Midnight Run (Midnight, #2)

Midnight Run (Midnight, #2)If you like a little, and I mean very little, suspense with your romance, make that sex fest, then this is the book for you Actually, the whole series is like that I think that is the niche that Lisa Marie Rice has chosen to fill The whole first half of the book is not muchthan, well, sex Very well written sex This book smashes up with Midnight Man in both characters and plots, but this is Bud and Claire s story.Claire Parks had a deadly disease as a child and survived She has spent years trying to live a normal life out from under her extremely overprotective, and rich, scion of Portland father She has quit her job at the Parks Foundation, moved out of the mansion and is determined to live her own life starting with a night out with a new girlfriend at a club called The Warehouse After being saved from a nasty who wouldn t take no for an answer, Claire ends up with the sexist man on the planet for a sex fest.When homicide detective, Bud Morrison, realizes just who Claire is and her history, his attitude takes a drastic turn and when danger touches her he is quick to lock her away Claire is not about to be treated this way again, but Bud is a born protector and he will protect Claire. This was a pretty quick read as well, the sex scenes were hot I felt like i got to know the characters better in this book, despite the short length of it I liked Bud, he was definitely a caveman, but I found his loss at what to say and do sometimes funny and endearing And i understood how Claire felt, being sick for so long and people treating her like a china doll She had enough and wasn t going to take any, although she could of just said so It s wasn t like Bud was going to burst into tears if she let him have it I liked the action at the end of the book, but the epilogue didn t thrill me really I guess I just wantedstory But like i said, the sex scenes were hot, Bud was smoking hot and I couldn t stop reading this book till i reached the end onto the next Claire Parks, Dopo Lunghi Anni Di Malattia, Finalmente Guarita E Sente Di Avere Una Missione Vivere Alla Grande E Sperimentare Tutto Ci Che Fino A Questo Momento Si Persa Per Esempio, Abbracciare Il Lato Spericolato Della Vita E Fare Sesso Sfrenato Alla Sua Prima Uscita Incontra Il Supersexy Bud E Decide Che Dovr Averlo Nel Suo Letto Tyler Bud Morrison, Un Ufficiale Di Polizia Sotto Copertura, Immediatamente Attratto Da Una Donna Cos Bella E Affascinante, E Cos Fuori Posto In Quel Losco Night Club Dopo Una Notte Di Sesso Bollente, Convinto Di Aver Trovato La Donna Giusta Ed Pronto A Tutto Pur Di Non Perderla Anche Affrontare L Incombente Minaccia Di Un Brutale Assassino Written April 11, 20134,5 Steamy Stars to this, by love, surprised alpha male and his newly awakened sweetheart.Another hot and funny suspense romance in the sexy L.M Rice Midnight series Again, I knew after just a few pages this was going to be as fun to read as the first book Midnight Man Reading a Midnight book by Lisa Marie Rice will give you a pretty quickly done read, a lot of laugh and giggle, a light hearted love story and some suspense And of course always a smoking hot, rock hard yes, both to the mind and , alpha male hero I love the entertaining dialogue and most amusing is his inner dialouge often between his brain and hissimplistic parts of the body You get a lot of steam and bed tumbling and I think it s owerall really sexy in a funny and unpretentious way Midnight Run is about a wonderful tough he really is alpha male undoubtedly , named Bud He is a police officer and one night he meet a beatiful she is and delicate he believes Princess he thinks , named Claire She makes him feel something he never felt before and he is so keen to be the one to take care of here But she doesn t want to be taken care of, she wants the caveman in her bed the so sexy big, big Bud Every system in his body went into overdrive All on its own, his body started thrusting, two, three, four times and ohmyGod it was all over Just like that Yup.Mr Stamina himself, the guy whose one claim to fame in bed was the ability to f k for hours, had all of sudden morphed into Quick Draw McGraw Everything is written with some humor, the characters are perhaps a bit exaggerated, it s full of platitudes concerning gender roles and maybe a little biased about men s and women s needs BUT it is so cleverly done Do you have a twinkle in your eye and like full speed and right on, you ll, hopefully, love these books Goddamit, he breathed I wasn t going to do that I was going to talk to you, reason with you, but then there you were in that fuck me dress Shoses, Claire murmured Only shoes can be fuck me A great steamy and so sweet novel about two opposites These two, Bud and Claire, and their encounters with each other is wonderful fun to follow Try it I will soon, throw myself over and, read the third and final installment in the series, Midnight Angel.I LIKE and I m still smiling. Midnight Run es el segundo libro de la serie Midnight de Lisa Marie Rice y narra la historia de Claire y Bud, personajes secundarios en el primer libro.Este segundo libro me gusto ligeramente mas que el anterior, quizas porque los protagonistas consiguieron caerme mejor que Suzanne y John.La historia de Claire y Bud es bastante predecible e incluso un poco cliche pero no puedo mentir y decir que no disfrute leyendo el libro, no sera la lectura de tu vida pero es rapida, sencilla, entretenida y muy atrapante.Lo unico que no me gusta de esta saga son sus finales, tanto le cuesta a la autora terminar las historias de una forma un poco mas lenta los dos finales me parecieron muy precipitados e incluso un poco bruscos.3.5 Estrellas This is only my 2nd book by LMR and it s safe to say, it s not going to be my last I really liked Bud, the hero in this book, but I had some problems with Claire, the heroine I just couldn t buy her reason for breaking up with him Her life was in danger, he did everything he could to protect her life, and she was less than thankfull Okay, he d been acting in an overbearing way before, but did she have to choose the only time he was right to put a stop to it Anyway, she made up for it in the end, so I kinda forgave her.On a side note I like the way the books in this series complement each other When I read Midnight Man , I thought the end was kinda abrupt Well, Midnight Run provided the epilogue that was missing from that book, giving readers a glimpse on John and Suzanne s life after their HEA Nice Good, but not as good as the first in the series You ve got another very strong alpha personality but due to the direction this story went, I didn t get to enjoy as much as I did in the first book You got a glimpse of the couple from the first book which just made me love John evenand we got a glimpse of the couple who will be in the 3rd book He was described as extremely dangerous looking, which gives me high hopes for the third book. A hist ria se passa ao mesmo tempo que a do Midnight Man A hero na muito interessante, ela se recuperou de uma doen a grave e est iniciando a viver com independ ncia Nosso her i um macho alfa t pico da autora e que arrebatado pelos encantos da hero na instantaneamente Muitas cenas quentes entre o casal e como sempre a seguran a da mocinha amea ada Recomendo Sheer brilliance I m blown away that these books were written over 10 years ago first of all and I m just now enjoying them Lisa has taken everything I thought I knew about the alpha male persona and shook it up and added hot sauce Like holy heck are these heroes utter male perfection Caveman marking to primal claiming all in the best modern day romance way Hooked I tell you. So glad I m on a cruise because I do not want to stop reading this authors hot. Safe and sexy as hell stories Bring on the next one Grunts growls and all. I am fast becoming a LMR fan Midnight Run is a fabulous addition to the Midnight series Lt Tyler Bud Morrison is another yummy intense, aggressive ALPHA These Midnight Men know what they want and they get it Claire is a 25 yr old virgin who is determined to live a normal life after being ill for most of her childhood and adult life.enter Bud Bud comes to her aid at a club, takes her home, and BAM Instant and intense fireworks, she wants him and he wants herfrequently Gotta say the stamina these men have is impressive Bud is an enthusiastic teacher and Claire is a fast learner Bud Claire worked well together and except that Claire behaved childish at one point, I can forgive it and move on because I kinda get her point Love that we hadof John Suzanne Midnight Man in this one Looking forward to the next book

Lisa Marie Rice is eternally 30 years old and will never age She is tall and willowy and beautiful Men drop at her feet like ripe pears She has won every major book prize in the world She is a black belt with advanced degrees in archaeology, nuclear physics, and Tibetan literature She is a concert pianist Did I mention her Nobel Prize Of course, Lisa Marie Rice is a virtual woman and exists

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  • Midnight Run (Midnight, #2)
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