An Infinite Journey

An Infinite Journey After We Ve Come To Faith In Christ, God Leaves Us In This World For A Very Clear Purpose His Own Glory But How Are We To Glorify God For The Rest Of Our Lives The Bible Reveals That God Has Laid Before Every Christian Two Infinite Journeys Which We Are To Travel Every Day The Internal Journey Of Growth Into Christlike Maturity, And The External Journey Of Worldwide Evangelism And Missions This Book Is A Roadmap For The Internal Journey, Laying Out How We Are To Grow In Four Major Areas Knowledge, Faith, Character, And Action In This Book, We Ll Learn How God Grows Us In Knowledge, Faith, Character, And Action We Ll Also Discover That Spiritual Knowledge Constantly Feeds Our Growing Faith, Faith Will Transform Our Character, Our Transformed Character Will Result In An Array Of Actions And Glorifying To God, And Our Actions Will Feed Our Spiritual Knowledge This Upward Spiral Will Lead Us To Become And Like Jesus Christ In Holiness

Andrew M Davis is pastor of First Baptist Church of Durham, North Carolina, and a visiting professor of church history at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Chairman of the governance committee of the Gospel Coalition, Davis has written articles for TGC s popular website and has spoken in plenary and breakout sessions at TGC s national conference He is the author of An Infinite Journey,

[Ebook] ➥ An Infinite Journey  By Andrew M. Davis –
  • Paperback
  • 477 pages
  • An Infinite Journey
  • Andrew M. Davis
  • English
  • 14 September 2019
  • 9781620202364

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    A top notch work on sanctification, rooted in Scripture and overflowing with grace One of the better works on sanctification I ve read.

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    I cannot recommend this book highly enough I have no idea how to describe it, except as a sort of road map to sanctification If you read it through to the end and it is a long one and take good notes, you will not be disappointed Top book of the year for me so far.

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    An Infinite Journey Growing Toward Christlikeness is the only book that Andy Davis has written note Davis has also written a brief booklet on An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture The MIT trained engineer turned PhD in Church History has a sharp mind with an exceptionally accessible writing style In recent months, the First Baptist Durham pastor has become one of my favorite preachers.In this book, the former engineer attempts to map out the full scope of the Christian life and I think, succeeds in doing so Davis organizes Christian Growth into four cyclical categories Knowledge which leads to Faith which leads to Character which leads to Action which leads back to Knowledge Davis creatively dubs this the KFCA cycle.I found these categories helpful but what makes this book so exciting is its degree of Bible saturation Davis has memorized 35 books of the Bible which means he has the Bible at his disposal in a way other authors simply do not The number of Bible connections I made was thrilling Even while reading on extremely familiar topics I was amazed to see how Davis would shed light on a topic not because of his insight per se, but due to how he grouped four or five text together.There are too many strengths in this book to mention but I ll mention several.1 The City of Truth metaphor Davis describes the Christian life as one where we are building, by faith, a city of truth God desires to build a City of Truth in the heart of all his children This City of Truth will also be erected brick by brick that is, line by line of Scripture, precept by precept, truth by truth, over years of time spent in his Word and his world We may not perceive how knowing the names of Issachar s four sons could possibly make a difference in our lives, but yet we know God speaks no worthless words From such facts as these, a limitless abundance of material is mined for the City of Truth 2 Faith I m suppose there are others who have explained Faith as well as Davis did but something clicked for me More specifically is how Faith fits into this KFCA cycle Faith is confidence in unseen spiritual realities Faith is a life response of living in light of who God says He is, what he says he will do and what he says we should do.3 Resource for Teachers Davis s lucidity makes this book a huge help for preachers and teachers So often I found myself making mental notes, next time I preach on _____ start here By not making assumptions, he strengthened his arguments immensely Weaknesses The namesake metaphor of two Infinite Journeys is a little muddy in my mind I get what he says, the external journey is the worldwide advance of the Gospel to all the nations and the internal journey is the journey of the individual Christian of going from spiritual death to glorification I just don t find it that helpful First of all, neither journeys are really Length I wasn t put off by the 480 pages but most people will be This makes it quite a bit harder to recommend or read it in a discipleship context I don t know much of what I would cut out that s the editors problem but I m still trying to figure out how I m going to use this as a discipleship resource I loved this book and would eagerly recommend it any anyone who will listen It comes highly recommend this book 5 of 5 Stars.

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    One of the best books I ve ever read on sanctification Thorough, and while a bit long, totally worth the read

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    One of the best books I ve ever read What Davis has done here is build an incredibly Scripture anchored framework for Christian growth, and spend a lengthy number of pages expounding it What does sanctification look like Read this book Systematic, brutally biblical, passionate, and practical Leaves no stone unturned but leads to healthy self examination, worship, and obedience.

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    Aside from my Bible, of course, this book has been the richest treasure trove of truth and exhortation for my soul We talk about sanctification and it s importance often in the church but rarely do we break it down to understand the steps and minute processes that need to happen between our mind and heart and body and life to grow in Christ likeness Well thank God for engineer turned minister Andrew Davis who has written this wonderful book Davis breaks down the TWO journeys of the Christian an external journey for the advance of the kingdom and an internal journey of Christ likeness into a four step cycle of Knowledge Faith Character Action that propels our souls like a spiritual internal combustion engine along these journeys He takes the time in this 470 page book to look at each of those steps and what they really look like and involve backing up each with numerous and beautifully deep Scripture studies When you get to the end and you think it can t get any helpful Davis outlines helpful practical resolutions and steps for how to keep yourself and others you serve including your kids on the path of these two journeys This book is long and best read in little nuggets so that you can really absorb each aspect of what he is saying I ve been reading it since February and it will definitely be read again and again

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    Dr Davis provides a thorough handling and explanation of sanctification, growing in Christlikeness As Christianity maturity is not light, easy nor trivial, this is an extensive and deeply scriptural work He uses many helpful illustrations in describing his understanding and vision for how christians can grow It all starts with knowledge, which informs faith, producing holy character, that manifests itself in godly actions And these actions then provide experiential knowledge that helps depend faith etc it is a cyclical growth in maturity and is to be taken seriously, and with much hope, knowing God will complete our perfection at the Day of Christ.

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    While helpful, for some reason I always felt as though I was reading a textbook on becoming sanctified I m not sure why, but I can t say that my soul was fed by this book Not irredeemable, but I can think of better options on the important topic of sanctification not to mention shorter.

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    Good, solid, thorough, all encompassing book on sanctification Has lots of practical application and helpful advice Fairly long, but then again the task is a fairly big one A well thought through methodology too Appreciated his challenge in necessary places.

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    Very practical and methodical approach to sanctification Well thought out I found the list of goals and prayers near the end very helpful and will refer to them in the future.

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