Scoundrel in Disguise

Scoundrel in DisguiseMarcus Fitzalan Adores Lady Jade Smithfield The Minute He Sees Her She Despises Him Just As Fast Jade Smithfield S Grandmother Unwittingly Sold A Land Option To The Railroad Before She Died Nevertheless, To Keep The Family Secret And To Save The Downtrodden Women In Her Care, Jade Is Determined To Stop The South Downs Railroad From Laying Track On Her Property To Save His Disabled Brother S Railroad, And The Families Who Will Lose Their Living Without It, Marcus Fitzalan Applies For The Job As Jade S Man Of Affairs To Conceal His Investigation Into The Railroad Accidents Halting Construction While Jade Wreaks Havoc On The Railroad, And Leads Marcus On A Merry Chase, Her New Man Of Affairs Teaches Her A Lesson Contrary To Everything She Has Learned Since Birth Not, All Men Are Created Equal Some Of Them Are Good Award Winning Author Annette Blair Lives In New England Library Journal Regards Blair As A Seasoned Writer Of Both Historical And Contemporary Romance While I didn t hate this book, I didn t love it either This was the weakest book in this series so far Didn t like either the h or the H While the h wasn t TSTL she was definitely too irritating to live The H was very one dimensional and really much too good to be true, he waslike a wax figure than a real person.Looking forward to the last book in the series Overall this has been an entertaining gprou. This was another cute book out of the normal for this author Set the mid 1880 s, the story is about Jade, who saves women and children who have been beaten and Marcus, who is trying to see who is sabotaging his families interest in building a railroad Marcus s search brings him to Jade house where chaos reigns He poses as an undercover man who is in charge of the house funds Jade hires him and sparks fly between them In between women showing up at random times, babies being born, mischief with the rail road Jade and Marcus fall for each other, but keep their secrets Each knows the other has a secret and it takes its toll on their relationship until they come to a point where they either trust each other or end things.I would consider this a fun beach read full of chaos, mischief, and lots of sexual tension. Enjoyable read I liked Jade, the heroine a lot, her in her breeches LOL The hero, Marcus was quite funny and handsome They had some great chemistry together A couple of nicely written sex scenes was a bonus.There was lots and lots of great dialogue throughout the entire book Love dialogue in my books There are some great secondary characters.The story line and plot were very good I believe this is the second book in the Knave of Scoundrels book, but some sites have it listed as number 3 I recommend this book for sure It was a great read. This is my first non witchy book by Annette It was an adorable, funny, well paced and touching historical And it has wiener dogs Love that I adore Annette s unique voice, although it was a bittoned down here than in her contemporary paranormals, but still evident and highly enjoyable for me I adored the hero and heroinemaybe even my favorite couple from all of her books I think I m ready to tackle the Amish romances next Hee hee.

Annette Blair s romantic comedies owe their beginnings to a root canal and a reluctant trip to Salem Massachusetts Though she had once proclaimed she d never write a contemporary, she stumbled into the serendipitous role of Accidental Witch Writer on that trip Funny how she managed to eat her words even with an aching jaw Magic or destiny Annette s Bewitching Romantic Comedies became her first

➸ [Read] ➳ Scoundrel in Disguise By Annette Blair ➽ –
  • Hardcover
  • 287 pages
  • Scoundrel in Disguise
  • Annette Blair
  • English
  • 19 October 2017
  • 9781594144837

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