The Mad Ship

The Mad Ship In Ship Of Magic, Robin Hobb Introduced Us To The Bingtown Traders And Their Comfortable World, Just At The Point Where It Starts To Fall Apart, A Process Which Accelerates In This Second Book Of The Liveship Traders Series Slavery And Slave Trading Have Come Into Fashion, And The Old Trading Alliance With The Strangely Disfigured Colonists Of The Rain Wilds Is Falling Apart Their Distant Overlords In Jamailla Are Making Demands Of Tribute And A Slavery Hating Pirate Captain Has Ambitions Of His Own Hobbs Characters Are Complex And Usually Attractive Her Sense Of The Conflicts That Arise Between Imperfect Goods Is Sophisticated Above All, She Shows A Capacity For Sympathy In Unlikely Places Kennit, The Pirate Who Constantly Tries To Deny That He Has A Conscience Althea, Who Will Sacrifice Almost Everything To Her Desire To Get Back Control Of The Family Ship The Ships Themselves, Intelligent Beings Whose Grace And Charm Hide The Fact That They Are The Victims Of A Crime Nonetheless Gross For Being Inadvertent Like The Assassin Trilogy Before It, The Liveship Traders Books Take Us To A World Of Beauty And Strangeness, Where Actions Plausibly Have Terrible Consequences Roz Kaveney

Megan Lindholm, and works under that name have been finalists for the Hugo award, the Nebula Award, and the Endeavor award She has twice won an Isaac Asimov s Science Fiction Readers Award.

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  • The Mad Ship
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  • 09 October 2019
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    A wonderful sequel filled with spectacular characters development but unfortunately, it had a few pacing issues.Plot wise, I honestly don t have a lot of things to say about The Mad Ship Same as the first book and pretty much all Hobb s books that I ve read so far, character developments and relationships took the utmost priority here There is nothing wrong with it, in fact, I loved it most often than not However, there are a few pacing issues with this book that made me deduct my rating Let it be known first that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Hobb s prose, even when some of the POV s felt tedious and unnecessary, I found them enjoyable to read due to how great Hobb s writing is The fact that I finished reading this 900 pages tome within four days should be evident enough Tomorrow owes you the sum of your yesterdays No than that And no less The pacing issues I had for this book were caused because of the new character, Serilla, and also the returning serpent s POV Serilla as a character just bored the hell out of me, she faced a lot of hardships but it all happened way too fast before her personality was fully fleshed out yet and it made my empathy towards her completely desensitized As for the serpent s POV, it s the end of the second book already and their POV remained super vague and weird to read These are minor issues though, I can t shake the feeling that Hobb is using this book just as a solid foundation for the rewarding conclusion of the trilogy.The Mad Ship explore the previous characters relationships and personalities even than before, this is especially true for Captain Kennit, Wintrow, the Liveships, and Malta the results were absolutely terrific Captain Kennit is a very complex character, I really should hate him but I just can t He did a lot of questionable things but at the same time, he also did a lot of great things even though almost all of them happened for the wrong reasons Other than him, it was a pleasant experience reading about every characters development, this is pretty much Hobb s main strength as a writer However, my biggest praise will have to go towards Malta Malta is probably one of the biggest surprises in character development I ve ever had in literature Reading the first book, it shouldn t come as a surprise when I say that I absolutely despised her with every beat of my heart, and that s still true for the first half of this book Then came the second half of the book where Hobb improved her personality realistically and seamlessly, it was in a word, amazing Also, I have a feeling that one of the characters in this trilogy is actually a character from the Farseer trilogy, I can t be completely sure yet but at this point, I m really sure it s him Love isn t just about feeling sure of the other person, knowing what he would give up for you It s knowing with certainty what you are willing to surrender for his sake Make no mistake each partner gives up something Individual dreams are surrendered for a shared one There are also several revelations towards the serpents, the liveships, the Rain Wilds, the dragons that bring even rich detail towards the world building in Hobb s books It s pretty obvious that Hobb withholds tons of the remaining revelations for the third book and I hope it all will leads towards a satisfying and rewarding conclusion to the trilogy.The Mad Ship is a great sequel with very rich characters and world building developments It s too bad that it s also afflicted with the infamous middle book syndrome but if the third book managed to make all the preparation in this book worthwhile, The Liveship Traders has a chance of becoming one of my favorite trilogy of all time You can find this and the rest of my Adult Epic High Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest

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    The Mad Ship picked up right where Ship of Magic ended so I didn t have to wait much before I found myself between the action And by action I didn t mean the pirate battles or some wars but the planning and plotting to win a LivShip s heart Hobb did a wonderful job with every story arc that she gave us in first book but here I will talk about my favorite ones i.e Malta, Kennit, and Paragon Malta was the character I hate to love but she changed herself so much here that it was hard for almost half of the book that this was the same arrogant, cunning, vile, and proud girl I met in first book The change in her was so drastic For a long time I thought she would changed her colors and be back to same cruel girl but it never happened and with each chapter she paved her way in my heart and it was so hard to hate her I know she was naive and manipulative but here she showed a depth in her character and understanding of things which some people would say beyond her understanding Kennit is a work of art, he beat Malta in manipulation by leagues He was making everyone on his ship doing things he wanted them to do all the while making them think that he was giving into what they want All the while he was keeping his secrets hidden from every one else, his motives and his darkest desires I hated him and yet could not stop marveling at how he turned the tide in his favor One moment he was on the door of death and bam in the other he was the pirate king The crippled god who would save the slaves from their cruel masters But no one knew how ambitious he was and he would not think a moment if he had to kill everyone to achieve his goal Paragon was introduced in the Ship of Magic and I kept wondering why he was given a PoV when he did nothing but stand on the shore of Bingtown and behave like some mad man And perhaps that s why he was called a mad ship, yes now you know where this book got it s title From refusing to sail again to going on a quest which was a lost cause even before it started Paragon was not a character that I liked initially but he slowly grew on me and there were many times in this book where he revealed some painful secret from his past which left me sad Definitely a very good middle book though slow at times it was slow but in the end I am happy how events in this book made way for the finale.

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    I m really starting to like Captain Kennit he s such a rogue in a most fortuitous situation He now has control of the ship Vivacia Who would have though it He just seemed to be full of false confidence with a heightened sense of unjustified arrogance But, it turns out, he is actually quite skilful He reminds me a little of Jack Sparrow in his deceptive uselessness And now he finds himself competing with his young prot g e, Wintrow, for the love and esteem of the vessel What did you just say, the love of the Vessel That s right Robin Hobb s ships are alive Just look at the pic Another pirate adventure Despite all their differences, Wintrow learns a hell of a lot form his most unlikely role model Wintrow has gone from a soft, humble, priest of Sa to a hardened sailor he now even has the possibility of becoming heir to the rising power of the Pirate King He has developed a lot, and, in all honesty, I really didn t expect to see him come this far He seemed so physically weak, but Robin Hobb has created a character who has developed so much, that is inner strength has turned into outer fortitude He s so well written like most of her characters Eventually, and inevitably, he begins to clash with the roguish captain who, though using Wintrow for his own ends, has developed a twisted affection for him I guess he sees a lot of himself in the boy However, that is easily overcome by his burning passion to completely possess the Liveship physically and emotionally So, if it means pushing WIntrow out of the way to get his goal, he wouldn t think twice He s a pirate after all He wants a ship that will grant him wealth, reputation and respect This is far important to him than his prot g e A very familiar face I was hoping for crossovers with the Farseer trilogy, and I really wasn t disappointed It was great to see what a certain prophet got up to when he wasn t with his catalyst And it was great to see that no matter how far away he is from Fitz, he will always try to remember him and honour him His chapters were some of the most important because, though his actions may appear simple, they have far reaching consequences As always his decisions are powerful and influential even if they re discreet and veiled The emotion is still there though it s always there To love another person like that, you have to admit that his life is as important as yours Harder still, you have to admit to yourself that perhaps he has needs you cannot fill, and that you have tasks that will take you far away from him It costs loneliness and longing and doubt and One day, a day I m looking forward too, all these series will come together Their significance in an overall plot will be revealed Well, hopefully If this is the case, then I love the way this is being done This could quite easily have been a separate fantasy universe but it just wouldn t have been the same This is a good series, but it lacks the power of the friendship that makes the other series so great There is a glimpse of it though it isn t the full feature This is good, but Robin Hobb would have to go a real long way to top what she does best Liveship Traders 1 Ship of Magic A seafaing 3.5 stars 2 The Mad Ship A tumultuous four stars 3 Ship of Destiny A cresting four stars

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    Honestly, this is one of the best books I have ever read and certainly will be one of the top books of this year so far for me I am so happy that after disliking the final Farseer book I continued on with Hobb s work because this book has sealed her as a fabulous and key writer in the Fantasy genre for me She s a fantastic writer, and I think that the progression between the first trilogy and this one is utterly incredible in the difference This is once the continuation of the Vestrit Family and their lives at a time of turmoil and unrest in their community The world that they live in is vast, but their section is called the Cursed Shores and few people travel there In recent times people have slowly been trickling into their town and threatening the way that they live and the customs they keep, causing discontent and hatred between the New Traders and the Old Traders Life is fairly simple in this part of the world Usually the women stay home with their children whilst the men go to sea and trade in order to gain money and keep their families afloat The Vestrit family is not exactly normal however because each of the members are their own person, witjh their owl ambitions, goals and flaws One of the best elements of these books is the characterisation that Hobb manages to make utterly and flawlessly believable The characters we meet in these books all feel totally realistic and truly undeniable, and we grow to love and hate, worry over and whine at each of them in turn Ship of Magic is the first book in this series and I gave it a 5 rating and loved every moment of reading it, but this book is 1,000x better I didn t even know that Hobb could weave the elements of a story so well together but she has not only done that, but she did it beautifully and timed each and every revelation and build up so well The writing is stunning and the intensity and realisation of the world is also stunning, Picturing some of the scenes and places within this book is so easy Also, some of the characters are fabulous in the way that they act and speak and many times I found a phrase or section of speech or thought which mystified and amazed or awed me with the depth of thought behind it.This world focuses a lot on Trade and for the best and most efficient Trade having a Liveship literally a Ship which has absorbed the memories of various family members and had become alive from the rain Wild Traders is a great way to travel The ships have their own persoanlities and we get to see them all as they grow and develop with the people surrounding them and the events that they witness or are involved in The nurturing and care of a Liveship is a delicate balance and when too much treachery or devastation comes into play it can harm the ship and make them go mad.Some of the characters who I really enjoyed seeing develop in this book included Malta Vestrit a young, fairly spoilt girl at the start of the series who cares only for material possessions and getting her own way Whilst she was an irritant to begin with she was a convincing character and her tendencies both shocked and annoyed me because of how real she felt As the story goes on however Malta develops a lot and the harsh situation that the Vestrit family find themselves in clearly does affect her and the way that she is able to grow up and change Reyn Khuprus a young man who is a member of the Rain Wild traders Reyn is the first Rain Wild point of view we get to see and in this book he really gives us a fair amount of clues and insight into who the rain Wilds are and what they believe in We get to experience the wonder of their home, the customs they follow and believe and see him face some very difficult choices between what he wishes to do and what he can do Paragon the ship Paragon is known by nearly everyone in Bingtown as the Mad Ship because of how many times he has sailed and killed the crew working aboard him it s clear that many bad things have happened to Paragon and so he seems unstable and unhappy a lot of the time He s a liveship, but he no longer sails because people are afraid of him and very few people want to even go near him, let alone risk sailing him However, despite all that paragon became one of the best characters in my mind whilst reading this because of how funny and sad he could be at times There were moments I laughed at his bitterness and savage insults, and other moments when he would reveal a secret of such sadness I felt like crying for him Vivacia is the Vestrit family liveship who is only a very recently awakened ship Everything she believed would happen before she was quickened brought to life by the memories has been challenged and changed since her awakening and she s stuck in a world of wrongness and savagery which threatens to change her forever She s a young liveship compared to Paragon and so she s easily influenced by the people on board her and in this book she certainly starts to become something other than what she always believed she d be Etta us a whore from Divvytown who is sailing alongside Captain Kennit a pirate She s a character who goes through a lot of growth in this book with the help of one of the Vestrit s and she becomes a much better woman because of the help she gets She s a strong willed fighter and she resents people looking down on her or helping her, but when she does let someone in she s kind and considerate too I enjoyed seeing the way that her personality evolved with a little nurturing and help Amber a woodcarver who has been living in Bingtown and has become friends with Althea Vestrit and the Paragon recently She s a fairly mysterious character and as yet her origins are unknown by the reader, yet she brings new advice and perspectives to the traders and she tries her best to help maintain the old ways of Bingtown Many of the thought provoking writing came from conversations between her and others in the book, particularly Paragon, and I enjoyed that immensely Sirilla a Companion to the Satrap ruler over Bingtown, although much hated there in recent years She s an intelligent and well qualified advisor to the Satrap but when the relationship between Jamaillia Satrap s home and Bingtown start to deteriorate she sees it as her chance to slip from his clutches as she hates the Satrap and run for freedom Things don t end up going the way she had hoped, but she s a resourceful character and she uses her intelligence to ensure a future for herself, however she needs to The Serpents as I said in my last review I was unsure exactly how and where the Serpents fitted into the story and what they meant We see glimpses of their passage as they swim around in search of someone who will help them The story of the Serpents is mystical and magical, and in this book we begin to see all the strands of the various stories coalesce into a great woven story involving not only this book but also elements from the previous Farseer books They became a key interest to me particularly in the later half of this book On the whole everything in this book just worked out so perfectly and so well for me that I couldn t imagine a better story I was hooked, captivated and enjoying every moment of the ride along with the characters We really see them develop, and we believe in them and their actions because of how genuine they feel to us I d highly recommend this series to one and all who love fantasy because there s so many cool ideas and the pacing and plot is brilliant The chaarctaers are stellar, and the book as a whole was fatastc There s still so much to learn in book 3 Ship of Destiny which I have already started as i was too hooked and excited not to and I cannot wait to see how everything with the families finishes up A fantastic 5 although I d give it if I could read and one I highly recommend

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    Another 5 stars for a book by Robin Hobb Shocker I know The Mad Ship is the sequel to Ship of Magic The Vestrit family liveship, Vivacia has been taken by the self proclaimed pirate King, Kennit When Althea discovers that the ship that she should have inherited has been captured, she sets out with Brashen Trell and the Paragon, a ship who has lost 2 crews previously and been beached ever since.There are so many story lines running through this book I m not sure how Robin Hobb keeps them straight There is the point of view of Kennen, Vivacia, Althea, Brashen her mother, her nephew, her niece The list goes on and on Within these characters a found those I liked and those I hated, but the wonderful thing about Robin Hobb s characters is that they are never static They are changing And one that you hated in one book, could completely be redeemed in another book.I found that this is still the case with this book, as Malta fell into my good graces, and Serilla fell out of them.Great characters combined with the vast world that Hobb has created make these a must read.This is quickly becoming a favorite series, and I can t wait to see what the final book in the trilogy will bring.

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    4.44 An amazing story, beautiful prose, complex characters, but I feel there could have been about a quarter edited out At least Sometimes I miss the brevity of the writing in the forties and fifties I know the detail the better chance for the reader to connect with the character, but sometimes less is Nevertheless, I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series

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    I ve put off writing this review for a while just cos it seemed almost impossible to write something coherent and basically befitting for the 2nd book of this marvellous series While i don t have many negative views on this book because awesome i did feel it was long winded at times especially when it came to the serpents Like i m so eager to know what happened but lawd have mercy can we speed it up with all the secrecy or when someone was thinking about something, like a long ass never ending dear diary moment albeit with better writing also the whole view spoiler dragon rising hide spoiler

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    Wonderful I actually enjoyed this even than the first in the series Robin Hobb weaves such a tale..I am completely caught up in the characters and the world she has created I love the way her characters grow and develop over time.Re read April 2019 LOVED it Amazing, the turn about in Malta through this book and how Wintrow is equally involved in the destiny of the serpents I really felt for Paragon as he begins to remember who he really is I was hardly breathing when the wizardwood started to crack open

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    Goodness gracious, this is one of the best books that I ve ever read in my life I kept walking around my house last night repeating, And THAT is how you freaking write a book Absolutely fantastic.

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    I enjoyed the second book in the Liveship Traders series, though the pacing was less satisfying than in Ship of Magic.I very much enjoyed watching Malta s character unfold, and asked myself several times if I ll ever stop wanting to strangle her Hobb created amazing characters for this trilogy and they all have a lot of depth and especially the villains are three dimensional and definitely the heroes of their own stories None of the antagonists are doing anything just so for the sake of being the antagonist They all believe they re doing the right thing This adds a ridiculous amount of depth to the entire story.Finding out about the liveships was a punch to the gut Definitely worth a read

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