love this book This was a fun read, but it was nothing than that If you re looking for something light and fun then I would give this a go, but if you re looking for something that will blow your mind, I wouldn t pick this up I had a few issues with the writing, as I picked up on several repetitive pieces of dialogue, that drove me insane I also wasn t a massive fan of Jackaby, I found him to be a bit obnoxious For the most part though, I enjoyed this book I ll definitely be checking out the sequel.

WILLIAM RITTER is an Oregon educator and author of the New York Times bestselling Jackaby series He is the proud father of the two bravest boys in the Wild Wood, and husband to the indomitable Queen of the Deep Dark.

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