Midnight Man

Midnight ManMy lord As romance its alright, if you are able to suspend your disbelief as to the amount of time it takes the two to get physical Basically, Suzanne h an interior designer, rents out some rooms to this big, tough, ex military scary man Whose name also happens to be John H They both feel an intense attraction and have sex against a wall the first night they meet John also shows his apparent skill with disabling a security alarm with wire and some of his spit Mmm Manly Anyway Suzanne gets targeted by some bad guys, John saves the day And after saving the day he hits her over the head with his club and drags her back to his cave.just kidding But seriously, thats a pretty good metaphor for what he does And, note to the author, just because you continually address the caveman nature of the H, that doesn t make it OK Thats one of the things that really REALLLY got under my skin The sexist undercurrent this novel contained I will now provide numerous examples, like in math when you re learning a new method.1 date scene at the restaurant Suzanne comes out withDon t you have to pay, or somethingjust 2 pages after reminding the reader that the meeting is supposed to be of a business nature No mention of split bills No mention of the fact that she chose the restaurant No matter that it sounds damn expensive Also, besides that, does she make all her clients pay for her meals I DO NAY THINK SO Then he carries her to the car Because she wore inappropriate shoes THEN A few pages later, EXAMPLE TWO arrives when Macho Alpha Male John Thats the best you could do John really walks the reader through the reasons why he believes a man is the only way a female could ever protect herself In come the sweeping generalisations apparently all women stupidly carry big, brightly coloured purses that paint a target on their backs, calling naively to all would be muggers and rapists I mean, I can see why thats a bad idea in a rough part of town BUT THEN, three lines down comes this little gemHe never even paid lip service to the ridiculous notion that a woman could defend herself against a mugger he didn t care how many self defense courses she took and no matter what her shrink saidIt made a lot of women angry that he couldn t pretend the world wasn t full of predators and that nature had made women prey Fuck off.No seriously Fuck off Fuck you if you think that even A WOMAN WITH PROFESSIONAL TRAINING couldn t beat off mugger ARGGH THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY I understand that, physically, women are designed weaker than men But thats not the case all the time Look at sportswomen What skinny, drugged out pasty white mugger is going to take down Serena Williams Srsly I do not see that happening And who says all men can naturally fight Thats just sexist bullshit BULLSHIT SO FUCK OFF WITH IT ITS NOT EVEN NECESSARY TO THE STORY WE GET IT JOHN IS A DOMINANT MAN No need to beat me into submissiveness with your neanderthal politics And now for the last example I can manage without re angering myself to the point of actually setting fire to this bookSome feminine magic led her unerringly to where he kept the plates It was amazing ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Completely enjoyed this fast paced steamy read John is an intense aggressive ALPHA He meet s Suzanne and BAM It s game on his nickname should be Steamroller Suzanne is sweet quiet and completely unprepared for this ALPHA, since most the men in her life have been rather meek But when danger comes calling Suzanne finds out just how much she needs and wants this intense man.I am looking forward to the next two books in the series Thank you Kris KindleRomance and Vika for ALL your tempting comments when I added this to my TBR list Because of those tempting comments I moved this to the top of my list.THANK YOU ladiesYou know John, maybe you should see someone about this wall fetish of yours 2 1 2 WAY TOO MUCH NARRATIVE Stars I know this is a popular book among my friends and I can understand why it s well written, intriguing, and deliciously steamy That said, it also overflowed with narrative and very little character dialogue, which is a pet peeve of mine It s essential I have an abundance of character dialogue in order for me to connect with a couple and their love story That did not happen with this book Also, the HEA ending was way too abrupt for my liking I felt gyped out of my warm, fuzzy HEA glow Yet, there were aspects of this story that I really did enjoy The scene where they decorating the Christmas tree melted my heart I listened to the audio version of this book and I have to wonder how much the narrator played a part in my overall dissatisfaction with the story While there s no doubt the narrator has talent, she wasn t able to fully breathe life into the story for me There can definitely be some drawbacks when you listen to rather than read a book. Holy heck was this hot This book has one of the most Alpha males I ve ever read You don t get manly than Jon He s ex military but still behaves as if he s in a war zone He s very protective and in charge, but also a gentleman You get both POV s and his thoughts are pretty crude in places but honestly, it sounds true to what a male would think Men do NOT think about rainbows and kittens There was no game playing, just straight up attraction It s a short read, with a short story line where Jon will show you just how protective and deadly he can be Audible Review I read the book first then decided to add on the narration for a re read The narrator was pretty good Her doing Jon s voice was ok I didn t hate it, but it could have been better He doesn t come off as sexy in her impersonation This might be better to read it first then enjoy the re listen a second time. Personality free alphahole has forceful, mindless sex on several occasions with the one and only Jellyfish Woman a woman so pale and pure and delicate that he can t figure out how her internal organs fit inside her No, he really thinks that Oh, and her life is in danger, because OF COURSE IT IS Also, the sympathetic effeminate gay male best interior design friend character not only dies, but is actually tortured to death He only lives long enough to tell her that what she really needs is a super masculine man s man.She has feminine magic which allows her to effortlessly tame strange kitchens Barefoot In a flannel nightie OMG He can t handle female stuff He can plow her six ways to Sunday, but he can t handle menstrual products What a charmer He makes per job than she has in savings Imbalance of financial power check.Wants to kill the last boyfriend she had sex with Very evolved There she was, at his table Heartbreakingly beautiful and forlorn A unicorn at the edge of the forest Well, I guess it s not true, what they say about unicorns and non virgins.Oooh She s going to tame him by teaching him the nuances of color It s not a blue nightie he s thinking of tearing off of her, it s robin s egg Reference to Eve s tempting of Adam Nice.When she behaves in a forward manner, sexually, she s a witch who has pure devil in her expression Aww He doesn t know how to celebrate Christmas Poor wubbie.She uses sexual behaviors to override his admittedly over exaggerated protective instincts Because what could happen What indeed I can t wait to find outOh, nothing happens Other than her going domestic goddess on his shack in the woods and preparing herself for him by applying perfume and make up, which she hadn t done for two days Poor man why must he suffer so There s a corner of the shack that positively cries out for a Christmas tree She knows she s in love with him the third time he smiles at her Wow I guess her love aesthetic really is emotionally spartan She must have been half way in love with him already because the knowledge settled in her heart not as a blinding revelation, but as if there were a John Huntington shaped place already there, waiting for him to fill it and waiting for her to acknowledge it I don t know how that s going to work out, since her torso can already barely accommodate her own internal organs Mystery Well, she s already planning accordingly, cutting herself a piece of apple pie a tenth the size of his God knows, you can t fit John Huntington sized love and a normal slice of apple pie inside one womanThe only thing that could redeem the book for me at this point would be if he actually hurt himself on the erection he s been sporting since pretty much the second he laid eyes on her Like, maybe he ll poke his eye out with it Or maybe he ll accidentally close a door on it That would be awesome.She has a magically different vagina spicy and warm and exciting Which is why he condescends to perform oral sex on her.He uses the tempo of Amazing Grace to regulate his thrusting so he doesn t pound into her too hard That reminds me of the British public service ads telling people to perform CPR to the tempo of Stayin Alive Very much the same thing, really Maybe a special public service campaign is in order for oversexed alpha males.Oh, see In another, interesting book, she would have moved the throw rug under which he hides the high tech entrance to his underground surveillance lair while she was redecorating the shack How did she not move the rug while she was performing all that feng shui Wow He gets so angry when she wants to do the right thing.Risk of danger high Car sex on the side of the road immanent.John becomes the hunter animalistic and deadly That s a good way of dissociating his human persona from the vigilante murder he commits Very subtle.She s free Free To Go Free to go be barefoot and pregnant Yay I ve been on the fence about reading erotica romantica for a long time, because I always need than a bunch of sex scenes thrown together in a book I finally made the jump into reading Midnight Man after seeing several recommendations on the Romance Forum at and, boy, let me tell you I loved it It was hot of course but the story wasn t just about two people having sex The book had a plot, and a good one I only wish the end wasn t so abrupt I love epilogues but I was warned about it and, in the end no pun intended , it didn t bother me that much.I m definitely going to read the next books in the Midnight series L Inquilino Al Quale La Riservata Suzanne Barron Ha Affittato L Appartamento Contiguo Al Proprio Un Uomo Estremamente Sexy, Ma Intorno A Lui Si Respira Un Aria Di Pericolo Ex Navy Seal, Conosciuto Nell Ambiente Della Marina Come Midnight Man Per Le Sue Missioni Segrete Ad Alto Rischio, John Huntington Possiede Un Agenzia Di Sicurezza E La Spregiudicatezza Il Suo Pane Fra Loro La Passione Esplode Travolgente Gi A Poche Ore Dal Primo Incontro La Carica Sensuale Di Quest Uomo Talmente Potente E Soverchiante Da Spingere Suzanne A Tenerlo A Distanza, Salvo Poi Rivolgersi A Lui Quando Scopre Di Essere In Serio Pericolo Perch John L Unico Che Pu Proteggerla Ma Chi La Protegger Da Lui 2.5 Stars Sex, sex and sex, but no suspense I m in the minority, a lot of readers like this book, and it was good as far as an erotic read went, but not much in the way of mystery and suspense Lots of penis talk though Another hero who sports a log between his legs, it s a wonder John Huntington could walk Suzanne was obsessed and fascinated by it It took on a life of it s ownalmost like another character Suzanne searched in her depths for some way to deal with the situation Some nice neutral ladylike etiquette that would help her handle having felt the penis of a complete stranger Erect penis, if you please.Huge, erect penis Oh God.Oh God is right groan Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I listened to the book, and hearing penis over and over in my ears made me cringe after a while All these two could think of was sex Remembering how it was, how it was going to be, if they weren t doing it a the moment The suspense fell flat, all the build up about the stalker to an ending that fizzled out Don t go by me, read some other reviews If erotica is what you re looking for, then Midnight Man is the ticket, but don t count on being wowed by the suspense factor On a final note, for those of you who might choose to listen to the audio book, the narration was good, it s the story that didn t work for me. Pretty good overall If you re looking for one of those alpha hero special ops guys who protects the heroine at all costs this could interest you.I generally liked the story, towards the end though where the hero became human He s a bit too animalistic for my taste which made the steam scenes too rough and raw at times get out the fan for the wall scenes though whoaaaa He s not an annoying uber alpha but he has his smack me one moments The heroine was a bit vapid and you didn t really hear from her too much, but something about them together worked Rice does a brilliant job with conveying colour the heroine is an interior designer and this is woven well into the story The ending is very satisfying sort of like a movie but the book could have been a little longer When all is said and done though Rice is an author I think I ll try again. The ULTIMATE Alpha guy Commander John Huntington Since my book version had the worst front cover ever I had to find a replacement So here he is image error

Lisa Marie Rice is eternally 30 years old and will never age She is tall and willowy and beautiful Men drop at her feet like ripe pears She has won every major book prize in the world She is a black belt with advanced degrees in archaeology, nuclear physics, and Tibetan literature She is a concert pianist Did I mention her Nobel Prize Of course, Lisa Marie Rice is a virtual woman and exists

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