Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings

Vincent Van Gogh: The Complete PaintingsI truly admire the author s tremendous effort and great works on incorporating Vincent van Gogh s painting style and his life mainly based on the letters with his brother Theo chronically It is a great dedication that the author relates Gogh s mind based on the letter to derive his evolving painting styles over his life I m a big fan of Gogh s paintings that I always try to find his paintings in every art museum I go so I m already acknowledged somehow that Gogh s works were not widely recognized in his contemporary at all compared to his posthumous reputation By quoting a lot of his letters throughout this book, the book stimulates the readers to view Vincent van Gogh as a personthan a famous Dutch painter in the 19th century who had been through financial, mental and professional hardship until he eventually committed suicide After reading this book, I kinda feel loneliness at the same time in Starry Night Over the Rhone as it was the time when Gogh was living in France apart from his affable brother, Theo The painting is painstakingly beautiful when you see it in Musee d Orsay The starlights reflecting the river looks extraordinarily marvelous in the lonely painter s eyes which might be just ordinary scenery to people around that area I highly recommend this book to people who wants to knowthoroughly about Vincent van Gogh. While it s nice to peruse a compendium of my favorite artist s work, there were two major problems with this work The first is unfortunately inherent in van Gogh s work, and that is how printed facsimiles of his paintings never come close to the full register of color and sheer power of the originals I was again and again taken by how his paintings, in this book, fail to really move me, while those same paintings in real life cause my breath to quicken and my heart to beat stronger, and I honestly feel better about humanity as a whole after seeing Vincent s work But, on these pages Ehhh Still, that s not a reason to dock stars from the rating I can hardly expect Taschen to include an original Van Gogh painting with each book, and even if they did it would probably put the retail price a biiiiiiiiit out of my range My real problem with the book itself is another inherent problem, this one inherent to art books as a whole I am simply bored to death of people telling me what Vincent van Gogh or any other artist was trying to achieve This is an example of the interior writing, with the author here speaking of van Gogh s cornfield paintings It was in order to offer the cornfield as a source of strength, as consolation in the despondency that inevitably accompanies suffering, that van Gogh painted his enclosed fields For the time being, the dark horizon of sorrow is lost to view The field and the horizon as metaphors of the simultaneity of comfort and grief as when incorporated into paintings central motifs in the pictures where van Gogh went furthest in locating paradox in spatial principles Wha There is only one type of artist who would ever step back from a canvas and, with an air of satisfaction, pronounce, This painting is where I ve gone the furthest in locating paradox in spatial principles That type of artist is known, to me, as, An Artist Who Needs A Smacking And yet the above example is but a small snippet, chosen at random Such writing permeates the book, and is the chief reason why, about 20% of the way into the book, I began to skip large passages Then, about 60% of the way into the book, I began to leap even larger passages By the end of the book I was merely flipping through the pages, looking at the pretty pictures But, for all that, the picture sure are pretty. A Complete Catalogue Of ThePaintings And A Detailed Monograph On His Life And Art This Study Of Vincent Van Gogh Represents A Rare And Happy Chance In Art History, Combining A Detailed Monograph On His Life And Art With A Complete Catalogue Of ThePaintings By One Of The Greatest Modern Artists This Volume Also Reproduces Most Of Van Gogh S Paintings In Colour For The First Time As a person who was not aware of the works of Vincent van gogh, I was surprised to read about the biography of the artist marred by trouble, depression, sadness and failures For the 1st time, I could truly appreciate his use of dark tones, social themes and shades in his pieces, a result of his mental state I have come out with utmost appreciation for his work and respect I cannot forget some of his last words I can t change the fact that my paintings don t sell But the time will come when people will recognize that they are worththan the value of the paints used in the picture Recommended as a collectible for a copy of all his works in color and a introductory monograph on the artist. Non solamente i dipinti meravigliosi, ma anche una prosa incredibile hanno contribuito al mio voto finale non che non sapessi gi in partenza che sarebbe stato questo.Nonostante il mio interesse per Van Gogh, temevo che sarebbe stata una lettura un po prolissa pur sempre una monografia di 700 pagine, non esattamente qualcosa di leggero Invece, non nego di essere rimasta piacevolmente sorpresa dal modo in cui gli autori hanno costruito il testo, niente affatto banale e ricco di interessanti spunti di riflessione.Davvero una esperienza piacevolissima. These books are an invaluable resource to anyone studying Van Gogh, because they truly carry every painting and many of the sketches and drawings that the prolific Van Gogh did in his brief career They are arranged in chronological order and that made them very useful as I was reading The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh, which are fascinating I ve reviewed that as well These are large format, very heavy books on excellent paper 300 pages or so in each volume There have been complaints about the color reproduction but I find that to be a problem in all art in printed form and felt that the very comprehensiveness of these books outweighed any disparities in the color, which seemed minor to me The writing is useful, though I took some of their thinking about Van Gogh as just one opinion A lot of what s said about the work of any artist, or any novelist for that matter, is just guesswork and informed opinion but some of the insights in it were very useful I read the second volumecarefully than the first and found their theory about the factors contributing to Van Gogh s suicide very interesting They present the possibility that one of the factors was raising the value of his own work in order to help his beloved brother Theo in a tough financial time just after his child, named after Vincent, was born He wrote a letter to Theo just before his death about how the value of an artist s work goes up so significantly after he dies and he had been very troubled by his dependence on Theo s generous support throughout his artistic life Given Van Gogh s romantic nature, it s an interesting possibility, along with all thefamiliar factors, like the pain and humiliation of his previous attacks So, interesting ideas and a comprehensive collection of Van Gogh s works I d recommend the set. Nje veper arti Kompzimi i librit eshte po aq i magjishem sa pikturat e tij Jeta e nje njeriu te turbulluar, i cili shpalos gjithe boten e tij shpirterore ne telajo Cdo informacion i mundshem mbi Vincent Van Gogh, jeta, pikturat, pervoja, udhetimet Gjuth ka Nje liber magjik I was having withdrawal symptoms from Amsterdam, and decided to read this A beautiful collection, which would be a perfect gift, and a wonderful coffee table book to dip in and out of. Foreword Deserted Vincent van Gogh The Complete Paintings, Part 1 Etten, April 1881 Paris, 1888 Foreword The Unity of Art and Life Vincent van Gogh The Complete Paintings, Part 2 Arles, February 1888 Auvers sur Oise, July 1890 Vincent van Gogh 1853 1890 A ChronologyBibliographyComparative Table of Catalogue NumbersIndex of PaintingsAcknowledgementsIndex of Names I had read this book in a library, while I was looking up books about painters I ended up reading two books about Vicent that time and this was one of them I always had a soft spot in my heart for this painter While it is true that I m a lover of art, I find Vicent s paintings to be particularly moving I respond to his art on a deeply personal level and I suppose that s as good as a reason as any to want to knowabout him I haven t purched this book yet and I m not sure will I Some time in the future, I plan to invest in a few books of the sort, but I think that can wait.This book is not a complete study of Vicent s life but it is a very interesting read It did shed a new light on his life and revealed some facts that were unknown to me It fooled my interest in his life The quality of reproductions is satisfactory, but far from perfect Although I m not really an expert, it seemed to me that the colours on reproductions of oil paintings were a bit off Illustration and sketches on the other hand were of high quality I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Van Gogh or is interested in painting It is well written, it contains interesting albeit somewhat depressive and dark information about his life If you want to learnabout this fascinating man, you will do well to read this one There were many layers to Vicent, he was a deeply ethical man and a great thinker It is really tragic how most people think of him as that crazy guy who cut his ear off He was a great painter, but his life story is noteworthy as well His brave struggle for his art is something that is worth reading about I for one plan to continue reading about Vicent.

Ingo F Walther was born in Berlin in 1940 and studied medieval studies, literature, and art history in Frankfurt am Main and Munich He has published numerous books on the art of the Middle Ages and of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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