The Skin Gods

The Skin GodsSommer In Philadelphia Doch Die Ruhe Tr Gt Kevin Byrne, Detective Der Mordkommission, Und Seine Partnerin Jessica Balzano Werden Zu Einem Bizarren Fall Hinzugerufen Eine Frau Ist Ermordet Worden, Und Ihr Todeskampf Wurde Von Dem M Rder Auf Video Aufgenommen, Hineingeschnitten In Die Ber Hmte Dusch Szene Aus Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho Doch Diesmal Ist Das Blut Rot Und Das Messer Real Bald Tauchen Weitere Filmklassiker Auf, In Denen Mordszenen Nachgestellt Und Nachtr Glich Eingef Gt Wurden Ist Ein Verr Ckter Am Werk, Der Die Filmgeschichte Zum Hintergrund Seiner Perversen Phantasien Macht

Richard Montanari is the Top Ten Sunday Times bestselling author of The Rosary Girls, The Killing Room, The Stolen Ones and the upcoming thriller, The Doll Maker Series

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  • 15 December 2019

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    A quick and complex read.Detectives Balzano and Byrne are hunting whoever s killing young women and okay, the occasional male in scenarios taken from famous movies in which a murder occurred in a bathroom Think Psycho, Fatal Attraction, etc However, Byrne is still recovering from a near fatal gunshot wound and Balzano is working out her relationship with her estrange husband, also a cop Byrne also has another killer to find, one who s been released too soon from prison due to a legal technicality This is another crime investigation mystery thriller with grisly overtones and the requisite background of troubled ill recovering detectives with heavy back stories Yeah, but it s also incredibly entertaining I have found both of Mr Montanari s books I ve read to be fast reads I kind of devour them, like 100 pages at a time when usually I clock out around 60 or so Older eyes they get tired I love the dialogue, the action, the quick transitions, the need to not fill every space with information or overly long personal introspection You learn as the MC s do with only the occasional glimpse into the killer s motives or mind and without learning who he or she or they really are They are swift books, but very well done.Having said all that, I ll be moving on soon to Book 3.Four stars.

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    Okay that s it, I m 2 3s in and I just can t take it any Montanari s writing is just BAD I wasn t being catty when I said he writes like me at 16, he literally does The over descriptiveness, the weird awkward emo stuff that is meant to be deep Actually, I think he s a lot WORSE than me at 16 The main female character has yet to have A SINGLE SCENE where she doesn t find some excuse to ponder how her life is basically over because she s now OVER 30 and thus practically dead And just I can t be bothered any It s too bad to try The story idea was cool, a killer filming his crimes in the style of cult movies, and it was kinda fun guessing which movie he was doing at any given crime, but the writing is just too terrible to go on.

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    Kevin Byrne is recovering from his wounds from the previous book and his partner Jessica Balzano gets pulled into a case involving a killing taped and put inside the movie as borrowed from a video rental store, it does give Hitchcock s movie Psycho a whole new level of horrible experiences This is only the first of a series of killings that involves cinematic masterpieces Jessica becomes the task forces leader because her partner is not yet up to task recovering from his wounds.However Byrne does have his own demons to fight in which a sadistic killer gets released due to witness who never spoke up during the court case While Byrne sincerely doubts the witness he and the sadistic s last survivor are chasing the man down because they both are looking for justice And they are both confronted by evil.When the dust settles and all has been solved both Balazano Byrne feel like their ordinary lives have been altered in their experiences because it became way too personal this time A decent serial killer book that is easy to read and has the right amount of twists and yet lacked some essential things to call this book good.

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    I read The Skin Gods entirely by chance a few years ago It was one of those books that you pick up at the airport at random This was pre iPad era At least for me.I had really really liked it I have no idea why I didn t try to look for books by the author Specially the first book in the series And then it got lost in the massive quantity of books I intermittently drop at my parents house Upon a recent cleaning, I found it and read it again.Did not love it like I previously had But I did enjoy it immensely still So I might give the author a chance now.The book premise is a couple of detectives solve the crime of a serial killer copying famous murder scenes from movies and leaving the footage scattered in video stores Pretty straightforward A lot of unresolved issues from what I suspect is part of the plot in book 1 that I never totally understood But still readable and engaging Also pretty gruesome descriptions all around.I liked it.

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    Eigentlich wollte ich dem Buch vier Sterne geben, aber dann war es ein so unerwarteter T ter, dass ich doch f nf Sterne vergebe

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    Most serial killers like to hide their work..not so the Actor He is recreating and filming the death scenes from famous movies, and then splicing the scenes into rental videos.Byrne is still recovering from being shot so Jessica has a new partner But a woman from Byrne s past that he is forming a romantic attachment with, is abducted.Are the two cases part of one I did not enjoy this book as much as I have the other Montanari s I read The book started with its usual shock factor I think at the end of chapter 4 I posted that I kept waiting for Montanari to disappoint me, and that it just wasn t happening However about 1 3 of the way through the book, the pace slowed and i found my mind wandering as I read not a good sign.It is telling that I took 5 days to read Skin Gods, whereas all his others I have finished in 2.The final third of the books picked up in pace, and the ending was greata twist i never saw coming But all in all, The Skin Gods is not his best book.

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    This book had an intricate plot with several victims, several suspects, and many unknowns I never figured out whodunit and was surprised when the author finally made the reveal I like Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne, both individually and as partners The book was somewhat slow in places and got bogged down in too much description For me, this slows the action when the pace could be so much faster.

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    The Skin Gods is the second in the Balzano Byrne series by Richard Montinari, and takes place a few months following the events of the first book, as a result of which Kevin Byrne is on medical leave, and Jessica Balzano has been working with other partners in his absence When a rental tape of Psycho is brought into the Homicide division, into which a seemingly real life recreation of the infamous shower murder scene has been inserted, an investigation is launched, which in short time leads to both the scene of the crime, and eventually the body of the victim in due course, additional tapes and crime scenes come to light Meanwhile, Byrne has learned that another detective, who is dying, has accused Byrne s late partner, Jimmy, of having planted the evidence that led to the arrest and conviction of the killer of a teenage girl several years earlier With the man released pending a second trial, and with the help of one of his surviving victims, Byrne begins an off the books investigation to get to the truth and clear Jimmy s name An additional subplot involves the filming of a high budget action movie, and as all the investigations converge, the detectives find themselves drawn into the underbelly of Hollywood, and of prostitution, drugs, and pornography and realize that the answer lies in the past As with the first book in the series, the narrative is interspersed with chapters told from the POV of the killer, which give some insight into the reasoning of a twisted mind, although not necessarily any clues as to his her identity There are red herrings and suspects galore, as well as an escalation of the psychic visions that have plagued Byrne for several years, and which he or less keeps to himself, attributing his sudden insights to intuition The plot is complex and intricate, and I did find it necessary in several instances to go back a few chapters and re listen for something that I d missed during the first listen A solid 3.5 stars.

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    Richard Montanari has done it again The Skin Gods had me thinking it was a new culprit at each new chapter Montanari has a way of writing that captivates it s read from the first chapter I cannot wait to see what the rest of this series has in store

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