Don't Look Down (Samantha Jellicoe, #2)

Don't Look Down (Samantha Jellicoe, #2)Really enjoyed my reread to get ready for book 6 If you want to chat with me about books, find me on Samantha ha deciso di fidarsi di Richard che per non si fida ancora del fatto che lei voglia davvero smettere di fare la ladra, anche se ha messo su un agenzia per la sicurezza a Palm Beach I due piccioncini sono molto testardi e, dopo l ennesima litigata, Sam decide di fare di testa sua per trovarsi il primo cliente, ma sar coinvolta in un altro caso di omicidio,contornato da vari furti.Lei una ragazza molto scaltra e sicura di se stessa, ma avr bisogno delle conoscenze di Richard per risolvere il caso, il quale non si tirer di certo indietro per aiutarla, sfoderando tutto il suo charme inglese Nell avventura saranno presenti anche il fidato avvocato e amico Tom e il conosciuto detective Frank, ma soprattutto ci sar Patricia, la ex moglie di Richard Pi che con i battibecchi tra Rick e Sam, mi sono divertita con quelli tra Samantha e Patricia, due donne completamente diverse tra loro, ma che non si fermano davanti a nulla.Questo secondo caso giallo mi ha coinvolta molto pi del primo, anche se sempre molto scontato e Richard decisamente un uomo molto desiderabile che fa letteralmente scintille con la peperina Samantha. I can t deny staying up SUPER late reading this and the previous book, it was really addictively page turning brain candy, although I m a bit mad at myself for it, haha I got a bit annoyed that WAY too many times the main character was enjoying riding around in a Bentley, because I get annoyed at glamorizing rich people and their stuff I did thing the emotional depth was way better in this installment from the first, and I liked where the relationship was going but can we drop the whole romance trope of an unearthly amazing guy basically dropping everything in his life INCLUDING HIS BILLIONAIRE BUSINESS to chase after a lady Oh, and then she wants her freedom and he struggles with it but ends up giving her everything she wants and then some, including amazing sex all the time and sinewy muscles Oh and Bentleys UGH I will pick up the next one prolly down the line, because the chemistry between the characters is really good.The mystery was well put together, and I liked the bitchy rich wife, and I m definitely thinking people might really like these books if you like the lighter chick lit y mystery urban fantasy type stuff It s just not normally my thing In fact, I m going to read a hard Sci Fi book where people get blown up and don t drive Bentleys. Wayfun than Eve and Roarke and a Hero just as hot , these books are an absolute blast.This one picks up three months after Flirting With Danger left off, and Sam and Rick are still striking sparks off each other and setting their sheets on fire Sam is trying hard to stay on the straight and narrow and Rick is attempting to run his conglomerate while Sam is sleeping, it seems I absolutely love these two their banter is delicious You re a good guy, Rick He smiled I keep telling you that Her smile joined his, her thoughtful green eyes studying his face Do you know what I want to do right now Rick placed his cloth napkin across his lap He should have asked for a less conspicuous table Tell me Samantha picked up a bread stick, examined it for a moment, then slowly licked the length of it Mm, salty goodness, she murmured Christ Cease and desist before I split my zipper Oh, then I would have to sit on your lap in my short dress to protect your modesty She leaned forward, gazing at him serenely Comfortable Have I said yet how much I love these books The characters seemed like old friends by the time I was done the first book, and now re visiting them in the second is like travelling home for Christmas So much fun Because they are so engaging and the writing is so good I can overlook a couple of things about this book that chimed aloud as I read the relationship between Rick and his ex and Sam at times defied belief, and sometimes Sam is just TOO stubborn about letting Rick know what she s up to.Still, this series is fast becoming one of my all time faves and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a light, funny, sexy romp.And because I really love Rick, I m going to leave you with this What s your horse s name she asked, tentatively patting the near shoulder or wither or whatever it was called Middlebrook on Thames, he replied What Tim, for short He has a nasty long pedigree Hence the stupid name Rick raised an eyebrow I have a nasty long pedigree I know that, Richard William Addison, Viscount Halford, Marquis of Rawley He kissed her again You got it straight, Samantha Elizabeth Jellicoe of Palm Beach Sigh.4 enthusiastic stars. I enjoyed book 1 and moved immediately to book 2 which starts off with Sam following up on the start up of her new security business and Rick sticking his nose in I admire Sam s determination to make her business on her own terms though it leads to a fight between them She goes back to the US and he follows, they make up and Sam gets her first client who unfortunately ends up dead At this point I m enjoying the book then Rick s ex pops back on the scene See the murdering bastard of book 1 was none other than her husband and the man she had cheated with Now poor Patty is struggling to move on with her life and wants Rick s help to get a divorce and set up her life in the US Now this is where the book lost me I ve got a major problem with the reappearance of cheating exes This is a me not the book problem and actually forced me to stop reading this one Dear old Patricia stole a ring and after failing to entice Rick with her thievery she then attempts to set up Sam with the ring Sam catches her and agrees to return it to the person she stole it from.Dear old Patty even had her own pov here, now for me cheaters should get their comeuppance and never be heard from again I don t care that the h H may have moved on and don t have feelings for the ex any I just don t want to read about them If I can ascertain that Patty gets her just desserts later in this book I may continue but at this s a DNF for me Don t Look Downbut look for 5 stars Re reading this series and loving it It s awesome that a lighter read can have so much character depth and emotion I love seeing how Sam and Rick grow in their relationship despite their pasts and the current pitfalls that they face I love the personalities of both characters and enjoy the banter so much On to the next Combattuta Fra L A Troppo Esclusivo Che La Lega All Affascinante Miliardario Richard Addison E Il Vecchio Stile Di Vita Da Abile Ladra Di Preziose Opere D Arte, Samantha Jellicoe Ha La Sensazione Di Essere Prigioniera In Una Gabbia Dorata Agi E Privilegi, Al Pari Di Una Splendida Intesa Romantica E Sessuale, Non Bastano A Domare Lo Spirito Libero Che Cova In Lei Per Cercare Di Adattarsi A Una Vita Normale Nel Raffinato Mondo Di Palm Beach, Samantha Apre Un Agenzia Di Sicurezza E Subito Un Omicidio Sollecita In Lei Velleit Da Investigatrice, Mentre La Ricomparsa Della Bellissima Ex Moglie Di Richard Mette A Dura Prova Certezze E Sentimenti Fra Indagini Rischiose, Frustranti Incomprensioni E Dolci Riappacificazioni, Rick E Samantha Dovranno Trovare Il Modo Di Consolidare Un Rapporto Talvolta Vacillante, E Addirittura Minacciato Da Pericoli Mortali Senza Penalizzare Quel Senso Di Indipendenza A Lei Tanto Caro 4 stars.Rick and Sam s relationship is still at that tentative stage to make things interesting The ex wife just makes everything so muchawkward but not sure how Rick could have made such a mistake though. 4.5 5.0As the second in the Samantha Jellicoe series, this one is just as fast paced and fun as the first and I actually enjoyed the romance aspect evenIt was fun to have an already established relationship that is busy working out the new couple rough spots That s a nice change and Enoch keeps it quick, hot and unpredictable Sam does get a little annoying with her hard nosed stubbornness but it is understandable considering the sheer strength of personality that comes with a driven billionaire for a boyfriend One has to love Richard Addison, though, he is every woman s dream man The way he gives Sam 100% of his unconditional love and support is what makes this series so wonderfully addictive.For anyone who loves a great who done it mystery with lightening fast repartee, and lots of romance and excitement, this series can t be beat The steam factor is still high, although toned down a little from the first book I m enjoying these contemporary mysteries by Enoch Usually I m pretty good at figuring out the culprit early on, but she s stumped me in the first two books I m not sure if that s because of superior mystery writing skills or if I don t care enough about the mystery to put any brain power into it I like the relationship between the leads and that seems to be enough.I am skipping ahead to A Touch of Minx, because I read the blurb on Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and it didn t appeal These books seem to be able to be read out of order I guess I ll find out for certain.I like Enoch s humor She s talented with her characters, making them likable and engaging I m not prude, but I could use a little less cursing It makes them sound stupid But that s a pretty small complaint.All in all, I give it four stars because it s engaging and unchallenging Exactly what I need right now D SuzanneEnoch

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  • Don't Look Down (Samantha Jellicoe, #2)
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  • 28 March 2019

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