Distance Between Us

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I write YA I eat Junior Mints Sometimes I go crazy and do both at the same time My novels are PIVOT POINT and its sequel SPLIT SECOND And my contemporary novels THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US, ON THE FENCE, THE FILL IN BOYFRIEND, PS I LIKE YOU, BY YOUR SIDE, LUCKY IN LOVE, LOVE LIFE and the LIST, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, FAME FATE and the FIRST KISS, MAYBE THIS TIME, and MOMENT OF TRUTH My agent is t

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  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Distance Between Us
  • Kasie West
  • German
  • 21 September 2019
  • 9783401069852

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    3.5 starsI definitely need a bit of self berating right now.I put off reading this book for so long and that because I was certain it would fall into my heap of a pile of ever growing clich d love stories read.But it didn t Well it didn t fall that far from said pile, but what counts is where it landed in the end and that is in my guilty pleasure pile.That s right, Kasie West is one hell of a guilty pleasure writer for me.Truth be told, the skeleton of her novels is always a little overused For instance, The Distance Between Us relates the story of a poor teenage girl who falls in love with a rich teenage boy.BUT What is special about this author is that the meat on the skeleton is fresh Well that metaphor sure was morbid Take Caymen She has one hell of a dry humor, and unlike most teen girls her age, she s not in search of a boyfriend And neither is Xander Of a girlfriend.They have a charming story of the first time they met at a doll shop.And the way they spend time in each other s company is also very original See, they both have a hazy idea of what their ideal future would be what they d like to do, who they d like to be so they schedule these weekly based meetings to plenty of fun inserts cackle places that could sparkle something inside of them, like an epiphany regarding their future.It s very, very fun.Sure, the skeleton remains, so yes there will be clich d situations but that s okay It will not obstruct you from enjoying the story.Those were some really great four hours I spent reading The Distance Between Us An afternoon well spent.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    You hear that That s the sound of my writing down this author s name So that I can avoid all of her books in the future You re witty, Kasie West I ll give you that.It s too bad you don t know how to write a book, though, isn t it Because if you did know how to write a book you would know that the romance in said book shouldn t be mediocre And that the storyline shouldn t be half assed So you either don t know how to write a book Or you suck at it.I ll let you choose.

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    Actual rating 4.5That s it Kasie West is now one of my new favorite authors After being completely swept off my feet by Pivot Point, West has once again warmed my heart with so many cute moments She continuously manages to create down to earth, relatable characters and all around fun books.The Distance Between Us follows Caymen Meyers, a girl who has certain opinions about rich people thanks to her mother s clear disdain Her mom has raised her to think very negatively about the Haves verses the Have Nots due to her own troubled past with a rich ex boyfriend So naturally, when rich boy Xander Spence walks into their doll shop and beckons her, she s pretty much already had her mind made up But in a strange turn of events they begin spending time together on these career days What happens next can only be described as one of the most ADORBS books you can ever read While the novel is romance centered, West never spares her characters room to grow and develop The time Caymen spends with Xander shows her that her mother s bias is just that, bias based on her own experiences In fact, Xander himself is the one to acknowledge that both he and Caymen aren t that different regardless of income level Thus, these career days are born which helps reveal what they each want to do with their lives despite parental expectations placed on them And through this, an unlikely friendship blossoms and later turns to first love.I absolutely loved this story to bits There was t a moment I was bored or not entertained thanks to the AWESOME sarcasm from Caymen It s not the kind everyone will enjoy, but it was just right for me, leaving me laughing out loud at almost every page And when I wasn t laughing, I was sighing at the perfect dialogue between Xander an Caymen Caymen Yes You look terrified Does this scare you More than anything Why Because I didn t bring my mints And now the real answer Because I m afraid that once you catch me, the game s over Happy sigh Kasie West writes the type of romance I love to read It s not cheesy or over the top It s not unbelievable or unrealistic It doesn t make you roll your eyes or make your head collide with a wall from frustration It s the kind that makes you all giddy inside The kind that gets your feels all a meltin and the type that makes you twirl around in your living room like your a Disney Princess.And that s the best kind of feeling ever Final verdict I d highly recommend this totally adorable book If you re in a reading slump and you need a book to bring a smile to your face, this is your book If you are looking to be entertained, look no further If you are just looking for a cute read that will wrap your heart up in a blanket made of feels, read this book and twirl, my friends Weeeeeee ARC was received from Amy of Book Loving Mom Thanks again, Amy More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

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    If you go into a normal young adult romance book you expect this This book is not that It s of this The main character of this book is actually very like able Caymen is snarky and outspoken Even when cute boys are involved gasp She is helping her mom out in her mom s doll shop Umm..it s like this She works all the hours she can spare for her mom and plans on putting off college for awhile because she wants to make sure her mom will be okay She doesn t party She does not fall into insta love.She does not like to be pressured into things I put up my hands Oh, I don t drink I m seventeen So I m nineteen My mom says before I turn eighteen she still has the right to murder me My mom always tells me to blame it on her if I am ever in an uncomfortable situation It seems to work well.She does not tone herself down to impress the boy Note to self Caymen is very good at sarcasm If you re recording notes for an official record I d like the word very stricken and replaced with exceptionally The boy she meets at her mom s doll shop is very rich That makes her leery of him His family owns a chain of hotels but he admits he does not want to follow his father s footsteps Is he using Caymen Seeing how the other half lives Why has he never watched the Shining That s my burning question This book isn t perfect but it is a fun alternative to the other young adult swill that calls itself love stories.

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    I absolutely loved this To the point where I stayed up until past 4 am to finish this Yes, I loved this THAT much And you will too hopefully.This is perfect considering this is EXACTLY what happened to me.I tried so hard to write a coherent review But after lots of deleted drafts, I ll just leave you with a list Caymen is exceptionally good at sarcasm Total girl crush Xander is a wonderful love interest His banter with Caymen is oh so cute Xander is cute The characters Caymen especially super relatable I wonder why some people seem to be born knowing what they want to do with their lives and others mostly me have no idea PRE SIPPED DRINKS YES, PLEASE This is the perfect summer read It s a fluffy, feel good kind of book And it definitely makes my contemporary loving heart happy Also, I really like this quote This is me facing failure This is me putting everything on the line even though I know I might lose And I m terrified But like you said, anything worth having is worth the risk If you haven t already, you have to read her other books Everything she writes is, like, I don t know, PERFECT Check out Pivot Point D

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    Feelings can be the most costly thing in the universe The cover and the premise of this book somewhat deceived me Ha Yes, it was cute and adorable Funny, even But that s not just about it My expectations were different Caymen Meyers is a teenage girl who works for her mom s doll store One day a rich and cute guy named Xander Spence comes over to their store to buy a doll for her grandma Because he obviously has the air of wealth, Caymen sees him as just another one of those spoiled, rich kids who treat poor people differently Which turns out wrong As they begin to form friendship, Caymen slowly warms up to him and realizes that he s completely different from what she expected to be like.What I loved about this book was the humor Nothing else The rest was a let down First, I really thought Caymen was a likeable character but she s not She s hilarious but her sarcasm and dry humor are a total turn off Aside from that, I was also a bit bothered by the way she perceives her family s social and financial status She keeps pointing out that they are poor but if we take a closer look, they re actually average because they can pay the bills, they can eat three or times a day, AND they even have a business for chrissake In a way, it was so lame and pathetic to make it a big deal and to even view the rich people as haughty and superior My huge problem in this book was also the romantic aspect I couldn t find myself swooning over the characters Their interactions seem pointless and insignificant Also, while I loved Xander s character, I find him unbeliveable Seriously, he s too rich to be true And whoa, a guy who owns hundreds of hotels and who is often featured in gossip magazines would be interested with a plain girl Isn t it too cliche and Cinderella ish In my opinion.So, yes It didn t work out for me Maybe if I read this book years ago when I was still in my teenage years, I would ve appreciated it, because why not It s cuteness overload But then stories like these rarely amaze me these days, so yeah.Rating

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    Professional Reporter This book review was recorded for Goodreads.com by myself at the request of Litchick I survived the ordeal PR Thank you very much for allowing me to what the hell are you wearing LC I came in costume.PR Dressed as what It looks like the 70s threw up on you.LC Elton John PR You came to an interview for a book review that you requested dressed as You know what, why don t we just get this over with LC hums the opening bars to Rocket Man PR What made you want to pick up The Distance Between Us instead of one of the 80 ARCs that you probably should have read instead mutters if you were a responsible adult LC I blame Komal and CecilePR So, it s not your fault LC Nope I had no choice PR mutters of course not LC Plus, have you seen this cover Look at it Look At It.PR Yes I see that Did you really need to just hit me in the face with the book though LC whispers It s okay precious, the mean man doesn t understand What s that No, I d never let him take you away from mommy PR Are you on drugs right now LC What No Why would you ask that PR mutters no reason LC Do you have some sort of speech impediment PR No I don t have takes deep breath This is getting off topic, why don t you tell me what you expected going into this book LC WordsPR grinds teeth I meant how did you feel Were you nervous because in the past you haven t had the best track record with books that everyone else loved LC That s such a strange turn of phrase track record PR Just answer the goddamn question LC Wow, someone s manstrating Jeez, yes, I was nervous PR And after reading the book LC Why would I still be nervous I ve read it PR bites out What were your feelings upon completion of the book LC Oh, happy ones PR Care to elaborate LC Well, I suppose there s a lyric that can best sum up how I felt Ahem It was Saturday late, have you seen my mates, can you tell me when the boys get here Well, it s seven o clock and I want to rock and get a belly full of beer PR Really Saturday Night s Alright for Fighting LC Hey You ve heard of it One of my best if I do say so my PR That s it spikes pen LC What are you PR throws chair LC Hey, where are you PR Fuck this shit, I quit LC What the hell was that guy s problem Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

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    REREADI enjoyed it even the second time around The things that bothered me the first time I read it were no longer an issue to me Xander has become adorable and pleasing in my eyes while Caymen s sarcasm is clearly topnotch I have completely forgotten about Mason though I couldn t even remember that there was another guy and a potential love interest at that in the story The beckoning gesture, I still vividly remember though Lol This is why rereading is the best So I guess my old review still holds true except that this time, I liked it even Of course, I read it in one sitting _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ORIGINAL REVIEW WRITTEN APRIL 7, 2015 3.90 stars In deep, scary male voice A GRAVEYARD CREEPY PORCELAIN DOLLS A DEAD BODY being prepped for funeral This is only a mock up of a dead body as it would be too harsh to post an image of a real one coughs back to normal female voice TRUST ME, THIS IS A ROMANTIC YA STORY Lol Despite the odd morbid elements as mentioned in the intro, view spoiler there actually was a cheesy mud fight scene at the grave, lol hide spoiler

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    Pretty in Pink meets Pride and Prejudice. That s the best explanation of this book I ve seen so far Kasie West has done it again I thought I was a fan of her writing after I read Pivot Point After reading The Distance Between Us I may have escalated to fangirl This book made me all kinds of happy First reason that cover I love love it Caymen Meyers lives with her single mother and learned early on that the rich are very different than her Working the register at her mother s doll shop, she s encountered her fair share of them and her mom hasn t exactly been secretive about her feelings toward them Then Xander Spence enters the store He s tall, gorgeous and obviously rich From the first beckon the evolution of their friendship hooked me I m not going to tell as much about the story itself because I m afraid I might give something important away instead I m going to tell you about what I loved most the characters From the first chapter, West had me hooked I want Caymen as a best friend I think that we would hit it off Her sarcasm and dry humor made her completely likable and relatable Is that your subtle way of saying you missed me last week I ve missed my hot chocolate I just think of you as the guy who brings it to me Sometimes I forget your name and call you hot chocolate guy Where she is in her life made me want to hug her She has one friend in her life and almost all her time is spent working in the shop She shoulders so much for a 17 year old, that it s hard not to feel a bit of anger towards her mother Xander The boy made my top five swoony boy list I don t know what exactly it was about him maybe it was that he didn t take himself too seriously even though he is who he is, and he really truly cares about Caymen that made him so lovely I don t know, but he totally won me over He can have the first sip of ALL my drinks I m totally okay with this Now the two of them together had me smiling like a fool Watching them get to know each other and learn about each other and fall for each other was the best part of this book for me Xander opens the compartment above my knees and takes out a pair of leather gloves As he pulls them on I can t help but laugh What You have driving gloves And And it s funny Funny adorable I shake my head If you say so Cayman soon finds out that Xander is being groomed to take over his father s hotel business but he feels like he s being forced into it and Caymen isn t entirely sure what she wants to do after graduation but she thinks it will be helping her mom in the store even though that s the last thing she wants Xander is convinced that they have the same problem going on in their lives they just don t know what s next, but they can work together to try and find out what exactly they should be doing with their lives by creating career days for each other Of course everything isn t easy and their circumstances seem to make things complicated but not in the way you might think, and she quickly learns that his family isn t made up of the horrible people that she s been led to believe.Along the way, Caymen finds out that some of the things she s been led to believe aren t exactly true and her world is turned upside down If you re looking for a sweet contemporary with some wonderfully developed characters then you must pick up The Distance Between Us when it comes out in July I know I ll be buying a copy for my bookshelf.After loving both Pivot Point and The Distance Between Us, Kasie West is now on my auto buy list.P.S Stacee Xander is mine LOL This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare

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    2.5 starsI just want to give a warning that this review was written after consuming copious amounts of Jack Daniels so I apologize in advance if it make NO SENSE This book was not the most horrific thing I have ever read so there is that I honestly enjoyed it to an extent But it was not without it s problems.This was my second attempt at a Kasie West book and I have to say I was mildly disappointed yet again On the one hand, I enjoyed this book a lot than I enjoyed By Your Side See Review HERE but I did not LOVE this book by any stretch of the imagination It was cute I guess What I LikedThe relationship building was nice and slow but not boring or without merit, and I didn t want to stab the MC in the eye So all in all I count that as a moderate win.I enjoyed Xander s character a lot he was precious and honestly deserves better like I don t see what it was that attracted him to Caymen the romance makes no since because he has no reason to fall for her What I did not likeI recently ranted about how OVER the rich people are the devil trope I keep seeing and BAM in my fucking FACE with it oh fucking awesome On the one hand this book felt genuine than my last Kasie West attempt with By Your Side but on the other hand this book threw DOWN with the rich people suck trope I mean honestly, that s really all this book was a poor girl hating on rich boy because rich people suck AMIRIGHT The MC couldn t have been clear in her disdain for rich people if she tried like seriously This concept was literally the ONLY strife between these two He s rich and I m now meh let me cry about it for 300 pages Yep that s the book the whole book I really did not like Caymen I didn t hate her but I would not be her friend IRL like ever She seems like she might be an okay human but Kasie West failed to explain to me WHY Caymen is a cool girl and worthy of Xander s affections The romance seemed ones sided because of this Xander was all in from the moment he decided this is the girl but like why What building blocks were in place to make him feel this way I can see why Caymen would like him but she was the reluctant one I just need foundation Again, I didn t hate this book but anytime you repeat something too much as an author it becomes distracting AF I could have done with a little less rich shaming and been happy That s all that s not too much to ask I think In ConclusionNot terrible not great Enjoyable but nothing to light a torch over I am going to give West another try because I did enjoy thing one than my first West read.

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