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Night Calls Librarian S Note The Publisher Has A New Cover For This Second Edition, Which Will Also Be The Cover For The Print Edition, Forthcoming ISBNWhen You Have The Gift, Your Life Is Not Your Own I Was Born To A Family That Harnessed The Winds And Could Read Futures In Fire And Water Yet My Mother Kept Her SecretsThen The Werewolf Came, Sharing His MadnessNow It S My Turn To Keep Secrets Descended From Powerful Magic Users, But Ignorant Of Her Heritage, Young Alfreda Sorensson Learns Magic And Wisdom From Her Extended Family In An Alternate Early S Michigan Territory

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  • ebook
  • 336 pages
  • Night Calls
  • Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
  • English
  • 04 November 2018

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    Lyrical, evocative, compulsively readable One of the absolute best fantasies to ever have been horribly mismarketed in nearly every respect Our heroine is Allie, a precocious not in an obnoxious way 12 year old living in an alternate America, where Washington was king and magic works splendidly, thank you very much It was a beautiful piece of work, loads richer than Alvin Maker ever thought of being, and it suffered for its cover which looked to be subtle horror, from the art to the back blurb, and from the fact that it was considered too literary to be fantasy, yet too fantastic to be truly literary Frankly, it managed to be both, and a pox on all those who couldn t see it In any case, no one knew where to stick the poor thing, so it often ended in the horror section and horror readers buying it likely felt it was bait and switch when their vampire werewolf horror novel wasn t too terribly horrifying, or even particularly fang y As it was, I resisted reading it for almost a year before I finally yielded to the blandishments of my then husband He was right, it was outstanding Find it, and good luck with that Once you do find it, read it immediately, because if you manage to get hit by a runaway trolley or contract ebola and die before you get to read it, you will regret it into your next incarnation.

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    New edition of NIGHT CALLS available in ebook September, 2013, with print to follow Including some minor but very important text corrections Well I m biased, because I wrote the book But I love Allie passionately, and as long as she ll tell me stories, I ll write them down This book is a first person narrator Oh, for the curious no, I ve never read Scott Card s Alvin Maker books And trivia for you When I thanked Pat Elrod for taking time to review the book, and teased her about the exaggeration of the lights she said something like Exaggeration I didn t exaggerate I still leave the lights on at night thanks to that SPOILER Considering I was trying for a dark fantasy and not a horror novel, I m honored A review or two With a clear, distinctive voice, Katharine Kimbriel invents and re invents magic on America s frontier, a place hardly explored by writers and long overdue for a visit Or should I say a visitation Love the book Jane Yolen, author of Sister Light Sister Dark and White Jenna Beautifully drawn, solid, compelling characters against a background so real and scary I left the lights on all night It was great P.N Elrod, author of The Vampire Chronicleshttp

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    Night Calls is a spooky, atmospheric tale about a young girl coming of age amongst werewolves, vampires and other assorted supernatural frights The story begins when werewolves invade the young heroine s life and she learns that she has a gift for dealing with these beings She begins a quest to learn all that she can to save those she loves from the creatures of the night.Written in a low key style with muted violence Night Calls is a good choice for younger readers and for those who don t enjoy in your face violence The pace was a bit too slow for my tastes, and all too often I found my eyes glazing over when the minuet details of the heroine s life got out of control Still, it was a sufficiently eerie story written with emotion and I immediately liked the spunky and outspoken heroine.

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    I have had this book to read for quite some time It ended up being a very well done fantasy and I enjoyed it a lot Things were peaceful until the werewolves came, reeking havoc in the small village Sun Return Then young Allie learned that she had special powers All of her relatives and the other close magic practitioners were called in to decide how Allie would receive her training Allie s mother and father were the first to train her, but as her powers grew it was time for her apprentice to her Aunt Marta Allie and Aunt Marta now travel the land and fight the evil creatures that lurk there in an effort to protect the common village folk from the dark.The whole story takes place in an alternate sort of America Slavery still exists but a king and queen rule in Washington Additionally fantastical creatures and magic are well known throughout the land.The book starts out a bit slow and moves at a fairly deliberate pace The first half is dedicated to Allie finding out she has a special gift and starting to train it The second half reminded me of The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney Allie and her mentor travel around facing evil creatures of the night and protecting the villagers from them.I really enjoyed the herbalogy throughout, it s very intricate and detailed and fun to learn about.I also loved Allie s character she is so matter of fact about things and eager to learn and help In fact I loved the majority of the characters in this story, even the side characters are very well done By the end of the novel I was very engaged and attached to both the world and the characters here.Overall this was a very well done fantasy novel with a historical paranormal feel to it It starts out a bit slow and is pretty deliberately paced However, I ended up really enjoying the world and characters I would recommend to fans of classic fantasy who don t mind a historical paranormal theme to their fantasy.

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    I found I had this book and started reading it Christmas Eve I could not put it down It s dark fantasy with the flavor of horror perfect I love the main character, Allie, and the others too You are drawn into a world out of time and you vacation among the story You even believe that werewolves, vampires and revengeful ghosts exist Most of all, she did very convincingly the myths and legends high marks for that.

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    One of my favorite books of all time Think Little House on the Prairie meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer Great if you like demon slaying set in pre revolution American frontier, with lots of interesting if you re into it frontier survival types Also, huge character development and a great conversational tone I felt like I knew the characters, because I know people exactly like them.

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    This is a really enjoyable YA novel set in an alternate North America, where the settlement patterns were similar if not necessarily identical to our own world We don t know for sure where the history diverged, but there is, in passing, a reference to King Washington Date is pretty vague there are references to trains for long distance travel to larger population centers, but the story is set in small settlements where the technology is that of the frontier Any reader of the Little House series will recognize it.Except that, as we gradually discover, magic works.Eleven year old Alfreda Sorensson s life takes a dramatic turn when her father and brothers, along with neighboring men, kill a wolf that turns out to have been a werewolf In the aftermath of the werewolf killing, death and tragedy stalk the community of Sun Return, and Allie discovers she has true dreams as well as other skills that help her family and neighbors to weather the crisis.Yet her clearly growing talent raises the question of her education and training, and this is no easy choice Being a practitioner brings danger as well as power, and Allie s mother Garda is determined to keep her safe Her father, and his cousin Marta, herself a distinguished practitioner, equally concerned for Allie s safety, believe that her talent is too great to be safely hidden away She needs to learn the skills to actively protect herself from the dark creatures of the night.As Allie grows into adolescence, she experiences first crush and first jealousy, and first mastery of her growing talent and a far serious and insidious threat to her friends and neighbors than the werewolf, one of the creatures of the night that cousin Marta had feared to have her encounter without the skills and education for the challenge.This is a really nicely done story, well written, lovely character development, and a magic system that has real costs and dangers as well as rewards I m looking forward to reading .Highly recommended.I received a free electronic galley of this book from the author.

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    It started as a normal evening farm folk defending life and livestock from a predator but when Alfreda and her father went out the next morning to recover the precious wolf pelt they found horror in its place It was not a wolf that hung, ready to be skinned, but a man.Thus starts a grim sort of waiting as families hope that their loved one is not one of the afflicted And through it all, Alfreda can hear the wolves calling.It is a rough and sudden jump into an adulthood far different than Alfreda had ever imagined Her mother s bloodline is known to throw Practitioners, individuals knowledgeable in folklore and skilled in folk magic, and she has inherited its gifts.I have not been so enthralled with a novel since Wrede s Thirteenth Child I have a deep fondness for frontier type fantasy and Night Calls is beautifully executed in that regard The fantasy aspects are worked into the world, are an integral part of it The little magics, as well as the grand, are a part of day to day life.It takes talent to build a world so rich and lush that the reader cannot imagine it ever being differently, but that is exactly what Ms Kimbriel has done Readers are invited into Alfreda s world, and will not want to leave Alfreda herself is a joy to get to know and to follow as she starts along the path of a Practitioner Her love of her family, her fascination and dedication to her craft, and the adventure she finds herself in the middle of all make her a magnificent protagonist that will appeal to young and old alike.

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    2.5 5 rounded up Such a cool premise werewolves, vampires, ghosts in a Buffyverse type world but I couldn t get into the story Everything was set up to be exciting, but then it wasn t I think something was off about the structure of the story where it began and where it ended up don t meet up well the writing also had too much irrelevant detail that added nothing to my enjoyment as a reader.I also have a headache from rolling my eyes so much You re uncertain about God, Allie Then why do you call on him to help you exorcise a ghost and thank the lord every other breath The idea of a female goddess makes so much sense to you And yet you question the plausibility of a female god existing a few paragraphs later I have a pet peeve about inconsistent religiosity in books, I guess Looking at the other reviews, I m sad I didn t experience the story the same way everyone else seems to have.

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    Excellent Katharine Eliska Kimbriel does an excellent job at creating the early American frontier life that is the core of this novel s setting while also introducing werewolves and other mythical creatures related to the backgrounds of the early settlers heritages Additionally, the characters, especially Alfreda, the protagonist, were fabulously drawn An excellent read, one I would recommend to anyone This would be an excellent introduction to fantasy for readers who loved Wilder s works as children.

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