Love Forevermore

Love ForevermoreLove FoteverI love her stories, and this one is no difference from the others It is such a beautiful love story It just tore my heart in pieces Thank you again for another beautiful story Ada G. I really liked this book and the plot Shad s opinion on life I do what I want I m not scared of the white man s army and its sissy soldiers I am scared of loving this white woman, though, but I just can t stay away from her Loralee s opinion on life I just want to help the Apache children and teach them all the knowledge in the world And I m hoping the hot Apache Shad Zuniga will teach me a thing or two in bed at the same time It almost didn t give it 4 stars, because the lack of communication between Shad and Loralee went on for way too long At the same time that it was a nice change that both the hero and heroine weren t wealthy and you could pretty much say that they were poor, at the end their financial situation kinda sucked they d be living off the land until Shad could find work somewhere I did like that the army was always trying to catch him up to no good and pursuing him when he d done wrong It was weird and entertaining at the same time that the hero was constantly stealing things money, food, clothing, anything and everything Oh, and he was way hot It s funny, cause he was sorta an Indian bad boy Nice I guess them starting off in life together with nothing but each other s love was realistic. More dialogue with non main characters than main characters. Love this story, have read it several times over many years Short story, good read The West It Had Been Loralee S Dream For As Long As She Could Remember, And Indians Were The Most Fascinating Part Of The Wildly Beautiful Frontier She Imagined But When Loralee Arrived At Fort Apache As The New Schoolmarm, She Had Some Hard Realities To Learnand A Harsh Taskmaster To Teach HerShad Zuniga Was Fiercely Proud, Aloof, A Renegade Apache Who Wanted No Part Of The White Man S World, Not Even Its Women Yet Loralee Was Driven To Seek Him Out, Compelled To Join Him In A Forbidden Union, Forced To Become An Outcast For One Slim Chance At Love Forever RRAH s THOUGHTS AND PONDERINGS Once in a while, I ll venture out of my comfy regency zone and stumble on a real gem of a book This is the case with LOVE FOREVERMORE.Our hero Shad is an Indian in love with Loralee, a white school teacher whose sweet demeanor attracts Shad and takes him on the road to an HEA that is fraught with many obstacles and much pain.The author has done an outstanding job in portraying the prejudices of the time so realistically that it will take your breath away When I read romance novels, this is what I like to see Sacrifice rewarded by true love triumph.Mini spoiler alert Without giving much away, I do think that some readers might get turned off by the adultery in this story, and to them I say, please be patient and try to see this story from all angles and don t judge it so harshly Ms Baker handled the subject with care, and I m so glad to have read it and recommend it highly.Melanie In 1905 Loralee Warfield heads to Arizona to teach Apache Indian children No students come until she meets Shad Zuniga The two fall madly in love.In the meantime, Mike Scofield an american solder also falls for hr but she doesn t all back In thralled with Zuniga, She goes with him everywhere and then she finds she is expecting In 1905 white women did not bear Native American children What to do now I found this book so exciting I read it in one day I loved her books read most of ghem well over 30 years ago couldnt put down had a few laughs along the way

Amanda Ashley was born One of her dreams had been to write for Harlequin, and she accomplished that in 2003 with the publication of her Silhouette Romance novel, Dude Ranch Bride Madeline loves to hear from her readers You can reach her online at DarkWritr or by mail at PO Box 1703, Whittier, CA 90609 1703.

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  • 11 May 2019
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