HexedKrys Finds The Funny And Fantastical Sweet Spot Between Magic And High School Drama In This Mash Up Of Mean Girls And The Craft Booklist A Spellbinding Witchy Series DebutA Stolen Book A Deadly Plan A Destiny Discovered If High School Is All About Social Status, Indigo Blackwood Has It Made Sure, Her Quirky Mom Owns An Occult Shop, And A Nerd Just Won T Stop Trying To Be Her Friend, But Indie Is A Popular Cheerleader With A Football Star Boyfriend And A Social Circle Powerful Enough To Ruin Everyone At School Who Wouldn T Want To Be Her Then A Guy Dies Right Before Her Eyes And The Dusty Old Family Bible Her Mom Is Freakishly Possessive Of Is Stolen But When A Frustratingly Sexy Stranger Named Bishop Enters Indie S World, She Learns That Her Destiny Involves A Lot Than Pom Poms And Parties If She Doesn T Get The Bible Back, Every Witch On The Planet Will Die And That S Seriously Bad News For Indie, Because According To Bishop, She S A Witch TooSuddenly Forced Into A Centuries Old War Between Witches And Sorcerers, Indie Is About To Uncover The Many Dark Truths About Her Life And A Future Unlike Any She Ever Imagined On Top Of The Cheer Pyramid Fast Paced With Sizzling Tension Victoria Scott, Author Of Fire FloodWicked Fun Amy Plum, Author Of The Die For Me Series A Perfect Mix Of Action, Romance, And Humor HEXED Kept Me Riveted Until The Very Last Page Amy Tintera, Author Of Reboot Enjoyable Kirkus Reviews A Fast Paced Plot With Plenty Of Shocking Twists And Turns School Library Journal From The Hardcover Edition Sucky book is sucky noBecause I DNFed it.It s still sucky. Author here I hope you have as much fun reading this book as I had writing it.Cheers Michelle Fair warning rant ahead At first glance, Hexed would seem like a totally creepy, thrilling read, right It ended up being a funny book No, not the good kind of funny It was the kind of book that was really weird and made me laugh because of how absurd it was.Reading Hexed was like watching the Vampire Academy movie it seemed like a spoof that was trying a bit too hard to be funny that it ended up being quite tacky and lame This bland humor made the characters sound a bit like kindergartners They both raise their hands, palms up, making mock shaped faces at each other See what I mean That aside, I found the heroine Indigo to be very childish, wimpy and plain annoying She was quite shallow as well It could be because I m very nitpicky, but Indigo thought a lot about other people, calling them the little Chinese girl or saying a guy clearly never met a bottle of hair gel he didn t like Exactly twelve minutes into practice, and I already wish I were dead Exactly fourteen minutes into practice and I decide I d rather Bianca were dead Is it just me, or does her humor sound kind of dry It definitely reminded me of my 10 year old brother and his bad jokes that only he laughs at And since Indigo s a witch it s in the synopsis , you d expect her to be kickin some ass, yeah Well, all Indigo did was watch from the sidelines as her not so boyfriend fought her battles for her Definitely not badass.There arespecific instances of why Indigo s character was unlikable for me For one, when she saw a dead guy on the street holding a piece of paper, she took it Girl, I m pretty sure it s against the law to steal useful case evidences It was part of their cheer to lift their skirts and show their asses to the world and she was fine with it Um, okay Indigo felt that everything was about her When Bishop the not so boyfriend stated that the good witches didn t care about her mother, she even gasped Not everyone gives a shit about your problems She had that in denial stage where she wouldn t believe anyone who told her that Bishop cared about her.I didn t like most of the other characters, either The only character who I did like was Jezebel, Bishop s ex She was pretty badass and was pretty honest, even about the bad things Most of them had so much potential to be amazing, kick ass characters, but they all had these somewhat childish voices They sounded like characters from a middle grade novel, saying things like, The Chinese frickin Theatre That sounds a lot like me, and I m fourteen.The plot was okay some things were explained well, others weren t There were twists that did surprise me, but the characters idiocy constantly got in the way of what could ve been a really engaging story for me The writing didn t help much, either For some reason I wasn t able to connect with the story as much as I would ve wanted to.To be blunt, Hexed is what I d call a common YA novel wimpy heroine, bad boy who saves the girl, an asshat best friend, an asshat ex boyfriend and a load of drama covered up by some of action and fantasy. Michelle Krys HEXED was such a refreshing, fun read In a world of super serious YA books saturated in darkness, HEXED manages to stand apart from the pack Yes, you ll find intrigue, mystery, and bad guys, but there s gut clenching, spot on humor too, and that s hard won I adored Indie, a girl with weaknesses and fears, who manages to be brave anyway And Bishop Well, I ve already claimed him as mine Paige is also a rock star character I loved from the start If you want a fast paced story with sizzling tension, quality characters, and snappy humor, HEXED is for you 4.5 starsAlso reviewed for Addicted2HeroinesI ve been searching for a book centering on witches for a while now, but nothing ever really clicked with me Until Hexed.But hear me out before you run out and buy this one, because some of the things I absolutely loved about this sucker, might be the very same things that turn you off.First, Indigo is not a heroine that you would normally cheer for She s shallow, but not self absorbed enough that she doesn t realize it And not shallow in a cutesy way like Buffy, either She s not worried that her hair is messed up, she s worried that bringing a nerd to a party will be the social death of her In fact, it would have madesense for the author to make Paige the above mentioned nerd the heroine Paige is smart, kind, and bookish And let s face it, most readers tend to gravitate toward a character they can relate to Although, smart and kind are sort of a toss up for mePersonally, I loved that Ms Krys didn t go the easy route, and give us yet another cookie cutter heroine that we all feel comfortable with I mean, you ve got to work at it to like Indigo, especially in the beginning of the book She changes over the course of the book, but it happens slowlyjust like it should There is no huge moment when she realizes the error of ways, and then totally transforms Even when she initially starts taking baby steps toward shedding her old ways, there is still a part of her that is mortified.At a pivotal point in the book there s a death that rocks Indigo s world In the middle of all of this, her relationship with Bishop is starting to morph into something , as well And I can hear the naysayers squeaking that at a time like that Indigo would not be interested in pursuing a relationship.Bzzzt Wrong Having gone through the same person dyingat the same age as IndigoI can most assuredly tell you that the things going through her head were written in a realistic light Been there Done that Minus the magic.Beyond the main characters, the secondary characters were thoroughly enjoyable The bad guys werebad, and the good guys weresort ofbad too In fact, there were lots of ambiguous individuals in the book.I m also awarding bonus points for there being no insta love in the book Or for that matter, even insta attraction, because it takes Indigo a while to start thinking of Bishop as a datable guy I liked being able to take a break from the magical soulmates theme that tends to run through a lot of the paranormal stuff I read.The magic itself was big and fun Lots of spells flying around, and, for that matter, lots of flying in general So if you prefer asubtle brand of witchcraft, you may not be in love with Hexed.Me I like the Harry Potter stuff.Go big or go home I typically get bored with witches who have to sit around chanting and making potions in order to get a seed to grow Zap that shit with your wand or something Hell, Miracle Grow works just as fast as the lame spell you re usingBut that s just me A lot of people prefer asubdued approach.Cliffhanger Why, yes Yes, there is.Nicely done, I might add The story is wrapping up, everyone is smiling and in love, and I keep thinking that the author is forgetting about something It wasn t a HUGE thingbut I was still annoyed that it wasn t being addressed I mean, don t you just hate it when there s that teeny little thread that gets left out of the conclusion Hey, whatever happened to so n so or such n such, you know ThenBAM So I guess the author didn t forget after all.Nice I received a digital arc from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Having had the privilege of reading this book prior to its release, I can say that it s one of the best books I ve ever read The writing is amazing, the plot is fast paced, the main character Indie is so witty and hysterical, and there s incredible chemistry between Indie and her love interest Even the supporting characters are all well developed, stand out characters, each with their own little quirks and complexities No stock characters here I wasn t bored for one single second while reading this book It s definitely a page turner, and I would recommend this book to anyone Seereviews at YA Midnight ReadsWant a good witch book Keep looking As much as I wanted this to turn out well, Hexed was just filled with too many clich tropes This book made me want to laugh, and not in a good way.Childish, stereotypical and idiotic main character CHECK Indigo is a cheerleader who once flashed her ass to a crowd at a football match she is best friends with the Queen B, Bianca, she s also the girlfriend of the captain of the football team, received the 3rd highest GPA at her school and uses everyone around her like pawns on a chessboard Oh, and she might even be a witch with superpowers HOW AWESOME IS THAT Indigo has everything she is everything Oh, but that s just what everyone thinks Because her so called best friend flirts with her boyfriend who she doesn t think she deserves, and is a total bitch to Indigo Correction a total bitch in general Hey, bitches, I need help taking these mats back, Bianca says By help she means do it for her.Aw, poor Indigo What a rude friend OR MAYBE, YOU SHOULD BE SMART LIKE YOUR 3RD HIGHEST GPA IN THE SCHOOL SUGGESTS AND GET BETTER FRIENDS Talking about Indigo s smartness, not once does she prove that she s actually as smart as what she got for her GPA She legit does nothing but cry and wail until someone comes to help her In most cases, that someone is the mysterious but smokin hot Bishop Oh, and Indigo s selfishness and self importance are absolutely infuriating To summarise quickly, Indigo has a loner neighbour named Paige, who would never take a hint and leave Indigo alone However, one night when Indigo is in trouble and has no one else to go to, she calls Paige who finally made a friend and was staying at her friend s house for the night then Indigo forces her to come and help her find a book and a stranger in the middle of the night Riiight Indigo, she s not your bloody dog Paige has her own life and like her, you can t take a hint and just leave her alone You ve ignored her your entire life and yet you go up to her one day and expect that she will help you just because you said so Can we all not be having such a great time right now My mom s in trouble, remember Paige sinks back into her seat, as Bishop mumbles apologies.We feel sorry for you, Indigo But that doesn t mean everyone has to be bawling their eyes out and being mournfully pessimistic like you.And then I make my way to the Pretty People table.What You did not just call yourselves the Pretty People No Nope NOPE headdesk This book possibly has the worst possible heroine Finding a book that she doesn t give a crap about and trusting a stranger that you ve just met because he s good looking Highly suspicious and idiotic, if you ask me The writing and plot are no better I commend it for reflecting the main character s personality well, but god, it was terribly childishblink at him a bunchetc Let me be blunt it just doesn t work Further, the plot is basically pulled together by coincidence after coincidence There s a scene when Indigo is in a crisis with Bishop and her mother stuck in a screen, and so conveniently, does a random chick fly in and save Bishop who then saves Indigo I totally believe everything and am totally okay with all this I don t suspect anything or find this incredibly mediocre or clich Guys, save your time and don t bother with this book We have clich characters, pointless drama, poor writing and plot and stupid romance Nothing interesting here. Finally, I m done with it And him.I will never ever ever read it again.And I will never ever ever read the sequel.EVERY character, except for Indigo s mom, is despicable and I hated them all, especially Bishop, the most slap worthy character I ve encountered this year He s all on making jokes BAD ONES every time In every scene Even when they re in danger I was always wondering why Why is he doing that Does he think he s funny somehow Or is he just one completely immature person Indigo girl, you need a wake up call She s always thinking what everyone could think of her She doesn t want to help a girl, Paige, because she s afraid people will start to ditch her OH NO They could think she s hanging out with a loser , as the author kept describing her, and no one will ever speak to her again Please.You know, this book is actually not that bad if we stop thinking about the characters for a second It s fast paced and has a good writing The problem is what the author wrote about and the characters that I kept wanting to shake , of course.The thing is this is the kind of book that, if I had a teen on my own won t happen before many many years , I wouldn t let her him read the book Why Because there is no wonderful message or something good that could stick with her him or inspire her him It only makes us learn throughout the book that life in high school is a bitch, that we have to act and be cool to be popular and respected,that geeky people, like Paige, are treated poorly and are at the bottom and that people are cheated and lied to constantly Sure, Indigo and Paige become friends , at some point STILL, Indigo said some not very nice things about her and she doesn t even act like a true friend to Paige when this latter is always there if Indigo needs any help I felt so so bad for Paige but what I didn t like is that the author made her sound annoying and like a stalker when all she wants, deep inside her, is a friend.Another thing that I had problem with is the whole story I mean, in the end, I realized that everything that happened wasn t supposed to happen, that it could have been easily avoided I mean everything they did ended up being for nothing, when they discovered the truth Also, beware cliffhanger. This was an incredible read I laughed out loud throughout the whole book Indie was hilarious And I loved the banter between her and Bishop And don t even get me started on Bishop What a dreamboat lol The plot was very fast paced, which I loved It s a must read

I m the author of the YA novels HEXED, CHARMED, and DEAD GIRLS SOCIETY, all from Delacorte Press Random House Children s Books Visit me at michellekrys.com or follow MichelleKrys on Twitter, michellekrysbooks on Instagram, or mkrysbooks on Snapchat PLEASE NOTE I don t respond to messages on Goodreads If you want to contact me please email me directly at michelle.k.krys gmail.com

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