Queen of Hearts (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries, #8)

Queen of Hearts (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries, #8) 2.5 starsI like reading cozy mysteries and apart from Dame Christie I hadn t found any other writer that wrote satisfactory cozy mysteries But after starting this series I have to say I have clearly a favorite cozy mystery series from recent times.This is the 8th book in the series and even though this book is a standalone from the mystery perspective, I would suggest to read this series in order as there are recurring characters and it s fun when you know the nature of these characters and also there is a build up romance between Georgina our main protagonist and Mr Darcy.This story is different than the other books of this series as most of the other books are set among British Royalty but here the setting is in HollywoodYou movie types live in a fantasy world, don t youThere are some real Hollywood personalities that make an appearance like Charlie Chaplin and I really enjoyed how they have been interwoven within the story.There are 2 different mysteries one involving a jewel thief and the other where the producer of a studio is found murdered Is there a connection to the robberies and the murder We find the answer to this by the end of the story.For me the story started off well and progressed well but it became over dramatic at the end similar to climax of a Hollywood movie I could have done without that additional drama but still a decent one time read. Lady Georgiana is the star of one of my favorite cozy mystery novel series She is thirty fifth in line for the royal throne and poor as a church mouse Her mother is a famous actress who neglects her and her brother runs the family castle in Scotland crippled by her father s gambling debts Georgie is plucky though and often sent on errands by the Queen that seem to involve dead bodies In this addition her mother decides to travel to Reno to get a quickie divorce from her Texan husband so she can marry her current lover, a rich German industrialist She decides Georgie should accompany her so they set off on an ocean liner first class There are stolen jewels and a mysterious splash in the water Was it a body While on board they meet a rich movie studio owner who decides to cast Georgie s mother in his newest movie Once in Hollywood, they go with assorted other characters to the studio heads private estate, obviously modeled on Hearst Castle, where the executive is murdered Georgie s boyfriend, Darcy, turns up to investigate the jewel theft and the murder Charlie Chaplin even makes an appearance as a notorious womanizer It is just a lot of silly fun I have a good time when I read them and I enjoyed this one very much. A breezy, fun read. What a disappointment This is a good book and fun as you d expect right up until the last quarter or so, when the author suddenly realizes the need to tie up all the plot points she s opened up and proceeds to do so in the clunkiest way possible The deductions are straight out of Encyclopedia Brown, and the setting and characters mostly wasted This makes me think the series is just running out of steam. A really nice easy read I just wish georgianna and Darcy would get married already When am i going to meet Mr Darcy Lol Rhys Bowen, you need to crank them out faster Cant get enough of the Royal Spyness or Molly Murphy series I absolutely LOVED all of the previous books in this series When I saw that a new one was available, I didn t bother with the reviews I just purchased it The characters are still well developed and narrator Katherine Kellgren continues in her masterful vien But the story falls flat here First, I like British novels because..well, they take place in the UK This one has our familiar crew in the U.S with not so believeable American characters I don t like my posh aristocrats mixed in with cowboys and one dimensional Hollywood players Even Charlie Chaplin was lame in his cameo appearance How can an author fail to replicate a famous legendary person like Chaplin with as much documentation upon which to draw, to say nothing of his huge body of work on FILM As for lead character, Lady Georgiana Georgie Rannoch, and the love of her life, the handsome, sexy, Irish nobleman Darcy O Mara still leaving readers with the now stale cliffhanger on whether they WILL or whether they WON T, I m over it Everyone else in these Royal Spyness novels are overtly having big time sex in the early 20th century, especially Georgie s BFF, Belinda, who would be considered a golddigging hood rat even by modern standards Even Georgie s mother acts ratchet when it comes to sex and she s usually married Both Georgie and Darcy are past legal age, in love, and wickedly attracted to one another It defies imagination that they continue to spend the night together sharing nothing than a kiss I could have dealt with the poor plot line if Georgie and Darcy had done the nasty this time OR I could go along with the chastity angle, if this book was targeted for the Young Adult market and ALL of the sex capades among the other characters wasn t so rampant and blatant Come on, Rhys Bowen, two broke aristocrats abstaining until they have money is no longer credible Lady Georgiana Rannoch, Thirty Fifth In Line For The British Throne, Knows How To Play The Part Of An Almost Royal But Now She S Off To Hollywood, Where She Must Reprise Her Role As Sleuth Or Risk Starring In An All Too Convincing Death Scene My Mother, The Glamorous And Much Married Actress, Is Hearing Wedding Bells Once Again Which Is Why She Must Hop Across The Pond For A Quickie Divorce In Reno To Offer My Moral Support, And Since All Expenses Are Paid By Her New Hubby To Be, Max, I Agree To Make The Voyage With Her Crossing The Atlantic, With Adventure In The Air And Wealthy Men Aboard, Mother All But Forgets About Max And Matrimony Especially When Movie Mogul Cy Goldman Insists On Casting Her In His Next Picture Meanwhile, I Find Myself Caught Up In The Secret Investigation Of A Suspected Jewel Thief Lucky For Me, The Lead Investigator Happens To Be My Dashing Beau, Darcy Mother S Movie And Darcy S Larceny Lead Everyone To Cy S Hollywood Home, Where The Likes Of Charlie Chaplin Are Hanging About And There S Enough Romantic Intrigue To Fill A Double Feature But We Hardly Get A Chance To Work Out The Sleeping Arrangements Before Cy Turns Up Dead As If There Wasn T Enough Drama Already These are consistently lovely cozy mysteries.Are they great literature No.Are they the literary equivalent of a cupcake with sprinkles Yes. The eighth book is this delightful cozy historical mystery series is another fun adventure with Lady Georgiana Rannoch, 34th in line to the English throne This time her mother decides to take a trip to America where she hopes to score a quickie divorce and she takes Georgie along for companionship As usual, various plot contrivances are employed to ensure that several of the series supporting characters wind up in America as well In a serious series this would be an annoyance but here it s all played for fun and so I just go along for the ride Queenie s character is starting to wear a bit thin, I have to admit, and I could do with a bit less Belinda too but Darcy continues to delight There was at least one missed opportunity to give the Georgie Darcy relationship a bit depth but this is a cozy historical after all so one shouldn t expect too much drama The audiobook narration continues to be the best way to experience these characters. I didn t like this book as much as the others in the series The murder was solved in a very clunky manner and the end result was kind of lame The American characters were very one dimensional and using Charlie Chaplin didn t add anything The second to last chapter could have been left out altogether since the relationship between Georgie and Darcy is not developing The author should either have them marry and work as a sleuthing team or drop the relationship altogether.

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