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Alias Hook Every Child Knows How The Story Ends The Wicked Pirate Captain Is Flung Overboard, Caught In The Jaws Of The Monster Crocodile Who Drags Him Down To A Watery Grave But It Was Not Yet My Time To Die It S My Fate To Be Trapped Here Forever, In A Nightmare Of Childhood Fancy, With That Infernal, Eternal Boy Meet Captain James Benjamin Hook, A Witty, Educated Restoration Era Privateer Cursed To Play Villain To A Pack Of Malicious Little Boys In A Pointless War That Never Ends But Everything Changes When Stella Parrish, A Forbidden Grown Woman, Dreams Her Way To The Neverland In Defiance Of Pan S Rules From The Glamour Of The Fairy Revels, To The Secret Ceremonies Of The First Tribes, To The Mysterious Underwater Temple Beneath The Mermaid Lagoon, The Magical Forces Of The Neverland Open Up For Stella As They Never Have For Hook And In The Pirate Captain Himself, She Begins To See Someone Far Complex Than The Storybook VillainWith Stella S Knowledge Of Folk And Fairy Tales, She Might Be Hook S Last Chance For Redemption And Release If They Can Break His Curse Before Pan And His Warrior Boys Hunt Her Down And Drag Hook Back To Their Neverending Game Alias Hook By Lisa Jensen Is A Beautifully And Romantically Written Adult Fairy Tale

I ve painted pottery, sold movie tickets and books, drawn cartoons, and hand crafted fabric dolls Now I get to write full time the hours are flexible and there s no dress code My movie reviews appear on Rotten Tomatoes My novel, Beast A Tale of Love and Revenge, came out in 2018, from Candlewick My historical fantasy Alias Hook, was published by Thomas Dunne Books in July, 2014 My histo

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    Have you ever wondered what the fuck happened to Captain Hook after the crocodile ate him You ll find out when you read Alias Hook But let me tease you a bit Hook doesn t dieWe all know Hook as that little fucker who likes to ruin all the fun But if there s one thing that ll change after you read this book, it ll be your view on this guy Lisa Jensen portrayed him in a different light We re shown a softer side of him the side that cares about the past lives of his crew members the side that can t seem to stop thinking about all the what ifs.Alias Hook gives us a whimsical, romantic take on the story of Captain Hook Magic was everywhere, and so were regret, confusion, love, and all these feelings that re new to Hook It was absolutely fantastic to see his view of the world change, all because of this girl that magically plunked into Neverland uninvited.Hook and the mortal woman Stella were adorable together Okay, fine, the romantic pacing wasn t as clean as it could ve been There was this one part where I went, HOLD YOUR HORSES SLOW THE FUCK DOWN but after that, it was smooth sailing and I was grinning at their cute and awkward interactions.The story itself was incredibly fascinating we re given a chance to view Neverland from another perspective, aside from JM Barrie s The mermaids were different Peter Pan himself was very different everything was new and shiny It was slow at first, when we were just getting to know Hook, but around the halfway mark I found myself flipping page after page, wanting to get and substance from the book.Another little qualm I had was the writing Lisa Jensen s prose isn t bad in fact, it s totally eloquent and elegant which is just not my kind of thing, personally I guess you could say I m a shallow reader, and there were a lot of times where I had to go back a few pages to remind myself of what was happening I m not sure if the writing s really hard to get into, or I just have a really short attention span.Overall, I would still recommend Alias Hook to anyone looking for a different take on Hook s story one with a swashbuckling hero, a fierce maiden, and lots of magic That s you, by the way.Deadly Darlings The Social Potato The Book Geek Twitter Instagram

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    Okay, I wrote this book, so my opinion is not to be trusted But I humbly defer to the other kind reviewers on my book page

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    Also reviewed for Addicted2HeroinesSo what if Peter Pan wasn t really as cute as the stories made him out to be What if he had traded his real life for eternal youth, and now he was just a brat who wouldn t grow up Well, a powerful brat who rules the land of children s dreams.Neverland.Have you ever seen what happens to little boys who have no adult supervision They go feral rather quickly Goodbye, soap and water Hello, property destruction If you ve had kids, been around kids, or even just remember what it was like to be a kid, then you also know that children can be incredibly cruel Mainly, because they have no idea what the word consequences means Their saving grace is that they re adorable when they sleepGrowing up is good You learn hopefully that you are not the center of the universe, that no one is obligated to make you happy, and that you need to take other people s feelings into consideration.Can you imagine what would become of a boy who had stayed a child for thousands of years Yeah So, Pan is just a bloodthirsty tyrant who still has all of his baby teeth.And Hook What if he were a big bad pirate back in the day And what if he pissed off the wrong woman Oh, let s saysome powerful voodoo priestess And what if she decided he needed to learn a lesson, no matter how long it took Uh huh.So now he s trapped in a hell called Neverland Doomed to die over and over again, with no end in sight His crew is made up of Lost Boys who grew up, and Hook knows nothing he does will save them.Because the Boy needs evil pirates to battle.But what about the Wendys Well, they never return to Neverlandright Alias Hook has a really great premise that was well thought out I loved how the author turned the original story on it s ear, and then made me question why in the world I ever thought the idea of eternal youth would be cute It was very interesting revisiting all of the characters I thought I knew, and then see them painted in a different light Why only three stars Two reasons.One, I thought I would never finish it Parts of the story were slow and drug on too much for my taste I know that s not going to be a problem for everyone, because some readers like to take their time with a book So, if you like stories with a lot of meaty character introspection, then this will be right up your alley.Two, I didn t like Hook I mean, he had a few decent qualities, and he wasn t a cackling villain, butThat whole rapey pillagey past he had Ehhh Not so much with the liking.Yeah, yeah, I get it He grows as a person throughout the book.I just couldn t get past hiswell, past .On the whole, I d say it was an interesting look at an old story, and I d recommend it to anyone who is looking for an adult retelling of Peter Pan Thank you NetGalley

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    This was such an exciting, interesting book I wasn t really sure what to expect with this book and I really liked it Instead of being a full blown retelling, Hook exists alongside the original story of Peter Pan Hook is of the real story where Peter isn t a protagonist nor is he a hero I really liked how this story didn t have a black and white view of good and bad Neither Peter not Hook was the good guy Both of them are villains, one so than the other, but still villains I loved the writing style of this book It was so beautiful and unique.I really liked the character development from both Hook and Stella I really liked their relationship as well Overall, I really enjoyed this book The writing and characters were great and I really liked seeing a very different take on Neverland.

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    4.5 Stars I didn t love this quite as much as some of my other 5 star books, but it was so much better than many that I ve rated 4 stars Days after finishing, I m still looking back and thinking, wow that was good, so I m going to round up to 5 stars Alias Hook was a fantastic re imagining of Peter Pan I absolutely loved it It s not just a retelling or a fleshing out of the original tale, but completely turns the whole legend on its head Jensen turned everything around in such a believable way I feel like she thought of everything, the picture was so complete I felt like I was in Neverland, and this was the true story of Peter Pan It s so well done, so realistic, and the flipped take on the old story makes so much sense when you re looking at everything from an adult s perspective.Neverland still feels magical, because it s still a fantastic place full of magic and legends like mermaids, fairies, and pirates But it also feels real, treacherous and sad, with everything subject to the whim of a cruel boy who can never grow up I can still see many of the scenes in my head, the world is so lushly described.The story is told from the perspective of Captain Hook He is a weary, desperate man under a curse that forces him to play his part as the adult villain in Neverland He has been killed by Peter many times, but can never die, never find release from this endless childhood and endless parade of children who consider killing him and his men the best kind of sport Now something in Neverland is finally changing, and Hook may finally have a chance to escape the curse if he can only figure out what the chance is before it s too late.The idea of how Neverland works, with the Lost Boys and Wendies always changing, but Hook and Peter staying the same, was intriguing I instantly felt sympathy for this man who may have started out a real pirate and a ruthless rogue, but who never deserved the 200 years of torment that he s endured under Peter Pan s tyranny The story of how Hook got to Neverland, how his hand was lost, and of all of the losses over the years that gradually wearied him of this game of war and death, appealed to me right away And I hated Peter immediately too, that ruthless, almost insane goblin of a child I m happy to say, I got exactly what I wanted for Hook out of this tale, and actually gained a measure of pity for Peter by the end, rather than just hating him There s emotional complexity to it, and it s not all just black and white like fairy tales and retellings often are.There is some romance in the book, and there are a couple of explicit scenes so that I would only recommend this to adults Those scenes and the romance are probably what bring my rating down from the full 5 stars I felt that matters turned to the physical too suddenly I prefer emotional and sweet romances where you see how a couple falls in love rather than them deciding to jump in bed all of the sudden So that aspect didn t appeal to me so much At least the two people involved talked to each other and got to know each other first, and the romance doesn t take over the story It does fit as part of the whole, even though it brings a modern view of relationships into it a minor complaint that is completely based on my preferences in this area It s saying a lot that this one aspect didn t detract from my appreciation of the book much at all Highly recommended, especially to those who enjoy classic tales retold This one s a gem Received free arc for review through Many thanks to the publisher for a book I probably wouldn t have picked up otherwise.

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    I picked this up because I m one of the seemingly few people who ve read Jensen s previous novel, Witch From the Sea, which was a highly entertaining historical fantasy of the swashbuckling life Here, she continues on with the pirate theme, writing a riff on Peter Pan from the point of view of Captain Hook.I have to admit that I had my doubts about the premise Stories based in another author s world are often suspect there are so many ways in which it can go horribly wrong Probably due to my attitude, it took me a little while to get into the book but then, it fully won me over Captain Hook, the story posits, was Captain Hookbridge a wealthy, 17th century rake who lived a cruel and dissolute life as a privateer until the curse of a woman he d wronged sent him into the Neverland Trapped and unable to die, he endures endless years as the nemesis of Peter Pan that J.M Barrie s stories introduced us all to But one day, the unthinkable happens an adult woman is found in Neverland Parrish is escaping the trauma she endured as a nurse during WWII but no one in Neverland is prepared for what her arrival might mean.Peter Pan is a particularly difficult story to work with, I think, because it has so much about it to love while simultaneously being deeply problematic from a modern point of view I feel that in Alias Hook Jensen succeed in capturing the magic that readers such as myself remember from childhood while simultaneously creating a romantic adventure for adults which also has a lot to say about what it actually means to grow up Jensen s message about maturity specifically manhood is one that a great many people today could stand to take to heart As a child Barrie s Peter Pan worked for me The idea of never growing up was undeniably attractive And, as an adult, Alias Hook worked for me It shows the limitations and heartlessness of aspects of childhood her Pan is a dangerous tyrant in all his innocence discusses the problems caused when people don t learn and grow with the years, and shows the possibility of a richness to life that children have not yet glimpsed The conclusion is sweet and satisfying, full of the possibility of healing and redemption, without being overly sentimental.I m glad to see that, although it might ve taken quite a while, Jensen s been picked up by a major publisher Hopefully tales of the sea will be forthcoming Advance copy of this book was provided by NetGalley Many thanks for the opportunity to read as always, my opinion is my own.

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    It isn t you, it s me You are a perfectly nice book and I m sure there are lots of readers out there who will love you for the book that you are You and I are just not meant to be.For me Alias Hook started out quite good in the beginning but as the story progressed my interest in the story declined and it took every ounce of my being just to continue Not that the book is badly written it wasn t just my cup of tea The idea was great Captain Hook, the great villain in Neverland isn t really the great villain Instead he is stuck there, has been for 200 years, and it is Peter Pan that is the actual bad boy Then one day a woman arrives in Neverland, why is she there Who sent her The book isn t bad, I liked parts of it I liked the idea that Hook is the victim and Peter Pan is the one that is tormenting him How fun is there to be stuck in Neverland, immortal while the crew is mortal and Pan and his boys kill them off and new grown ups arrive to join the crew on the ship Not bloody fun I would imagine But I just couldn t commit to the story My heart wasn t in it And I really, really wanted to like it Oh well, I guess not every book is for me.The only thing working really well for me in the book was that I imagined Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review

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    Another arc requested o_OOH MY GOD HOW DO PEOPLE EXPECT ME TO RESIST REQUESTING THESE STORIES I M DOOMED 3.5 stars Arc provided by St Martin s Press through Netgalley Release Date 8th JulyI was drawn to this story mostly due to this amazing synopsis.C mmon Who wouldn t want to read a story in which one of history s famous rivals get their social roles switched So yes, when it comes to the premise of this story, this would get a five star rating.Also, let me just say that the quality of the writing is indisputable.However, the grand quantity of nautical references _No, I m not ignoring where the story takes place, and that almost all the characters are sailors _ after a while, started grating on my nerves, since the story drags quite a bit without anything of actual relevance actually happening.Not being keen on being immersed _no pun intended _ in such a nautical language, I ll have to say that through most of this, its reading wasn t as smooth as I was hoping But this was my experience with it, and hopefully other readers will enjoy it than I did I ll even admit that this feels as the type of story that will probably improve with a couple of re readings especially when combined with time and patience.The thing is, calling this fantasy is just the tip of the iceberg This reads as a complex narrative in which a long number of discussions are held When do we grow up How do we grow up What is the importance of myths and quests in our formative years, and so on and onSomeone with a clearer understanding of psychology will probably have a wonderful time dissecting this story, and all its symbology.But, for now, and keeping my feet on the ground on what I actually felt while reading this, I ll say that the way the initial narrative is told, with its switching temporal perspectives, mostly didn t work for meIt broke the fluidity of the story, especially since Hook s background ended up being important than the actual storyline.Yes, both time frames are important The past, since it formed the person he is today, and the present, to see how he has dealt with what has been happening to him.However, Hook s character is mostly so unappealing that, at times, it ended up being a double taskDo not get me wrong I like being given a character s background, and considering the story s developments, it was necessary to be told I can t however help feeling that the POVs told in the past tense should have been quite shorter in order to not clog the story.Then when it comes to the fantasy retelling per se, I m afraid this story lacks its own proper magic.Yes, there are fairies, mermaids, fairy dust, flying boys, and things of the sort in it, but the language and the way the story is told is just too prosaic to actually enchant a reader.Truth be told, after awhile, I became tired of Hook s voice and of all his angsty moments He s sufficiently annoying as he is, without having to resort to sporadic bouts of YA drama Dual points of views are sometimes tricky, but in this case _maybe from Stella s POV_ it would have helped keeping things interesting throughout the narrative.Among the positives I liked how the author was able to connect all of the plot s dots , until the unexpected ending.I liked that, while I was reading it, I was basically clueless as to where this story was going to turn.And I especially liked how the story endsBottom Line A very promising story that could probably have benefited from another editing, creating a balanced equilibrium between the overwhelming historical feeling of it, and the fantasy genre in which it should have swimmed As it is, the fantasy bit was somewhat crushed beneath the somewhat historical facet.Now it s up to readers tastes

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    Five reasons to grab your ear buds and listen to Alias Hook1 The writing is simply wonderful from the way that it flowed to the vivid details of Neverland This is meant for adults and the language can get colorful, but it also offered a unique perspective casting Hook and his crew in a whole new light.2 Captain James Benjamin Hook Ralph Lister did an excellent job of giving him voice and Jenson truly fleshed him out making me see this pirate in an entirely new light Gone are the images from movies and the Disney animation Jensen gave us his back story and I found all of the details delightful We sees his flaws, frustrations and yes his fear of the croc.3 Stella Parrish is a grown woman who makes her way to Neverland and forever changes James I adored this snarky, clever woman She says what she thinks, and it was often hilarious Her reasons for dreaming her way to Neverland were interesting, and her role in the tale was well dome.4 It is Neverland There are battles with the Lost Boys, secrets, fairies and of course Peter Pan Jensen brought the ship and island to life in vivid 3 D.5 Alias Hook while based on Peter Pan completely stands on its own and offers a new twist on Neverland. Lessons were learned, a romance developed, and both Jenson and Lister weaved their magic making me lose myself in the story.This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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    It haunts me beyond all reason, an ache in my heart I can t explain or ignore And it all began with the damn book There it sits, the crumbling old thing, on the tea table next to the window I run my fingers over its nubby, embosses cover, the gilding almost entirely worn away, a boy in leaves and a pair of tarty little mermaids I needn t open the cover to see what s written there it s scrawled just as indelibly in my memory a single word, Believe Meet the man behind the infamous Captain Hook and fall in love with the not so villain of a hero Alias Hook is told from Hooks point of view and presents a thoughtful and beguiling look at the rogue gentleman and how he came to be known as the infamous Captain Hook The chapters in the beginning of the book alternate between lives of Captain Hook in Neverland, and young Jamie aka James Benjamin Hookbridge We see him become a privateer only to be captured and imprisoned in deteriorating fortress on one of the many French islands Later he is released with nothing but the rags on his back, he works his way back to Jamaica, only to find that he has been betrayed and lost all those he has ever loved Angry, he assembles a crew and takes to the sea terrorizing the Caribbean This young version of Hook has suffered at the hands of many Angry and vengeful, Hook was born.But, through Hook s point of view, and eventually through Stella s eyes, we begin to see the many layers to him A man who has lost nearly everything, tormented endlessly by Pan and the lost boys, lonely and vulnerable we see him in a completely new light We begin to understand how he lives this heart wrenching, never ending cycle One that he knows is futile and with no escape We see the cruelty of Pan and the lost boys, as children with no moral or conscious I did not think it would be possible, but I completely fell head over heels for this anti hero The villain that needs to be redeemed Intelligent, kind, and seductive, Hook ensnares the reader s heart before you know it What happens after the pirate Captain Hook is thrown to the alligator brings a whole new dimension to the story, and Hook s character. An enchanting and forbidden look at Neverland Have you ever gazed upon the lovely maps often included with the story Peter Pan and wondered what lies hidden beneath those realms I have The kid in me was practically bursting with excitement over the prospect of an author taking me on an exploration into these uncharted realms Yet, I was nervous that the magic they created as a child would not hold over as an adult But, they did I was completely captivated by the magic in Lisa Jensen words, and her beautiful descriptions.With Alias Hook, Lisa Jensen takes us to the heart of Neverland like we ve never been before As the story unfolds, and Hook and Stella embark on a quest to set themselves free from Pan s clutches and the endless cycle he creates in Neverland The reader gets a firsthand look, a forbidden look denied adults, into the very heart of Neverland s realms From forest glens and realms of glamour of the Fairy Revels, to the enchanted realm of the lorelei s underwater grotto, to the First Tribes and their secret ceremonies, the once forbidden realms open up and their magic and mystery are revealed. Beautiful writing creates a rich fantasy world and a romantic story that makes us not want to put the story down, wanting to escape to Lisa Jensen s world a little longer This is a story to be savored, not rushed It needs to be enjoyed slowly for all its nuances There is wonder and magic, as well as danger and death to be found in Neverland Cruelty and despair go hand in hand with hope, forgiveness and love Alias Hook feels at once like a lush historical, yet elements of fantasy are breathed into the pages I was held spellbound by this story, and did not want it to end It s pure magic for adults My Rating 5 stars I loved it PLEASE NOTE A courtesy review copy of this book was provided by Thomas Dunne Books in exchange for my fair review Thank you Thomas Dunne Books for the review opportunity

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