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The Billionaires Butler Step Out Of Your Ordinary Life And Into The Glamorous World Of The Superrich, Where Luxury, Leisure, And Excess Can Be Found Around Every Exquisitely Decorated Corner, And So Too Can Betrayal, Secrecy, And DeceptionFrom Within The Home Of An Incredibly Wealthy, Prominent Family Comes The Billionaire S Butler, An Entirely Entertaining Story Of Mystery And Romance Among Society S Finest, As Told By A Butler Who Serves Them Inspired By Actual Events And Paralleling An Internet Blog Of The Same Title, It Delivers A Fictional Insider S View Of The Wacky World Of The Superrich And Tells Tale Of Their Outlandish Behavior And Mind Boggling, Extravagant NeedsThe Story Follows Butler Andrew Arthur Williams As He Reviews His Life In The Billionaire S World Following A Murder Attempt Made Against The Family He Works For He Lightheartedly Describes Each Of The Characters Under Suspicion And Outlines The Astonishing Events Leading Up To The Crime, And After It Andrew Also Delivers A Lot Of Gossipy, Chatty Information About How The Rich Really Live And, Ultimately, Reminds Us That, Despite Their Wealth And Power, Rich People Are Subject To The Same Human Frailties As The Rest Of Us

From the moment I began working in a billionaire s home I ve been deluged with questions from friends, family, and associates about how rich people really live and behave on a daily basis and I was dashing off dozens of emails right along.To categorize and document all these fun and serious inquiries, I finally began a blog in 2011 entitled The Billionaire s Butler But then something really biza

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  • Paperback
  • 290 pages
  • The Billionaires Butler
  • Andrew Arthur Williams
  • 09 December 2017
  • 9781492805557

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    I clicked to to enter the goodreads contest for this book with the thought that I might get the long version of tabloid stories I sneak a look at in the check out line at the grocery store I won and I was not disappointed It pulled me in like a the gossip in tabloids making for a quick escapist read.One has to wonder if Mr Williams risks legal ramifications writing this fictionalized memoir of working for a wealthy family in turmoil One assumes that the staff in the homes of the wealthy sign confidentiality agreements and that all the legal Big Guns are on the side of the employer.

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    This book is a work of fiction based on the author s experiences as a butler for the super rich The tone of the book was informal and playful and very much felt like I was talking with my catty butler BFF about his clients However, the informalities did become annoying with phrases like remember I told you or As I think I mentioned before It seems as though the author wasn t quite sure what kind of book he wanted to write I say this for several reasons 1 The structure and repetition of the book feel like several first drafts were thrown together Section 1 was very well written and reeled in the reader with an enticing mystery Someone has poisoned the Mister Missus and they suspect the help Section 2 revealed the list of suspects and gave a brief look at each person Section 3 was basically a narrative of Sections 1 2 but with a bunch of filler thrown in I couldn t help feeling like I was reading the same events, the same timelines over and over and over I began to lose interest somewhere in chapter 2 of Section 3.2 The author gets so distracted with his own storytelling that the main plot the whodunit mystery is completely forgotten save for a few pages towards the end Suddenly it s all about the divorce and not the murder I understand a scene needs to be set up with all the suspects to be considered for a mystery but SPOILER 3 The mystery is never solved There isn t enough evidence to indict anyone so the case runs cold The main plotline that this story is supposed to be about is unresolved The author insists that this book is a fictional account of his experiences spliced together into one story about one family and yet we don t get a satisfying conclusion to the mystery the whole book revolves around Perhaps the real poisoning did go unsolved, but that doesn t mean the fictional one has to Imagination feels lacking at this point.Which leads me to the complicated task of giving this a rating I really did enjoy 2 3 of the book and it really was very entertaining so 2 stars doesn t seem fair However, the unresolved plotline and the repetitive nature of the narrative prevents me from giving this book anything higher than 3 stars.

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    The title not withstanding, this is an excellent tell all of what it s like to be filthy rich, told from the point of view of the loyal staff Of course, when there are two employers the Mister and the Missus and they are at odds with each other, loyalty to both is difficult, if not impossible to pull off.There is a crime but not much mystery Or romance Mostly it s a behind the scenes look at the day to day machinations of running of a lavish estate in the Hamptons Just out of Butler School, Andrew Arthur Williams is hired on as the house manager for billionaire Julius Farber and his beautiful, much younger wife Elana You already know how that s going to turn out.Immediately Williams is sucked into the continuing drama that is the Farber household There s Nelda, the Mrs Danvers like housekeeper, still loyal to the the Mister s deceased first wife Williams is sure Nelda is out to get him There s all the things that need to be tended to the cars, the gardens, the silverware, the errands the Missus needs run And of course, there are all those social events Williams peppers the book with lots of tidbits about the rich Yes, they are different from us and yes, they do have way money For example, they are always right on time for any social affair Being idle and having nothing else to do, the sooner they get to the party, the sooner they can start drinking someone else s liquor And then get home.Also that the Mister would set aside his expensive Brooks Brothers suits to wear an off the rack suit from Walmart whenever he had to appear in court, which happened quite often as rich people are often involved in litigation.In notes at the end, Williams says the book is based entirely on true events with names changed to protect the innocent as well as the guilty, so it really should be considered a memoir and I ve put it on that shelf for that reason I just hope he never has to appear in court opposite the Mister in a Walmart suit

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    I could not put down The Billionaire s Butler Andrew Arthur Williams observations were both astute and amusing He truly gives you an insightful peak into the world of the super rich I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading David Sedaris and Dave Berry Williams sense of the absurd and keen observations make this book a must read Williams maintains his voice throughout the novel even as his training battles his natural human curiosity and instincts Anyone who enjoyed The Nanny s Diaries the novel will love The Billionaire s Butler I am looking forward to from Andrews Sadly, probably most of your prejudices against the super rich will probably be substantiated through Andrews s story telling When I finished The Billionaire s Butler, I wanted to know about Williams rarified world and about him personally A wonderful, witty, insightful book

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    This book started out strong, then became tedious halfway through and unfortunately kept going The cutesy, over the top writing style would have been fine if it was only 150 pages, but after that halfway mark it became entirely too pretentious and overbearing I did get a few chuckles out of it though, and it shed some interesting light on the lives of the.0001% people still live like this In America so 3.5 stars.

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    Witty and entertaining caricatures of the modern super rich But I found it a little dry sometimes, and a bit draggy in some parts Also took too long to finish this because of that.

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    I received a signed copy of The Billionaire s Butler from Goodreads and Andrew Arthur Williams Thanks so much for the speedy delivery of this terrific book RELEASE DATE December 11, 2013RATING 3 Stars Worth requesting at library or buying in paperbackGENRE Mystery HumorousAUDIENCE Any reader who enjoys reading behind the scenes stories of the ultra rich will get a kick out of this book.SERIES StandaloneSUMMARY The book is narrated by butler Andrew Alan Williams as he attempts to unravel and stay out of the way of the real police detectives the mystery behind his employer s non fatal poisoning Was it the greedy second wife The doped to the gills stepson The snotty, overbearing daughter All are suspects, for a billion good reasons REVIEW I enjoyed reading this book, as most people are curious about the super rich and what their lives are really like I ve also long been interested in how and why people still go into service in this day and age Williams provides a premium inside look into the life of the rich, their fabulous soirees, and a humorous view of super spending versus skinflinting at its finest.This was an easy to read book that I enjoyed wholeheartedly In some parts no, I won t tell you which chapters it seemed to drag a little bit but the enjoyment far outweighed boring passages Williams enjoyment of his job was clear, and I thought it was extremely interesting how the relationship between employer and employee was portrayed.FYI This is Andrew Alan Williams first book To read from him, please visit his blog at

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    The Billionaire s Butler is a wondrous story detailing the daily lives of the super rich We are fed the most sumptuous meals on the finest china while seated in chairs that cost than my house Ah, to be very, Very, VERY rich Alas, the closest I will EVER come to being wealthy beyond measure is to put my shoes into Andrew Arthur William s capable hands and let my imagination run wild around the mansion And I must emphatically say that Andrew does an impeccable job of describing the astonishing luxury to a point that it seems commonplace And that is the real story To me, and the many millions who have never set foot in such a mansion, his descriptions are mind boggling Here we have five thousand dollar Italian sheets a ten car Carriage House with a Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and four his and her Mercedes and one of a kind designer dresses to be worn once and then sold My mind reels But you see, to the super rich, this beauty and luxury surrounds them every day That which is extraordinary to us has become common place for them Andrew does an exceptional job of describing the day to day running of this gigantic house in a friendly, sitting at the coffee table way I can easily picture him, leaned back in a chair with a cold beer in hand, chatting about what he did today Using an unsolved poisoning as a vehicle to get us in the mansion was very clever And lastly, no the butler didn t do it I really enjoyed chatting with him Cheers

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    An enlightening and entertaining view into how the 1% really live The story line piques the reader s curiosity, and the characters are engagingly presented I think there s possibility for further development, perhaps in a follow up book or television show The book contains Downton Abbey like material in a 21st century setting I d like to see from this author.

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    I throughly enjoyed this book It was an easy read and took you into the life of the rich with a murder mystery added This was an arc book As I will never be rich it was interesting to learn how they live and I don t think it would be the life for me but maybe a few days would be nice.

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