Her Warrior King

Her Warrior King Blackmail Forced Patrick MacEgan Into Marriage Although He Could Not Be Forced To Bed His Norman Bride But Isabel De Godred Was As Fair As She Was Determined To Be A Proper WifeShe Wished To Help Her Proud Warrior King With The Burden Of His Responsibilities As Queen, She Could Aid An Alliance Between Their People As Wife, She Longed To Comfort Him, For When Alone, They Could Put Aside War And Be But Man And Woman

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 288 pages
  • Her Warrior King
  • Michelle Willingham
  • English
  • 07 June 2017

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    Her Warrior King is book 2 in the MacEgan brothers series, but the 1st book in which we actually meet the brothers, who are all amazing men This is Patrick MacEgan s story.After the death of his brother, Liam, Patrick MacEgan has been chosen King of Laochre He doesn t really want to be king, but the tribe needs a leader, so with his tribesmen choosing him over any others, he accepts the title After being attacked by the Normans, the battle in which Liam was killed, a surrender treaty is reached which demands that the king, Patrick, wed Isobel de Godred, daughter of Edwin de Godred, the man who led the Normans to victory If he refuses, all of his tribe will be killed Edwin Godred s ultimate goal is to make sure that his future grandsons eventually rule Laochre.Patrick isn t at all happy with being blackmailed into marriage, and doesn t make things easy for Isobel She is patient, understanding, and doing everything in her power to fit in Can this woman overcome the hatred of Patrick s tribe and unite them and the Normans So far, this series has been an enjoyable read I think that than anything, I m enjoying the education I m getting in medieval life in Ireland The culture, traditions and day to day life are so very interesting As I said, the brothers are all amazing men and I m very much looking forward to continuing the series and reading their stories.

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    Honestly, this book has everything that I dig in a romance story forbidden love, denied passion, torn between mind and heart, but no, I did not love it A book by Monica McCarty from her Highland Guard series has a very similar story line there are few new things under the sun and I LOVED it to pieces Michelle Willingham s Her Warrior King has a very similar plot and characters, and I wonder why while I loved Monica McCarty s book and could only say that I liked Michelle Willingham s Her Warrior King In this book Patrick, King to his tribe, was forced to wed Isabel, A Norman lady The story is about how the Irish and the Normans despised each other but were forced to reconcile Isabel became a pawn in the political game She was forced to marry Patrick but quickly resolved to do right by what was expected of her Patrick had something else in mind He never intended to make Isabel his Queen and was planning on annulling the marriage as soon his tribe was ready to defeat the Normans The book s focus is on how Isabel tried to become part of a tribe which did not want her and how Patrick repeatedly turned down Isabel and refused to give them a chance I think the major difference between McCarty s book and this book is that in the former, I could almost taste the desperation of the lead characters They despaired of the hopeless feelings they had for each other and the denied love became that much better because of its hopelessness In this book, it was rejection than desperation Patrick rejected Isabel repeatedly and I never really did feel that he wanted Isabel than anything Naturally he was written to be torn between his duties and personal feelings I just wasn t convinced I had the impression that for Patrick, it was his tribe that mattered and while not a decision he enjoyed making, it was never a difficult decision And when he finally changed his mind, I was surprised because I couldn t see what would resulted in the change The story of course tried to make sense of Patrick s 180 turnabout But it was just not as convincing and heart wrenching as Monica McCarty s book I am sorry that I keep comparing this book to another author s work Because of the similarities in the plot line and characterization, I expected to love this book as much as I did McCarty s book But this is not the case The comparison is only done for me to analyze what was different in this story And I conclude it is because in this book all the hopelessness seemed fabricated while in McCarty s book, I felt the despair of the lead characters and their wish of things being different But all this being said, I liked this book well enough For me it rather pales in comparison to my favorite book of 2015 said McCarty book but is a good read nonetheless.

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    We read this with our book club and discussed the story and process with the author She was great The research that went into studying Ireland was tremendous The author was funny and insightful This is not your typical Harlequin.

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    Michelle Willingham is very good at eliciting deep emotions with her writing This one kept me emotional till the very end Isabel Giving, strong, insightful determined Norman Princess She is forced to marry an Irish King who sees her as a hated enemy, by a father who was just using her as a pawn She endures being taken to a new homeland, to live among people who hate and distrust her because of her father, a Norman King She is forced to live on a small isle away from the main tribe with a few people who won t even speak to her She is trying to fit in, make a place for herself, but at every turn is forced by her unyielding new husband to endure one rejection after another She handles it with the determination of a queen I feel for her This is the first character that has made me cry with her unshed tears Michelle has painted a picture of a proud woman who is awakening to the sad state of a beaten tribe Isabel wants desperately to befriend Patrick s people However, with resignation, she realizes there is no place in the world where she is wanted Not by her father and not by her new husband I could feel her near distraction as she tries, with dignity to be useful and find her place as the Kings wife but even he makes it complicated at every turn She can see the bigger picture and has a vision for the future but he states over and over and over, she will never be his tribe s queen Patrick Dense, stubborn, strong, angry, hurt Irish King whom is thrust in this unwanted role after his brother is killed in a battle with a fierce Norman King, Isabel s father The whole village suffered tremendously and there is hardly anything left except their pride and determination to move on and rebuild He is forced to marry Isabel to regain his captive people and save their lives.The proofreading needs improving but it is a well thought out and written story I had a hard time merging certain personality traits of Isabel She is strong in every way but she does not say what needs to be said I realize she is thinking where else will I go but she puts up with way too much for my taste I would have boxed old King Pat s ears a few times He is somewhat of a prick He treats her badly because he still sees her as an enemy even though she is innocent He is a very bad tease you will see what I mean if you read this story He has been my least favorite Mac Egan brother To be fair I guess in reality though this is fiction King P would act this way since his clan had been raided and many killed a few months prior by his brides father This treatment of Isabel, although there are some intimate moments between them, one that pisses me off, lasts throughout the book Ol King P doesn t get it till the end I kept reading because of Isabel I wanted to see her get what her giving nature deserved.

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    Now that took forever 11 days The beginning was rather slow and depressing I don t know was it really that or was I in really bad mood

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    Michelle Willingham is quickly moving up to the top of my Scottish Irish romance list Even though I rated this one 3 stars, it was much better than that The story was engrossing and very well written The biggest problem I had was that it wasn t much of a romance Patrick spent most of the book pushing Isabel away and putting his tribe before her It made me want to smack him Isabel was a GREAT hero She never gave up and was willing to put herself out there for Patrick and his family.

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    Her Warrior King is book 2 in the MacEgan brothers series This is the book of patrik and Isobel MacEgan.After the attack of the Normans and the death of his brother, Liam, Patrick MacEgan has been chosen King of Laochre He doesn t really want to be king, but the tribe needs a new king and he accepts his charge.The surrender treaty demands that the king, marries Isobel de Godred, daughter of Edwin de Godred If he refuses, his tribe will be killed Edwin Godred s wants to make sure that his future grandsons eventually rule Laochre through his daughter Isobel.Patrick is not happy with his new wife and he does everything in his power to keep her away from himself and his people believing that she is in fact their enemy Keeping her virgin will ensure a faster annulment of their marriage and chances for for Isobel to find a husband in the future how kind of him.However Isobel has other pland and doing everything in her power to fit in and stay as his wife not knowing his motives to keep her away I must say that I understood Patrick reasons for keeping Isobel on the Island, what I didn t understand is why he left her with no means to take care of herself It felt to me that she was a prisoner fed once a day and not a woman wife I couldn t connect with Patrick and feel his love for her growing when through his actions he showed carelessness To me at least I should have seen care even though he kept his distance.I felt so sorry for Isobel throughout the book I admired her courage to cross the channel and fight for her new family I was disappointing that Patrick used her than anything and the ending came so fast It was like OK, I want you, you can stay..not much of feeling in there till the end.I m enjoying though the intro that I am getting in medieval life in Ireland The culture, traditions and day to day life are so interesting and after my visit in Ireland it s so easy to picture how people lived.I am looking forward to stories of the MacEgan brothers and I hope one of them actually goes for what he wants faster than the other.

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    Her Warrior King is a sensual, passionate historical romance that will capture your heart and entice your mind.In order to save his people, Irish king Patrick MacEgan agrees to wed a Norman bride He did not, however, expect the strong willed and stubborn Isabel de Godred to be so beautiful.Isabel longs to be a wife in every sense of the word, but Patrick refuses every advance and offer of help The Normans killed his people, including his brother Liam, and burned their winter stores All he wants from Isabel is the protection for his people that her father has promised as long as his daughter is safe and happy.Patrick knows he must keep his distance from his beautiful wife and focus on the needs of his tribe To bed her is unthinkable, even as his need for her grows As tensions rise between the Normans and the Irish, the O Phelans threaten to destroy Patrick s tribe Will Patrick allow Isabel to help him And will Isabel ever earn her rightful place as his queen and lover While the formula has been done many times, Willingham does an excellent job with this historical romance providing action, adventure and a love story set in England in 1170 The author s attention to detail coupled with a cast of complex and intriguing characters draws the reader in from the first page and does not release her until the very last word I ve already read the last chapter twice, as the book s satisfying conclusion is worth any time spent reading.A fascinating romantic story, I have yet to read Her Warrior King by Michelle Willingham is certainly a book I will read again I can t wait to see what s next from this talented author.

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