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No Apologies Winner Of The Best Poetry Collection Arty Award OfBy The Salt Lake City Weekly And IndieReader Approved No Apologies Is The Inappropriate Joke At Dinner The Drunk Uncle In The Room Shouting Obscenities The Ugly Truth No One Talks About In Polite Company Part Poetry, Part Fiction, Part Memoir, All Honesty, No Apologies Is A Compelling Slice Of Human Experience In All Of Its Crass, Hopeful, Sincere And Tender Glory And It Says Itwith No Apologies

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  • Paperback
  • 166 pages
  • No Apologies
  • J.A. Carter-Winward
  • 08 June 2019
  • 9781611710212

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    Bonafide and unembellished poetry by an author who is unafraid to express herself J.A Carter Winward s collection sweeps the panorama of one woman s life, exploring childhood, family, motherhood, loss, bisexuality, religion, religion s aftermath, and relationships Each journey leaves the author exposed, but never vulnerable.

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    I seem to be on a roll of finding exciting new modern poets and, after reading this book, J.A Carter Winward has just jumped to the top of the list This is one of the most original voices I ve heard in some time.I kind of hate the fact that I m now going to mention part of what makes this poet s work so good is that it s a female voice airing things that not many women will admit in the honesty of poetry I feel like I ve known a few women like Carter Winward, but I ve never known them to express their lives and raison d etres so artistically and bullshit free in poetry before You know that thing of if a guy sleeps with dozens of women, he s a stud, but if a woman sleeps with loads of men, she ll be called a slut I couldn t help but have that at the back of mind as I read these poems, but let s not go down that road too much, cos otherwise it ll look like Carter Winward is some goddamn post punk feminist symbol or something, when I don t want her happenstance of being female taken into account This is simply good poetry, regardless of anything else So let s move on Like the poet herself says in her poem moving on frankly I m sick and tired of the feminist sexual victim centric bullshit poetry So, yeah, there are plenty of poems about sex small dicks, blow jobs, being peed on, lesbian leanings, one night stands but these poems, which are often describing youth, are balanced nicely with poems about motherhood, family, cities like New York, growing up as a Mormon, turning your back on God alongside a great cast of gutter characters and poignant and funny observations With plenty depth to boot.The style of writing actually took me a little while to get into You can be fooled into underestimating how good these simple and easy reading poems are, but once you ve become acquainted with the poet s style, you realise these poems have all been highly polished and the words suddenly ooze with new uniqueness.No Apologies is also the sort of poetry book where there are no clear stand alone winning pieces Each poem is a part of the whole, so this is definitely a collection that should be read in its entirety and many poems begged to be read again.I m looking forward to reading the next in this series, but I feel a bit worn out from this collection, so I m going to take a breather first.

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    I ve been reading this book for the last couple of weeks, dipping in and out taking my time trying to make sure that it doesn t end, but that has happened and I ve reached the end of the book.This collection of poems is stunning, beautiful, funny, sexy, shocking, moving, heart breaking and I really wish right now I had one of those thesauruses so I could come up with some better words to describe this but I don t, so tough The style of poem is the kind I love, no rhyming and always to the point, there is none of that flowery stuff here A lot of the poems are observational, comments about people and what they are doing In one of my favourites JAC W reveals those people nearby sordid secrets, brilliant imagination unless she is a mind reader The title is very apt, no apologies she is telling the truth and if you can t handle it, then hop on yer bike.I ve ended up having to read a couple to my daughter after nearly spitting my drink out whilst laughing at one bit I ve never been this moved by a poem before either, I recently lost both Nan s and at the end they weren t themselves In this one poem JAC W had the same thoughts I had, take the kids to see their Nan s like this or let them remember them as they were, really hard to do.There is a lot of sex in this book, so be warned cos you ll enjoy them.Wonderful collection and easily one of the best poets ever Blog review is here

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    Wow J.A.Carter Winward joins Volatalistic Phil and Scott Alexander Jones as one of my favorite poets The poems in No Apologies are strong, smart, witty,poignant, and sometimes angry They cut to the heart of the subject matter like a scalpel, often leaving a bracing sting at the end This is a great book, a true pleasure to experience.These are great poems Check them out and see for yourself This is the first poetry book in a long time that I returned to so quickly I ve read it twice now and it is a classic This is poetry with guts and heart.

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    Powerful stuff This woman holds nothing back.

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    This is like that time you had that quickie in a bar bathroom at last call because you knew your buzz would wear off by the time you got home and your boyfriend would be asleep because you have yet to date a fellow insomniac The next day, you felt really icky and you denied that it never happened even though you would replay it over and over in your head, trying to recall every detail of that 120 minutes because you need to escape everyone talking about The Walking Dead and Fifty Shades of Grey and fake shootings and fake elections and Angelina Jolie s weightand why bother asking anyone where they got their goddamn shirt because the answer is always walmartthose 120 seconds when you escaped the matrix, you felt like a piece of shit but dammit, you wore that masochistic mini skirt well Seriously W H O A My personal favorites were two days , partners , beat , and love I compare this book to a quickie because you can t stop yourself from reading it real quick like someone is going to snatch it or call the poetry police on you Very cool stuff.

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    This is a Goodreads win This is the most honest and raw book of poetry I have ever read I hope there will be .

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    I must admit I ve never read a book of poetry, outside of the classroom This is not the type of poetry I read in the classroom, either Although in college I fell in love with Pablo Neruda, I never considered reading anything else I went to the same high school as JulieAnn, she was a few grades before me I knew of her at the time, but I can t say that I really knew her Fast forward 20 something years and I met her at a gathering of other high school friends She s a beautiful, intelligent, and engaging woman I found out she was a writer and this is the first book of hers that I have read At first, I was reading through these poems very quickly, as they are pretty easy to read About a quarter of the way through the book I had to stop myself I needed to slow down, give myself time to digest the words So, I went back to the beginning and then paced myself for many weeks, only reading a few poems at a time There is a raw intensity, that is so brutally honest, I almost felt awkward at times reading them Not in a bad way, but in an uncomfortable way because of how much I could relate Not that I ve had the same experiences, but because I know where she was coming from It s a gift to be able to be that insightful and introspective, to be able to pour over your past experiences and see them for what they are I particularly like the poems of observation, such as City Creek and Sunday Morning Church Service I m glad to know that I am not the only one who looks around myself and tries to figure out other people It is also always nice to know that there are women out there not afraid of their own sexuality These poems are brilliant and beautiful and very human I will be reading them again.

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    DISCLAIMER I am the husband and biased, but don t take my word for it.Winner City Weekly 2014 Poetry Book of the Year.Susie Bright, editor Best American Erotica I m often looking for something new, and I rarely get it I probably hear from erotic poets every month and I can t think of the last time I said Yes This is great I think others would enjoy this It s a new audiobook called No Apologies by J.A Carter WinwardIndieReader Approved IR Verdict The poems of NO APOLOGIES are raw, candid, often erotic and often heart wrenching and sometimes both a fearless account of so many different life experiences, producing a very varied and very exceptional collection that can elicit a whole spectrum of feelings http 2014 05 apologAnd you can get it in all its audio glory on Audible if you really want to read it, let me know and I ll make damn sure you get a copy in whatever form you want.

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    Won via Goodreads giveaway.Gritty, raw, and stunning are the first three words that come to my mind when reading this work This poet gives me actual hope that there are genuinely good poets still out there in the world.Most of the poetry books I read are horrible, but this was real While reading this you get images running through your head and you get the feelings of what was happening It s fantastic It also makes me want to sit down and write my own poetry for hours longer For me, that s the sign of great poetry.Read this But be aware, it s not for those who are weak of heart.

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